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Henry Kay Scott Family

Source: Margaret Yance and Deborah Watford

1. Henry Kay Scott (b. March 7, 1799 in North Carolina? - d. May 1876 in Alabama) came to North Henry County, Alabama in 1830 and established Scottsboro married September 14, 1819 in Cumberland County North Carolina to Celia Carter (b. 1802 in North Carolina - 1898 in Alabama) the daughter of the 1st Wife of James Carter (b. 1777 in North Carolina) James Carters 2nd wife was Winifred (?) born in 1805 in North Carolina.

2. John Scott and Martha Free

3. Winfield M. Scott (b. 1850 - d. 1928) Married Mary Dickson. He was a Justice of the Peace Had 4 children

4. Dora Scott married as 2nd wife to William Edward Hudspeth (1851-1934) the son of Mary Ann (1828-1860) and John M. Hudspeth (b. 1818 - 1891) William was married 1st to Frances H. (1855-1885) Children of Dora Scott and William E. Hudspeth:

5. Richard Scott Hudspeth
5. Dan Gordon Hudspeth

5. William Edward Hudspeth, Jr. (1909-1950)
5. Bat Peterson Hudspeth
5. Mary Lucile Hudspeth

4. Lucy Scott (b. August 18, 1878 - d. October 23, 1961) Married Oscar Davis Had one child I know of John Scott (baby picture) He had a degenerative disease
4. Crawford Scott married Eliza May Fleming
4. George W. Scott married Ella Lucas

3. Marion Scott married Mary Ann Varner. Marion is buried at Penile Church
3. Monroe Scott
3. Paulin Scott married Bose Parson and moved to Houston County
3. Gus Scott
3. (?) Unnamed
3. (?) Unnamed

2. Jim Scott, never married.

2. Daniel Bazelton Scott married January 11, 1848 to "Laney" Susie Burns or Barnes. [Marriage Record Book 1821-1868, page 127:

3. Lunceford Scott was born January 4, 1850 and died January 28, 1930. He married Pet Williams
3. Nuna Scott married Wyatt Spann. [Henry County Marriage Book, 1898-1900, page 139.: SCOTT, Morra married SPANN, Wyatt November 17, 1898.
3. Annie Scott married Lee Stokes. 4. Madie Scott married Dudie Johnson.
3. James Scott married Annie Smith.
3. Bud Scott married 1st Annie Parker, and 2nd married Claire Herndon.
3. William Braswell Scott was born January 8, 1866 and died January 4, 1936 

2. Angus McAllister Scott (b. March 23, 1840) married Susan Amelia Stovall (b. February 8, 187, daughter of Lucenda Key and Thomas Stovall
2. Henry Kay Scott
2. Eliza Scott married June 24, 1855 in Henry County Alabama as 2nd wife to George Pittman . [Marriage Book 1821-1868, page 196]

3. Charlie Pittman married Emma Williams [Henry County Marriage Book 1877-1881, page 437, PITMAN Charlie L. m. WILLIAMS, Emma L. November 3, 1880.
3. Eddie Pittman never married.
3. Florence Pittman married Arch Parker.
3. William Pittman married [Mollie] Ennis. [Henry County Marriage Book 1884-1889, page 240, PITTMAN, Willie married ENNIS, Mollie December 23, 1886.
3. Viola Pittman
3. Jodie Pittman married Edward Ennis [Henry County Marriage Book 1872-1877, page 196, PITTMAN, Josephine married W. E. Ennis January 15, 1874.
3. One child died young.

2. Mary Scott (b. February 8, 1829 - d. April 16, 1900) married January 7, 1847 to Henry Ennis (b. March 1, 1825 - d. May 2, 1896)

3. John Ennis
3. Edward Ennis

3. Hilliard Ennis 1st married Dollie Ann Searcy (b. November 22, 1860 - d August 9, 1930) daughter of Dallas Searcy. Hilliard Ennis married 2nd (?) Harrison.
3. Henry Ennis
3. Lawrence Ennis

3. Minerva Ennis married James Carlton Wood daughter Maggie M. Mathison. [This is confusing, but is lifted directly out of the Scott history book.]
3. Nora Ennis [Henry County Marriage Book 1889-1893, page 98, ENNIS, Nora married SEARCY, John C. December 22, 1890.]
3. Mollie Ennis [Henry County Marriage Book 1884-1889, page 240, ENNIS, Mollie married PITTMAN, Willie December 23, 1886.]

