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Family Connections

Do you have Family Pictures, Family Trees, Family Facts or Family Histories that you would like to have posted here? Do you have a brick wall in your Henry County research? Post here what you know and maybe someone will have just the little piece of information you need to get over that wall. Do you have pictures of folks you can't identify that you believe were from Henry County? Send them to me with as much information as you have, even if it's nothing, and I'll post it here for other's to see. Maybe someone will recognize them.

Migration Project by Surname.

Biographies, Trees, Facts and Queries


Personal Web Sites


Unidentified Photographs. Do You Know These Folks?

  • Group of Men, possibly Hicks Photo
  • Group of Men Photo
  • Looks like a Family in Front of a House, possibly Parkers Photo
  • Another Family standing in Front of a House Photo
  • Murphy, Blankenship Unknown Photos
  • Looks like Students in front of a School House Photo


Annual Family Reunions held in the county.

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