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Estate Record 1

Transcribed December 12, 2001 & Completed March 26, 2002 by Sabra Newell Sudberry

© 2002 Sabra Newell Sudberry.  All rights reserved.  Permission granted to place this work on the Lamar County ALGenWeb site only.  No other uses are permitted.  Contact for additional information.

Instructions for this page:  After finding the entry in the index that you would like to see, click on the page number hyperlink to be taken directly to that part of the transcription.


B: R.O. Bullard 97-103
W.A.Bobbitt 89
G: John Gentry 27-30, 98-100
Gentry petition 76
Gentry,Parille guardian 100,115
Gentry, Thomas J. 101 see minutes in deed book
Gentry, John 27, 31, 76,98-103, 115
Goodwin,Daniel 32

H: F.M.Holladay 23-27
John Holladay 1
Daniel U. Hollis 31-33
Jack Hollis, guardian 93-94
Francis M. Hollis 24-27
W.P. Harvey 90-91
Henry, Burton 104-110
Hankins, C.I. 104-110
J: Milbery Johnson 87, 88
K: Martha Kennedy 139
Leroy Kennedy 38-43, 45-56
W.H. Kennedy/Vaughn 59, 65
M: William Miller 73,75,78,80
W.H. Molloy 83-86
P: B. Pennington 3, 21, 25
Ben Pennington 1, 23
Benjamin Pennington 95, 96, 104-108
Joseph Pennington 57-58
M. Petty 111-112
M.C. Petty 111-112
R: James Redus 34-35
Henry Richardson 93-94
T: W.K.Turman 97
V: M.E. Vail, Guardian 101-102, 103
Jon Vaughn 59, 61, 70
W: William A. Williams, Guardian 33


April 1, 1869 Vernon Courthouse, Sanford Co., AL

John Holiday will state and show the said court that Francis M. Holiday departed this life during the year A.D. 186(page torn) without any lawful will...left small estate of land and personal property say to the amount from $700-1000 that said decedent left a widow and 3 children; residence of said county as yet said widow has taken no step to administer upon said estate that said decedent has rights in his fatherís estate. Danniel Holiday son deceased which cannot be reached until some one is appointed to administrator upon the estate of said Francis M. Holiday decedent. Your petitioner alleges that he is interested in the estate of the said Francis M. Holliday decedent and that he is over the age of twenty one years, a resident of said county and ask the court to grant him letters of administration upon said estate...30 April 1869...John Holladay

Benjamin Pennington Sr. Petition for Letters of Administration by Benjamin Pennington Jr.-over twenty-one years of age. Heirs: Mary Macufson, Pickens Co.,AL; William Pennington,deceased;
B. Pennington Jr.; Joseph Pennington, not sane, all of this county; Alfred Pennington, residing in Louisiana; George Pennington, residing in Mississippi; Nancy Surrat in this county; Viney Winters, Calhoun Co., MS; heirs Ervin Pennington, Elizabeth Winters, Calhoun Co., MS; Franklin Pennington, Mississippi. 3 Nov 1868
Recorded 4 Nov 1868
p.4 bond, p.6 Inventory of estate
p.7 land including half interest in NE1/4 of SE section 15 T 15 R 16. Home tract of land 74 acres more or less at $4/acre. In the hands of Wriley Pennington Nov.7, 1868
p. 10: Order setting day to hear petition to sell land Nov. 16, 1868
Heirs: Polly and Green in TX, children of John who was the son of decedent; Ben and Manda,(p. 12 and think Mary) supposed to reside in Mississippi, children of Mary Macufson, daughter of decendent; W.R. Pennington; Abner Pennington, Sally Burgess, Thomas Pennington, Clarinda Gilmore, wife of Asa Gilmore, and Silas Pennington, all of full age, all children of William Pennington, deceased, who was son of decedent; and all residing in this county, and John Pennington in Tennessee; and Mary, Amanda B., Martha, Francis, Valentine, and Lucinda Pennington, minors in this county, all children of William, deceased, last above mentioned and Benjamin Pennington, admir., and petitioner; Joseph Pennington of unsound mind; Nancy Surratt, wife of Samuel Surratt; Synthia, wife of Amos Pennington, all children of decedent; Ben, John, Enoch, and George Pennington, minors living in this county and all children of Ervin Pennington, deceased, who was son of decedent; Alfred in Louisiana; and George in Mississippi, sons of decedent; Elizabeth Barber, wife of David Barber and daughter of decedent; Elizabeth, daughter of decedent and wife of W.Winter; and Franklin Pennington, all in Mississippi...It is further ordered that due notice of the nature of said application, and of the day set for the hearing be given at least forty days before the said hearing by publication in the Southern Watchman, a newspaper published at Fayette Court House in Fayette County. Wells B.Terry appointed guardian for minor heirs and for Joseph, of unsound mind.
p.13 Interrogatories: heirs named with addition of Margaret Piles
p.14 Interrogatories of Arthur D. Young and William M. Greer.
p.17 lands described: NE1/4 Sec 21;and NW 1/4 and W 1/2 of NW1/4 of NW1/4 and NE1/4 of NE1/4 Sec 22, SW1/4 of SW1/4
Sec.14, and SE1/4 of SE1/4 and W1/2 of SE1/4 & SE1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec.15, and 20 acres of NW corner of sec.23 T15 R15, Mill beat; NW1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec 15 T15 R 16; Also, W1/2 of SE 1/4 Sec 16 T15 R15.

