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Wilson Smith Cemetery

Wilson Smith






Location: Wilson-Smith Cemetery is located on State Hwy 95 north of Gordon, Alabama. The cemetery is on the right just past mile marker 13.

Photos by Ron Williams

Surveyed: October 6, 2007

Submitted by: Ron Williams

Cemetery Notes: There are two locked steel gates at the entrance to the property. A sign that reads Wilson-Smith Cemetery established 1857 hangs on the fence on the left of the gates. There are also phone numbers to call about access to the property. The cemetery is located about three hundred feet from the gates down an old road bed. The cemetery is surrounded by a four-foot chain link fence with a four-foot gate. The cemetery is surrounded by large oak trees and is quite clean. It is maintained by a caretaker. Outside the fence is another cemetery that isn't fenced in. This cemetery is located about seventy feet away from the fenced cemetery. Here I found one headstone and a small headstone beside it. The name on this headstone is:  Louisa, wife of Nero Russ.   I found nine more small headstones with no names or dates on them. There are depressions in the ground at these headstones.

Map: Needed, if available




William Sidney Wilson  (shares headstone with Hosea E. Wilson)
Dec 9, 1867
Apr 9, 1937
Pioneer Railroad Builder
Hosea Everett Wilson  (shares headstone with William Sidney Wilson)
June 26, 1875
Apr 14, 1924
Memorial Woodmen of the World
Annar  (Wilson)
Dau of J.P. & E. Wilson
Born April 6, 1878
Died July 29, 1879
Bonnie P.  (Wilson)
Dau of J.P. & E. Wilson
Born June 30, 1870
Died Oct 4, 1875
Ella Smith Wilson  (shares headstone with John P. Wilson)
Wife of John P. Wilson
Sept. 1, 1849
June 29, 1889
John P. Wilson  (shares headstone with Ella S. Wilson)
(Born)  Sept 29, 1842
Frances Bartow Liddon
Born   May 30, 1856
Died Sept 2, 1904
He looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.
Eldorado (Smith) 
Wife of J. P. Wilson
Born Sept 1, 1849
Died June 29, 1889   (This headstone has the same info as the one for Ella Smith Wilson)
Infant of S. A. & T. D. Smith
Callie Smith
At Rest
Hosea B. Smith
Born Oct. 25, 1854
Died Jan 28, 1873
Aged 18 years, 3 mo, & 3 days
Sidney A. Smith
Born Aug 12, 1815
Died Jan 20, 1857
Aged 41 years, 5 mo, & 8 days
Sarah E. Smith
Wife of S. A. Smith
Born Dec 25, 1821
Died Sept 2, 1892
We trust our loss will be her gain, and that with Christ she's gone to reign.
Ada  (Smith)
Daughter of S. A. & S. E. Smith
Born Apr 29, 1849
Died Mar 21, 1884
California  (Richardson)
Daughter of Sidney A. & Sarah E. Smith and Consort of James N. Richardson
Born January 21st, 1853
Died Nov. 14th 1877
Bertha Estella (Richardson)
Daughter of J. N. & California Richardson
Born Nov 15th 1875
Died July 19th, 1878
Louisa (Russ)
Wife of Nero Russ
Died June 1885
I Believe That The Lord Will Hear My Prayer
Outside the fenced cemetery are 9 graves marked with a small headstone with no names or dates, except the one for Louisa (Russ)