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Cemeteries of Lamar County

The following list is from the Cemetery Map done by Gene Gravlee & Sabra Newell Sudberry in August, 2002, with contributions by John Allman, Earlie Hughes, Kay Koonce, Floyd Mack "Bo" Morris, Jr., William W. Ogden III, Mr. & Mrs. Thurman Shackleford, Tony Truelove, Joseph Welsh, Dianne Woods, Jimmy Woods, and Sherman Woods.  The listing is used with the permission of Gene Gravlee.  The numbers beside the cemetery name are from the actual map, which shows the location of the cemetery.  To order a copy of the map, please contact Gene Gravlee at:

185 Grey Horse Lane
Sumiton, AL 35148

Please note:  See More Cemeteries for some cemetery transcriptions that I haven't yet been able to pinpoint which ones match Gene's map!  Also be sure to check Church Records for more info on some of these cemeteries. 

3/31/2005:  Paul Hays has taken the cemetery listing below and created a reference to the township and range for each cemetery!  Thanks, Paul!  Lamar County Township/Range Cemetery Index

Click on the first letter of the cemetery you are researching and you'll be taken directly to that section of this page.


Old Asbury
Cemetery Map # Transcriber info Date added
Almon/Allman/Evans 10    
Antioch Baptist Church 73 Terry Gosa 1/10/02
Antioch, Old 74    
Antioch Church of Christ, Old 180 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Asbury 91 Kawatha “Kay” Chandler Koonce and James W. Dierking, and updated December 30, 2006 by Paul Hays 1/25/2007
Asbury, Old 92 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce  and Donald Delk 6/24/02
Baines 164  Is this actually a cemetery?  Some say no.  
Bankhead 36    
Bankhead/Glass 201    
Bankhead-Marchbanks 145 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Baxter 179 Is this actually a cemetery?  Some say no.  
Beaverton Memorial 24    
Bell Cemetery 205 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Benjamin Rollins Grave 190    
Bethabra 109    
Bethel 112    
Bethel Church of Christ 94 Howard Rector 4/30/02 - updated 8/21/2003
Bethel, Old 195 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/2003
Bethlehem Church 170 Is this actually a cemetery?  Some say no.  
Blaylock Cemetery 14    
Blooming Grove Church (New) 76 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce & James W. Dirking 8/26/2005
Blooming Grove, Old 77 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/2003
Bolin/Hollis 204 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce 6/19/02
Bradford 165 Greg Pinkerton and Paul Hay 8/26/2005
Branyon 110    
Brewer 166 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce and Donald Delk 6/24/02
Brock/Evans 26    
Brown 136    
Brown (Burrell Brown Graveyard) 154 Paul Hays and Bo Morris 12/31/2004
Brown 187    
Brown 198    
Brown, Old 176 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03 updated
Brown Cemetery 176 Faye Cole Barnes offsite
Butler/Anthony 156    
Campground/Mt. Olive (partial) 31 Greg Green 2002
Canaan 104    
Cantrell @ Webb Church (aka Webb Cemetery) 3 Veneta McKinney 7/3/2003 - updated 9/15/2005
Cantrell Cemetery 134 Terry Gosa (offsite) (offsite)
Cantrell Cemetery (old) 135 Terry Gosa (offsite) (offisite)
Cantrell, Old 125    
Carter/Detroit City 1    
Catherine Sandlin’s Grave 139    
Chaney 171    
Christian Chapel 100 Elisa Shizak updated 6/17/03
Corinth 78 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Corinth (Church?) Cemetery 78 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce & James W. Dirking 11/17/2004
Corinth Church 46    
Crews Methodist Church 132    
