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Old Union Cemetery

Partial Listing

Surveyed May 2001 by Gayle and Ron Thomas

Location: Originally known as THE ARMSTRONG CEMETERY, this historic burial site is located at the intersection of Henry County roads 57 and 194 in Beat 5. The dirt road bounding the cemetery on two sides winds past the old Little Rock post office and continues on toward Abbie Creek by way of Bodiford’s Mill, a community landmark for over a century. Martin H. Armstrong is said to have been the first person buried here, and the earliest marked grave dates to 1863. The latest burial occurred in May, 2001. Although maintained through the Union Grove Free Will Baptist Church, this cemetery has traditionally served the whole community as a burial ground, and now contains 295 named graves, 47 marked but unnamed or illegibly marked graves, and countless graves that are no longer marked in any way. Contributions to the care and maintenance of this cemetery may be made to UNION FREEWILL BAPTIST CEMETERY FUND, % HOLT STOKES, 6485 COUNTY ROAD 53, ABBEVILLE, AL 36310.

We have attempted to identify persons buried here by listing their parents, spouses, and children. As this is our own community, we have interviewed many neighbors, renewed several acquaintances, and made many new friends in the course of researching this cemetery. In addition to personal contacts, we have taken information from census and marriage records of Henry County. A most valuable source has also been The Bend of the Abbie, a personal history of the Union community written by “Miss Linnie” Stokes, who was a relative and friend of many of the persons buried here. We hope that others will provide information we have been unable to determine, and will correct any errors we have made. Gayle and Ron Thomas

One section of the cemetery contains a row of infant graves, poignant testimony to the the high incidence of infant mortality in the rural South.

Name Birth Date Death Date Notes / Source
ARMSTRONG, A. Z. Jan 28 1886 Apr 28 1958 A. Z. Barnette Armstrong. Wife of Perry Armstrong. Their children included Eudene (Mathison,) James H, William Hiram, Rena (Herndon,) Jean (Culpepper,) & Robert F. “Babe.” A. Z. is buried in a plot with her mother Emma Barnette
ARMSTRONG, Lizz unknown unknown Elizabeth Hix Armstrong. Born about 1856. Wife of Mose Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Lubelia Nov 06 1869 Mar 11 1870 Daughter of J. H. & S.E. Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Martin H. unknown unknown He was a Primitive Baptist preacher and is said to have been the first person buried in the Armstrong cemetery. Husband of Sarah Armstrong. Their children included Moses & Nicey (Culpepper.)
ARMSTRONG, Moses unknown unknown Born about 1857. Son of Martin Armstrong. Husband of Lizz Hix Armstrong. Their children were Perry, Ossie, & Charlie.
ARMSTRONG, R. M. Nov 02 1914 Nov 02 1914 Son of Mr. & Mrs. C. M. Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Sarah unknown unknown Wife of Martin Armstrong
ARMSTRONG, William Hiram Nov 24 1914 Mar 11 1915 Son of W. Perry Armstrong & A. Z. Barnette Armstrong.Grandson of Mose & Lizz Armstrong
ARNOLD, Celia 1850 1920 Celia Bodiford Arnold. Wife of Matthew Arnold
ARNOLD, Matthew 1847 1917 Husband of Celia Bodiford Arnold. Their children include Annie Almedia (Murray,) Dora, & Henry Arnold. (Private, Company "C" 60th Alabama Infantry CSA). Note: Mathew Arnold and Celia Arnold are my great grandparents. Please note that almost all records show Mathew spell his name with only one "t." I am unable to find my picture of their tombstone and his CSA marker, so I am not sure how it is spelled there. But one "t" is accepted as correct. A full list of their children as given to me by my grandfather in 1941 and confirmed by the Arnold-Martin Family History by Lorena Spillers in 1960 is as follows: Mary Cornelia Arnold Holland, Edward Walter Arnold, Curtis Alexander Arnold (my grandfather), William Ambrose Arnold, Joseph Zachariah Leory Arnold (died young), Wesley Arnold (died young), Kansas Darinda Arnold Sampson, Artie Nissie Arnold (died young), Annie Alameda Arnold Murray (note spelling of Alameda), Martha Dora Arnold Danzey, Henry William Arnold, Ethel Rebecca Arnold (died young). [Source: Bill Arnold]
ARNOLD, Vera E. Nov 06 1916 Feb 20 1917 Daughter of E. E. & J. W. Arnold
ARNOLD, William E. Dec 29 1915 Jan 20 1916 Son of E. E. & J. W. Arnold
BAILEY, Alex M. Aug 02 1856 Apr 28 1934 In plot beside Clifford Bailey
BAILEY, Clifford Jul 12 1861 Oct 12 1933 In plot beside Alex M. Bailey
BARNETT, Canzady Smith Dec 02 1900 Oct 23 1972 Daughter of Harrison & Sallie Barry Smith. Wife of Jessie Frederick Barnett
BARNETT, Charlie F. Oct 1862 Nov 1938 Husband of Froney Smith Barnett
BARNETT, Froney Aug 1865 Jun 1947 Safronnie Smith Barnett. Wife of Charlie Barnett. Daughter of Zion & Emmaline Smith.Sister to W. Harrison Smith
BARNETT, Jessie Frederick Nov 24 1886 Mar 14 1948 Husband of Canzady Smith Barnett.
