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Wiggins Cemetery and Academy Incorporation

Henry County, Alabama Orphan Record, Book “Y”, Page 199

P. H. Askew W. T. Cureton et al, Incorporating Wiggins Grave Yard

The State of Alabama Henry County:

To the Honorable the Judge of the Court of Probate of said County. The Undersigned owners of lots & otherwise interested in the Grave yard near the house of Mrs. Jane Rhodes in Precinct No. 7 in said County & known as the Wiggins Grave Yard, situate on the SE 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Section 24, Township 6 of Range 26r described as follows: Commencing at the SW corner of said forty acre tract & running from thence north on the west line of said forty acre tract fifty-yeards from thence east on the north line of said forty acre tract, one hundred yards, from thence south parallel with said line fifty yards and from thence west on the south line of said forty acre tract one hundred yards to the starting point containing about one 1/30 acre desiring to incorporate said Grave yard & school house, did on the 20th day of August 1879, elect James U. Cureton, George M. Wiggins, Phillip H. Askew, Z. T. Harrison, and William J. Williams J. Williams as trustees, with all powers necessary under the laws of said State to incorporate and keep the same incorporated the said Grave Yard under the name & style of the  Wiggins Grave Yard and Academy in said Precinct No. 7. Your petitioners therefore ask that  this paper be recorded in the Probate Office of said County under Part 2, title1, chapter 2 and article 1 of the code of Alabama 1876, which shall be and operate as an act of incorporation with power to said James U. Cureton and others as said trustees & their successors in office to do and perform all acts or deeds under the laws of said state.  August 20th 1879.

P. A. Askew L.        J. Wilkinson
W. T. Cureton         J. W. Gallaway
J. U. Cureton          Jasper Brannon
Z. T. Harrison         John Brannon
Martha Wiggins        F. M. Smith
G. M. Wiggins          S. J. Lisenby
Thomas Brannon      R. G. Barrick
C. B. Alexander       Bryant Aman
James Alexander     Jonathan Deal

Filed in Office for record, August 20th 1879, recorded in Orphans record letter Y. folio 199

H. E. Owens, Judge of Probate

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