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Church Records

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Bible Records

Church Histories

Church Name Map Latitude Longitude Elev (ft)
Abbeville Methodist Church Abbeville East 313411N 0851459W 446
Adoniram Baptist Church Haleburg 312946N 0850930W 318
Balkum Baptist Church Haleburg 312456N 0851336W 367
Balkum Chapel Haleburg 312450N 0851140W 400
Bellevue Church Columbia NE 312750N 0850541W 249
Bethel Church Abbeville East 313327N 0851059W 417
Bethlehem Church Headland 312127N 0851726W 387
Bethlehem Church Abbeville West 313425N 0851913W 449
Blackwood Church Echo 312314N 0852429W 338
Camp Springs Baptist Church Haleburg 312247N 0850934W 289
Capps Church Abbeville West 313012N 0851758W 417
Cedar Grove Church Abbeville East 313124N 0851333W 387
Center United Methodist Church Newville 312802N 0851943W 420
Chester Chapel Freewill Baptist Church Fort Gaines NW 314311N 0851047W 413
Christ Temple Number Two Church Abbeville East 313324N 0851107W 417
Church of Abbeville Lawrenceville 313939N 0852221W 404
Concord Baptist Church Echo 312429N 0852349W 384
County Line Primitive Baptist Church Lawrenceville 314210N 0851637W 531
Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) Abbeville East 313647N 0851045W 476
Edwin United Methodist Church Lawrenceville 313958N 0852226W 397
Faith Church Sigma 312045N 0851023W 220
Faith Deliverance Full Gospel Church Number 1 Fort Gaines 313354N 0850539W 400
Fellowship Church Abbeville West 313016N 0852022W 404
First Baptist Church Abbeville East 313407N 0851457W 440
First Baptist Church Headland 312107N 0852018W 404
First Baptist Church Fort Gaines 313347N 0850526W 361
Free Gift Church Fort Gaines NW 314309N 0850858W 335
Free Will Church Abbeville West 313352N 0851522W 436
Good Tidings Church Clopton 313422N 0852342W 453
Greater Friendship Church Fort Gaines 313458N 0850553W 410
Green Valley Church Clopton 313330N 0852313W 417
Headland United Methodist Church Headland 312053N 0852045W 427
Hebron Baptist Church Sigma 312127N 0851254W 305
Hickory Grove Church Abbeville East 313442N 0851321W 423
Judson Missionary Baptist Church Fort Gaines NW 313909N 0851037W 466
Lawrenceville Missionary Baptist Church Lawrenceville 313920N 0851609W 518
Liberty Methodist Church Fort Gaines NW 314053N 0851209W 449
Macedonia Church Lawrenceville 313938N 0852211W 377
Midway Church Abbeville East 313159N 0851334W 410
Mount Enon Church Texasville 313958N 0852233W 397
Mount Olive Church Echo 312946N 0852256W 400
Mount Olive Church Fort Gaines NW 314444N 0850925W 338
Mount Pleasant Church Haleburg 312401N 0851307W 318
Mount Sinai Church Echo 312502N 0852232W 374
Mount Zion Church Columbia NE 312349N 0850705W 289
Mount Zion Church Abbeville East 313013N 0850834W 279
Mount Zion Church Lawrenceville 313855N 0851514W 499
Mount Zion Church Lawrenceville 314108N 0851838W 351
New Hope Church Lawrenceville 314024N 0851851W 417
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church Fort Gaines NW 313804N 0851338W 469
New Prospect Church Haleburg 312553N 0851207W 374
New Prospect Free Will Baptist Church Texasville 314027N 0852440W 509
New Salem Church Fort Gaines 313002N 0850429W 187
New Testament Deliverance Tabernacle Haleburg 312855N 0851349W 371
New Zion Freewill Baptist Church Newville 312359N 0851547W 361
Newville Baptist Church Newville 312521N 0852017W 394
Oakey Grove Baptist Church Newville 312921N 0851534W 397
Old Center United Methodist Church Echo 312903N 0852436W 407
Old Friendship African Methodist Episcopal Church Fort Gaines 313613N 0850502W 210
Old Salem Church Fort Gaines 313140N 0850423W 180
Old Zion Baptist Church Abbeville East 313315N 0851049W 430
Pentecostal Gospel Church Fort Gaines 313539N 0850646W 381
Pentecostal Holiness Church Haleburg 312604N 0850902W 354
Philadelphia Church Newville 312629N 0851640W 341
Pilgrims Rest Freewill Baptist Church Abbeville East 313422N 0851026W 430
Piney Grove Church Haleburg 312952N 0851015W 351
Piney Grove Primitive Baptist Church Headland 312226N 0852159W 358
Pleasant Grove Church Fort Gaines NW 313951N 0850741W 420
Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church Abbeville West 313340N 0851933W 446
Pleasant Hill Freewill Baptist Church Headland 312041N 0851754W 390
Poplar Springs Church Fort Gaines 313629N 0850531W 200
Rocky Mountain Church Newville 312257N 0851537W 328
Rocky Mountain Church Abbeville West 313144N 0851750W 430
Saint Johns Church Echo 312917N 0852301W 361
Saint Johns Church Abbeville West 313435N 0851549W 417
Saint Michaels Church Texasville 313905N 0852326W 351
Saint Paul Church Abbeville East 313658N 0850943W 479
Sardis Baptist Church Sigma 312100N 0851417W 318
Sardis Baptist Church Abbeville West 313700N 0851656W 502
Shiloh Baptist Church Sigma 311829N 0851124W 295
Shorterville Baptist Church Fort Gaines 313343N 0850625W 413
Spring Hill Church Abbeville East 313624N 0851413W 423
The Most Holy Church Abbeville East 313550N 0851349W 449
Tolbert Baptist Church Newville 312551N 0851649W 295
Tumbleton Church Newville 312311N 0851517W 361
Union Church Haleburg 312959N 0851219W 390
Union Freewill Baptist Church Abbeville East 313111N 0851129W 410
Union Springs Missionary Baptist Church Newville 312724N 0852057W 413
Welcome Church Newville 312740N 0851710W 351
Wesley Hill Church Newville 312433N 0851752W 381
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