Cemetery/epitaph listing for Jellico Community Cemetery, located off US Highway 84West on South Houston County Road 9, in the Jellico Community of Houston County, Alabama.There are a large number of unmarked graves in the cemetery.

submitted by Judith Fowler<judith_fowler@hotmail.com>


Sources for this listing are:Tombstone Transcriptions For All White Cemeteries, Houston County, Alabama (copied November 1956 by Adrene G. Dean and sent to Hayes on 9 November 1956), legible tombstones, obituaries, death certificates, numerous relatives of those buried here, and probate information from the Dale County Courthouse in Ozark, Alabama and Houston County Courthouse in Dothan, Alabama.


Directions:From Ross Clark Circle in Dothan, get on US Highway 84 West, go approximately 9 miles, turn left on South Houston County Road 9.Go approximately ¼ mile, will pass Piney Grove Assembly of God Church before coming to Winslette Chapel United Methodist Church.The cemetery is across the road from this church.The cemetery does not “belong” to this church, but to the Jellico Community.There is a monument in the cemetery stating “Jellico Community Cemetery, Established 1819, Erected In Memory Of Muriel Ballard.”


ARD, Emit27 Feb 1885-03 Apr 1885

Epitaph:Parents:L. A. and Amanda Ard

ARD, Mollie B. (Rountree) Lee15 Sep 1900-01 Aug 1986

1st husband Fred Madison Lee

2nd husband A. Z. Ard

ARD, Willie Mae (Hallford)06 Sep 1891-04 Dec 1934

Wife of H. D. Ard

BAKER, Howard Leon Sr.06 Mar 1909-30 Nov 1963

1st husband of Robbie Lynn (Jerkins) Baker McGowin

SGT 4108 Base Unit AAF - Alabama - World War II (military marker)

BAKER, Robbie Lynn (Jerkins)31 Jan 1930-02 Jul 1964

1st husband Howard Leon Baker, Sr.

2nd husband Jerry McGowin

Epitaph:Gone But Not Forgotten

BESS, Mary13 Jun 1882-12 Jan 1910

Epitaph:At Rest

BRAGG, Gwendolyn (Woodham)30 May 1924-still living

1st husband Herman Oliver

2ndhusband Lloyd Bragg


BRYAN, Joel M.05 Aug 1892-14 Oct 1900

Epitaph:Our darling one has gone before, to meet us on the blest shore

Son of J. J. and F. E. Bryan


CALHOUN, Emma28 Jul 1898-13 Mar 1948

Epitaph:She Believed and Sleeps In Jesus


CANNON, Arthur Joe06 Jan 1927-02 Oct 1990

Husband of Pauline (Searcy) Cannon

Epitaph:See Through The Eyes of Love, Just Like God Does


CANNON, Cynthia Jo28 Dec 1949-16 Jul 1996

Epitaph:Sheltered In The Arms of God


CANNON, Pauline (Searcy)28 Jan 1926-still living

Wife of Arthur Joe Cannon

Epitaph:See Through The Eyes of Love, Just Like God Does


CASEY, Clyde Lee17 Nov 1911-14 Jun 1975

Husband of Doris (Drew) Casey

CPL Army Air Forces - World War II (military marker)

Epitaph: Father, We Love You


CASEY, Doris (Drew)01 Jun 1916-06 Jul 2000

Wife of Clyde Lee Casey

Epitaph:Mother, We Love You


CHANCEY, Arthur HopeSep 1908-Apr 1910


CHANCEY, John Wesley1880-Sep 1926


CLARK, Winnie Williams Canter10 Jun 1875-20 Nov 1937

Epitaph: Mother, One Worthy of Remembrance


COLLINS Babyno dates


COLLINS Babyno dates


COLLINS, Bill28 Sep 1888-24 Dec 1924

1st husband of Sallie Vermell (Fowler) Collins Smith


COLLINS, Bobbie20 Aug 1912-30 Oct 1914


COLLINS, Ella (Adams)08 Sep 1863-31 Aug 1937

Wife of Mode C. Collins



COLLINS, Ellie (Rountree)18 Apr 1894-01 Dec 1964

Wife of Henly Collins



COLLINS, Estell27 May 1911-26 Sep 1911


COLLINS, Henly23 Dec 1889-05 Apr 1963

Husband of Ellie (Rountree) Collins



COLLINS, Hettie Anne (Phelps)10 Sep 1863-18 Feb 1932

Wife of J. W. Collins

Epitaph:I Have Fought A Good Fight, I Have Finished My Course, I Have Kept The Faith; Come Ye Blessed