BARNETTE, Bonnie Ruth Mar 13 1942 Mar 13 1942
BARNETTE, Charles Allen Mar 23 1942 Mar 23 1942
BARNETTE, Emma Feb 28 1869 Dec 19 1938 Mother of A. Z. Barnette Armstrong.
BELL, Guss unknown Dec 11 1939 Husband of Netta Culpepper. PVT US ARMY
BLANTON, Moses H Jul 21 1814 Mar 1887 Husband of Thiey Blanton
BLANTON, Thiey Dec 25 1824 Nov 08 1900 Wife of Moses Blanton
BODIFORD, Claudia B. Oct 18 1888 Feb 25 1938 Claudia B. Hix Bodiford. Wife of John W. Bodiford
BODIFORD, Harvey J. Jan 19 1907 Aug 03 1970 Son of "John A" & Claudia Hix Bodiford. Husband of Lucille Bennett Bodiford. Their children were Mitzi (Wills) & Beth (Deeb.) He was superintendent of schools in Henry County in the '30's when the Union Consolidated School replaced the old Union School across the road from the church. COMMANDER US NAVY WW II
BODIFORD, I. I. Nov 1845 Dec 1868 Isiah Bodiford
BODIFORD, Imogene K. Jul 17 1856 May 09 1869 Daughter of Wesley H. & Jane Wes Clementine Turner Bodiford
BODIFORD, Infant Apr 24 1895 Apr 24 1895 Daughter of James L. & P. Susann Whitehead Bodiford
BODIFORD, Infant unknown unknown Daughter of Noel W. & Mary E. Smith Bodiford
BODIFORD, James C. Dec 25 1884 Jul 22 1886 Son of J. L. & P.S. Bodiford
BODIFORD, James L. May 19 1859 May 12 1937 Husband of P. Susann Whitehead & Maggie Alexander. Son of Wesley Bodiford and Jane W. C. Turner. James & Susann's children were Nellie (Whatley,) Noel William, Bessie (Mims,) James C., Molton P., Murry J., Rachel C., Minnie Kansas (Smith,) & Arthur. James & Maggie's children were James A. "Pete" & Bernard O. Bodiford.
BODIFORD, Jane W. C. Jan 22 1826 Jul 10 1896 Jane Wes Clementine Turner Bodiford. Wife of Wesley H. Bodiford. Daughter of Noel & Malinda Williams Turner
BODIFORD, John W. Feb 28 1883 Nov 17 1970 Even though his marker has John W., he was always known as "John A"and is listed in the 1920 census as John A. Son of Wesley H. & Jane Turner Bodiford. Husband of Claudia B. Hix Bodiford. Their children were Harvey, Jim, Susan (Mason), Muller Mae (Brantley), Hattie Lee (Hardwick), and John William
BODIFORD, Kate Jan 14 1889 Mar 09 1899 Daughter of Wm. E. & J.C. Bodiford. Her head stone existed when Mrs. Scott did her survey of this cemetery in the '50's, but is no longer there. Today, all that remains is a tiny foot marker with the letters K O B.
BODIFORD, Mary Lucille Bennett May 03 1910 Nov 02 2000 Wife of Harvey J. Bodiford.
BODIFORD, Maggie A. Feb 16 1872 Jan 07 1964 Maggie Alexander Bodiford. 2nd wife of James L. Bodiford
BODIFORD, Mary Smith Jun 13 1898 Apr 11 1944 Daughter of Harrison & Sallie Barry Smith. Wife of Noel William Bodiford
BODIFORD, Molton P. Nov 08 1881 Nov 22 1882 Son of J. L. & P.S. Bodiford
BODIFORD, Murry J. Nov 08 1890 Jan 19 1896 Daughter of James L. & P. Susann Whitehead Bodiford
BODIFORD, Noel Nov 09 1862 Jun 28 1863 Son of Wesley H. & Jane Wes Clementine Turner Bodiford
BODIFORD, Noel William Apr 16 1893 Sep 16 1961 Son of James L. & P. Susann Whitehead Bodiford. Husband of Mary Smith Bodiford. Their only named child was William R. Bodiford.
BODIFORD, P.S. Dec 03 1860 Feb 27 1909 Precious Susann Whitehead Bodiford. First wife of James L. Bodiford. Daughter of John & Rachel Kirkland Whitehead
BODIFORD, R.L. unknown unknown Buried in a plot with William Wyatt & Minnie Kansas Smith. R.L. was her second husband, and died after they had been married only a short time. He was a school teacher who came from Georgia, and was not a close relative of other Bodifords in the community. After his death, Minnie Kansas retook the name Smith.
BODIFORD, Rachel C. May 04 1899 Dec 22 1900 Daughter of James L. & P. Susann Whitehead Bodiford
BODIFORD, W. H. Sep 10 1824 Apr 18 1907 Wesley Hamilton Bodiford. Son of Elijah & Sarah Bodiford. Husband of Jane W. C. Turner and later Joan Hutto. His and Jane's children included James L., Sarah (Armstrong,) Roxie, Elizabeth Caroline (Culpepper,) Jane (Southerland,) Imogene K., Noel, & Cornelia Conzadies (Ethridge.) Wesley Bodiford was one of the earliest settlers in the community. He and his mother first settled near Cedar Spring and built a mill on Gin Branch. He later moved Bodiford's Mill further down Abbie Creek, where it became a community landmark.