Crump 5 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Dumas Webb Grave 163 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Eatman 118 Jim Foster (photos) 3/5/2005
Ebenezer 114 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce 8/29/2004
Elyton/Eltyon 162    
Emmaus 66 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce 6/05/02
Evans Cemetery 12 unknown (offsite) (offsite)
Fairview Church 60    
Fellowship Church 69 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/16/03
Fleming Memorial 197 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Flynn 56 Terry Gosa 2002
Franklin 169    
Friendship 115 Sabra N. Sudberry 6/14/03
Friendship 49    
Furnace Hill 82    
Furnace Hill 83    
Gilliam 148 Compiled by Mike Corbett, submitted by Sabra N. Sudberry 4/17/03
Gilmore/Pearson 67 Paul Hays and Bo Morris 12/31/2004
Goode Slave 184    
Grave of Sally Franks 207    
Grey 216    
Guin 107    
Guin, Old 141    
Guyton #2 211 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce and Donald Delk 7/9/02
Guyton 147    
Guyton/McKinney 202 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Hankins, Old 210    
Harmony, Old/Old Poplar Springs 113 Sabra N. Sudberry 3/22/2003
Hays 173 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce and Donald Delk 6/19/02
Henry Pennington 157    
Henson 4 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Henson Springs 6   off site
Herron 37    
Higdon Memorial 128    
Hill 61    
Holliday 58 Ed Guyton 6/5/02
Holliday/Holladay 151 Ed Guyton 6/5/02
Holliday/O’Mary 41 Ed Guyton 6/5/02
Hollis 153    
Hollis 17    
Hollis 206    
Holly Grove 120    
Holly Hill 203 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce and Donald Delk 6/25/02
Hubert Hollis 27    
Indian Mound 161    
Indian Mound (destroyed) 215    
Jack Hollis Family 213    
Jarrett/Bankhead 175 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Jarrett/Bankhead Slave 194
John Hankins 172    
John Otts Family 193    
Kennedy Cemetery 168 unknown (offsite) (offsite)
Kennedy 59    
Kingsville Church 2   offsite
Kirk 143    
Lamar Memory Gardens 130    
Lampkin 86 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce  and Donald Delk 6/9/02
Lee Cemetery 138 Theresa Scott Whitaker and Jennifer Priddy (offsite) March, 1997 (offisite)
Liberty (partial- Old Liberty Church of Christ Cemetery) 105 Mitchell Speed 2/22/03
Liberty Church 7    
Liberty Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery 79 Herbert M. & Jeanie P. Newell (offisite) July 26, 1958
Love Joy 34 Terry Gosa 5/5/02
Lucas (also called Johnson) 133 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Macedonia Church 16    
Macedonia/Sprouse, Old 189 Bob Kelly 12/15/2003
Major James Moore Family 188    
Mary Gibbs Family 182    
McClinton 150    
Meadow Branch Baptist Cemetery 106 Herbert M. & Jeanie P. Newell (offsite) July 27 & August 1, 1958
Metcalfe 8 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Moore 124    
Morton 174 Greg Pinkerton and Paul Hays 8/25/2005
Morton Chapel 70 Paul Hays 10/31/2004 - updated 4/23/2005
Morton Chapel 70 Mark Reid July, 1998
Moscow/Armstrong 183 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce  and James Dirking 4/4/03
Moscow/Redus 54 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce  and James Dirking 3/11/03
Mt. Carmel 123 Flora Bryant McCool and Gladys Nabors McCool in August 2005; updated Dec. 27 & 28, 2006 by Flora and “Mac” McCool, Barbara and Dewey Carruth, and Paul Hays.  Submitted by Paul Hays. 1/25/2007
Mt. Hebron Cemetery 23 Gerald & Earlie Hughes (offisite) offsite