COLLINS, Horace Greely03 Oct 1897-15 Oct 1953

Husband of Nettie Mae (Daughtry) Collins


COLLINS, J. W. 04 Apr 1861-17 Aug 1912

Husband of Hettie Anne (Phelps) Collins

Epitaph:An Amiable Father Here Lies At Rest; As Ever God With His Image Blest; The Friend Of Man, The Friend Of Truth; The Friend of Age; The Guide of Youth

Come Ye Blessed


COLLINS, James Phillip (“Shine”)21 Sep 1924-22 Dec 1934


COLLINS, Minnie (Rountree)02 Nov 1885-22 Oct 1966

Wife of Walter C. Collins

Epitaph:Papa and Mama Minnie; Our Hearts


COLLINS, Mode C.08 Apr 1859-04 Oct 1937

Husband of Ella (Adams) Collins



COLLINS, Moody Wayne Sr.11 Feb 1938-16 Feb 1978

ATC US Navy - Vietnam (military marker)


COLLINS, Moody Wayne, Jr.

7 Dec 1958-26 Mar 2001



COLLINS, Nellie (McSween)12 Oct 1882-no date

Wife of Wiley R. Collins



COLLINS, Nettie Mae (Daughtry)26 Apr 1896-15 Mar 1965

Wife of Horace Greely Collins


COLLINS, Walter C.08 Feb 1886-03 Oct 1943

Husband of Minnie (Rountree) Collins

Epitaph:Papa and Mama Minnie; Our Hearts


COLLINS, Wiley R.22 Feb 1882-23 Aug 1943

Husband of Nellie (McSween) Collins



COLLINS, Willie Mae (Hagler)14 Jan 1916-15 Mar 1992

Epitaph:Beloved Mother and Grandmother


CRAWFORD, Dezzie22 Sep 1886-30 Nov 1926

1st wife of James Edward Crawford


CRAWFORD, James Edward27 Mar 1874-12 Nov 1951

1st wife Dezzie Crawford

2nd wife Mattie Crawford


CREAMER, Anna Mae1887-1966

Wife of Joseph M. Creamer

Epitaph:We Shall Meet Again, Who Have Loved Each Other


CREAMER, Aubrey Woodrow30 Apr 1912-04 Apr 1978

Husband of Lucille (Steubing) Creamer

CPL US Army - World War II (military marker)

Epitaph:Married April 10, 1943


CREAMER, Joseph M.1882-1946

Husband of Anna Mae Creamer

Epitaph:We Shall Meet Again, Who Have Loved Each Other


CREAMER, Lucille (Steubing)28 Nov 1920-still living

Wife of Aubrey Woodrow Creamer

Epitaph:Married April 10, 1943


CREAMER, Mary Lucille17 Dec 1917-25 Jul 1940

Epitaph:Darling, We Miss Thee

CREAMER, Nannie (Johnson)15 Jul 1893-30 Jun 1964

Epitaph:Rest In Peace


CREAMER, William Thomas06 Aug 1878-07 Apr 1965


CREWS, Beatrice1903-1960


DAUGHTRY, Alphus Rex01 Feb 1899-10 Apr 1991

Husband of Gladies Estell (Harper) Daughtry

Epitaph:Gone But Not Forgotten


DAUGHTRY, Gladies Estell (Harper)31 Dec 1913-14 Mar 1996

Wife of Alphus Rex Daughtry

Epitaph:Resting In The Master’s Care


DAUGHTRY, Infant Son of Rex and Gladies25 Jul 1934


DAUGHTRY, Hilda Myrle26 Oct 1921-Nov 1922


DAUGHTRY, Jerry Lee30 Nov 1974-26 Mar 1975

Epitaph:A Little Time On Earth He Spent, Till God For Him His Angel Sent


DAUGHTRY, Lewis Loftin03 Jan 1898-13 Oct 1983

Husband of Ruby Gladys (Newton) Daughtry


DAUGHTRY, Ruby Gladys (Newton)17 Feb 1902-12 Aug 1955

Wife of Lewis Loftin Daughtry


DAVIS, Aaron T.22 May 1826-03 Jan 1894

Husband of Rachael Davis

Masonic emblem

Epitaph:He was a kind and affectionate father, a fond husband, and a friend to all


DAVIS, Maggie (Johnson)no date-11 May 1929

Wife of Wilbur B. Davis


DAVIS, Rachael no dates

Wife of Aaron T. Davis

Epitaph:Rest mother, rest in quiet sleep, while friends in sorrow ‘ore thee weep

Age 28 years


DAVIS, Wilbur B.01 Oct 1891-15 Sep 1951

Husband ofMaggie (Johnson) Davis


DEAN, Bennie12 Oct 1927-08 Jul 1968

Husband of Ellen (Greathouse) Dean


DEAN, Bob (Robert)08 May 1926-21 Aug 1950

Epitaph:A Little While and Ye Shall Not See Me and Again, A Little While and Ye Shall See Me


