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Towns, Communities and Populated Places

This list was created using the USGS website. Please let me know if you know of other communities not listed here. Do you have any Community histories? Send them to me for posting so we can share with other researchers.

Place Name Class Map Latitude Longitude Elev (ft)
Abba Post Office 1902-1905 (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
Abbeville 1823-Present Com Abbeville West 313419N 0851502W 449
Bakerville Post Office (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
Balkum Com Haleburg 312504N 0851339W 381
Barnes (PO 1883-1903) Com Columbia NE 312805N 0850708W 308
Blackwood Com Echo 312315N 0852430W 335
Brackin Post Office (historical) (see Blackwood) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
Brown's Crossroad Com Haleburg 312540N 0851203W 390
Capps Com Newville 312950N 0851843W 423
Cawthorn Post Office 1903-1905 (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
Coates Com Fort Gaines NW 314336N 085900W 371
Cureton's Bridge Post Office 1850-1904 (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
Danzey Com Newville 312803N 0851726W 404
Doswell Post Office (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
Double Bridges Loc Fort Gaines NW 314211N 0850925W 213
Douglas Crossroads Com unknown unknown unknown -
Edwin Com Texasville 313956N 0852231W 390
Egypt (see Smithville) Com unknown unknown unknown -
Farmers Landing Loc Fort Gaines 313430N 0850330W 138
Franklin 1817-1885 (historical) Loc Fort Gaines 313631N 0850505W 220
Graball Com Abbeville West 313512N 0851633W 482
Graceville Post Office (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
Grandberry Crossroads Com Sigma 312116N 0851343W 312
Grayson Post Office (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
Haleburg 1885-Present Com Haleburg 312424N 0850814W 344
Hardwickburg (see Hardwick Family) Com Haleburg 312956N 0850903W 200
Hart's Crossroads (see Graball) Com unknown unknown unknown -
Hayes Com Fort Gaines 313011N 0850422W 210
Headland Com Headland 312105N 0852032W 404
Hebron Com Sigma 312126N 0851301W 312
Hilliardsville (historical) Loc Fort Gaines NW 314101N 0851213W 459
Hollimans and O'Neals Mill (historical) Loc Columbia NE 312608N 0850507W 177
Hudspeth's Crossroads (see Graball) Loc Columbia NE 312608N 0850507W 177
Indian Creek Post Office (historical) PO unknown unknown unknown -
Kirklands Crossroads Com Echo 312410N 0852452W 358
Lawrenceville 1823- Com Lawrenceville 313928N 0851609W 528
Leman's Store (historical) Loc Fort Gaines 313018N 0850426W 210
Levin Post Office (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
Little Rock Post Office (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
Lynnville Post Office (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
McKissacks Ferry (historical) Loc Columbia NE 312445N 0850430W 135
McRae Com unknown unknown unknown -
Meeks Post Office (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
Metropolis Post Office (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
Mill Grove (historical) Loc Newville 312509N 0851525W 371
Miller Com Haleburg 312627N 0850914W 371
Millers Woodyard Landing (historical) Loc Eufaula South 314534N 0850745W 190
Murphy's Station (McClendon) Loc Abbeville West 313242N 0851731W 443
Newville 1899- Com Newville 312519N 0852016W 397
Oakey Grove Com Newville 312919N 0851536W 404
Otho 1823-1905 Com Fort Gaines NW 314123N 0850747W 217
Scottsboro Crossroads Com Fort Gaines NW 314158N 0851243W 518
Screamer Com Fort Gaines NW 313942N 0851224W 486
Screamer Com Fort Gaines NW 314333N 0851032W 338
Shorterville 1825- Com Fort Gaines 313413N 0850605W 420
Smithville Post Office (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
Southgate Com Headland 312026N 0852100W 417
Stanford Post Office (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
Tumbleton Com Newville 312424N 0851524W 361
Union Com Abbeville East 313114N 0851129W 410
Walden Pond Estates Com Headland 312041N 0851925W 381
Well's Station (see Newville) Com unknown unknown unknown -
Wesley Post Office (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
Western Post Office (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
Weston Post Office (historical) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -
White Oak Com Eufaula South 314607N 0850909W 269
Wills Crossroads Com Abbeville East 313323N 0851047W 430
Zornville Post Office 1883-1904 (historical) (see Zorn Family) PO Unknown Unknown Unknown -

Unidentified Photographs of Towns. Do You Know These Places?