BODIFORD, William R. Aug 14 1925 Jul 22 1960 Son of Noel W. & Mary E. Smith Bodiford. He married only briefly and had no children.
BRADLEY, C. J. Mar 19 1908 Feb 03 1979 His name was C J. The letters are not initials for anything. He was the son of James Clopton & Ella Jones Bradley. He married Mary Lou Bradley & their child was Rufus Bradley. C J married Audrey Jackson, & their children were James McArthur, Eugene, Margaret (Gissendanner,) Robert Earl, Johnny, Wesley, Larry Don, Paul, & Juanita (Turner.)
BRADLEY, Ella D. Oct 16 1876 Jan 10 1963 Ella Drusilla Jones.Wife of James Clopton Bradley.
BRADLEY, Florence May 19 1912 Jun 17 1991 Daughter of James Clopton & Ella Jones Bradley. Wife of Thid Bradley.
BRADLEY, Greely Lee Dec 19 1910 Aug 20 1972 He was called "Son." Son of Horace G. & Mary Susan Bradley. He married Hattie Mae Bradley & their 2 children were Luther Floyd & Peggy Estelle (Langley.) Greeley Lee later married another person & they had four children
BRADLEY, Horace G. 1874 1969 Horace Greeley Bradley. Husband of Mary Susan Bradley. Their children were George, Sherman, Shelby, Greeley Lee, Ressie (Taylor,) Maggie (Smith,) Ethel (Wyatt,) Sis (Herring,)& Lottie Mae (Bailey.)
BRADLEY, Infant Nov 25 1934 Nov 25 1934 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Bradley
BRADLEY, James C. Oct 18 1875 Jul 29 1930 James Clopton Bradley. Brother of Horace Greeley Bradley. Husband of Ella D. Bradley. Their children were A. J., C. J., Florence (Bradley), & Hattie Mae (Bradley/Carlisle)
BRADLEY, Luther F. Jan 26 1939 Jan 10 1946 Luther Floyd Bradley. Son of Greeley Lee Bradley & Hattie Mae Bradley Bradley
BRADLEY, Mary Susan unknown unknown Wife ofHorace G. Bradley
BRADLEY, T. R. (Thid) Oct 23 1909 Nov 08 1993 Theodore Roosevelt Bradley. Grandson of Frank Bradley. Husband of Florence Bradley. Their children were James & Evelyn (Watkins)
BRASWELL, Dora Mar 01 1878 Apr 13 1935 Dora Bailey Braswell. Wife of Martin H. Braswell
BRASWELL, Martin H. Sep 16 1872 Nov 14 1951 Husband of Dora Braswell
CASHWELL, D.J. Unknown Unknown David J. Cashwell, born about 1865. He married Callie __?__ . Their children included Flora, Martin & Haig.
CASHWELL, Haig unknown unknown Son of David J. & Callie Cashwell. He was born about 1918.
CHAMBERS, Ethel C. Nov 06 1903 Feb 08 1935 Ethel Culpepper Chambers. Daughter of Wilson Culpepper.
COKER, Mary Ethel Mar 24 1914 Nov 25 1918 Buried beside Joseph & Josephine Owens
CROCKETT, Mary Mims Jan 20 1856 Mar 04 1901 Daughter of W. E. Mims. Wife of Shadrack T. Crockett.
CROWLEY, Addie Jan 01 1865 Dec 07 1936 Sarah Adeline Davis Crowley. Wife of D. Clopton Crowley. Daughter of John & __? __ Holmes Davis.
CROWLEY, Albert C. Aug 16 1891 May 09 1941 Son of David Clopton & Addie Davis Crowley. Husband of Linnie Gipson Crowley. Their children were Hershel, Ramon, Jack, & Crawford.
CROWLEY, D.C. Aug 23 1861 Jan 20 1938 David Clopton Crowley. Son of George & __?__ Windham Crowley. Husband of Addie Davis Crowley. Their children were Cleveland, Lillian, Linnie, Jennie, Sam, Albert, Ida, Jim V., Robert, & Ruby J.
CROWLEY, Linnie May 16 1900 Nov 15 1959 Linnie Gipson Crowley. Daughter of Will & Omie Davis Gipson. Wife of Albert C. Crowley
CROWLEY, Little Hershel unknown unknown Aged 3 months 2 days. Son of Albert & Linnie Gipson Crowley
CROWLEY, Little Ramon unknown unknown Aged 6 months 4 days. Son of Albert & Linnie Gipson Crowley
CROWLEY, Samuel Apr 01 1897 Jun 07 1937 Son of D. Clopton & Addie Crowley
CULPEPPER, Addie L. Sep 24 1882 Jan 24 1978 Wife of John Lymon Culpepper. Daughter of Morgan & Savana Tate Williams
CULPEPPER, Bertha EuDora Apr 15 1884 Oct 14 1945 Bertha EuDora Arrington Culpepper. Wife of Robert Lee Culpepper.
CULPEPPER, Billie Wayne Jul 24 1939 Jul 24 1939 Twin son of Oscar & Ethel Parker Culpepper.
CULPEPPER, Carrie Aug 29 1853 Dec 04 1934 Elizabeth Caroline Bodiford Culpepper. Daughter of Wesley H. & Jane Turner Bodiford. Wife of John Hilliard Culpepper.
