Matthews Family Pictures

Pictures shown at the left are thought to be Matthews family members as listed (Some not proven). Some of these pictures were furnished by our cousin, Clarence Mathis of Bridgeport, Alabama. If you recognize any of these and can give positive identification please email

If you are a Walker Matthews descendent and have family photographs, we would like to display them on this site. Contact

Walker Matthews died in 1860 and considering the rarity of photographic equipment in this area at that time, it is doubtful he ever had a picture made. His wife, Luvina, on the other hand, lived long enough to have possibly been photogaphed.

The Mathews sons were known to be the owners of some of the finest horses in North Alabama and raised and rode many in Matthews Cove.

Our family genealogy brick wall is, "who were the parents of Walker Matthews and who were the parents of Luvina"? Was Luvina related to their next farm neighbor Levi Isbell?