p. 23
Francis M. Holladay, deceased estate of. Petitioner John Holladay. Departed this life during the year 1864, without any lawful will.

p.27 Heirs of John Gentry: ____Gentry, widow of deceased, Thomas J.Gentry, the undersigned; Eliza Jane of unsound mind; Merrell Gentry all over the age of twenty-one years of age, Elizabeth Gentry, Reb Gentry, Croyal Gentry, Edward Gentry, Wm.P. Gentry, under 21 years of age and all in this county, John Gentry, supposed to be in____, over 21 years of age, Petitioner is son of decedent and the widow relinquishes her right to administer...10 May 1869
p.28 Bond of M.E.Vail, R.S. Fields, and Thomas J. Gentry, May 21, 1869
p. 29 May 10, 1869 Thomas J.Gentry alleging that John Gentry died on or about 20 Apr 1869, without any lawful known will. Widowís first name is still blank on this page.

p. 31
Bond: D.W. Hollis: Danniel W. Hollis, Derule Hollis are held and firmly bound...Daniel Hollis was duly appointed guardian on the 21 day of May 1869,in the estate of Daniel Hollis Jr., John, Susan and Mary Hollis. 26 May 1869. Signed Danil W. Hollis, D.U.Hollis, and Allen Jordan.


Dan W. Hollis moves upon the court to appoint him as guardian of the above named minors (Derrell Hollis, John Hollis, Susan Hollis, Mary Hollis). Said minors are under the age of 14, and have an estate in common in Pickens Co., AL to collect out of the estate of their great grandfather, Daniel Godwin of the __of two hundred and fifty dollars and not more and having given bond and security of the said amt in double the value of the collected or aforesaid...Said Hollis be appointed the said guardianship...May 26, 1860.

Petitioner William Williams an inhabitant of this state and who is upwards of sixty years of age respectfully represents and states to your honor that J.D. Williams has this day made his father Wm. A. Williams guardian of minor heirs of his wife deceased, Perlina E. Williams,one of their heirs of James Redus deceased in this state....Heirs: William N.Williams, Malisa J. Williams and Vina E. Williams who reside in Mississippi. 28 Sept 1869.

p.34 Bond D.W. Williams estate of J. Redus

p.36 Estate of Wesley A. Shelton.Thos.D. Johnson, Administrator.
Wesley A. Shelton departed this life in the year 1862 leaving some land in this state to the best of your petitionerís knowledge and information and belief about the value of four hundred dollars. Heirs: Martha J. Shelton, wife of said decedent is 35 years of age; Sanden P. Shelton 13 years; Sinthy R.Shelton age 11; Ginney Shelton age 9 all in this county. It is hereby suggested to your honor that he is by law entitled to administer said estate as he your petitioner is the father of said Martha P.Shelton and prays your honor that such steps be taken and such decrees as may be necessary and proper as may secure your petitioner to that trust according to law...Jan 22, 1869.