CULPEPPER, Clarence Preston Dec 30 1895 Dec 08 1973 Son of John H. & Elizabeth Caroline Bodiford Culpepper. Husband of Ruby Jane Hartzog Culpepper. Their children included Earl, Marvin Lamar & Mattie May Culpepper. PVT US ARMY WW I
CULPEPPER, Ennis Charles Dec 14 1911 Nov 07 1943 Son of John Lymon & Addie Williams Culpepper. He married Edna Ruth Skeen. Their children were Charles Utley, Barbara (Money,), and Carol (Crozier/Granberry). Ennis was killed in an automobile accident along with Dock Smith.
CULPEPPER, Ethel Parker Mar 26 1897 Apr 29 1991 Ethel Charlottie Parker Culpepper. Daughter of Green & Lou Willis Parker. Wife of Oscar Culpepper
CULPEPPER, Eva Beatir Jun 13 1898 Jan 10 1909 Eva Beatrice. Daughter of John Hilliard & Elizabeth Caroline Bodiford Culpepper. Her clothes caught fire while she was working in the fields, and she burned to death.
CULPEPPER, Infant Babe Oct 22 1889 Oct 22 1889 Child of J.H. & E.C. Culpepper
CULPEPPER, Jane S. Jun 28 1908 Dec 25 1908 Daughter of J. Lymon & Addie Williams Culpepper
CULPEPPER, John H. Jan 05 1849 Dec 28 1925 John Hilliard Culpepper. Son of James H. & Delisa Edwards Culpepper. Husband of Elizabeth Caroline “Carrie” Bodiford Culpepper. Their children were Willie, Arrie (Herring,) Stella (Roberts,) Lilla(Money,) Walter, Eva Beatrice, Audrey(Blackshear,) Iovie "Ovie" (Hatfield,) Clarence Preston, & Otelia(Money)
CULPEPPER, John L. Sep 09 1880 May 25 1953 John Lymon Culpepper. Son of William & Elizar Culpepper. Husband of Addie L. Williams Culpepper. Their children were Minnie Leigh, Ennis C., John Thurman "Spurgeon", Jane S. & Ruth(Starling)
CULPEPPER, John Wesley Nov 06 1904 Jun 03 1906 Son of J. W. & N. A. Culpepper. Buried in Macajah Culpepper plot
CULPEPPER, Liza Jane Jun 17 1851 Feb 29 1909 Buried in John L. Culpepper plot. Note that there was no Feb. 29th in 1909. She is probably the wife of William Culpepper and the mother of J. Lymon Culpepper
CULPEPPER, Marvin Lamar Aug 05 1923 Jul 14 1981 Son of Clarence Preston and Ruby Jane Culpepper
CULPEPPER, Mattie Johnson Dec 03 1877 Nov 05 1914 Buried in Micajah Culpepper plot
CULPEPPER, Mattie May Feb 05 1930 Sep 09 1931 Daughter of Clarence Preston Culpepper and Ruby Jane Culpepper
CULPEPPER, Micajah Oct 22 1837 Jul 06 1903 Son of Joseph & Sarah Ward Culpepper. He was called "Cage." Husband of Nicey Armstrong Culpepper. Their children were Davis (went to Waco, TX,) Joseph M. "Jose", Thomas Quincy, Isaac William "Willie", John Wesley, Ella Alice (Parish), Clifford (Ethridge,) Sarah Cancis "Cannie"(Petty), Lucy (Kirkland) & Robert Lee. As uncommon as this name seems, there were at least two other Micajah’s in Henry County. This one was (Private, "G" 39th Alabama Infantry Regiment CSA).
CULPEPPER, Minnie Leigh Oct 27 1906 Nov 22 1996 Unmarried daughter of J. Lymon & Addie Culpepper
CULPEPPER, Nicey Apr 20 1840 Feb 22 1918 Nicey Armstrong Culpepper. Wife of Micajah Culpepper. Daughter of Martin & Sarah Armstrong
CULPEPPER, Oscar Sep 22 1889 Sep 19 1991 Son of William Wesley "Billy" & Elizabeth Harrell Culpepper. Husband of Ethel Parker Culpepper. Their children were Henry Bryant, Betty Cornelia (Tant), Reuben Pershing, Mary Francis, Dorothy Jeanette (Parker,) Lucy Floyd (Brownell,) Billie Wayne, William Greene, Oscar Franklin, & Rosa Lee
CULPEPPER, Robert Lee Sep 08 1878 Jan 30 1957 Son of Macajah & Nicey Armstrong Culpepper. Husband of Bertha EuDora Arrington Culpepper. Their children included Vallie (Hall,) Lyla (Robinson,) and Elton
CULPEPPER, Rome Jul 25 1888 Aug 12 1888 Son of John Hilliard & Elizabeth Caroline Bodiford Culpepper.
CULPEPPER, Rosa Lee Aug 11 1913 Oct 05 1933 Daughter of Oscar & Ethel Parker Culpepper
CULPEPPER, Ruby Jane Jan 20 1897 Jan 07 1988 Wife of Clarence Preston Culpepper
CULPEPPER, Tomie Joe May 01 1900 Jun 21 1900 Son of Wm “Billy” & E. J. Culpepper. Buried beside Eva Beatir Culpepper
CULPEPPER, William Greene Jul 24 1939 Jul 29 1939 Twin son of Oscar & Ethel Parker Culpepper.