DEAN, Ellen (Greathouse)19 Sep 1930-still living

Wife of Bennie Dean


DEAN, Governor Wayne10 Sep 1955-11 Sep 1955

Epitaph:In heaven there is one angel more

DEAN, Tom18 Jan 1899-20 Sep 1944


DREW, Ada Mae (Thomas)13 Mar 1893-15 Mar 1960

Wife of Joseph H. Drew



DREW, Alto29 Mar 1882-11 Aug 1886

Epitaph:Son of J. A. and Ella F. Drew


DREW, Burnice05 Jun 1914-13 Oct 1918

Epitaph:From Mother’s Arms to the Arms of Jesus

Son of Joseph H. and Ada Mae (Thomas) Drew


DREW, Della (Collins)1892-1968

Wife of Willie Drew


DREW, Elizabeth15 Sep 1867-10 Mar 1947

Wife of John William Drew

Epitaph:I Will Meet You There


DREW, Elizabeth Jane29 Sep 1834-18 Apr 1915


DREW, Ella F.20 Dec 1867-31 Aug 1913

Epitaph:Thy life was beauty with goodness and love

Wife of J. A. Drew


DREW, J. A.23 Apr 1864-17 Jan 1917

Husband of Ella F. Drew

Epitaph:Sleep thy last sleep free from care (rest illegible)


