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Family Migration Paths

People on the move... Where did they come from and where did they go?

This Migration Project was started by the late Steve Elliott, Haleburg Historian. Please add to the list by dropping the coordinator an email with details of your ancestor on the move. I will do my best to follow in Steve's footsteps and keep this project going as he wished. We hope this page will give you new clues for why your ancestors married who they did and who may have migrated with them. This has never been done in the history of the county so please help by contributing.


  • KERCE, William Barnett, my great grandfather was born in Henry County 1858. He married Rachel Elizabeth Cherry (daughter of Andrew Jackson Cherry)... his first 2 or 3 kids were born there, then he moved the family to Texas between 1882-1885. Steve Elliott


  • ESPY,
  • GRIFFIN, Matt post-War Between the States to Camp Springs
  • HALES, Jonathan to Halesburg (1870)
  • HARDY and PHILLIPS families moved from Lenoir County, North Carolina about 1820 to Jasper County, Georgia. During the 1840s, three Hardy siblings married in Houston County, Georgia. John Hardy and his wife Rhody PHILLIPS are found in the 1850 Pulaski County, Georgia census, and his son, Richard Hardy and his wife Phoebe Jane HAMMOCK, are in the 1850 Barbour County, Alabama census. Richard and his family settled on a plantation in Henry County, Alabama; later the area divided into Houston County, Alabama.
  • HARTZOG'S in 1752 left Sandhausen, Germany, and traveled up the Rhine River to Rotterdam Netherlands where they boarded the Cunliffe Ship to come to the New World. They landed at Charles Town (Charleston, South Carolina) and petitioned for land in Orangeburg District. They moved to Barnwell County, South Carolina and later moved to Barbour County, Alabama. The HARTZOG'S and ZORN'S are related.
  • STEVENSON, Council and Andrew
  • STRICKLIN, Three brothers moved from South Carolina to Barbour County, Alabama. The boys were John W., Thomas Jefferson, and Nolen; their father was Sion Stricklin/Strickland. Thomas Jefferson Stickland was the father of Margaret Arene Strickland Hartzog.
  • ZORN, Captain Dennis Harrison and wife, Nancy Caroline Zorn (first cousins) to Zornville (1883)
  • ZORN, Nancy Caroline Zorn and her husband, Capt. Dennis Harrison Zorn (first cousins) (1883)



  • BARBER family and LYNN family came from Gadsden County, Florida and moved back and forth between Henry County, Alabama, Gadsden County, Florida and Decatur County, Georgia.
  • BUIE, Archibald & Ephema (Effie) Wiggins
  • BUIE, Daniel Calvin
  • BUIE, James Alexander
  • BUIE, John William & Mary McKenzie (ca.1855)
  • BUIE, Malcom Royal later moved to Smith County, Texas
  • BUIE, William Wallis
  • DAY, Mary Francis Buie
  • KING, Caroline Buie


  • CHERRY, Andrew Jackson and Henry Cherry were born in South Carolina. They moved with their mother and stepfather to Florida. They were in the 1850 and 1860 Florida census with their mother. 1870 census in Henry County. Steve Elliott


  • ALLEN, Mathew Tolbert was born June 20, 1829 in Georgia and first appear in the Henry County 1850 census in the Penuel household. Married January 06, 1853 in Henry County Alabama to Frances Mourning Blackshear. James D. Allen
  • APPLING, J. Otho and wife Amanda TEAGUE
  • WEBB, Rice before 1830 - Anne Webb Nelson


  • JORDON, John Daniel and along with brothers David M., Ambrose P., James Pinckney, and Nathan John Jordan all migrated from Baker County, Georgia into Henry County, Alabama l850 - 1855. Thomas Kraig Spivey


