Cemetery Links

Adams Cemetery

Adger Cemetery

Baird / Tatum Cemetery (partial) (1835-1884)

Cahaba Methodist Church Cemetery

Cahaba Heights Baptist Cemetery aka New Merkle

Cardiff Cemetery

Cowden Family Cemetery

Creel Family Cemetery

Crooked Creek Cemetery

Elmwood Cemetery
(Block 2) (Graves / Swalley Graves)

Elmwood Cemetery (Blocks 8-10) (partial)

Elmwood Cemetery (Block 20) (partial)

Elyton Cemetery

Hughes Family Cemetery

Liberty Minter Cemetery

Little Family Cemetery

Marvin's Chapel Cemetery (partial) (1894-1938)

McCombs / Donegan Cemetery

Midway Cemetery
Block 1, List of Owners
Block 2, List of Owners
Block 3, List of Owners
Block 4
Block 6, List of Owners
Block 7

Morris Cemetery

Mt. Hebron Cemetery (partial) (1912-2003)

Mount Pleasant (Scott) Cemetery

New Hope Cemetery

Nichols Cemetery

Pratt City Fraternal Cemetery

Sharp Cemetery

Shiloh Cemetery

Taylor's Chapel Cemetery

Turnham Cemetery

Union Grove Cemetery

Watts Cemetery