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1905 Lamar Co. Marriages

Transcribed and donated by:  Judy Myrick Miller

Groom Bride Date of Marriage By Where

Aaron Robinson Mollie Wilson 8-Jan-1905 John Isbell home of bride

Jacob W. Hardy Eula Johnson 19-Jan-1905 J.H. Robertson residence of John Johnson

Benjamin E. Cunningham Sophronia B. Swindall 19-Jan-1905 R.L. Bradley JP courthouse

G.A. Smith Sallie Gus Comer/Conner 21-Jan-1905 Rev J.D. Byars Mr. Comer/Conner

Drew M. McCluskey Lillie A. Osborne 29-Jan-1905 Rev C.A. Chaffin home of Joe Osborne

J.M. Hill Ellie Christian 26-Jan-1905 C.D. Correll at his residence

Robert L. Markham Dessie May Pope 1-Feb-1905 R.L. Bradley JP Probate office

John H. Rainwater Mollie Atkins 15-Feb-1905 R.L. Bradley JP Vernon

James O Bolin Mintis Gilmen 15-Feb-1905 R.L. Bradley JP Probate office

Games Garfield Falkner Margaret Cornelia Varnor22-Feb-1905 W.A. Tipton home of bride

John C. Hughes Dean Taylor 28-Feb-1905 Rev J.A. Isbell Bride's home

D.C. Payne Ollie O. Johns 20-Jul-1905 M.R. Smith MG Sulligent

Benjamin G. Hardy Sarah M. Jones 20-Feb-1905 Rev J.R. Robertson home of W.R. Johns

G.C. Wright Nannie E. Wright 26-Feb-1905 M.D. McGee J.E. Wright's

J.B. Wright Martha J. Johnson 21-Feb-1005 M.D. McGee left blank

Will D. Hollis Daisy Merchant 3-Mar-1905 R.L. Bradley JP Furnace Church

B.W. Bundrick Ella Humphries 6-Mar-1905 R.L. Bradley JP Probate office

Moses Duncan Ida Lockhart 13-Mar-1905 J.J. Weeks JP home of bride

William Murray Crump Nora Collier 14-Mar-1905 W.C. Woods MG Moses Collins'

D.A. Humbers Margaret C. Hall 9-Mar-1905 H.C. Cribbs JP home of Bride's father

William Dean Pearl Chandler 10-Mar-1905 B.T. Cantrell William Pope's

John W. Hollingsworth Cordie Ethel Beasley 22-Mar-1905 D.O. Baird MG home of Luther Beasley

William Luther Tomlin Bertie Delena Johnson 16-Mar-1905 Rev. J.R. Robertson residence of Margaret Johnson

Robert B. Ray Melissa McReynolds 19-Mar-1905 A.S. Wilson JP Melborne

J.C. McNees B.A. Sisson 4-Apr-1905 B.L. Delk JP her father's residence

James L. Patterson Mary F. Stanford 6-Apr-1905 J.J. Weeks JP home of bride

Pleasant Porter Lillie Vice 9-Apr-1905 W.K. Pennington MG bride's residence

Thomas Parker Etta Sanders 11-Apr-1905 Rev J.S. Gilbreath home of Will Sanders

Jabe B. Hall Florence M. Hill 25-Apr-1905 W.C. Woods MG J.T. Hill's

Thomas Kitrell Mary J. Paul 9-Apr-1905 W. K. Turnron JP residence of bride

George W. Seawell Martha A Baron 29-Apr-1905 W.K. Turnron JP home of Mary J. Paul

James B. Hankins Eliza B. Rector 2-May-1905 R.L. Bradley JP Probate office

Role G. Pennington Arbelia Henderson 7-Jun-1905 R.L. Bradley JP residence of M.M. Henderson

