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Whitehead Family Cemetery

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Location: The Whitehead Family Cemetery is located about the middle of section 17 of township 6N, range 28E, about 3/8 of a mile west of Henry County road 99, about 3/8 of a mile north of Oakey Grove Church. The plot is in a pine forest laced with narrow logging trails that all look pretty much alike. Some people have spent an hour or so lost among the trails, so it is best to get someone who knows the cemetery's exact location to take you there.

Survey by: Gayle and Ron Thomas in 2001.

The markers in the cemetery have all suffered damage, but we don't necessarily attribute it to vandalism. Time is tough on marble. There is some sort of inscription on each stone in addition to the usual names, dates, etc. Except for Rachal's they are virtually illegible, but probably could be deciphered by rubbing.

LEFT: Looking north across the graves of Rachal, John, Hezekiah and Mary E. Whitehead. That's our took-up dog 'Ma Barker' in the foreground. If you don't know what a 'took-up dog' is, you need to spend more time in Henry County.

RIGHT: This picture is taken looking south across the marked graves of Mary E., Hezekiah, John, and Rachal Whitehead. There are unmarked graves between Hezekiah and John, and more unmarked graves north (right) of these marked graves. That is Gayle beside the truck.

LEFT: Headstone - John Whitehead Born December 25, 1833 Died May 12, 1893 

"Upright and just he was in all his ways A bright example in Degenerate days"



LEFT: Full length view of John Whitehead's grave. Note the broken headstone and the confederate marker at the foot. The marble frame marking the perimeter of the grave is identical to the ones found in the Mouring Family Cemetery located off Hwy. 95, near Union.

RIGHT: Rachal Whitehead - Born November 28, 1837 - Died March 13, 1911, A tender mother & a faithful friend 

The stone is intact but is off its base. Entering the cemetery from the south, Rachal's is the first marked grave. There are at least two other unmarked graves south of hers.


LEFT: Viewed from the west, John is on the left, and Rachel is on the right. Our bulldog 'Sugar' appears as a ghost in the upper right of the photo.

RIGHT: On the left is HEZEKIAH, son of J & R Whitehead, Born May 29, 1882, Died October 3, 1882. "Why should we mourn our brothers death since death to him is bliss" The marker is intact, but off its base.

On the right is MARY E., daughter of  J & R Whitehead, Born December 5, 1872, Died December 24, 1879. "Can I forget the agonizing hour When those Lov'd eyes were closed to wake no more" The marker is broken into 2 pieces. The marker is not only broken, but is badly weathered - more so than the other markers in the cemetery.

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