Will Abstracts

Andrew Bass

Jefferson County, Alabama Will Book "A", Page 6
Written 4 August 1854, Probated 30 May 1857
Mentions wife Jane
Sons Andrew Jackson Bass, William J. Bass
Executors: William J. Bass, Jane Bass (wife)
Witnesses: Thomas Gore, Smith T. Gammon, T.P. Fagason

Judith Worthington

Jefferson County, Alabama Will Book "A", Page 4
Written 21 October 1853, Probated 2 February 1857
Mentions son Benjamin P. Worthington
Granddaughters Julia Smithson, Elizabeth Virginia Worthington
Executor: Benjamin P. Worthington (son)
Witnesses: G.W. Clift, B.E. Grace

William Reed

Jefferson County, Alabama Will Book "A", Page 1
Will of William (X - his mark) Reed
Written 25 May 1854, Probated 25 August 1856
Mentions wife Ruth
Sons John Reed, Robert Reed
Daughters Hetty Nerrin, Rutha Massey
Sons-in-law John Nerrin, William Massey
5 grandchildren, the heirs of Thomas and Jane McBrayer
4 grandchildren, the heirs of Jonathan and Elizabeth Reed
Grandchildren, the heirs of Robert H. and Polly Erwin
Will also mentions a Nathan Reed, but does not specify his relationship.
Executors: Robert Reed (son) & William Massey
Witnesses: James B. Wood, Edmund Wood, Robert Baird

John B. Moore

Jefferson County, Alabama Will Book "A", Page 20
Written 23 April 1857, Probated 2 December 1857
Mentions sons William B. Moore, James B. Moore
Daughters Matilda Curry, Manerva McKinney deceased
Executor: William B. Moore
Witnesses: John R. Turner, John H. Turner

On 20 November 1857 a Petition to Probate was brought before the Court. The document mentioned that there was no widow. It also mentions children William B. Moore, James B. Moore, Malinda Curry, Matilda Williams, Manerva McKinney deceased. Manverva McKinney's children Mary J. McAdory wife of William R. McAdory, M.A. Williams wife of Thomas L. Williams, Martha M. McKinney, L.D. McKinney, Manerva McKinney.

James Massey

Jefferson County, Alabama Will Book "A", Page 9
Written 31 July 1857, Probated 24 October 1857
Mentions wife Mary
Daughters Melinda Rutherford, Rebecca Sanders - deceased, Mary Smithson, Harriet Shackelford, Laura Byars
Sons David Massey, John T. Massey, James P. Massey, Joshua Massey, Allen Massey - deceased
Grandson Robert Massey, son of Allen Massey (deceased)
Executor: David Massey (son)
Witnesses: James Wilson, Benjamin P. Worthington, Elijah Brown

On 7 October 1857 executor David Massey brought before the Court a Petition to Probate. This document mentions the following:
Widow Mary Massey
Children: Malinda Rutherford, David Massey (petitioner), John T. Massey, James P. Massey, Mary Smithson wife of Benjamin Smithson, Harriet Shackelford wife of Joseph H. Shackelford, Joshua Massey, Laura Byars wife of Henry K. Byars, Allen Massey deceased, Rebecca Saunders deceased.
Grandchildren Robert Massey, infant son of Allen Massey (Robert residing with Paschael Shackelford), Rebecca Saunders' unknown minor children residing in Texas with their father Lemuel D. Saunders.

Richerson Frazier

Jefferson County, Alabama Will Book "A", Page 7
Written 25 August 1856, Probated 31 July 1857
Mentions a wife
Sons Andrew Jackson Frazier, Francis M. Frazier, George W. Frazier, John Lewis Frazier, James M. Frazier
Daughters Martha Frazier, Nancy Truss, Sarah Keith, Mary Truss
Sons-in-law Wiley Truss, John Keith, Marcus Truss
Executors: Francis M. Frazier, Wiley Truss
Witnesses: D. Clopton, George Robinson, Marcus A. Worthington

George Baylis

Jefferson County, Alabama Will Book "A", Page 5
Written 9 March 1843, Probated 30 May 1857
Mentions wife Martha
Wife's children by her first husband
His children by his first wife
Their children together (he called it "our children equally")
Executors: Martha Baylis (wife) and Andrew Bass (son-in-law)
Witnesses: David L. Poole, William W. Ellard, William Ellard, John Ellard