CURETON, Donie Strickland 1900 Oct 09 1948 Wife of Henry Clayton Cureton
CURETON, Henry Clayton "C. C" Sep 24 1900 Aug 24 1985 Husband of Donie Strickland Cureton
DYKES, Sarah about 1776 Jan 19 1863 Sarah Bodiford Dykes. Wife of Elijah Bodiford and __?__ Dykes. She came to this area as a widow with her son Wesley H. Bodiford as one of the early pioneers of the community. She was not the first person buried in this cemetery, but has the oldest marked birth date and the earliest marked date of death.
ETHRIDGE, C.C. Apr 13 1850 Jun 27 1925 Cornelia Conzadies Bodiford Ethridge. Wife of Henry A. Ethridge. Daughter of Wesley & Jane W. C. Turner Bodiford.
ETHRIDGE, Carl L. Oct 14 1896 Dec 01 1959 Carl Leslie Ethridge. Son of L. L. & Clifford Culpepper Ethridge. Husband of Julia Melvin Ethridge and Willie M. Skelton Ethridge. His children are Carl Ray, James Dewey, Rebecca (Lisenby), Virginia (Cherry), & Robert H.
ETHRIDGE, Clifford Rebeca Feb 14 1876 Jun 23 1925 Daughter of Micajah & Nicey Armstrong Culpepper. First wife of L. L. Ethridge. Their children are Robert H., Carl Leslie, James Wesley, Nicey C. (Strickland,) Dutchie Lee (Herring,) & Canzady.
ETHRIDGE, Henry A. Jun 25 1846 May 27 1927 Husband of C.C. Ethridge. Their children included Lucy (Mims,) Lizzie (Sanders,) & Jim
ETHRIDGE, Infant Jan 25 1891 Jan 25 1891 Son of H. A. & C.C. Ethridge
ETHRIDGE, J. Dewey Aug 06 1927 Mar 21 1967 James Dewey Ethridge. Son of Carl L. & Willie M. Skelton Ethridge. CPL 9136 TECH SVC UNIT WW II
ETHRIDGE, Joseph C. Dec 28 1922 Jun 02 1924 Buried beside J. Dewey Ethridge. Son of Carl L. & Julia Melvin Ethridge
ETHRIDGE, Robert H. Sep 29 1902 May 27 1915 Son of L. L.& Clifford Rebeca Ethridge
ETHRIDGE, Willie M. Dec 31 1899 Nov 22 1981 Willie Mae Skelton Ethridge. Daughter of Will & Tamsey Skelton. Wife of Carl L. Ethridge
GRAHAM, Delia Nov 22 1887 Feb 27 1950 3 identically marked unnamed graves lie south of her
GRIFFIN, Paul L. Aug 23 1909 Nov 07 1910 Son of J.L. & Minnie Griffin
HANCOCK, Alice W. Sep 27 1884 Feb 15 1967 Alice Williams Hancock. Wife of Coley C. Hancock. Daughter of Morgan & Savana Tate Williams
HANCOCK, Claud B. Oct 14 1896 Nov 05 1969 Son of W.H. & Mary Jane Hancock. Blind from birth, he never married.
HANCOCK, Coley C. Jul 13 1884 Dec 11 1944 Coley Copeland Hancock. Husband of Alice Williams Hancock. Their children were John William, Marvin Franklin, Alma (Dankert/ McGowan,) Willie Raymond, Allene (Beasley/Marshall/Brown,) Coley Copeland Jr., & Horace Hancock
HANCOCK, Eddie Nov 05 1904 Oct 04 1924 Son of W.H. & Mary Jane Hancock
HANCOCK, Jewell Feb 19 1930 Feb 21 1930 Daughter of John William & Helen Norton Hancock.
HANCOCK, Margarette Mar 08 1935 Mar 12 1935 Daughter of John William & Helen Norton Hancock.
HANCOCK, Mary Jane Bailey 1858 Jul 05 1939 Wife of W.H. Hancock
HANCOCK, W. H. (Billy) 1846 Jan 1938 William Henry Hancock. City councilman in Eufaula before moving to Henry County. Husband of Mary Jane Bailey Hancock. Their children included William Franklin, Elizabeth (Bowden), Joseph Oree "Boree", and several others.
HELTON, Ambros Dec 22 1857 Sep 29 1930 Husband of Mary E. Melvin Helton
HELTON, Mary E. May 05 1851 Jun 16 1935 Wife of Ambros Helton. Daughter of Daniel & Lucy Ann Scholar Melvin.
HERRING, Calvin Loyd Nov 26 1924 Feb 13 1925 Son of Earnest West & Clara B. Starling Herring
HERRING, Caroline B. Sep 11 1841 Feb 11 1906 Caroline Elizabeth Turner Herring. Daughter of Noel & Malinda Williams Turner. Wife of Stephen Herring.
HERRING, Clara S. Nov 25 1887 Dec 17 1956 Clara B. Starling Herring. Daughter of J. Henry & Amanda Elizabeth Money "Mud" Starling. Wife of E. West Herring
HERRING, Comer Mar 04 1907 May 16 1953 Earl Comer Herring. Son of Hart & Minnie Parker Herring. Husband of Golden Starling Herring. Their children include JoAnn (Hall) & Carolyn (Deal.)