DREW, John William03 Dec 1864-11 Nov 1933

Husband of Elizabeth Drew

Epitaph:He Is Gone To Heaven


DREW, Joseph H.29 Jul 1891-13 Oct 1918

Husband of Ada Mae (Thomas) Drew



DREW, Willie1888-1956

Husband of Della (Collins) Drew


FARMER, Annie Pearl (Dean)07 Jan 1898-01 Jul 1971

Wife of James W. Farmer

Epitaph:She Is My Mother


FARMER, Delma R.26 Oct 1926-still living

Epitaph:A loving aunt


FARMER, James W.09 Nov 1898-01 May 1953

Husband of Annie Pearl (Dean) Farmer

Epitaph:Gone But Not Forgotten


FOWLER, Belle (Brannon)09 Mar 1895-07 Jun 1992

Wife of E. Masco Fowler


FOWLER, Bernice N. (Fowler)22 Jun 1914-still living

Wife of Mancil T. Fowler

FOWLER, Betty Eloise (Woodham)23 Apr 1934-still living

Wife of J. T. Fowler

Epitaph:‘Till Forever, Wed February 2, 1952


FOWLER, E. Masco28 Feb 1891-20 Feb 1970

Husband of Belle (Brannon) Fowler


FOWLER, Ella Clyde (Lee)01 Apr 1884-23 Apr 1965

Wife of John Bryant (“Tom”) Fowler

Epitaph:Gone But Not Forgotten


FOWLER, Ethel04 Oct 1884-15 Dec 1934

Headstone reads Mary Ethel Fowler



FOWLER, Ewell (“Luly”) Shelton21 Nov 1888-14 Dec 1955

Husband of Lillie (Collins) Fowler, married 28 Mar 1918

Epitaph:Weep not; he is not dead, but sleepeth -- Luke viii, 52


FOWLER, Fitzhugh L.06 Dec 1899-03 Oct 1900

Epitaph:Another sweet flower blossoms in the dews of heaven

Infant Son of William E. and Nancy Elizabeth (“Lizzie”) (Lee) Fowler


FOWLER, Georgia Ethel (Smith)16 Aug 1907-29 Sep 1975

Wife of John Henry Fowler

Epitaph:Married December 25, 1925


FOWLER, J. T.22 Apr 1929-16 Sep 1995

Husband of Betty Eloise (Woodham) Fowler

Epitaph:‘Till Forever, Wed February 2, 1952


FOWLER, James Tance25 Apr 1887-19 Mar 1920

Husband of Lucy (Lee) Fowler, married 21 Dec 1906


FOWLER, Johnca. 1847-03 Apr 1929

Headstone reads John Franklin Fowler

Husband of Vermillion (Daughtry) Fowler



FOWLER, John Bryant (“Tom”)06 Jul 1880-26 Feb 1960

Husband of Ella Clyde (Lee) Fowler

Epitaph:Gone But Not Forgotten


FOWLER, John Henry12 Mar 1907-03 Feb 1981

Husband of Georgia Ethel (Smith) Fowler

Epitaph:Married December 25, 1925


FOWLER, Lillie (Collins)21 Apr 1900-24 Jun 1970

Wife of Ewell (“Luly”) Shelton Fowler, married 28 Mar 1918


FOWLER, Lois Clyde25 Sep 1924-27 Oct 1924

Epitaph:Asleep In Jesus

Daughter of Teddie Dawson and Neppie Ophelia (Helms) Fowler


FOWLER, Lucy (Lee) 13 May 1886-01 Mar 1969

Wife of James Tance Fowler, married 21 Dec 1906


FOWLER, Mancil T.08 Apr 1909-16 Dec 1967

Husband of Bernice N. (Fowler) Fowler


FOWLER, Nancy Elizabeth("Lizzie") (Lee)30 Jun 1873-03 Feb 1952

Wife of William E. Fowler, married 1896


FOWLER, Neppie Ophelia (Helms)22 Nov 1901-31 Jul 1974

Wife of Teddie Dawson Fowler


FOWLER, Reese1885-1952

Headstone reads Reeves Fowler

2nd husband of Annie Mae (Cox) Rainwater Fowler


FOWLER, Teddie Dawson07 Nov 1900-13 Jan 1969

Husband of Neppie Ophelia (Helms) Fowler


FOWLER, Vermillion (Daughtry)20 Jun 1852-13 Jun 1931

Headstone reads Vermell M. Fowler

Wife of John Fowler



FOWLER, Vonnie Estell08 Nov 1907-20 Mar 1909

Epitaph:Daughter of John Bryant(“Tom”) and Ella Clyde (Lee) Fowler


FOWLER, William Clarence27 Oct 1926-13 Feb 1990

Memorial Marker

Buried Senate Grove, New Haven, MO


FOWLER, William E.22 Jun 1874-29 Oct 1939

Headstone reads Will E. Fowler

Husband of Nancy Elizabeth("Lizzie") (Lee) Fowler, married 1896


FOYE, Charles Frank29 Oct 1899-07 Oct 1960

Husband of Flaudie (Collins) Foye


FOYE, Flaudie (Collins)24 Mar 1904-05 Jul 1991

Wife of Charles Frank Foye


FULFORD, Christopher C.01 Feb 1893-20 Aug 1937

Husband of Sarah Ann (Hall) Fulford


FULFORD, C. F.18 May 1849-14 Sep 1920

Husband of Eliza (Phelps) Fulford

Epitaph:A Devoted Husband And A Good Father At Rest


FULFORD, Eliza (Phelps)27 Feb 1852-05 Jan 1931

Wife of C. F. Fulford



FULFORD, Gladys09 Sep 1919-02 Oct 1920


FULFORD, John Elbert09 Jun 1872-04 Jan 1889

Epitaph:Weep not, father nor mother, for I am now waiting in glory for thee

Son of C. F. and Eliza (Phelps) Fulford


FULFORD, Mary F.24 Aug 1870-17 Oct 1907

Epitaph:Wife of John T. Taylor


FULFORD, Minnie Eron (Fowler)05 Feb 1881-07 Jun 1946

Wife of William L. Fulford

Epitaph:A Tender Mother and Faithful Friend


FULFORD, Sarah Ann (Hall)07 Oct 1890-29 Nov 1972

Wife of Christopher C. Fulford


FULFORD, Sarah Malinda20 Feb 1876-19 Oct 1893

Epitaph:Daughter of C. F. and Eliza (Phelps) Fulford

(Rest of inscription is illegible)


FULFORD, William L.02 May 1880-12 Nov 1951

Husband of Minnie Eron (Fowler) Fulford



GLOVER, Caria Kadelia (Daughtry)27 Apr 1871-10 Nov 1939

Wife of Lonie A. Glover, married 14 Dec 1891

Epitaph:She Was a Kind and Affectionate Wife, A Good Mother And A Friend To All


GLOVER, Edd19 Jan 1921-22 Aug 1978

Husband of Mary Glover

AMM43 US Navy - World War II (military marker)


GLOVER, Gussie Eugene (Thomas)24 Apr 1895-10 May 1977

Wife of Jay H. Glover


GLOVER, Ida (Fulford)02 Jan 1893-01 Mar 1949

Wife of Louis Hilburn Glover



GLOVER, Jay H.18 Nov 1894-04 Feb 1919

Husband of Gussie Eugene (Thomas) Glover

Epitaph:His Memory Is Blessed


GLOVER, Lonie A.08 Jan 1869-10 Feb 1962

Husband of Caria Kadelia (Daughtry) Glover, married 14 Dec 1891

Epitaph:Remember Friends As You Pass By, As You Are Now, So Once Was I; As I Am Now, You Soon Will be, Prepare For Death and Follow Me