  • CONNER, Willis appear in the 1860 census for Henry County as head of household with mother, Nertilda and other siblings. The father Tarrance C. Conner b. 1790 d. 1858 in Crawford County, Georgia where he appeared in the 1850 census. Steve Elliott
  • MIXON Family of Henry County. James Mixon and his wife Rebeccah Locke moved from Crawford County, Georgia to Henry County, Alabama. They were married in Crawford County in 1826; Rebeccah was born there in 1806 and according to family records James was born in South Carolina in 1804. The last piece of info I have been unable to verify. They had one daughter, Caroline, born in Crawford County in 1828 and appear in the Henry County census in 1830. The rest of their children appear to have been born in Henry County. Linda Mixon Mehaffey


  • HALL, William Reuben (1845)


  • BROWN, Emma, wife of Seabron Jackson Elliott moved to Bascom, Smith County Texas
  • GODFREY, Enoch Andrew married Alice King in Henry County February 2, 1891
  • GODFREY, Anne Elizabeth (ca. 1855 via Marlboro County, South Carolina
  • GODFREY, Enoch William & Mary JOHNSON (ca. 1855) via Marlboro County, South Carolina
  • GODFREY, Hannah Jane married John W. WHITEHEAD in Henry County February 4, 1858
  • GODFREY, James H. (ca. 1855) via Marlboro County, South Carolina
  • GODFREY, John Burl married Ella J. THOMPSON in Henry County September 23, 1874
  • GODFREY, Peter Johnson married Caroline M. King in Henry County August 27, 1865
  • SPANN, Richard C. after an active political and civic life in Early County moved to Franklin, Henry County, Alabama.


  • TAYLOR, Dempsey family were in Dale Co., AL by 1830 census from Emanuel Co., GA. His sister, Nancy married Abraham PHILLIPS and both died in neighboring Holmes Co., FL. Two of Dempsey TAYLOR's dtrs: Nancy marred Samuel J. TINDELL and died in Holmes Co., FL while Lydia married Zacharaiah TINDELL and died in Henry, now Houston Co., AL Dempsey's dtr, Mary TAYLOR married Nelson WATFORD and settled in Jackson Co., FL. [Source: Cat Tindell]


  • JOHNSON, Darling family moved into Henry County, Alabama in late 1840.


  • BARNES, Clyde Rebecca, widow of John or Johsua DUKES (1879)
  • BARNES, Joshua Franklin, Sr. and wife Pernellia "Penny" Penuel (1879)
  • BARNES, Kate, Aunt Katie, sister to J. F. Barnes, Sr. (1879)
  • PENUEL, Penny, wife of Jousua Franklin Barnes (1879)


  • GIVENS, James & Winefred . James is found in Barnwell District, SC in 1830 and Macon Co., GA in 1840.


  • WHITEHURST, Levi who lived in Henry County, Alabama and died 1853 in Barbour County, Alabama: came from Jackson County, Florida and before that from Montgomery County, Georgia