HERRING, E. West Jun 01 1881 Jul 21 1941 Earnest West Herring. Son of John Hamp & Emma Norton Herring. Husband of Clara Starling Herring. Their children are Ruby (Still), Edna (Armstrong), James R. "Pete", Bill, Mar, Earnest W. "Tib", Hazel (Harpe), Estelle (Vickers), Hollis (Ethridge,) Calvin Loyd, John Wesley & Henry Hamp.
HERRING, Emma Norton Sep 05 1859 Aug 09 1935 Emma Jane Norton Herring. Daughter of Russell and Julia A. Norton. Wife of J. Hamp Herring
HERRING, Eugene B. Sep 16 1889 Oct 07 1897 Son of G.A. & H.P. Herring
HERRING, George Arba Mar 23 1866 Mar 26 1939 Son of Stephen & Caroline Elizabeth Turner Herring. Husband of Hariet P. Whitehead Herring and Bobbie Culp Herring. Father of Carrie Herring (Hamilton/Merritt,) Winnie, J.S., Irene (Herndon,) Marvin, & Mack
HERRING, George W. Mar 24 1923 Oct 28 1980 Son of W. Vann & Susie Smith Herring. US NAVY WW II
HERRING, Golden May 06 1915 Prepared plot. Lucy Golden Starling Herring. Widow of Comer Herring. Daughter of Elbert & Lucy Whatley Starling.
HERRING, Hariet W. May 10 1867 Sep 21 1901 Hariet P. Whitehead Herring. Wife of George Arba Herring. Daughter of John & Rachel Kirkland Whitehead. A second marker for her has been placed among the rows of infant graves just southeast of her grave.
HERRING, Hart H. Mar 21 1884 Mar 04 1958 Son of John Hamilton "Hamp" & Emma Norton Herring. Husband of Minnie Parker Herring. Their children are Comer, Raymond, Emma Lou (Shelley,) Julia Mae & Jackie.
HERRING, Infant Oct 29 1932 Oct 29 1932 Daughter of Comer & Golden Herring
HERRING, Infant daughter Feb 25 1950 Feb 25 1950 Daughter of Hamp & Mary Parker Herring
HERRING, Infant daughter Oct 10 1922 Oct 10 1922 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. N. Herring
HERRING, Infant son Jan 06 1926 Jan 06 1926 Son of Mr. & Mrs. J.N. Herring
HERRING, J.S. Sep 12 1901 Aug 13 1910 Son of George A. & Hariet Herring
HERRING, John Hamp Oct 30 1859 Apr 28 1936 John Hamilton "Hamp" Herring. Son of Stephen & Caroline Elizabeth Turner Herring. Husband of Emma Norton Herring. Their children included Jack Norton, Earnest West, Lang, Hart, Vann, Lloyd, Bell (Peacock), Cora (Ethridge), Ealey (Shelley), & Euna C. (Davis.)
HERRING, John Wesley Jul 30 1943 Aug 21 1946 Son of Hamp & Mary Parker Herring
HERRING, John Wesley Apr 25 1919 May 25 1920 Son of Earnest West & Clara B. Starling Herring
HERRING, Julia Mae Apr 16 1918 May 02 1919 Daughter of Hart & Minnie Herring
HERRING, Mary E. unknown unknown Buried in plot with Horace G. Bradley
HERRING, Minnie P. Sep 27 1885 Jun 09 1970 Wife of Hart H. Herring. Daughter of Green and Lou Willis Parker
HERRING, Stephen Jul 22 1836 Apr 06 1921 Husband of Caroline Elizabeth Turner Herring. Their children were Malinda (Norton), John Hamp, George Arba, Louis Jack,& James Holt. Stephen Herring was one of the early settlers of the community. (Private, Kolb's Battery Alabama Light Artillery CSA)
HERRING, Susie S. Jul 15 1898 Feb 22 1944 Daughter of Dan & Lula Harp Smith. Wife of W. Vann Herring.
HERRING, W. Vann Feb 14 1898 May 15 1937 Son of John Hamilton "Hamp" & Emma Norton Herring. Husband of Susie Smith Herring. Their children included Willie Vann (Herndon,) George W., and Virginia Dare "Gent." Vann had been hospitalized at Moody Hospital in Dothan. He desperately wanted to leave the hospital, and in attempting to escape from a second story window, he fell to his death. PVT 167 INF WWI
HERRING, Winnie D. Oct 22 1894 Feb 21 1920 Daughter of George A. & Hariet Herring
HIX, Hattie H. Dec 16 1867 Apr 04 1938 Hattie Hardwick Hix. Wife of William L. Hix
HIX, Mason Sep 22 1835 Aug 30 1898 Son of Lewis & Elizabeth Hix. First husband of Nancy Ann West Hix Kirkland. He is said to have proposed the name “Union Grove” for the Free Will Baptist Church that was established near this cemetery.
HIX, William L. Oct 05 1867 Jun 02 1930 Bill. Husband of Hattie Hardwick Hix. Their children included Calmon, James I., William C., Roy Otis, George S., Jackson, & Emma L.