GLOVER, Louis Hilburn11 Dec 1892-28 Feb 1953

Husband of Ida (Fulford) Glover



GREENE, Carl Fredrick Sr.12 Dec 1898-6 Aug 1964

Husband of Edna (Drew) Greene McAllister

Epitaph:United in Marriage August 11, 1945; United Eternally August 11, 2002


HALL,Wiley05 Sep 1859-02 Aug 1941

Husband of Willie Lee Hall



HALL, Willie Lee14 Jul 1879-19 May 1972

Wife of Wiley Hall



HALLFORD, Ola (Sanders)11 Feb 1896-08 Sep 1936


HARLEY, Allie V.1929-1993

Wife of Joseph H. Harley


HARLEY, Joseph H.1924-1965

Husband of Allie V. Harley

HOLLIS, Bruce Howard25 Oct 1912-28 Jan 1918

Epitaph:How Much Of Light, How Much Of Joy, Is Buried With Our Darling Boy

Son of Emmett H. and Dovie May (Reynolds) Hollis


HOLLIS, Espy S.27 Feb 1899-03 Aug 1960

Husband of Stella Maude (“Lofie”) (Reynolds) Hollis


HOLLIS, Merle (Snell)08 June 1923-08 Apr 2002

Wife of Jack Hollis


HOLLIS, Stella Maude (“Lofie”) (Reynolds)01 Oct 1902-11 Feb 1993

Wife of Espy S. Hollis


HOLLOWAY, Gipsy (Lee)21 Dec 1904-28 Feb 1956

1st husband Doyle Holloway

2nd husband Roy Brown


HOLLOWAY, Orvis T.22 Jul 1912-21 Jun 1968

Husband of Ouida Inez (Drew) Holloway

Alabama - CPL 326 Base Unit AAF - World War II (military marker)


HOLLOWAY, Ouida Inez (Drew)16 Oct 1912-16 Apr 1997

Wife of Orvis T. Holloway

HUGHES, Hilda Aline (Fowler)04 Aug 1922-10 Apr 1997

Wife of Leon Hughes

Parents:Teddie Dawson and Neppie Ophelia (Helms) Fowler

Epitaph:Rest In Peace


JERKINS, Arther Lee15 Feb 1910-11 Apr 1985

Husband of Loise M. Jerkins

Epitaph:Married April 30, 1935


JERKINS, Loise M.12 May 1911-08 Jun 1997

Wife of Arther Lee Jerkins

Epitaph:Married April 30, 1935


JOHNSON, Essie08 May 1893-17 Oct 1900

Epitaph:Daughter of J. W. and Lissie Johnson


JONES, Alford L.31 Oct 1871-14 Jun 1932

Husband of Dora Udoxie (Lee) Jones

Epitaph:Married December 19, 1893

To Him We Trust A Place Is Given Among The Saints With Christ In Heaven


JONES, Dora Udoxie (Lee)18 Jul 1867-01 Jul 1930

Wife of Alford L. Jones

Epitaph:Married December 19, 1893

She was a devoted and faithful wife, a kind and affectionate sister, loyal to her church and to her God, Rest In Peace.It is sad that one we cherish should be taken from our home, but the joys that do not perish live in memory alone, all the years we spent together, all the happy golden hours shall be cherished in remembrance, fragrant sweets from memories flower.