  • Do you recognize this town? Possibly Headland Photo

Balkum Postmasters: James W. Balkum 24 January 1883; Thomas S. Armstrong 15 August 1888; John A. Summerford 12 September 1890; T. B. Gamble 30, 1902 (declined); Discontinued; mail to Meeks 10 March 1903; effective 31 March 1903.

Blackwood: PO established in 1880, formerly named Brackin, the named changed in 1897 (Harris)

Browns Crossroads: named for plantation owner, Tom Brown, Post Office operated briefly in 1893 (Warren) Postmasters: Joseph M. Saunders 1 May 1893; Discontinued; No papers 13 October 1893

Capps: formerly Choctawhatchee, Post Office established in 1886, renamed in 1894 (Harris) Postmasters: Daniel W. Capps 20 October 1894; William J. Whitehead 5 January 1903; Benjamin J. Lindsay 26 November 1904; Jefferson D. Wood 22 December 1908; John T. Capps 19 August 1910; Jerdy (?) Lindsey 23 October 1912; Henry Jordan Lindsay 26 May 1914; William J. Smith 15 February 1916; Etta Young 20 June 1918; Ester Lindsay 18 October 1919; Discontinued; mail to Shorterville 11 October 1904; Ester Lindsay Herndon 7 August 1920 named changed by married to Mrs. Ester Lansford 2 December 1923; Scott Lindsey 18 May 1928

Douglas Crossroads: Franklin "Freemon" Douglas and his family once lived in a beautiful house on County Road 134, facing south at its intersection with County Road 63. Across CR 134 from his home, Freemon owned and operated a store which made this intersection very active. It became known as Douglas Crossroads and was listed as a precinct on early twentieth century Henry County censuses. (Note: this info was submitted by: Jim Adams, Great-nephew of Freemon Douglas)

Edwin: Postmasters: Charlie E. Carr 23 June 1892; Robert J. Freeman 4 May 1893; Levi M. Creel 23 January 1896; Discontinued; mail to Clopton 20 October 1906.

Egypt: Post Office in operation 1858-1866, the name changed to Smithville in 1874 (Harris).

Graball: Formerly named Harts Crossroads and Hudspeths Crossroads (Harris)

Harper: Postmasters: Wilson Harper 4 March 1893; To Houston County March 1903.

Indian Creek: Post Office in operation 1870-1871 (Scott), located 31-NW (just west of Edwin AL)

Lemans Store: Post Office here in operation 1829-1838, located 12-NW (right at Hayes AL)

Levin: Post Office was in operation from 1894 to 1904. It is in the Northwest part of the county Just south of Edwin. It is at the Junction of two county Roads which does not show a number on my Henry County map about a 1/2 mile north of CR 10 Township 8 Range 27 Section 5

Little Rock Post Office: in operation 1820-1904 (Scott), 23-SE (south of Abbeville)

McRae: Postmasters: Charles C. McRae 17 April 1891; William Mathews 21 December 1893; Benjamin Ivey 29 August 1896; Samuel B. Able 19 August 1898; William T. Gladden 2 May 1908;  PO to Oats 29 June 1900; effective 15 July 1900.

Metropolis: George C. Porter 24 June 1883; B. A. Brown 14 January 1884; Discontinued 4 February 1884; mail to Balkum; Reestablished 28 February 1887; John Vance Oxendine 28 February 1887; John Love 16 January 1888.

Mill Grove: Post Office in operation 1853-1869 (Scott), 17-SW (near Tumbleton AL)

Murphy Station: First known as McClendon (Harris)

Shorterville: Post Office in operation 1828-1916, named for a local family (Scott)

Smithville Post Office: First known as Egypt, Post Office discontinued in 1906 (Harris)

Wesley Post Office: In operation 1882-1903 (Scott)

Weston: Postmaster: Georgia A. West 11 May 1891; No papers - 5 May 1893.

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