HOLLAND, Iris Culpepper Jul 26 1900 Dec 15 1923 Buried in Micajah Culpepper plot
HUTTO, Thomas Abron Sep 06 1877 Jun 01 1937 Husband of Annie Whatley Hutto. Their children were Janie (Whitehead,) Agnes (Starling,) Brown, Ellen (Parker,) Willie Mae, Homer, Mamie Stewart (Hathaway,) & Lillie(Pritchett.)
HUTTO, Willie Mae Jun 16 1916 Feb 17 1935 Daughter of Thomas Abron & Annie Whatley Hutto
JACKSON, Arbie Nov 05 1906 Nov 07 1906
JOHNSON, Madie Scott Sep 27 1882 Jul 10 1970 Wife of W.W. "Buddy" Johnson
JOHNSON, Magdaline Oct 1884 Jun 1924
JOHNSON, W.W. (Buddy) Jan 10 1874 Jun 21 1945 Husband of Madie Scott Johnson. Their children included Tommy, Louise, Lum W., William Wyatt, & Gracie
JOHNSON, William W. Mar 21 1915 Oct 22 1961 William Wyatt Johnson. Son of W.W. "Buddy" and Madie Scott Johnson. PVT SVC BTRY 17 FLV ARTY WW II
JONES, Hassie Apr 16 1892 Oct 14 1917 Daughter of J.A. & Rhoda Whatley Jones. Twin of Essie Jones (Campbell.)
JONES, J.A. Jun 10 1862 Feb 01 1918 Husband of Rhoda A. Whatley. Their children included Ina, Jessie, Essie (Campbell,) Hassie, Maggie, Callie, Macy A., & James H.
KAY, Joseph Mar 02 1845 May 20 1916 Husband of Mandy Ella Bland Seymour Kay. Their children included Lloyd, Ludie, & Lee
KAY, Mandy Ella Nov 16 1865 Nov 24 1952 Wife of Joe Kay. Daughter of John & Avey Salonie Mouring Bland. Her first husband was Barney Seymour
KIRKLAND, Cicero May 27 1843 Dec 29 1911 2nd husband of Nancy Ann West Hix Kirkland. Son of Wm. T. "Turkey Bill" and Sarah Snellgrove Kirkland
KIRKLAND, Nancy Ann Sep 01 1829 Aug 29 1912 Nancy Ann West Hix Kirkland. Wife of Mason Hix & Cicero Kirkland. Daughter of Dr. Isaac William West & Bethany Knight West of Fort Gaines. She is buried in plot with Mason Hix
McDANIEL, Ben unknown Jan 17 1933 PVT 157 DEPOT BRIGADE WW I
MCKNIGHT, Samuel Jan 18 1809 Nov 17 1882
MELVIN, Amanda Dec 27 1841 Sep 05 1921 Unmarried daughter of Daniel & Lucy Ann Scholar Melvin
MELVIN, Danial J. Jun 18 1815 Oct 09 1903 Husband of Lucy Ann & Susan Melvin. His and Lucy Ann's children included Amanda, Susann, Martha (Melvin,) & Mary E. (Helton.)
MELVIN, Hattie J. Roberts Jan 29 1861 Apr 18 1928 Daughter of George T. & Sarah Ayers Roberts. 2nd Wife of James M. Melvin
MELVIN, James M. Mar 22 1844 Feb 17 1908 Husband of S. Missouri Davis Melvin & Hattie J. Roberts Melvin. He was the first clerk of the church.
MELVIN, Lucy Ann Apr 15 1815 Apr 18 1877 Wife of Danial J. Melvin
MELVIN, Magie Aug 31 1872 Sep 02 1874 Daughter of James M. & S. Missouri Melvin
MELVIN, Martha 1857 Mar 19 1926 Wife of Wiley Melvin. Daughter of Daniel & Lucy Ann Scholar Melvin
MELVIN, S. Missouri Apr 11 1845 May 06 1889 Wife of James M. Melvin. Daughter of W.F. & Martha Davis
MELVIN, Susan about 1825 Nov 05 1895 Wife of Danial J. Melvin
MELVIN, Susann Dec 25 1845 Jun 14 1923 Unmarried daughter of Daniel & Lucy Ann Scholar Melvin
MELVIN, Wylie 1859 Apr 10 1933 Husband of Martha Melvin Melvin. Their children are Charlie B., Minnie L. (Roberson,) & Hattie J. All 3 children are buried in the new Union Cemetery.
MIMS, Bessie B. Dec 01 1896 Sep 13 1971 Wife of Euston R. Mims. Daughter of James L. & P. Susann Whitehead Bodiford
MIMS, Euston R. Apr 01 1880 Jan 09 1968 Euston Rodolphus Mims. Son of T.R. & Mandy Miller Mims. Husband of Bessie Bodiford Mims. Their children are Veda Mae (Mynant), Elba Rose (Lloyd Ethridge), Bessie Iris (Polly Armstrong), Dorothy (Mims), Tom, Charles, Billy, & Franklin
MIMS, Franklin D.R. Nov 10 1932 Nov 12 1943 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Mims. Son of Euston & Bessie Mims. He was born just days after the presidential election of his namesake
MIMS, Unknown A large monument with only "MIMS" marks the graves of several Mims ancestors, including T.R. and Mandy Miller Mims
MONEY, Bud Apr 20 1877 Oct 22 1949 Son of James Cash Money III & Catherine Starling. Husband of Otelia Culpepper Money. Their children included Loris H., Carrie, Herman, Henry, Ed, & Preston
MONEY, Otelia Dec 28 1884 Nov 30 1934 Wife of Bud Money. Daughter of John Hilliard & Elizabeth Caroline "Carrie" Bodiford Culpepper
MORRISON, Andrew M. Unknown Unknown Private, Company "B" 39th Alabama Infantry Regiment CSA
MURRAY, Annie Almedia Oct 29 1883 Feb 07 1954 Annie Almedia Arnold Murray. Wife of Charles Alexander Murray. Daughter of Matthew & Celia Bodiford Arnold. Note: Correct spelling is Annie Alameda Murray [Source: Bill Arnold]
MURRAY, Chas. Alexander Mar 20 1883 Dec 25 1945 Husband of Annie Almedia Murray. Their children included sons Matthew & George, and daughters Claud and __?__.