2. Caroline Scott (b. August 15, 1831 - d. August 17, 1896) married October 15, 1846 in Henry County Alabama to Loami G. Calhoun (b. December 8, 1808 - d. June 10, 1877 in Henry County) . [Marriage Book 1821-1868, page 115]

3. John C. Calhoun married Bessie Moore and lived in Tyler, [Smith County], Texas.

4. Galloway Calhoun

3. William Calhoun (b. 1852) married 1st September 30, 1880 to Newtie Peterman . [Henry County Marriage Book 1877-1881, page 422, CALHOUN, William H. married PETERMAN, Martha N. on September 30, 1880.] He married 2nd, 1897 to Tina Lucas Bush. [Henry County Marriage Book 1897-1900, page 18, CALHOUN, W. H. married LUCAS, Virginia N. on February 2, 1897.]

4. Vernon Calhoun
4. Arthur Calhoun

3. A. Jack Calhoun was born August 10, 1847 and died January 5, 1930. He married Nancy E. Hayes who was born May 20, 1852 4. Galloway Calhoun

4. William Calhoun married Alice Grice. [Henry County Marriage Book 1893-1896, page 5, CALHOUN, William H. married GRICE, Alice on December 10, 1893.]
4. Frank Calhoun married Willie Mahon
4. Estelle Calhoun married Charlie Lee Carter. [Henry County Marriage Book 1889-1893, page 393, CARTER, C. L. married CALHOUN, Estell on February 14, 1892.]
4. Anna Calhoun married Wilburn Davis, son of Jonathan Davis and grandson of John Davis of South Carolina and his wife, Jane Weatherly, daughter of Wade Hampton Weatherly of North Carolina. [Henry County Marriage Book 1897-1900, page 7, DAVIS, W. H. married CALHOUN, Anna on January 10, 1897.].

5. Foy Davis married Marie Bland

6. Nan Davis married Ralph Clenney. [Nan Davis Clenny was a Henry County Health Nurse, R.N., for many, many years. Ralph Clenny or Clenney operated a service station off the square in Abbeville from many years. It was located on the southeast corner of Williams and Doswell Street in Abbeville.]

5. Gordon Davis married Charlotte Martin of Virginia and had no children, but adopted two (2). Names Unknown.
5.Daisy Davis married Foy Worrells of Eufaula, Barbour County, Alabama
5. Janie Davis married Heywood Manor of Eufaula, Barbour County, Alabama.
5. Willie Davis never married
5. Mamie Dell Davis married Jewett S. Riley of Dothan, Houston County, Alabama and had no children, but adopted one son Name Unknown.

4. Mamie Calhoun married Oscar Davis. [Henry County Marriage Book 1898-1900, DAVIS, Oscar Henry married CALHOUN, Mamie on December 17, 1899.]
4. Pat Calhoun (died in 199) married Willie Lipscomb (died June 19, 1948)
4. Charlie Calhoun married Maggie Holmes
4. John Calhoun married 1st to Mattie Searcy with 2 unknown children. He married 2nd to Georgia Hickman. He married 3rd to Ruby Roney.
4. Sam Calhoun married Nora Owens.

5. Elizabeth Calhoun
5. Bill B. Calhoun
5. Sam Calhoun

4. Jasper Calhoun married Rilla Taylor
4. Lodell Calhoun married Marvin Vinson

3. Loami Calhoun, Jr. married Nancy Davis
3. Alpheus Calhoun went to Louisana to live.
3. Amos Calhoun never married
3. S. Kay Calhoun married Ida Driskall born April 22, 1876 and died April 14, 1948. He was born May 22, 1874 and died November 15, 1918. They had a large family.
3. Mary Jane Calhoun married Frank Glover and moved to Hartford, [Geneva County], Alabama.
3. Ella Calhoun married Henry Purswell
3. Elizabeth Calhoun married 1st to Bud Waterman; married 2nd to Gabe Tanner; married 3rd to Jim Barnes
3. Buck Calhoun

2. Angus McAllister Scott born March 23, 1840 and died February 15, 1915. He married Susan Amelia Stovall (1847-1926). Susan was the daughter of Thomas Stovall and Lucy Key of Stewart County, Georgia. She was born February 8, 1847. Angus and Susan A. Stovall were married January 19, 1869. Susan Stovall Scott died January 29, 1926.

