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There are several newspaper transcription projects that are working to place old newspapers online for general use.  I will place links to them here as well as any transcribed articles submitted to this county for posting here.  

Also on this page are newspapers, past and present, that have been printed in Henry or  Houston counties.  Also listed is a list of newspapers that were read by Henry County residents at some point in time.  Contact Mac Davis if you would like to know where to go to view them.


  • Abbeville, AL Fire, May 1906
  • Henry County News from
  • Abbeville Advertiser - 1858
  • Newspapers Transcriptions Online Newspaper transcriptions from Alabama and Georgia combined. Many, if not most, of the families came from Georgia into Alabama and the Georgia newspapers carried news of those families. Many people moved back and forth across the river from Alabama to Georgia and Florida and back again. Since Henry county's geographical location shares a border with Georgia it wasn't uncommon to have family members living in different states and still be close enough to see every day. Contact Margie Daniels
  • if you have questions.

    Newspapers, Past and Present

    • Abbeville Herald (Abbeville), 1919 January 2 - 1995 December (still in print)
      address: Box 609, Abbeville AL 36310
    • Abbeville Times (Abbeville), 1901 January 3 - 1909 August 19
    • The Headland Observer (Headland), 1981 January 8 - 1994 December 29 (still in print)
      address: 227 N. Oates St., Dothan AL 36303
    • The Henry County Register (Abbeville), 1870 August 13 - 1874 July 13
    • Wiregrass farmer (Headland), 1917 January 17 - 1968 December 26 (Missing issues: 1943-1945)
    • Dothan Eagle(Dothan Houston County) 1898 - Present

    The following list is some of the early newspapers that were received in the the Abbeville Courthouse in 1861. Mac Davis

    • Southern Christian Advocate - Charleston, South Carolina
    • Early County News - Blakely, Georgia
    • South West Baptist - Tuskegee, Alabama
    • Christian Index Weekly
    • Christian Index Weekly
    • Clayton Banner
    • Georgia Journal and Messenger
    • Montgomery Daily Advertiser
    • Columbus Daily Enquirer
    • Macon Weekly Telegraph
    • Conservalist - South Carolina
    • Daily Times - Columbus, Georgia
    • Central Georgian
    • Southern Home Journal
    • Confederacy - Atlanta, Georgia
    • Spirit of the South
    • Weekly Enquirer - Columbus, Georgia
    • New Orleans Christian Advocate
    • Weekly Times - Columbus, Georgia
    • Eufaula Express
    • Montgomery Advertiser
    • Corner Store
    • Southern Baptist Messenger
    • Tennessee Baptist
    • Crusader - Atlanta, Georgia
    • Richmond Daily Dispatch
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