JONES, Infant Son of Alford L. and Dora Udoxie (Lee)03 Aug 1894-12 Sep 1894

Epitaph:Our Darling; He Carries The Lamb In His Bosom

JONES, Sally27 Apr 1839-15 Sep 1911


KILLINGSWORTH, Charles Bishop13 May 1872-27 May 1953

Husband of Charlotte Arminta Killingsworth


KILLINGSWORTH, Charlotte Arminta23 Feb 1876-28 Jun 1963

Wife of Charles Bishop Killingsworth


LEE, Alford Tim16 Feb 1900-11 Dec 1969

Husband of Mary Etta (Thomley) Lee


LEE, Annie Mae (Drew)11 Apr 1909-01 Feb 1994

Wife of Leonard G. Lee

Epitaph:I Was Blind, Now I See


LEE, Charlie Cuthbert08 Oct 1879-13 Mar 1947

1st wife Ola (Hollis) Lee, married 1899

2nd wife name unknown

Epitaph:They Are Gone But Not Forgotten


LEE, Fred Madison05 Feb 1897-08 May 1925

1st husband of Mollie B. (Rountree) Lee Ard


LEE, Freddie (Scarborough)18 Apr 1889-22 Apr 1970

Wife of James Harvey Lee

Epitaph:Married April 11, 1915


LEE, Genora (Weed)12 Feb 1873-06 Sep 1952

Former wife of Robert(“Bob”) Alexander Lee

Epitaph:Having Served Her Generation By The Will of God, She Fell Asleep


LEE, George Rupert16 Apr 1909-30 Dec 1911

Epitaph:Suffer Little Children To Come Unto Me


LEE, James Harvey20 Dec 1888-02 Nov 1968

Husband of Freddie (Scarborough) Lee

Epitaph:Married April 11, 1915


LEE, Leonard G.04 Sep 1907-18 Jan 1975

Husband of Annie Mae (Drew) Lee

Epitaph:In Memory of a Loving Husband and Father, Laid to Rest


LEE, Norma17 Sep 1921-12 Mar 1934


LEE, Ola (Hollis)14 Feb 1880-16 Feb 1939

1st wife of Charlie Cuthbert Lee, married 1899

Epitaph:They Are Gone But Not Forgotten

LEE, Robert (“Bob”) Alexander08 Feb 1871-17 Feb 1958

Former husband of Genora (Weed) Lee

LEE, Robert Grady17 Jul 1895-05 Nov 1919

Masonic emblem

Epitaph:Gone But Not Forgotten


LEE, Sarah A. E. (Dowling)07 May 1845-04 Mar 1915

Headstone reads Sallie Ann Lee

Wife of Timothy Cuthbert Lee II, married 22 Dec 1863

Epitaph:We Part To Meet Again; How Sweet The Name of Jesus Sounds In A Believer’s Ear, It Soothes His Sorrows, Heals His Wounds And Drives Away All Fears

Wife of T. C. Lee

Come Unto Me


LEE, Timothy Cuthbert II02 Apr 1843-14 May 1918

Husband of Sarah A. E. (Dowling) Lee, married 22 Dec 1863

Epitaph:Company H 15th Alabama Regiment Confederate States of America Volunteers; Dear Parents, Tho’ We Miss You Much, We Know You Rest With God;

Come Unto Me


McAllister, Edna (Drew) Greene9 Feb 1923-1 Jun 2002

Buried beside 1st husband Carl Fredrick Greene, Sr.

Epitaph:United in marriage August 11, 1945; United eternally August 11, 2002


McGOWAN, Emma (Glover)09 May 1872-31 Dec 1950

Epitaph:She Was The Dearest Mother In All The World, Sleeping, Waiting For the Lord To Call


MINSHEW, Nola Anna (Thomas)14 Nov 1885-25 Sep 1928

Wife of Nathan Minshew

Epitaph:Asleep, Yet Lives


MINSHEW, Infant of Nathan and Nola Anna (Thomas)1906


MINSHEW, Infant of Nathan and Nola Anna (Thomas)1907


MINSHEW, Ruby1912-1914


ORD, Marvin L. D.Jul 1880-04 Sep 1887


PALMIERI, Gladys (Rountree)02 Nov 1898-14 Nov 1985

Epitaph:Mother, In Loving Memory


PHELPS, Lorenda (Summerford)no date-30 Aug 1892

Epitaph:Wife of R. Phelps; Age 70 years


PHELPS, Reuben S.22 Mar 1832-21 Mar 1913

Husband of Lorenda (Summerford) Phelps

PVT, Company E 60 Alabama Infantry, Confederate States of America 

(CSA marker)

Epitaph:A Loving Father and A FaithFul Friend


PIERCE, Mattie (Fulford) Reynolds18 May 1882-09 Dec 1955

Wife of Rev. Archibald Spencer Reynolds

REYNOLDS, Anna Lola (“Pes”)02 Mar 1899-14 Jul 1986

Headstone reads Annie Lola Reynolds


REYNOLDS, Rev. Archibald Spencer28 Mar 1868-05 Jan 1934

Husband of Mattie (Fulford) Reynolds Pierce

His body was disinterred on 7 Jan 1934 and shipped to Childress, Texas for reburial.