p. 37 Bond of Thos.D. Johnson and P.McGee. Signed also by J.M.Wilson.
Jan. 22, 1869

Leroy Kennedy, deceased. Letters of Adminstration granted to John S. Guyton, 6 Jun 1869

I, Martha Kennedy, widow of Leroy Kennedy, decedent, late of said county respectfully represents that I relinquish my right, the administrator upon the estate of said decedent and ask your honor to receive and file this my relinquishment and resignation of my right to the said administrator all of which is respectfully subscribed to witness my hand this 18 May 1869.
Daughter, Sarah Miller, and husband Nathaniel Miller (Jr).relinquish rights to administor estate of father, Leroy Kennedy. Jun 3, 1869.

Martha C. Stanford, wife of John S. Stanford relinquishes rights to administer estate of father, Leroy Kennedy.Jun. 3, 1869.
Elizabeth Earnest, wife of George Earnest, and daughter of Leroy Kennedy, relinquishes right to administer estate of her father, Leroy Kennedy.


W.T. Nolen and wife Mary Nolen, relinquish rights to administer estate of her father, Leroy Kennedy. Jun. 3, 1869.

Leroy Kennedy departed this life 25 April 1869, in this county leaving a small estate of real and personal property, one thousand dollars in value. Heirs: Jno. W. Kennedy, resident,Bastrop Co., TX; Sarah, wife of N.Miller in this county, Caroline, wife of Jno.S. Stanford in this county; Elizabeth, wife of George M.Earnest of said county; Mary, wife of W.T. Nolen; Catherine wife of Jos.E.Stanford in this county; Julia A., wife of John S. Guyton, your petitioner; Henry C. Kennedy of Bastrope, TX, is all twenty one years of age. Martha Kennedy widow of decedent; Leroy Kennedy minor children, Seny, Eliza, Nancy Jane, and Leroy Kennedy, all under 14 years of age in this county.

Bond of John S. Guyton, R.D. Redden, Joe W. Goodman, W.T. Nolen for estate of Leroy Kennedy.25 May 1869.

p.45-47 Inventory of Leroy Kennedy estate

p.48-53 Sale of inventory of Leroy Kennedy estate (notes beside names of buyers indicated whether their paying was expected to be bad, good, doubtful)

p. 57
Application on behalf of Joseph Pennington, a resident of said county alleged to be insane and inadequate. Dr. W.L. Morton called to examine case. 1 Sep 1869. Hasnít the means nor estate to support himself.

Estate of Jonathan Vaughn, decedent. Land: NE SW 1/4, N -SE1/4 of NW1/4 NE1/4 of SW1/4 S1/2 SE1/4 W1/4 of SE1/4 S1/2 Sec 11 NW 1/4 of NW1/4 Sec 14 NW1/4 NE1/4 Sec 15 excepting 10 0ff new corner also w1/4 SW1/4 Sec 11 T17 R14 W for partition or division of said W.N. Kennedy, Thomas Vaughn, a minor, Isham Cooper, guardian.15 Oct 1869

W.H. Kennedy for the sale of certain real estate to wit represents heirs of C.J. Vaughn: Thomas Vaughn, a minor and Isham Cooper, his guardian; Robert Cooper, Nancy E. Cooper, his wife, George W. Pilgrim, (?) & Cor Pilgrim, his wife; and Thomas Vaughn, minors. S 1/2 of NW1/4 SE1/4 of NW1/4. NE1/4 of SW1/4;
the South 1/2 of SE1/4 W1/4. SE1/4 Sec.10 & NW1/4 of NW1/4 Sec 1/4 NW1/4 NE1/4 Sec. 15, excepting about 10 in NW corner and west 1/2 of southwest 1/4 Sec. 11 all in Township 17 Range 14