Mt. Olive 45 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce  and James Dirking 9/15/2005
Mt. Olive 103    
Mt. Pisgah 65    
Mt. Pleasant 131    
Mt. Pleasant Freewill Baptist Church 89 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce  and James Dierking 6/19/02
Mt. Zion Church 99 Allison M. Saxman 8/15/01
Mulberry Springs/Moore-Hill 53 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce  and James Dirking 3/17/03
Nebo Church 85 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce  and Donald Delk 6/19/02
Nebo, Old 87 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce and Donald Delk 6/5/02
New Church 47    
New Hope 30 Veneta McKinney 9/15/2005
New Hope 50 Sabra N. Sudberry (transcribed by Jim Johnson) 6/14/03
New Hope Church 101    
Nolen 28    
Nolen Sisters 192    
Oakes Chapel 71 Evelyn Elliott Oakes 9/15/2005
Odd Fellows/Millport City 119    
Olive & Aaron May 81    
Olive Hill 21    
Owens 62    
Payne Chapel 122    
Pennington 167    
Pine Springs Cemetery 11 unknown (offsite) offisite
Piney Grove 32    
Pleasant Grove Church 121    
Pleasant Ridge 117    
Pleasant Ridge, Old 155    
Pleasant Ridge/Shakerag 35    
Pope Church 20    
Poplar Springs 90 Kawatha "Kay" Koonce  and James W. Dirking 3/17/03
Possum Trot 181    
Progress/Lawrence, Old 158    
Prospect Church 29    
Providence 75    
Pugh/Gibbs/Indian 140 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Rising Star Church 38    
Rowland 108    
Sagley/Edgeworth 149 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Sailor 88 James Ward 1/22/03
Sanders 68    
Sandlin Cemetery 13 unknown (offsite) offsite
Seaborn Family 209    
Seven Oaks 33    
Shaw 160    
Shiloh 51    
Shiloh Church 64 Kawatha “Kay” Chandler Koonce and James W. Dierking 9/15/2005
Shiloh Methodist [partial] 98 Allison M. Saxman 2/6/02
Sizemore 199 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Sizemore 72    
Sizemore Memorial 25    
Smith 80 Ruth Ann Faris 5/10/02
South Carolina 97 Terry Gosa 3/18/02
Spring Hill 116    
Springfield Church/Old Furnace 52 Rachel Virginia Gunnels McReynolds and Kawatha “Kay” Chandler Koonce 9/15/2005
Spruiell 19    
Stanford Cemetery #1 142 Bobby Stanford (offsite) offsite
Stanford - N of Sulligent - also called Stanford Cemetery #3 (another transcription - offsite) 18 Sabra N. Sudberry & Bo Morris 1/22/03
Stanford Cemetery #2 22 Bobby Stanford (offsite) offsite
Sudduth 111    
Sulligent City 15    
Sulligent-Gilmer Addition 42    
Sunken Grave 212    
Taylor 40    
Taylor Springs Church 57    
Temple Star 96    
Thompson 129    
Thompson 43    
Thompson 63    
Tucker 159    
Turman Sandlin 178 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Turner 48    
Union Chapel Freewill Baptist Cemetery 95 Herbert M. & Jeanie P. Newell (offsite) July 26, 1958 (offsite)
Unknown @ Old John Pugh Place 208    
Unknown 144    
Unknown 152    
Unknown 177    
Unknown 186    
Unknown 200    
Unknown 214    
Unknown 84    
Vernon 93    
W. A. Sizemore Grave 196    
Waldon 191    
Walnut Grove 102 Lamar County Gen. Soc. 6/13/03
War of 1812 Unknown Soldier 185    
Wells 39 Joyce Reece McCollum 10/3/2003
Wesley Chapel 9 (located near Detroit)  
Wesley Chapel 146 (straddles the Lamar & Fayette County line, near Cody)  
Wilson 126    
Wilson Slave 127    
Winstead 137 Sabra N. Sudberry 1/22/03
Wofford Church 44    
Wright 55    


More Cemetery Transcriptions

  • Sandlin Cemetery Legend
  • Simpson Cemetery (Pickens Co. AL) - submitted by Sabra N. Sudberry [broken link - I have to find this file on my old computer and move it over - 6/20/2005]

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