3. Marcus Tullis Cicero Scott was born February 16, 1870. M.T. C. Scott was a medical doctor and married Lucy Reynolds, daughter of Charles Jackson Reynolds and wife, Mary Clayton Solomon on October 19, 1899. Dr. M.T.C. Scott died February 2, 1928.
3. Angus Augustus Scott was born September 6, 1872. Angus married Mary Loula Haynes in December 1899. Loula H. Scott died January 1940.

4. Mary Gussie Scott was born November 29, 1897

3. Celia Lucinda Scott was born September 23, 1873. Celia died at the age of two years in 1875
3. Henry Kay Scott was born March 7, 1875. He married Ida Medley on September 5, 1899. Ida M. Scott was born March 20, 1878 and died January 21, 1943
3. Marvin Scott was born March 7, 1875 and was also a medical doctor in Headland, Henry County, Alabama. [Dr. Scott delivered my father, John Elbert Elliott, III and three of his siblings in the Camp Springs Community of Henry County. The youngest of seven (7) siblings, all children of John Jason "Buck" Elliott and Carrie Vassie Whatley, was named after Dr. Scott: Alphus Scott Elliott a Abbeville City Councilman for 24 years and retired from GTE after over 30 years service.] Marvin Scott married Eva Clyde Stovall, daughter of John Thomas Stovall, M. D. of Columbia, Henry County, Alabama. Dr. Stovall's wife was Stella Reece Thompson. Marvin Scott and Eva Clyde Stovall were married in Columbia on July 29, 1908,in the Columbia Presbyterian Church by W. B. Segrest. Mrs. Marvin Scott is the author of the first published history of Henry County in 1961 during the county's celebration on the War Between the States Centennial. Governor John Patterson came to Abbeville during the book release.] Dr. Marvin Scott died February 1954.

4. Marcus Thomas Scott was born May 20, 1909 in Headland, Alabama. He married Lucille Murphy, daughter of Daniel R. Murphy and wife, Eveline Paramore. They were married in Columbia on October 1, 1930. [Angus married 2nd (?) Rollins of Columbia]

5. Marvin Tullis Scott was born October 8, 1932 in Headland, Alabama

4. Agnes Scott was born June 11, 1912 in Headland. Agnes Scott married James Robert Owens, son of Judge Haisten Whitman Owens and wife, Mary Vann, on October 8, 1933 at the Methodist Parsonage in Montevallo, Shelby County, Alabama. At that time Anges was a student at Alabama College [now The University of Montevallo.] Anges married 2nd, Gethral Dink Halstead, son of Judge David Clayton Halstead and wife, Ora Balcomb on July 31, 1948 in Winder, Georgia. [Agnes was a master English teacher at Headland High School and Dink Halstead was an attorney at law on the square in Headland.] James Robert Owens died December 24, 1935 in Abbeville. He was born August 23, 1903 in Abbeville, the grandson of Judge Haiston Edgar Owens and wife Mary Hagood and great-grandson of Whitman Hill Owens who died in 1870 in Abbeville.

5. Barbara Scott Owens was born June 25, 1935.

4. Charlotte Scott and Thomas Wayne Elkin, Jr., son of Thomas Wayne Elkins, Sr. and Elizabeth Pope of Meridian, Mississippi, were married May 1, 190 in Tuskeegee, Alabama. Both were students at Alabama Polytechnical Institute [Auburn University] at the time

5. Elizabeth Susan Elkin was born January 15, 1941 in Auburn, Lee County, Alabama
5. Harriet Halstead was born December 4, 1952 in Dothan, Houston County, Alabama.

3. Walter Scott, M. D. married Margaret Oates Lindsay, daughter of Edgar Lindsay and wife, Margaret Oates. Walter and Margaret were married October 1, 1908. Walter married 2nd to Letchie Gary in May 1930. Dr. Walter Scott died October 27, 1951.

4. Mary Jordan Scott, daughter of the first marriage, was married to M. W. Espy.

5. Wattie Espy never married

2. Mannon or Manuel Scott was born in 1841 and married Nancy Lucas. No issue, had four (4) adopted children.

There were twelve (12) children of Celia Carter and Henry K. Scott. Several sons died in the War of Secession (1861-1865).

Sources: "The History of Henry County" by Mrs. Marvin (Clyde Stovall) Scott.
[Marriage Book 1821-1868, page 539: Washington M. Scott married Nancy Jane Lucas on May 28, 1868. This marriage record gives you the whole names of this couple that are not listed in Mrs. Scott's book!]

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