Epitaph:Gone but not forgotten


REYNOLDS, Ben Hugh11 Nov 1896-03 Jan 1969

Epitaph:Earth Has No Sorrow That Heaven Cannot Heal


REYNOLDS, Benjamin (“Roy”)05 Apr 1924-17 Apr 2000

SSG US Army World War II


REYNOLDS, Clara Jeanette (McCraney)03 Oct 1893-24 Jun 1974

Wife of Gus Cuthbert Reynolds, married 10 Aug 1911


REYNOLDS, Gus Cuthbert09 Nov 1888-16 Dec 1965

Husband of Clara Jeanette (McCraney) Reynolds, married 10 Aug 1911


REYNOLDS, Infant Son of Gus and Clara17 Sep 1913


REYNOLDS, Lurey Virginia (Lee)28 Nov 1865-13 Dec 1942

Wife of William Jackson Reynolds

Epitaph:Her Children Arise Up and Call Her Blessed, Her Husband Also and He Praiseth Her;Mother


REYNOLDS, Mary Pauline (Thomas)30 Jan 1891-24 Apr 1968

Wife of Willie Clarence Reynolds, married 27 Nov 1910


REYNOLDS, Robert Edward (“Boss”)29 Jul 1894-14 May 1947

Epitaph:He Giveth His Loved Ones Sleep


REYNOLDS, William Jackson10 Sep 1862-04 Jan 1943

Husband of Lurey Virginia (Lee) Reynolds

Epitaph:The Lord Is My Shepard, I Shall Not Want; Father


REYNOLDS, Willie Clarence09 Oct 1886-29 Jun 1968

Husband of Mary Pauline (Thomas) Reynolds, married 27 Nov 1910


REYNOLDS, Infant Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C.13 Sep 1929-14 Sep 1929


RICE Infant04 Apr 1907

Epitaph:Infant of S. J. and Nellie T. Rice


RICE, Florence05 Jul 1913-12 Nov 1914

Epitaph:Daughter of S. J. and Mary Rice


RICE, Julia M. (Rountree)11 Aug 1890-no date


RICE, Nellie T.04 Mar 1888-04 Apr 1907

Epitaph:Mother and Baby; Wife of S. J. Rice


RICE, Patrick Poyner26 Sep 1888-22 Sep 1986


ROACH, Lola Bell 02 Oct 1932-01 Oct 1999

Epitaph:Mother; Let her own works praise her in the gates - Proverbs 31:31


ROACH, Rebecca Louise05 Mar 1944-03 Mar 1945

Epitaph:Infant daughter of Frank D. and Norma (Gilbert) Roach


ROBERSON, Minnie E.15 Dec 1886-25 May 1961


ROUNTREE, H. Kenneth18 Jan 1924-29 Jan 1980

1st husband of Judith Gaye (Fowler) Rountree Walker

Masonic emblem and Woodmen of the World Memorial Emblem

Epitaph:Fly Free and Happy Beyond Birthday and Across Forever, and We’ll Meet Now and Then When We Wish, In The Midst of the Celebration That Never Can End


ROUNTREE, Hortense (“Autie”) (Warren)09 Mar 1899-15 Dec 1975

Wife of Nathan Harmon Rountree


ROUNTREE, Judith Gaye (Fowler)02 Dec 1939-15 Apr 2002

1st husband H. Kenneth Rountree

2nd husband Robert Bernard Walker


ROUNTREE, Martha AnnaOct 1867-Dec 1917

Wife of Thomas Jefferson Rountree


ROUNTREE, Nathan Harmon08 Feb 1896-27 Jun 1963

Husband of Hortense (“Autie”) (Warren) Rountree


ROUNTREE, Infant Ollie Belle1897


ROUNTREE, Thomas JeffersonSep 1861-Apr 1906

Husband of Martha Anna Rountree


SANDERS, Effie C. (Gilmore)12 Mar 1897-27 Aug 1990

Wife of Jenos Sanders

Epitaph:Married January 19, 1915

SANDERS, Fern03 Aug 1896-04 Apr 1919

Military emblem (crossed cannons, indicates artillery)