  • BEARD, Francis B. (Franklin) Beard married Mary Ann --Strongman 1860-Stewart County
  • BROOKINS left Holland and moved to Ireland where the spelling of the surname was Van den Broeck. After immigrating to America, the Brookins lived in North Carolina before moving to Georgia and in the early 1850s they moved from Randolph County, Georgia to Henry County, Alabama. This area broke up into Dale County, Alabama.
  • DAVIS, Albert Simon, and wife, Elizabeth Hobbs (Circa 1855)
  • DAVIS, Permelia, daughter of Toliver Davis (circa 1855)
  • DAVIS, Sarah Melvinia Daughter Toliver Davis (Circa 1855)
  • DAVIS, Thomas Henry, son of Toliver Davis (Circa 1855)
  • DAVIS, Toliver and wife, Elizabeth Hobbs (Circa 1855)
  • DAY, Henry and Bethany (Circa 1855)
  • DYESS, Christopher
  • ELLIOTT, Davis Andrew Jackson and wife Mary Ann JONES and family--1859
  • ELLIOTT, Elbert and wife Elizabeth Stanford and family-1855
  • ELLIOTT, Ira and wife Nancy and family--1855
  • ELLIOTT, James and wife, Mahala COKER and family -1855
  • GLOVER, John Pinkston
  • HASTY family worked their way down to Henry County like this: Scotland, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and into Henry County, Alabama
  • HENDERSON, Brockman W., Justice of the Peace
  • HOBBS, Elizabeth, wife of A. S. Davis and daughter of (Circa 1855)
  • HOBBS, Toliver and wife Elizabeth
  • JONES, Mary Ann, wife of Davis Andrew Jackson Elliott (1859)
  • JONES, William
  • LANE, James Thomas and Ellender (nee Thomas) Lane prior to 1852 from Randolph County Georgia to Henry County Alabama.
  • PEARCE, Theopolious, Minister of the Gospel, returned to Stewart County, Ga.
  • RENFROE, Zachariah
  • SINGLETON, Daniel E. and wife Abigail Singletary in about 1864 Randolph County Georgia to Henry County Alabama. Children: Perry Owen Singleton b. August 1860, Romulus Singleton, b. 1862, James Ithamar Singleton, b. 1864, and George Singleton, b. 1866 in Henry County, Alabama. Daniel is believed to have died in Henry County, Alabama in about 1879
  • SINGLETON, Miarus Beatty in 1865 from Clay County Georgia. He married Mary Anderson in 1866. Children: Erie Anna Singleton, b. 1867, Allie C. Singleton, b. 1870, and Walter E. Singleton, b. 1873 all in Henry County, Alabama.
  • STANTON, Elizabeth, wife of Elbert Elliott (circa 1855)


  • ELLIOTT, James married Mahala Coker in Stewart County, Georgia in 1823, lived in Randolph County, Georgia before moving to Camp Springs Community, Henry County, Alabama. Steve Elliott
  • LOMINECK from Stewart County, Georgia (originally from Dutch Fork area of SC)
  • MILLER, Lee Reeves and wife Martha Smith came from Washington County, Georgia by way of Stewart County, Georgia
  • MILLER, Thomas Jefferson and wife Patience E. Smith came from Washington County, Georgia
  • WORRELL from Stewart County, Georgia


  • HODGES, Lemuel born about 1810 came to Henry County Alabama between 1850 & 1860. Greg Hodges, Richmond Virginia


  • ADAMS, Colson and wife, Rachel Cason (my G. grandparents) left Tatnall County, Ga. and moved to Henry County, Al. in 1819. It was the part of Henry County that was to become part of Pike County in 1821. Information furnished by Robin Adams.


  • ADAMS, Harmon , June 5, 1812 - June 6, 1885. He married Martha Everett January 8, 1835 in Thomas County, Georgia.. They moved to Henry County, Alabama. (date unknown). Their children were: Florida; Catherine; Thomas A.; Louisiana; Sarah; John; Savannah; Missouri; Lucinda.


  • BLACKSHEAR, Randolph born December 25, 1789 in Jones County, North Carolina and first wife Kathryn Anglin born before 1800 in Putnam County, Georgia and arrived in Henry County from Twiggs County Georgia in 1823. James D. Allen


  • BARWICK, Redden and new bride Nancy Wiggins Barwick
  • MILLER, Lee Reeves and wife Martha Smith came from Washington County, Georgia by way of Stewart County, Georgia
  • WIGGINS, Daniel and family joined the group.
  • WIGGINS, Nancy Wiggins, wife of Redden Barwick



  • TINDELL, Samuel born 1766 in Worchester Co., MD, came from Old Darlington Dist., SC via a 20-yr stopover in Wilkinson and Morgan Cos., GA and on into Dale Co., AL by 1830 census. Lands later fell in Geneva and Henry Cos, AL by mid 1800's. Today, those lands are in Houston Co., AL and many are buried in said county's cemeteries. Allied names are WATFORD, TAYLOR, JONES and PHILLIPS and DUNCAN just to name a few. [Source: Cat Tindell]


  • POPE, Silas and Edney Griffin moved into Henry County from North Carolina. Silas had owned land located just east of Headland, Henry County Alabama, located right on the Henry/Dale County lines, and about 1 to 2 miles from Sylvan Grove Alabama. Several of their descendants are buried here in Sylvan Grove Cemetery.