C.W. Guyton Effie Barnes 22-May-1905 J.T. Smith ExOffJP bride's father's house

H.C. Smith Julia M. McNees 22-May-1905 J.T. Smith ExOffJP Brides' father's house

William T. Draper Virginia L. Shelton 22-May-1905 R.L. Bradley JP T.N. Shelton's

Earnest E. Willis Rilla Brown 25-May-1905 M.R. Smith MG Sulligent

James H. White Allie Myrtle Cody 12-Jun-1905 Rev George C. Harris Detroit

William S. Kay Roslee Austin Holcomb 20-Jun-1905 W.W. Whitfield MG Fort Springs

Jasper F. Taylor Lillie W. Black 25-Jun-1905 L.A. McDonald JP her residence

Thomas J. Stanford Adaline Gilbert 24-Jun-1905 W.K. Turnron JP residence of bride

Emmett W. Perkins Annie E. Lawrence 2-Jul-1905 J.W. Collins home of E.W. Perkins

Clifton F. Thompson Beulah Holliday 4-Jul-1905 R.L. Bradley JP Probate office

D.C. Moore Bertha M. Allen 5-Jul-1905 R.L. Bradley JP residence of J.T. Allen

W.W. Johnson Minnie Hancock 17-Jul-1905 Rev. M.L. Peterson?

Charles Roy Norton Cleopatra Pearl Evans 10-Jul-1905 B.M. Malloy JP home of B.W. Evans

J.C.C. Thomas Georgia Baker 26-Jul-1905 R.L. Bradley JP Probate office

Thomas N. Howard Delma Weathers 20-Jul-1905 T.O. Smith ExOffJP Weathers' house

F.P. Godfrey Hattie Weathers 2-Aug-1905 R.L. Bradley JP Probate office

W.M. Spraberry Avie L. Messer 7-Aug-1905 R.L. Bradley JP bride's residence

Robert Lee Baker Ethel Cora Clemmon 9-Aug-1905 B.T. Cantrell Lebanon Church

William E. Terry Lila Thompson 4-Aug-1905 W.C. Woods MG

Cleve Johnson Cora Harper 28-Nov-1904 D.G.W. Hollis MG Johnnie Harper's residence

George T. Hawkins Gertrude Cooper 27-Aug-1905 J.W. Noe JP Mr. Cooper's

William P. Bobbit Jane Bradford 25-Aug-9105 James M. Winston residence of Miss Bradford

James Thomas Evans Sarah Frances Jenkins 27-Aug-1905 J.W. Noe JP J.H. Jenkin's residence

J.V. Suggs Juda B. Jackson 27-Aug-1905 G.W. Cantrell Detroit Church

F.L. Weathers Jennie Godfrey 7-Sep-1905 T.O. Smith ExOffJP Smith Residence

Albert Estes Emma Cash 11-Sep-1905 William Rowland Mrs Cash's residence

Leon Carnes? Lillie I Propst 26-Sep-1905 J.J.Jennings MG Joe Propst residence

W.A. Wi nters L.A. Collins 17-Sep-1905 B.F. Stausberry MG bride's father's hosue

James Horace Hutcheson Mattie Lavender 18-Sep-1905 B.L. Delk JP home of B.L. Delk

