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Leath & Weems Cemetery

Location: Leath and Weems is an African American cemetery located  near Columbia, Alabama.   

Directions to the cemetery: From Columbia take highway 52 west to Cephus Rollins Road [unpaved road]. Turn left and go about 1/4 mile,  look to your right and you will see a farm road beside an open field. Turn right on this road and cemetery is about 1,000  feet ahead. A 5 foot chain fence, with a gate, surrounds the cemetery. It is still being used and is maintained.  

Photos: Needed

Surveyed: 2004

Submtted by: Ron Williams

Additional Comments: There are 32 [known] graves in the cemetery and 18 headstones could be read. Some could be read  if the head stones were cleaned. There are 10 graves that have no headstone or markings on the grave, so these are unmarked graves.

Map: Needed, if available


Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Hall Joe   9/6/1963  
Leath, D.D. Rev. M. H.   11/11/1939 He has gone to the mansions of rest
Leath Nathaniel H. 1879 - 1959  
Leath Lillie B 1881 - 1960  
Leath Hosea      
Leath Theodis H 1921 - 1998  
Leath Nelson L 1/5/1886 - 4/0/1981 Beloved Father
Leath Nancy 4/11/1810 - 7/4/1906 Day of birth is either 11 or 17, hard to read.
Mindhim Mrs. Mary   4/26/1905  
Pieroe Elica 3/12/1896 - 11/10/1897  
Rainey Beatrice 12/19/1912 - 2/22/2004 -S L Ward-
Smith Thorney 1909 - 5/11/1905  
Wymes Nelson 6/28/1925 - 7/22/2002  
Weems Edward 4/7/1929 - 10/6/1999  
Wyms Samuel 5/10/1890 - 11/7/1969 Alabama PVT US ARMY World War 1
Weems Lige 4/25/1892 - 12/5/1964 PFC Co.C 437 RES LABOR Bn ONC World War 1
Weems Ruby 10/6/1898 - 11/11/1968  
Weems Mrs. Ella   12/0/1946