  • GRIFFIN, Thomas C. and wife, Nancy Stewart, moved to Henry County from Cumberland County North Carolina abt. 1838. Their children Bryant, Duncan, Margaret, Alexander, James and Dempsey were born in North Carolina and were young children when Thomas and Nancy moved. Thomas GRIFFIN and wife Nancy Stewart moved to Henry Co. AL about 1838. Their farm was located in north Henry Co. (very close to the Barbour Co. line). They settled near Lawrenceville. Thomas died in July of 1863, Nancy followed 2 years later on 2 Feb 1865, their burial place is unknown. Their children were:
  • GRIFFIN, Bryant Griffin m: Elizabeth McLEANDON, 14 Nov 1854
  • GRIFFIN, Duncan Griffin m: Mary Suzannah Wilson COOK/COOKE, 22 Nov 1849 (moved to LA, c: 1856-58, re-married)
  • GRIFFIN, Margaret m: William WARD, 10 May 1854
  • GRIFFIN, Alexander m: Ansley HOLMES, 2 Nov 1859 (died 1862, Richmond VA)
  • GRIFFIN, James m: ? (died 1863, from wounds in the Civil War, leg amputation, blood poising)
  • GRIFFIN, Dempsey m: Eliza Jane CLENNY 28 April 1859
  • GRIFFIN, Thomas C. Jr. m: Mary Jane PHILLIPS, 25 Dec 1860
  • GRIFFIN, Daniel m: Martha Ann WRIGHT 5 Jan 1872
  • GRIFFIN, John m: Margaret SINGLETARY 27 Aug 1879
  • GRIFFIN, Catherine m: Samuel TOLBIRD, 16 Dec 1879 (W. Monroe LA)
  • GRIFFIN, Nancy m: Allen WALTERS, (W. Monroe LA)
  • GRIFFIN, Sarah m: W. J. BROWN
  • GRIFFIN, Mary m: George L. LEWIS, 12 Dec 1869
  • CAWTHON, Elizabeth Ann King (ca. 1835) married Andrew J. Cawthorn. Cawthorn and Dick KNIGHT, believed to be the first settler of Columbia, grazed cattle from south of Eufaula to the Gulf of Mexico with the Choctawhatchee and Chattahoochee Rivers. He first settled one mile north of Dothan giving that place its first name: "Cawthorn's Cowpens's", later Popular Head, then in 1885 Dothan.
  • KING, Ezakial Moore married Mary Ann Bucuchanan; Barbara King married Malcom James Buie in North Carolina and remained there. Henry James King married Francis Caroline Bryan in North Carolina and then moved to South Carolina.
  • KING, Joseph (ca. 1830) married Rebecca Harvey in Henry County April, 1830. Joseph died soon after this marriage and Rebecca married Howell Chitty in January 1836. Harvey's in original politics in Henry County, Benjamin Harvey first member of the Alabama House of Representatives 1822-died in office cira 1824. Howell CHITTY was a planter whose plantation house was one of the "grand ladies" of the South and stripped by the carpetbaggers during Reconstruction Era for taxes. Plantation was adjacent to Laymon's Store, the first post office in Henry County on the Franklin to Columbia Road or River Road. Ruins of Chitty Plantation House stood until the 1970s near the old Hayes Store. He was a neighbor to the wealthy planter James BENNETT.
  • KING, Mary Ann married William Armstrong and moved to Henry County about 1832-33. The first child to be born in Alabama was Andrew Jackson Armstrong , a Captain in Company I, 46th Alabama Infantry during the War for Southern Independence (1861-1865).
  • KING, Michael DeVane via Baker Co., Georgia m. Arrenia Wall (ca. 1835) In Baker County by 1830.
  • McGRIFF, Sarah King (ca. 1834), wife of Richard McGriff of Columbia November 1834, an innkeeper in that port city. Columbia was known as the "Gem City of the Chattahoochee, Fort Gaines-Queen City." The couple became one of if not the most wealthy and influential couple and family in Old Columbia-offspring the Oakley Family that literally owned Columbia in the late 19th Century/early 20th Century.
  • MONROE, Daniel G. and wife Sophia came to Henry County in the early 1830's from Cumberland County, North Carolina.



