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Voters' Registration

Voter Register, 1901-1914, Lamar County, Alabama

This is a partial transcription done by Michael Guyton It contains all of the GUYTONs he found, plus anyone born before 1840, if a birth date was listed.

Michael said, "On the Guyton data, you might have noticed several of the people were listed in multiple precincts. This is because they moved and were registered in another precinct. Also most of the older people that I copied died or moved sometime between 1901-1914. On the record it would say expunged or deceased."

Precinct One, Town - Date Of Birth
Austin, W. M.- 1825
Burns, G. C. - Jan 25, 1825
Bradley, R. E. - 1834
Collins, Wm. H. Jan 17, 1837
Guyton, T. J. Dec 8, 1862
Guyton, A. J. Dec 29, 1870 P.O. Moscow (Andrew J. s/o Isham T.)
Guyton, J. I. Oct 29, 1873 Formerly a resident of MS
Morton, M. R. May 6, 1828
Merchant, A. J. Mar 11, 1834
Pennington, A. J. Jan 10, 1827
Pennington, Abner Jan 25, 1838

Precinct Two, Lawrence
Allen, G. W. May 4, 1826
Brown, Rias 1839
Guyton, G. I. Oct 29, 1876 (George I s/o Reuben W.)
Guyton, J. H. April 11, 1869 (James H. s/o Reuben W.)
Guyton, C. L. P.O. Moscow
Guyton, C. W. July 1, 1881 (Charles W. s/o Reuben W.)
Guyton, R. W. 1842 P.O. Ridge (Reuben W. s/o James F.)
Oakes, J. M. Feb 13, 1836

Precinct Three, Sizemore
Guyton, T. W. Feb 12, 1873 (Walter T. s/o Isham T.)
Guyton, C. L. Oct 14, 1878 P.O. Town Beat (Cape L. s/o Isham T.)
Owens, A. C. Apr 2, 1824
Trintham, F. M. Sept 17, 1833

Precinct Four, Brown
Dill, J. G. Dec 24, 1832
Guyton, T. W.
Weeks, J. L. Jan 12, 1838

Precinct Five, Goade
Guyton, R. F.
Nolen, G. W. Aug 19, 1838
Savage, T. F. Nov 26, 1837

Precinct Seven, Millville
Lee, T. J. Apr 6, 1836
Stanford, D. S. Aug 13, 1833

Precinct Nine, Moscow
Burns, S. W. Feb 1, 1831
Guyton, P. W.
Guyton, J. H. Dec 16, 1867 (James H. s/o John S.)
Guyton, Dempsey
Guyton, C. L.
Guyton, John S. (s/o Thomas K.)
Guyton, J. F. P.O. Bell
Guyton, T. W.
Guyton, A. J. Dec 29, 1870
Guyton, I. T. OLD
Guyton, R. F.
Hawkins, R. P. Nov 17, 1838
Merchant, F. W. May 7, 1832
Metcalfe, W. S. Oct 9, 1837
McLemore, J. W. Mar 16, 1838
Sheffield, W. R. Mar 11, 1835

Precinct Ten, Military Springs
Johnson, C. A. Dec 15, 1835
Sloan, Sam Mar 10, 1827
Sloan, Willis Jun 9, 1826
Sartar, J. P. Nov 27, 1837

Precinct Eleven, Betts
Shelton, E. S. Feb 11, 1838

Precinct Twelve
Cole, L. T. Apr 29, 1839
Wilson, J. S., Sr. Apr 22, 1834

Precinct Thirteen, Vails
Fields, O. B. Apr 27, 1836
Holcomb, D. G., Sr. Jul 23, 1837
Rowe, J. W. Aug 4, 1839
Shaw, J. L. Mar 13, 1839
Vail, J. H. Aug 9, 1813
Taggart, M. A. Nov 28, 1838

Precinct Fourteen, Millport
Coons, J. M. 1837
Cox, J. M. May 13, 1837
Odom, J. S. Apr 11, 1834
Watkins, J. A. Feb 3, 1837
Winston, Jas. M. Mar 6, 1832

Precinct Fifteen, Steens
Horn, G. W. Jan 11, 1831

Precinct Sixteen, Strickland
Richards, G. W. Mar 1832
Robertson, J. R. Apr 22, 1839
Tomlin, J. E. Dec 19, 1835
Weathers, M. C. Jun 22, 1839

Precinct Seventeen, Wilson
Brown, Elias Nov 12, 1839
Scott, B. W. Feb 16, 1835
Wilson, J. S., Sr. Apr 22, 1834

Precinct Eighteen, Ridge
Blakeney, A. May 7, 1832
Cole, L. T. Apr 29 1839
Godfrey, A. Apr 4, 1839
Guyton, R. W. 1842
Robertson, W. A. Apr 1, 1836
Seay, J. J. Dec 21, 1833
Wheeler, D. N. Sept 11, 1837

Precinct Nineteen, Bell
Guyton, C. L. P.O. Moscow
Guyton, G. F. Scratched Out
Guyton, J. F. Dec 31, 1856 (John F. s/o John W.)

Precinct Twenty, Curry
Odom, J. S. Apr 11, 1834

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