Contributed by: Don Mills

(I will list names as they are spelled in the membership listing as to not imply who the people are.)
Role of the Male members at Mt. Arat
Z. Deese
A. C. Ready
Ed Nalls
Whit Deese
G. W. Snelgrove
Dannal Deese
E. B. Hughes
D.A. Snead
W.R. Nalls
Alic Barfield
Archie Deese
W. M. Snelgove
Albert Deese
Henry Deese
Hollie Parker
W. S. Lechter
Jasper Snelgrove
John Snelgrove
J. R. Whitten
R. C. Barfield
Walter Snead
C. L. Brackins
L. D. Kirkland
W. J. Ethridge
W. H. Temples
John Brown
James Parker
J. D. Whitehead
J. M. Key
Ed Smith
C. G. Key
Hezzy Readdy
Hosey Readdy
James Huggins
H. E. Mathis
Gradie Hughes
Willie Kirkland
W. B. Kirkland
Jeff Nalls
W. J. Hooten
Hilton Barfield
Archie Barfield
Joe Windsor
John Miles
J. W. Davis
Tom Key
Amzzy Parker
Almon Parker
A. L. Whitten
Walter Whitten
Lonnie Jackson
Willie Amons
Willie Smith
Fate Jackson
Lonnie Deese
Joe Climons
Alto Deese
Clayton Readdy
Jean Hughes
Sterling Deese
Coleman Deese
Loid Shiry
Claude Readdy
Coy Hughes
C. C. Watson
Payton Kirkland
Arthur Milles
J. M. Efurd
J. L. Jones
J. L. Pierce
R. L. Hooten
A. L. Knowles
Ralph North
The names listed below are incomplete because of a torn page.
Andrew Ma _
Charley Tem _
Holse Dicke _
Z. F. Madd _
H. C. Temp _

Role of the females at Mt. Arat 

Rachel Deese
Etter Parker
Mattie Parker
Olif Readdy
Daisy Snead
Ellidie Noll
Alcie Noll
Ella Deese
Cealey Shefield
Ola Maddox
Henretta Hughes
Elizar Parker
Chimera Hall
Carlina Bigham
M. E. Harrell
J. G. Kirkland
Jennie Deese
Tilither Kirkland
Mary Mills
Ola Mills
Enda Barfield
Commelar Mills
Della Brackins
Sarah C. Kirkland
Ella Kirkland
Mary Barfield
Marget Hooten
Ola Hooten
Parille Harwk
Auraline Ethridge
Coralee Hawk
Bula Brown
Arrie Palker
Liddie Key
F. L. Knowles
E. M. Key
Della Smith
Ella Key
Perlie Kirkland
Renie Parker
Mrs. John Snelgrove
Ooder Maddox
Fannie Ethridge
Lucinda Walker
Kathrine Whitehead
Almer Knowles
Rilley Huggins
Ocey Mathis
H. E. Mathis
Coralee Deese
Mary Jane Readdy
Effie Lion
Ella Nall
Julie Snelgrove
Addie Nall
Stellar Ethridge
Clyde Readdy
Robbie Varnum
Ettie Barfield
Sister Climmos
Jennie Deese
Lila Jackson
Emma Smith
Lucie Wimes
Burttie Deese
Nora Maddox
Mrs. Fate Jackson
Selbie Brown
Lula Maddox
Domma Whitten
Jessie Redding
Allie Deese
Elisie Techter
E.E. Shirg
Alma Clemmons
Missie Readdy
Alcie Hughes
Fannie Maddox
Ada Maddox
Lissie Parker
Mattie Nall
Sabbie Brown
Susie Brown
Mattie Temples
Minnie Maddox
Irel Ethridge
Mammie Deese
Mary Clark
Bell Clark
Georgia Maddox
Mattie Hooten
Linnie Pierd
Clara Key

SThanks to  James D. Allen  for allowing me to use this information that he started collecting.

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