  • GIVENS, James & Winefred. James is found in Barnwell District, South Carolina in 1830 and Macon County, Georgia in 1840.
  • PARKER from Barnwell District, South Carolina
  • ZORN from Barnwell District, South Carolina to Lodi, Henry County and area was later in Barbour County, Alabama after the latter's creation. After the WBTS, One branch to South Henry County, one to Geneva County, Alabama and the rest remained at Lodi (Zornville), Alabama in Barbour County.


  • COBIA, Francis Joseph moved to Henry County about 1850-51


  • KIRKLAND, Hugh and wife Mary Ann Circa 1835
  • SPAN


  • MARSHALL, Samuel, who came from Kershaw, South Carolina around 1828. He arrived with wife Elizabeth T. Jones and son Francis Joseph Marshall. Elizabeth's parents are thought to be John J. Jones and Sarah Tiller, thus the T. would have been TILLER. Samuel and son Francis operated a grocery store in what is now Echo, Alabama and at one time was named Marshall's crossroads. Francis Joseph Marshall married Virginia Bull; Tamer Marshall married John Thomas Babston; Artimisa Emeline Marshall married Mark Antony COOK and then Willis CARROLL; John Wesley Marshall married Caroline LONG; Lydia Anne Narcissa Marshall married Nathanial Alvah LONG; Benjamin Thomas Marshall married Louisa BRANNON; Martin Van Buron Marshall married Frances Tibatha BRANNON; William Washington Cawthron Marshall married Syrena Jane PEACOCK.
  • TILLER, William, Jr. (son of William Tiller and Chasity Kirkland) with wife, Ann Alexander (sister of James Alexander) moved from Tillerville/Tiller's, South Carolina settled in Center Community, Henry County. Descendants in Hartford, Alabama and Washington County, Florida


  • JONES, Bethel A. 1817-1900 of Oree Dist., SC married Nancy JONES 1826-1896 , dtr of Dr. John Edmund JONES of DeFuniack Springs, Walton Co., FL and Henry Co., AL. both are buried at Mt. Zion or Old Jones Cem., Houston Co., AL. Dr. John Edmund JONES was s/o of Methodist Minister, Charles Shepherd Vincent JONES, founder of Alaqua Meth Church in Defuniack Springs, and who came from Beaufort Dist., SC. Bethel JONES was s/o of Jacob JONES and Susannah JOHNSON. [Source: Cat Tindell]


  • FAIRCLOTH, John D. and wife Catherine Hair (Hare) moved with 6 children from Sampson County, North Carolina through Sumpter County, South Carolina to Henry County, Alabama between 1816-1820.


  • ALEXANDER, James and wife Elizabeth Jane Stokes, daughter of Henry Stokes and Elizabeth Tiller
  • FAIRCLOTH, John D. and wife Catherine Hair (Hare) moved with 6 children from Sampson County, North Carolina through Sumpter County, South Carolina to Henry County, Alabama between 1816-1820.
  • STOKES, Henry E. settled in Pleasant Grove Community
  • TILLER, Allen settled in Pleasant Grove Community


  • ALFORD, Sion and wife, Clarkly McTYER
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