Epitaph:His All For Freedom of Democracy and The War


SANDERS, Fernie Ree19 Jan 1920-11 Jun 1920

Epitaph:Daughter of Jenos and Effie C. (Gilmore) Sanders


SANDERS, Jenos23 Jan 1887-01 Jan 1954

Husband of Effie C. (Gilmore) Sanders

Epitaph:Married January 19, 1915


SAUNDERS, Albert Emmanuel04 Dec 1911-18 Apr 1990

Husband of Lillie Mae (Woodham) Saunders

Epitaph:In His Will Is Our Peace


SAUNDERS, Lillie Mae (Woodham)06 Jan 1912-23 Feb 1962

Wife of Albert Emmanuel Saunders

Epitaph:In His Will Is Our Peace


SEARCY, A.J.22 Sep 1921-25 Jun 1982


SEARCY, Dee (Collins)19 Oct 1884-24 Jun 1934

1st wife of Wesley David Searcy

Epitaph:Our Mother

SEARCY, Edsel08 Sep 1923-23 Sep 1924


SEARCY, Elizabeth (Dean)28 Jul 1876-18 Aug 1951

Wife of John A. Searcy

Epitaph:Gone But Not Forgotten


SEARCY, Elmira (Faulk)18 Nov 1913-28 Jun 2001 

2nd wife of Wesley David Searcy


SEARCY, Fred10 Nov 1927-16 Mar 2003


SEARCY, I. S.08 Jan 1892-18 Aug 1968

Husband of Rena M. Searcy


SEARCY, Jewell (Daughtry)09 Sep 1894-24 Apr 1978

Wife of Whit Searcy


SEARCY, John A.02 Jun 1866-26 Nov 1940

Husband of Elizabeth (Dean) Searcy

Epitaph:Gone But Not Forgotten


SEARCY, Loyce Damon25 Dec 1919-05 Feb 1994

US Navy - World War II (militarymarker)


SEARCY, Rena M.21 Jan 1895-25 Mar 1957

Wife of I. S. Searcy


SEARCY, Roy06 Apr 1908-15 Mar 1912

Epitaph:Darling, We Miss Thee 

Son of J. and E. Searcy


SEARCY, Wesley David17 Feb 1880-18 Feb 1983

1st wife Dee (Collins) Searcy

2nd wife Elmira (Faulk) Searcy


SIMMONS, Votie (Smith)04 Sep 1904-29 Jan 1997

Wife of Will Simmons

Epitaph:Married January 19, 1928


SIMMONS, Will22 Aug 1903-30 Jan 1985

Husband of Votie (Smith) Simmons

Epitaph:Married January 19, 1928


SMITH, Infant Hubert Jr.31 May 1972 (?)

SMITH, Sallie Vermell (Fowler) Collins20 Feb 1898-01 Jun 1978

1st husband Bill Collins

2nd husband Gaston Smith


STRICKLAND, Arrie09 Jul 1889-17 Apr 1976


STRICKLAND, Bailey1892-1964


STRICKLAND, Halie D.15 Feb 1913-05 Aug 1991


TAYLOR, Infant Son of J. T. and Mattie15 Jul 1912


TAYLOR, John T.04 Oct 1854-24 Mar 1912

Husband of Mary F. Fulford

Epitaph:He Has Gone To The Mansions of Rest


THOMAS, John Morgan (“Shug”)20 Apr 1862-23 Aug 1944

Husband of Susan Roberta (Phelps) Thomas

Epitaph:A Good Father and a Friend to All; Father


THOMAS, Susan Roberta (Phelps)26 Oct 1866-14 Mar 1949

Headstone reads Susie Thomas

Wife of John Morgan (“Shug”)Thomas

Epitaph:A Good Mother and a Friend To All; Mother


THOMLEY, Joseph26 Feb 1928-07 Mar 1928


THOMLEY, Thelma (Warren)22 May 1903-19 Aug 1947



WARREN, Callie (Lee)11 Jul 1881-30 Jul 1937

1st wife of Lavignor Willie Warren



WARREN, Lavignor Willie15 Jul 1877-01 Feb 1962

1st wife Callie (Lee) Warren

2nd wife Essie Warren



WARREN, Infant Son of Lavignor Willie and Callie (Lee)23 Feb 1910

Epitaph: Budded on earth, to bloom in heaven


WARREN, Willie Maude (Kelly)20 May 1913-01 Sep 1944

Epitaph:Wife of Willie E. Warren


WATERS, Bessie B.13 Apr 1906-14 Oct 1992

Wife of Ollie L. Waters



WATERS, Ollie L.23 May 1907-10 Nov 1950

Husband of Bessie B. Waters



WIDRIG, Jewell (Lee) Wilsonno dates

1st husband Robert (Bob) Wilson

2nd husband Carl Widrig


WILLIAMS, Amos Thomas08 May 1904-19 Dec 1976

1st wife Grace Maude (Lee) Williams

2nd wife Olive (York) Williams


WILLIAMS, Grace Maude (Lee)02 Dec 1912-13 Apr 1956

1st wife of Amos Thomas Williams


WILSON, Robert (Bob)no dates

1st husband of Jewell (Lee) Wilson Widrig


WOODHAM, Jessie G.28 Sep 1881-03 Jan 1919

Wife of William Washington Woodham



WOODHAM, William Washington16 Aug 1877-09 Sep 1965

Husband of Jessie G. Woodham



WOODS, Mickey Allen11 Dec 1942-30 Apr 1988

A1C US Air Force - Vietnam (military marker)


YORK, Myrtie Mae (Warren)16 Mar 1906-23 Nov 1935

Wife of Grady York



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