p.73-75 (71-72 blank)
William Miller, my husband, late of Fayette Co., now Sanford Co., departed this life on the 17th day of June 1867 leaving a small personal estate and real estate amounting to four hundred acres of land in said county in T14 R14 of which real estate me as the wife or widow of said decedent have a right to claim my dower and my children heirs of the same decd are legal heirs of the remaining portion of said real estate. Jennett Boyd, wife of John Boyd, Chester SC, Mary Ann Gowley wife of Thomas Gourly, Indiana; Margarette M. Miller of SC; Louisa Miller, Sarah Willson, wife of Moses Willson, SC; Elen McDonald, Jane Black, Robert Miller, Lucinda L. Miller, wife of Samuel Miller, Susan Traylor Tarwatter, all of Fayette and Sanford, AL. Isabile Traylor wife of Wm. H. Traylor of Monroe Co., MS and the heirs of William W. Miller, who resides in Carroll Co., MS.

Petitioner Thomas J. Gentry, brother to the said Elizabeth J. Gentry who is insain (sic) that he resides in this county and upwards or over twenty one year of age and farther sho(w) to your honor that said Eliz J. Gentry my own sister insain(sic) has an estate in the rites of her father, John Gentry, descedant, canít be reached without this same.. your petitioner, Thomas J. Gentry that some steps may be taken to aid him to be appointed guardian of the said Eliz. J. Gentry. 27 Sep l869

p. 77 blank

p.78-80 (81-82 blank)
Interrogatories propounded by James Henderson and Jno E.Graves whose answers when taken will be read on the hearing of Robert Miller, petition to sale lands for petition or division Robert Miller, Samuel and E.L.Miller, Louisa Miller, B(?). V. Susan Tarwater, J.C. Black, Moses S. Hand, Sarah Wilson, Ellen W. McDonald. minor heirs live in Winsted (sic-Winston) Co.,MS..oldest heirís name is James C.Miller.29 Sept.l869

Petitioner, W. H. Molloy, requests permission to erect a dam and mill on said lands: SW 1/4 of Section 17 Township 16 Range 16..creek not navigable known as Cutbank...summoned R.N.(M?) Beard, T (?)&G or T.I.G. Willson, J.C.Brewer, M. N. Brewer, J.S. Ellis, S.P. Kemp, W.L.Foster,, seven disenterested persons and free holders of this county to meet on the 28th of Sep l869 at the place where the dam is to be erected as specified in the application of the said, W.H.Molloy on which day he attended with a copy of said application and after having persons said jury to discharge the said duty fairly to the best of their ability I did charge the 1st to examine the land above said because the intended to ascertain of said dam as shone(sic) by said application belonging to others which might probably overflow or to the anger some person and assertain and assess the damage resulting from the execution of such dam to the several owners of such land...

Petitioner represents that she is a citizen of said county upwards of twenty one years of age that she is intitled by law to said rite and farther(sic) prays your honor that she is the only wife of said decedent, W.A. Johnson, the mother of six children and farther shows to the court that she is an suffering for the necessary food and clothing and no means to school or go on she farther shows that she is in danger of her property and her self her person as well as her property that her husband was murdered in her presence and stock killed also...orders of administration Milberry Johnson...1 Nov l869

Petitioner Margrett M. Bobitt, the only wife of W.A.Bobitt, who departed this life some fore(sic) years leaving one small daughter 11 years of age that she much (?_) for money and other things to school and cloth(e) said miner(sic)...petitioner shows farther(sic) that she wishes to make title to a certain peace(sic) of lands that W.A. Bobitt sold in his lifetime, sold and gave lands for title and a small portion of money get a coming on the same also to sell and a joining peace(sic) to cloth(e) and feed & school said miner. Still holding a good peace of land for my homestead in reserve your petitioner farther(sic) prays that such steps be taken as well grant orders of letters may be granted by giving bond security as the court may deem necessary...1 Nov l869

p.90-91 (92 blank)
Martha Harvey, petitioner, says that W.P. Harvey, an inhabitant of Fayette Co., departed this life intestate about the fall of l8(61 struck through)59, some ten years since having some small estate perhaps worth five hundred dollars more or less and father(sic) said decedent left one little daughter by the name of Precila R. Harvey, about eleven years old. Petitioner wants rights and guardianship of said minor that she is the mother of said presi(?),and the only wife of said decedent...17 Nov 1869

Jack Hollis, over Henry Richardson, a minor under the age of 14 years, son of decedent____(no name listed)...Jan 1, l870.

