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CW Pensions "R"

Donated by:  Allison M. Saxman ( )

One page of "R" section of the Civil War Pensions of Lamar Co. AL was copied.









Arm of Service



4 9 Rickman, Mrs. L. H. Pri B 41 Died July 24 - 1906
4 9050 Robertson, D. B. " E 25 died Nov 1908 1862
4 9051 Robertson L. A. " C 48 Miss
4 2 Real J. H. " C 26 Oct 1 61 Millville, Ala
4 3 Robison Frances " F 42
4 4 Rector Nancy " D 26 D Dead
4 5 Reeves Mrs. M. A. " H 7 Left the state Nov 1903
4 6 Rector R. C. " D 26 Died Dec 11 - 1915 Aug 61
4 7 Richards W. G. Sgt. 26 Dead July 1861
4 8 Robison Lucy Pri F 42 Died June 1904
4 9 Robertson E. L. " K 16
4 9130


Renfro Thos " A 1 Left the state 1864
4 9 Russell Mrs. M. A. " G 40 Dead L
4 9140 Rainwater W(?) M. " I 56 D Mch 1/63 Fayette CH
4 Richardson T. N. " H 5 Miss Col 15 Oct 63 "
4 Robertson, W. P. " C 48 died about middle of Nov 1908 15 July 1861 Columbus, Miss
4 Ramsey, W. J. Corp H 30 Left the state Dec 1902 (or 07?) May 62 Talladega
4 Robertson, O. P. Pri K 60 GA - died May 62 Dallas GA
4 Robertson W. R. Died March ? 1910
4 Rector A. J.
4 Rowe John W.
4 Robinson S. D.
4 Richards, George " F 43 Died - 5 Nov 1912 3 May 62 Fayette Co.
4 Robertson, E. S.
4 Rainwater, Mary J. died Aug 28 - 1905
4 Reed B. F. " B 8 7 Oct 63
4 Robertson W. A. " F 38 died about 1st of Aug 1914 9 May 63 Fayette
4 Robertson J. M. " " " June 63 Mobile
4 Robertson J. R. " " " died Nov - 27 - 1912 Mch 63 Fayette
4 Rummage Martha
4 Rowland W. M. H 50
4 Rainwater, Sarah E.
4 Robertson, M. L.
4 16797 Russell, M. A. Died Oct 13 - 1910



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