Thomas B. Sizemore Alice Price 5-Oct-1905 R.L. Bradley JP Probate office

Lorenzo Lucas Nancy Smith 12-Oct-1905 A.G. Egger MG Dr. Owens' house

Thomas G. Jackson Mira R. Dees 19-Oct-1905 M.D. McGee residence of W.C. Dees

Scudder? W. Morton Maggie Edgewater 16-Oct-1905 R.L. Bradley JP Vernon, Al

Simeon Allen Chandler Ada Maybelle Hankins 15-Oct-1905 W.C. Woods MG

J.M. Robertson Lou Guyton 29-Oct-1905 T.G. Harrison R.L. Guyton's house

Thomas Thursday Gussie Tucker 25-Oct-1905 I.R. Hancock LP S.M. Tucker's house

Foster Duke Mary Pennington 26-Oct-1905 R.L. Bradley JP Probate office

M.L. Jackson Della Pennington 5-Nov-1905 D.G.W. Hollis MG home of bride's father

James Lawson Frances Kennedy 5-Nov-1905 B.T. Cantrell home of Johnson Kennedy

J.T. Stanford Sera Hollis 6-Oct-1905 R.L. Bradley JP bride's mother's house

J.A. Hankins Orpha Black 16-Nov-1905 B.E. Cunningham brides' parents' house

W.C. Sizemore Ethel Brewer 13-Nov-1905 R.L. Bradley JP P.O. Brewer's house

Wallace Jones Mrs. L.D. Barit 14-Nov-1905 R.L. Bradley JP Probate office

W.B. Woods Sr Mary Maddox ?? Nov 1905 B.E. Cunningham J.W. Woods' residence

Thomas W. McCraw Georgiana Thomas ?? Nov 1905 J.T. Smith ExOffJP William Miller's house

T.F. Taylor Annie Hollingsworth 21-Nov-1905 R.L. Bradley JP Probate office

W.D. Robertson S.J. Pennington 23-Nov-1905 M.D. McGee R. Pennington's house

J.D. Bussey Mattie Lula Rose 30-Nov-1905 D.N. Reeves MG bride's father's house

E.M. Pennington Alma Prothro 29-Nov-1905 D.G.W. Hollis MG bride's father's house

L.B. Blakeney M.C. Godfrey 6-Dec-1905 Rev W.J. Godfrey T.L. Godfrey's residence

J.S. Gibbs T.I. Malloy 9-Dec-1905 W.K. Turnron JP Bride's father's house

John F. Red Sarah Jane Dodd 4-Dec-1905 A.J. Wallace JP Mrs. Dodd's residence

M. Morton Eliza Duckworth 31-Dec-1905 M.D. McGee home of Mento Guin

J.E. Gilliam Lula Varnon 7-Dec-1905 T.O. Smith ExOffJP Smith residence

S.C. Smith Mollie May 17-Dec-1905 G.B. Taylor residence of Riley May

Franklin Earl Randolph Lona Lou Ethel Hicks 17-Dec-2005 J.W. Collins G.W. Hicks' house

G.W. Vaughn Mary Butler 14-Dec-1905 R.L. Bradley JP home of H.C. Butler

Miles B. Herron Susan McNeal 11-Dec-1905 George W. Cantrell Bride's residence

C.W. Lucas Belle Barnes 9-Dec-1905 C.D. Sorrells LM M.L. Barnes' residence

R.M. Lockhart Minnie Knight 23-Dec-1905 W.T. Caudel MG home of bride

D.A. Wimberley Emma J. Stewart 24-Dec-1905 W.G. Moseley JP home of C.D. Stewart

Berry Edley Turner M. Ella Glasgow 19-Dec-1905 M.D. McGee home of Rachel Glasgow

W.V. Allen Pearlie Rainwater 21-Dec-1905 Rev J. S. Gilreath Sarah Rainwater's residence

John D. Kemp Lila Hill 29-Dec-1905 Rev T.W. Shelton Sulligent

Ernest C. Betts Iler Mattison 25-Dec-1905 R.L. Bradley JP home of P.H. Mattison

Amos E. Crump Bessie A. Abbott 29-Dec-1905 R.N.Clark MG Cruse Depot

C.C. Holcomb Ila M. Atkins 7-Jan-1906 D.W. Davis ExOffJP M.H. Atkin's house

Martin E. Harper Lona P. Cash 25-Dec-1905 R.L. Bradley JP home of J.W. Wheeler

Dyre Ballard Maggie Shelton 25-Dec-1905 R.L. Bradley JP E.S. Shelton's residence

T.S. Sprouse Altha Cook 25-Dec-1905 A.J. Wallace JP W.W. Sprouse residence

J.H. Porter Ellie McDaniel 29-Dec-1905 R.L. Bradley JP Probate office




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