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Guilford's Calvary Company; Henry County Reserves

Sharon Guilford

Joseph W. Guilford, Captain
John J. Cassady 1st Lieutenant
Angus M. McAllister 2nd Lieutenant
Joseph Culpepper 3rd Lieutenant

Non Commissioned Officers

Davis H. Thomas 1st Sergeant
William Shearly 2nd Sergeant
William Word 3rd Sergeant
Millen Mitchell 4th Sergeant


Isaac F. Edward 1st Corporal
Hiram Whatley 2nd Corporal
G. W. McEnis 3rd Corporal
Washington McVey 4th Corporal


Anderson, J. A.
Bowers, O. B. (was a physician)
Benton, Jas. H.
Brad, John
Brown, Ezekiel
Benj., Burnham
Brazil, Kenneth
Bedell, C. W.
Belcher, Seth
Calhoun, A. J.
Calhoun, L. G.
Carr, J. B.
Carter, J. D.
Clemmons, Samuel
Clenny, Samuel
Craddock, J. B.
Craddock, Lemuel
Craddock, Thos.
Culpepper, J.P.

Defrol, Ja.
Elmore, J. R.
Fonderin, Thompson
Free, W. M.
Griffin, D.
Gooden, Sylvan
Grice, J. E.
Guilford, D. W.
Hamm, Thos.
Helms, M. W.
Hudspeth, R. L.
Hudgems, A.
Hudgens, B.
Hutton, David
Hutto, John
Johnson, W. G
Jones, Andrew
Kimbrell, Sugar.

Knight, R.
Lewis, David
Lucas, M.
Lynn, William
McLeod, David
Malone, G. A.
McVey, A.
Murray, Isham
Mitchell, John
Mathews, C. L.
McCoy, A. S.
McGee, Joseph
Norton, W. I.
Norton, W. K.
OHara, W. A.
Penuel, C. K.
Pemul, C. C.
Palmer, George

Palmore, Elbert
Phillips, A.
Renfroe, J. F.
Stone, Wesley
Smith, W. A.
Sweet, G. W.
Scott, J. A.
Shasfe, R.
Shehane, Daniel
Shearly, A.
Teague, E.W.
Thomas, P. W.
Tindel, C. (See ** below)
Vickers, Joshua
Warren, E. D.
White, J. W.
Whatley, J. G.
Whitehurst, S.S.
Wynn, E. E.


Soldier's and Occupations/ Illnesses

Bowen, O. B. physician
Craddock, Thos. farmer neuralgia
Carter, S. D. farmer by c. application
Defro, Clark blacksmith
Free, W. M. overseer




Griffin, D. lung disease- asthma
Guilford, D. W. lung disease-asthma
Hudgens, B. ulcers of legs
Norton, W. I. shoemaker




Norton, W. R. minister
OHara, W. A. physician
Sweet, G. W. teacher
Scott, J. A. ulcers legs




Teague, C. W. Judge of Probate
White, S. W. epilepsy
Whitehurst, S. S. farmer hernia
Hammock, Thos. Farmer detailer


H. P. Watson, Adj. & Insp. General
Sir, the above list is a full muster roll of beats no 11 & 12 commmissioned and non commissioned officers and privates. This company is a calvary company. I have consolidated two beats together October 3, 1864.
Lt. Col. George W. Culver
Commanding Henry Co Reserves

Hilliardsville, Alabama Henry Co.
October 4th, 1864
To H. P. Watson Adj. and Insp. General
Sir I have sent you Muster Roll of Capt. Joseph W. Guilford's Company & Capt. Gordon has sent you the Muster Roll of his company also. His is a calvary company. You will furnish arms and ammunition if pofibly. I want you to use espichum as we are subject at any time to a raid from the Yankees & Torys. I want you to see the Governor and give me authority to carry my command ought of the County if it is necfary.
I remain your Most Respectfully,
George W. Culver
Lt. Col. Commanding Henry Ct. Reserves

Page Information Updates

** Email from Mike Mike McGowan 01/30/2008:
My great great grandfather Christopher Charles Tindel was a member of the Henry County Reserves under Captain Joseph W Guilford's Company, Guilford Cavalry Company, Henry County Reserves and is not included on the muster roll of Guilfords Company on the Henry County, Ala web site.

I found this information at

Tindel, C
enlisted 12/19/1864
muster roll dated 12/28/1864
branch Home Guard
born Wilkinson County, Georgia
occupation farmer
age 51
rank private
enlisted at Henry County, Ala.
Description: Eyes: Blue Hair Dark

Please add my great great grandfather to this Guilford Company Homepage.

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