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Dennis Harrison Zorn Family

Source: Steve Elliott, Haleburg Historian and Zorn Descendant

Dennis Harrison Zorn "Captain Zorn" as he was called by all, even by his wife and descendants, was a one-armed Confederate Veteran who moved from Lodi, Barbour County, to Beat Five of Henry County, circa 1880 and established a town known as Zornville on a twelve-hundred-acre tract of prime river land just north of the town of Smithville and Northeast of Haleburg.

Dennis Harrison Zorn was born on August 17, 1843 in Barbour County Alabama - died May 29, 1899 at Zornville, Henry County, the son of Sarah and Nicholas Zorn and Alabama.

D.H. Zorn, a 20-year-old mercantile businessman first enlisted on August 20, 1861 in Barbour County in a unit call the Fort Browder Roughs which became Company D, 15th Alabama Infantry Regiment. || Oates) The 15th was organized at Fort Mitchell, Alabama, in August, 1861, with eleven companies recruited from Barbour, Dale, Henry, Macon, Pike, and Russell counties. With over 900 men, the regiment was moved into East Tennessee and then Virginia. It joined the main army near Manassas and was brigaded with the 21st Georgia, 21st North Carolina, and 16th Mississippi Regiments under Major General G. B. Crittenden of Kentucky (Brigade General Isaac R. Trimble succeeded Crittenden in December).

Dennis Harrison Zorn

When the army moved over to Yorktown, the 15th remained on the Shenandoah Valley in Major General Thomas J. 'Stonewall' Jackson's Division to participate in the Valley Campaign. It was engaged with slight loss at Front Royal (23 May 1862) and Winchester (25 May), but it lost 9 killed and 33 wounded out of 425 engaged at Cross Keys (8 June). Moving over to Richmond in Jackson's flank attack against Union Major General George B. McClellan, the 15th entered the first battle of Cold Harbor (27-28 June) with 412 men and lost 34 killed and 110 wounded. One of those wounded was D. H. Zorn. He was disabled and transferred to another regiment || Oates)

Dennis H. Zorn served as Captain, Company D 2nd Alabama Reserves Battalion which became the 2nd Alabama Reserves Regiment and in August 1864. Captain Zorn resigned in December 1864 before the Regiment was redesignated in March 1865 as the 63rd Alabama Infantry Regiment.

Captain Zorn married January 16, 1867 in Henry County Alabama to his first cousin Nancy Caroline Zorn who was born in Henry County on April 15, 1842 the daughter of Sarah Ann and David Zorn. The couple lived at Lodi where five of their seven children were born. Albert Corolorus Zorn was born on January 25, 1860 and died October 15, 1876 and buried at Pond Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery in Barbour County in a unmarked grave. (1999), Walter Wakefield Zorn (b. 1871), Sallie Zorn (known as Little Sallie) was born November 20, 1873 and died October 17, 1874 and buried at Pond Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery in Barbour County in a unmarked grave., Oscar Winston Zorn (b. 1876) and Alexander Hamilton Zorn (b. 1879). Sometime after the birth of Alexander, Captain Zorn took his wife Nancy and the three boys and moved to Henry County and established the town of Zornville.

After moving to Henry County, Captain Zorn's plantation soon contained a spacious, airy Southern home, a general store, a grist mill, a cotton gin, a post office (established in 1883), and a riverboat landing on the swift and muddy Chattahoochee River. This is where the other two of the Zorn Brothers were born. Fitzhue Homer Zorn (b. 1881) and Adolphus Harrison "Baby" Zorn (b. 1885).

Most importantly, however in the forks of Natural Bridge Branch (known today by locals as Zorn's Branch), the old Confederate set about making a name for himself statewide as the only legal bonded whiskey-distiller in the state of Alabama. Using the clean waters of his fern-laden streams, the fruits of his orchards and the grains of his fields, Captain Zorn distilled whiskey and shipped it by the barrel up the Chattahoochee to Columbus Georgia and south to Appalachicola Florida and beyond. The whiskey was labeled "Beat Five".

ZORN Brothers (clockwise from top left)

Fitzhue Homer Zorn son and sixth child of Dennis and Nancy C. Zorn was born in Zornville, Alabama in Henry County on the [worn away] of September A.D. 1881.

Walter Wakefield "Coon" Zorn son and second child of Dennis & Nancy C. Zorn was borne on the 28th day of September A.D. 1871.

Oscar Winston Zorn son and fourth child of Dennis and Nancy C. Zorn was borne on the 21st day of October A.D. 1875.

Alexander Hamilton Zorn son and fifth child of Dennis and Nancy C. Zorn was borne on the 18th day of February A.D. 1879.

Adolphus Harrison Zorn son and seventh child of Dennis H. and Nancy C. Zorn was borne at Zornville in Henry County, Alabama on the 9th day of January A.D. 1885.

Zorn Brothers

Nancy C. Zorn, wife of D. H. Zorn departed this life at Zornville, Ala on 20th October 1899.

Adolphus Harrison Zorn departed this life April 17th 1954 at Albany, Ga and buried at Shorterville, Henry County, Ala. April 18th 1954.

Oscar Winston Zorn married Ada Brown on 16th of July 1898.

Walter Wakefield Zorn married Allie Blackshear on 1st day of September 1898.

Alexander Hamilton Zorn married Beulah Brown on 28th day of February 1901.

Note: Lodi, Barbour County, Alabama is on Alabama Highway 131 west of Bakerhill, Alabama. Zornville, Alabama is on the Old River Road 10 miles north of Columbia, Alabama and five miles northeast of Halesburg, Alabama. Walter Wakefield Zorn was known as "Coon" Zorn. Adolphus Harrison Zorn was known as "Baby" Zorn until his death at age 69. Alexander Hamilton was known as "Alex" Zorn. D.H. Zorn, Nancy C. Zorn, Little Sallie Zorn and Albert Corolous Zorn are buried at Pond Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery in Barbour County in unmarked graves (1999).

Ada Brown Zorn was born

Ada Brown Zorn

circa 1931

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