Benjamin Pennington, decedant estate, met this day for settlement...April 8, 1870...was published in the Fayette Watchman, published at Fayette CH, Fayette, AL.Total amount of estate $2107.43, administration & probate cost $294.40. Balance for division $1813.03. Above total does not include 2 heirs
parts in which was value at $300.00 in which Richd Pennington & Ervin Pennington was each deeded 80 acres of land valued at $150.00 each in which is now included which makes a total of $2113.03. The amount now divided equally between 14 heirs makes $150.93. The following heirs have come forward:
George Pennington, Richard Pennington, Ervin Pennington, Nancy Pennington, wife of Samuel Serratt; Syntha Pennington, wife of Amos Pennington; Elisabeth Barker, heir; Vina Winters; Elizabeth Pennington, wife of Wm. Winters; Wm. Pennington, deceased, paid to Abner Pennington, one hundred and fifty one dollars; Joseph Pennington, to his daughter Tabitha, as guardian one hundred and fifty one dollars, Benj Pennington is an heir of the above estate has received his full share..151.35...13 Apr l870

R.P. Bullard estate 15 Apr l870..Came W.K. Turman, who was appointed administrator of the estate of R.K. Bullard Decedent more than ten days ago before this day the 4th of April l870 and moves that court that letters of administration on said estate issue to him...

Estate of John Gentry, petition to sell land: S1/2 & NE, NE 1/4 Sect.20 SW1/4, SW1/4 Section 21 and NE1/4 Section 27. W1/2NW1/4 Section 28 T17 R15. Heirs: Thos J. Gentry, Eliza Jane and Michael E. Vale, the guardian of Edmund P. and William P. and Parilla Gentry, widow of said deceased, and guardian for John M. all citizens of Sanford Co., and John W. Gentry and Rebecca T. Crowell residents of MS, and Merrell Gentry and Elizabeth Shaw, residents of the state of TX...22 Apr l870


W.K.Turmanís bond,R.K. Bullard estate 4 Apr l870.

Heirs of Irving Pennington final settlement.

Motion of probate court to correct the judgment ...and orders in final settlement of the estate of Benjamin Pennington Sr. on the 8th of Apr l870.

E.K. Armstrong duly appointed guardian over estate of Burton Hankins. Hankins and C.J. Hankins,and Henry Hankins, minors residing in said county...26 July l870

Dilly Petty, guardian of M.C. Petty, and filed her petition setting forth that said ward is the owner of the following lands to wit: W1/2 of NW1/4 of SE1/4, SW 1/4 of SE1/4 and SE1/4 of SE1/4 except 10 acres off the east side of last mentioned quarter, all in Section 20 T 15 Range 15...Oct 10, l870

Ordered that J.M. Guyton, Administrator of the estate of Leroy Kennedy, deceased...20 Mar l870

p.114 blank

Parilla Gentry, guardian for John M. Gentry, asked to be discharged as guardian...8 Jan l872

p.116-117 blank

p. 118
Estate of Leroy Kennedy, deceased, came John S. Guyton, administrator of said estate and filed his petition paying for an order to make titles to Martha Kennedy to the N1/2 of NW 1/4 & SW 1/4 & W 1/2 of SE 1/4 Section 6 T14 R14 and W 1/2 of NW1/4 & NW 1/4 of SW 1/4 of Section 7 T14 R14 which from said petition it appears to the satisfaction of the court that said Martha Kennedy had paid to the said administrator the said sum of three hundred and fifty one dollars the amount said land sold for. It is ordered that said administrator make titles to said Martha Kennedy to the said lands above described.

This ends Estate Record 1. Note at end of page 118 says that from 119 to 578 is blank (book binders) Page 579 follows with index on this page through page 600. Note this transcription subject to errors as it was the interpretation of Sabra Newell Sudberry. Any corrections may be made by contacting her at  or at 205-275-5702.
Completed March 26, 2002, Vernon, Alabama. Note some spellings are as is, and are incorrect, some are denoted with (sic), some are not. Formal names are spelled as written.



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