Houston County Alabama
Partial Listing

Update to 1957 survey by J R Phipps at this link: http://members.aol.com/bettymaes/houston/webb.html

NOWELL, Marion F. – b. November 28, 1854 – d. January 31, 1944 (note: son of Arnold and Martha WIGGINS NOWELL BROXTON.Married (1) Martha Eliza ??. (2) Martha Jane SHEPPARDChildren of Marion and 1st Martha: (1) Leora P. Nowell; (2) Missorri Nowell; (3) Arthur H. Nowell married Eula ??; (4) Mary Nowell; (5) Thomas Nowell; (6) Josepheus Nowell; (7) Marcelus Nowell; (8) Franklin Nowell.Children of Marion and 2nd Martha: (1) Mandy Nowell; (2) Early Nowell; (3) Richard Nowell; (4) Mary L. Nowell; (5)Rosa A. Nowell). Sue Webb southernroots@cfl.rr.com

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