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Hillardsville, Alabama

Hillardsville: Post Office in operation 1850-1907.

Hillardsville, named for Senator Henry Hillard (Harris). Postmasters: Washington H. Peacock May 18, 1850; John M. Woods November 21, 1860; Discontinued July 25, 1866; Reestablished May 15, 1872; Matilda Thompson May 15, 1872; John P. Crawford June 9, 1876; Mattie R. Bedell October 17, 1883; John C. McLeod December 2, 1884; Maggie E. Johnston December 26, 1884; William F. Watford January 13, 1887; John W. Watford January 20, 1897; Discontinued; mail to Abbeville 23 September 1907; effective 15 October 1907.

Celia and Henry Kay Scott settled a hilly, rolling plantation about 1830. The children went to school in the frame church building at Pleasant Hill, when more advanced they went to Lawrenceville Academy. Source: Henry's History 1980 By Dr. Warren page 51-52

Some of the early settlers living within a mile of Scottsboro were the families of Henry Ennis, Hilliand Ennis, Albert Manley, James Carlton, Bud Wood, Winfield Scott. Garlington Lucas, Matthew Lucas, Bart Lucas, Lemuel and a Cummings family who had owned the Bart Lucas family at one time.

I do not know when the one-room Scottsboro School was established. The first building was probably built of logs. Loami Calhoun might have been the first teacher. He was a teacher and he lived in a house that he built one mile east of the school. The house was built about 1835.

The building (school) was a large one-room frame building covered with home-made boards. The girls sat on one side and the boys on the other. The old school house was in the west corner of the crossroads. Uncle Manon and Aunt Nancy Scott gave 2 acres to the County Board of Education in 1911 to be used for a school. The new one-room building was well built, ceiled and had plenty of glass windows and a porch across the front. The stage and black-boards were across the back of the room. The first teacher to teach in the new building was Miss Ruth Matthews. William Dent Lucas was the second teacher to teach in the new building. He taught there for about 10 years. Source: Henry's History 1978 By Dr. Warren - Article by William Dent Lucas

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