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WRIGHT posted by DiAnna Phillips on Sunday, August 1, 1999

My ancester William Henry Wright born 8 May 1848 (died Jul 1940 in TX) had a brother named John Westly Wright who was born in September 1852. His other siblings were James Hamilton b 14 Jul 1844 (died in Civil War); Jackson b May 1846 (died in civil war); Sarah Ann b 18 AUg 1850; George Washington b 23 Feb 1855 (married Mittie Parham); Mary Jane b 8 Mar 1858 (married Frank & George Grubbs); Jennie Louise b 20 Nov 1862; Zachariah Jefferson b 8 Dec 1865. William Henry moved with his wife Emily Peters and children to Montgomery County, TX around 1873 from Dale County, Alabama. His parents were Spencer Wright and Elizabeth Pierce from Dade County, GA. Spencer was Irish. Could John Westly be your ancester? I do not have access to 1860 census. Perhaps he would be on there. I had been looking in Dale County and have only recently found the family in Henry County on 1850 Census. Above dates were given to my grandmother by her grandfather William Henry Wright.

WRIGHT posted by Harold E. Wright on Monday, August 2, 1999

DiAnna,Thanks a million for data on Westly Wright. Since my Gr-Grandfather, Elias Garner Wright was born in 1850, he could not be a child of John Westly Wright or of Spencer Wright since you listed the children. As my earlier query stated, a Westly Wright of Henry County,AL had a son named Elias Wright who was born in 1846, a little early for my Elias but 4 years is not much.This is in the 1850 Henry county census. I have most of my ancestors traced back to 1700's and some to England and Ireland but I can't find my WRIGHT namesake Gr-Gr-Grandfather. Any help would be appreciated.

BAGGETT, COKER, CULPEPPER, HASTY, HOLLAND, MOMEY, RITCHIE posted by Denise Money on Wednesday, August 4, 1999

I an looking for infor an Andrew Jackson m. Otillie Culpepper...Lois Herbert Money m. Ruth Lee Baggett....Willie Alvin Ritchie m. Willie Letha Coker,....Richard Floyd Money m. Agnes Belle Ritchie Thomas Holland m. Jane Coker James C. Money m. Catherine Starling. These descebdants were born and raised in Henry Co. Alabama but later moved to Muskogee Co. in Columbur, GA.

BLACKSHEAR, CARTER, KING posted by John Steven Elliott on Friday, August 6, 1999

I think you will find Olive (Blackshear) King buried in the Camp Springs Cemetery in southeast Henry County, Alabama. The Kings lived in this area, eight miles northwest of Columbia, Alabama, an antebellum cotton port town on the Chattahoochee River and about three miles east of Haleburg (where Randolph and Kathryn Anglin Blackshear settled circa 1826.) The cemetery is directly across from the Camp Springs Baptist Church on the Old Columbia-Abbeville Highway (I think Co. Road 53?) I grew up in Haleburg and I am its unofficial "official" historian. My childhood home is on a part of the Randolph Blackshear Plantation, his home stead about a mile from where I grew up by "the way the crow flies." I can check on this burial if you wish, but I feel certain it is there at Camp Springs, if not at Haleburg. I have worked in both cemeteries so much over the past 35 years that I get confused, plus now live 4 hours away from there. I will work toward varifying this for you.

MONEY posted by John Steven Elliott on Friday, August 6, 1999

There are many, many of james c Money's descentants in Henry County in Abbeville, Will's Crossroads (where james C money is buried) and in Haleburg. A contact person would be Roger Alexander Money of Haleburg.

PHILLIPS, RAGAN posted by Jamie Collins on Friday, August 6, 1999

I am looking for any information on William Henry Phillips, who lived in Henry Co., AL in the early 1900's. He married Henrietta Ragan, they had four children one of their children died as a child and no information is known, except that his name may have been Robert. Their other children were Mamie, Unknown Son (I have his name, but not with me now.) and my great grandmother Ida Temple Phillips. Their mother died, shortly after my great grandmother was born. Their father killed a dog, for killing his chickens, and the man who owned the dog killed him, leaving his children without their parents. The KKK eventually killed the guy who killed William H. Phillips, they draged him down the street and hanged him infront of the courthouse. This story was related to me by my mother who heard it from her grandmother, Ida Temple Phillips md. Aubrey Lee Cook in Randolph Co., GA. The children were sent to live with someone after their Parents died, but I have no information on wh! o they were, or where they lived. My mom said that she thinks the guys name was John, but she does'nt know anything else and she's not really sure of that. I went to the library in Abbeville a few weeks ago and the librarian said that the hanging did happen in front of the courthouse in the early 1900's, but she could'nt remember the names of anyone involved.

CARTER, DAVIS, DAY, ELLIOTT, GIBSON, GLOVER, GODFREY, MCKISSACK, WARD, WINDSOR posted by John Steven Elliott on Friday, August 6, 1999

According to the late educator, Christine Glover McGriff, the Glover family were of Scotch-Irish descent, coming from Scotland to South Carolina before the American Revolution. Then on to Georgia and then to Henry County, Alabama. There were two brothers that settled in Southeast Henry County, Alabama, in what would become Halesburgh (1885)/Halesburg ("s" removed by Postal service in 1926 when Effie Carter Glover was postmistress. She was the wife of John Albertus "Punch" Glover.)/Haleburg (1926 to present). John Pinkston Glover settled here prior to the Civil War and was a Pvt. in the 46th Alabama Infantry, Company I, Confederate States Army. He operated a grist mill, cotton gin, and cotton press on the Foster Creek. Elijah Franklin "Eli Frank" Glover, his brother, settled on a large tract of land northeast of Haleburg (just yards from the present northeast corner of the Haleburg Town Limits)on the present Whetstone Drive. Eli Frank served his country in the "Souther! n Rifles", 3rd Alabama Regimental Infantry, Company D, Confederate States of America. The Confederate Veteran Eli Frank Glover (died May 14, 1902) is buried with his first wife, Nancy Jane Windsor,a child by his second wife, Sally McKissack, and a child of his son, Elijah Coleman Glover, in the Glover Family Cemetery on the glover plantation. The Glovers were Primitive Baptist in Faith and Practice and "pillars" of the Church. J. P. "Pink" or "Pinky" Glover had six daughters, my great-grandmother, Elder Ada "Ella" Glover, wife of John Elbert Elliott, II, was one of the six daughters. Eli Frank (known as Frank) had six boys. In the Census of 1870, We find Frank Glover, 23 years old, born in Georgia, Nancy 22 years old, and William age 1, the eldest son in Henry County. The six Glover boys were William Elkanah "Will" Glover; Elijah Coleman "Lige" Glover born 1873 in Haleburg, died November 23, 1946 buried in Abbeville; Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Glover; John Albertus "Punch" Glover! ; Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Glover; and Chester Arthur "Dadie" Glover who was a Medical Doctor. All are buried at Haleburg except for "Lige". All six had a teacher's certificate, were well educated for their time, played a musical instrument, and were also lawyers, teachers, and merchants in Halesburg. One of the six sons of Eli Frank Glover was Elijah Coleman Glover who married Dollie Cloe Godfrey of Haleburg. Their son, Elijah Lester Glover, served in the Alabama House of Representatives in 1935. His father, E. C. "Lige" Glover was in the legislature in 1923, Henry County Tax Collector, was an attorney at law in Abbeville and served as the Superintendant of County Schools in Henry County. For more information, please contact me.

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