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Sion Alford Family

Source: Bible of Sion Alford and wife, Clarkey McTyer Alford of Roberson County, North Carolina and their descendants of Henry County, Alabama In possession of Miss Margaret Agnes Alford, Columbia, Alabama, their great grand daughter. (1964)

1. Jacob Alford (1738—1794) of Roberson County, NC married Mary Pace of Roberson County, North Carolina Jacob was a Revolutionary Soldier. He was son of Lodowick Alford and Susannah of Wake County , N. C., who came from New Kent County , Virginia to Bladen County, North Carolina when the Cades, Paces’, Alford’s came. There are records of same Alford’s, Paces, and Cades in Johnston, Bute, Granville, Edgecombe - who removed from New Kent County, Virginia to these counties in the same neighborhood on both sides of the Franklin - Wake County line which on one side is successively in Edgecombe, Granville and Bute Counties and on the other side in Johnson County until Wake was taken from it. Then we find Jacob Alford undoubtedly the one born December 12, 1738 in St. Peters Parish, New Kent County, Virginia in present Roberson County, North Carolina with William Cade born August.24, 1735 in St. Peters Parish, Virginia and Williams younger brother, John Cade-- p. 1154 Kinsfolk’s W. C. Harlee.

2. Lodowick Alford, born? , died after 1794, drowned in Lumber River, North Carolina
2. Sion Alford was born December 31, 1763 – died. June 28, 1832 married Clarkey McTyer born March 5, 1767 – died October 7, 1830. was daughter of William and Sara Ann (Adair) McTyer of Roberson County, North Carolina A sister of Clarissa R. (Fulmore) Alford, Caroline Heizer Fulmore and her husband, Robert McTyer, bought land 1828, 82 acres south of Eufaula in 1851, a brother, Alexander Fulmore, who married Hannah Bethea bought land 6 miles south of Columbia, Henry County, Alabama, on the Columbia—Gordon Road. Two sisters, Caroline and Clarissa, and a brother, Alexander H. Fulmore, all were living along the Chattahoochee River on fertile land with slaves. The distance was not too great for them to visit each other. Another brother, Joseph R. Fulmore was a resident of Cartersville, Georgia

3. Elizabeth Alford born November 15, 1788
3. Mary Alford born July 9, 1790
3. Dr. Warren Alford born February 12, 1793 – died. January 9, 1866
3. Susanna Alford born February l8, 1795
3. Catherine Alford born February 24, 1797
3. William Alford born February 14, 1799
3. Wiley Alford born June 21, 1801 - 1878 married Clarissa (Richardson) Fulmore (1818—1902) daughter of Andrew and Agnes (Cade) Fulmore of Roberson County, North Carolina. In 1859, Wiley Alford and wife bought a tract of land north of Columbia in Henry County. Along the Chattahoochee River. There they came with their children, and lived. This land comprised one thousand across in Tp. 4, Range 29 in Henry County for which he gave $9,000.00 to Alex I. Robinson, Amanda F. Robinson of Muscagee County, Georgia and Amelia Porter of Sumter County, Alabama. As his children came to maturity and married he settled them on parts of it, the homestead was left to his wife. This house was built where a two-story structure had stood and his plan was to build a handsome two-story house. Slaves, who were very fine carpenters, built the house. It does not have a wire nail in it but is put together with wooden pegs; when the first story was finished in 1862; news came that the ‘Yankees were coming.” Wiley Alford told the slaves to put a roof on it, that he was not going to build the second story. It was completed a well built six room house, painted white, in a grove of magnolia and oak trees. Near the house, another house was built for two daughters, Clarkie Ann (Alford) McNair and Caroline (Alford) Thompson and their two small sons, John V. McNair and Alford Thompson; these two daughters and their Sons lived here until their husbands, Dougold P. McNair and Amos A. Thompson, returned from the War of 1861—1865. The front veranda of the house has been replaced by a very ordinary veranda; the 6 ft. wide fireplace in the kitchen has been torn away. The house still stands. After the death of Mrs. Clarissa (Fulmore) Alford, the home and her part of the property fell to Mrs. Murphy (Alford) Dunwoody; to her son, Samuel M. Dunwoody and then to Wiley Alford, a grandson, (son of James B. Alford) of the original owner. Descendants of the many slaves have continued to live on the Alford plantation. Miss Margaret Agnes Alford, a grand daughter of Wiley and Clarissa Fulmore Alford is the present owner.

4. Clarkie Ann Alford married Dougold P. McNair
       5. John V. McNair
4. Caroline Alford married Amos A. Thompson
       5. Alford Thompson
4. James B. Alford
       5. Wiley Alford
4. Preston G. Alford November 17, 1840 Preston died September 30, 1890 and buried City Cemetery, Columbia, Houston County, Alabama. (Private, Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment. On the original roster of the Columbia Blues of Henry County.
4. McKay Alford
4. Murphy Alford married Dunwoody
       5. Samuel M. Dunwoody

3. James Jordan Alford born November 21, 1803 - died. September 19, 1843 married October 30, 1834 Sarah Alford born. 1817 – died. September 12, 1896

4. Sion M. Alford was born April 13, 1837 – died. October 17, 1861
4. Victoria Alford was born April 16, 1837 – died. December 1, 1868 married February 20, 1868 to J. H. Lee
4. Margaret Ann Alford born December 24, 1840 - died December 2, 1909 married March 7, 1867 to Charles McRoe
4. Juliet Alford born August 17, 1842 – died. September 11, 1871 married January 4, 1871 to C. B. Cox

3. Ann Hopson Alford born December 16, 1805

3. Robert McTyer Alford born May 10, 1808 - died. September 4, 1808.

3. John Witherspoon Alford born. June 7, 1809, AD.

2. James Alfordmarried Katrain McTyer.

2. Warren Alford born March 15, 1770, married 1st Janette Little was born 1773; married 2nd Barbara Little who was born 1778. (first cousins)

2. Wiley Alford, married Sophia Drake.

2. Elias Alford born October 21, 1779, married Charity Hedzepeth.

2. Charity Alford born 1776, married Charles Thompson.

2. Cynthia Alford never married

Many descendants of Jacob and Mary (Pace) Alford live in Henry, Barbour and Houston Counties in Alabama.

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