MURRAY, Infant Aug 01 1903 Aug 01 1903 Son of C.A. & Annie Murray
MYNATT, Veda Mae Mims Jun 21 1915 Jun 17 1995 Daughter of Euston & Bessie Mims
NORTON, Arba 1892 1945 Son of John & Malinda Herring Norton. First husband of Ola Smith
NORTON, Clyde H. Nov 11 1893 May 07 1908 Son of John & Malinda Herring Norton
NORTON, John N. Nov 07 1857 Nov 03 1930 Son of Russell and Julia A. Norton. Husband of Malinda Herring Norton. Their children included Bessie, Carrie, Emma L., Arba, & Clyde H.
NORTON, Malinda Herring Feb 28 1861 Sep 11 1934 Daughter of Stephen & Caroline Turner Herring. Wife of John N. Norton.
OWENS, Joseph Franklin 1900 1975 Buried beside Josephine Owens & Mary Ethel Coker
OWENS, Josephine Feb 16 1875 Mar 12 1916 Buried beside Joseph Franklin Owens & Mary Ethel Coker. Identified by Mrs. Marvin Scott as "Mrs. Dr. Owens"
PARISH, Little Ligon Jan 1906 Dec 25 1907 Son of John R. & Ella Culpepper Parish. Grandson of Micajah & Nicey Armstrong Culpepper
PARKER, Angeline Feb 26 1850 Sep 19 1906
PARKER, Annie Earl Jun 30 1919 Dec 02 1920 Daughter of Nute & Lizzie Blanton Parker
PARKER, Donald R. Jun 06 1936 Jun 22 1940 Son of R.L. & Thelma Parker
PARKER, Eddie Jan 26 1880 Sep 18 1880 Son of E.R. & M.M. Parker
PARKER, Ellen Oct 19 1912 Sep 01 1974 Daughter of T.M. "Bud" and Annie Whatley Hutto. Wife of Nute Parker. Their children are Thomas & Melba Jean
PARKER, Green Reed Nov 19 1854 Oct 01 1937 Husband of Mary Frances "Lou" Willis Parker. Their children were Ethel (Culpepper,) Nute, Maggie (Whatley,) Annie Lee (Scott,) Zora (Bodiford,) Minnie (Herring,) John R., & Earl.
PARKER, John R Nov 22 1895 Feb 22 1942 Son of Green & Lou Parker. Husband of Roxie Culpepper Parker. Their children were Rayford, Mary Lou (Herring,) Minnie (Ethridge,) Wesley, & Betty (Ethridge.)
PARKER, John W. Jan 1856? 1876? Buried near M.M. & Eddie Parker
PARKER, Laura unknown unknown Buried in the Bradley plot
PARKER, Lizzie Blanton Jan 09 1893 Jan 05 1933 Wife of Nute Parker
PARKER, Louise S. Jan 11 1905 Dec 21 1990 Louise Strickland Parker. Wife of R. Earl Parker
PARKER, M.M. Jan 07 1854 Dec 22 1912 Wife of E.R. Parker
PARKER, Mary Frances Feb 09 1866 Mar 28 1916 Mary Frances "Lou" Willis Parker. Wife of Green Parker
PARKER, Nute Feb 24 1890 Dec 03 1964 Husband of Ellen Hutto Parker. Also husband of Lizzie Blanton Parker. His children were Annie Earl, Thomas, & Melba Jane
PARKER, R. Earl Jan 16 1901 Mar 06 1967 Husband of Louise S. Parker. Their children are Earline, Gladys, Jea, Earl Jr. "Brother."
PARKER, Randle Lee May 17 1914 Sep 07 1977 Husband of Thelma Whatley Parker. Their children included Donald Rudolph, Elizabeth (Johns,) Jane (Andrews,) & Wayne.
PARKER, Rayford Jan 28 1917 Jan 17 1978 Son of John R. & Roxie C. Parker. SSGT US ARMY WW II
PARKER, Roxie C. Apr 06 1897 Nov 29 1962 Roxie Culpepper Parker. Daughter of William Wesley "Billy" & Elizabeth Harrell Culpepper. Wife of John R. Parker
PARKER, Ruby Frances Mar 08 1924 Sep 10 1924 Daughter of R. Earl & Louise Strickland Parker
PARKER, Thelma Whatley Feb 25 1917 May 08 2001 Thelma Irene Whatley Parker. Daughter of J.M. "Mac" & Georgia Smith Whatley. Wife of Randle Lee Parker.
PARKER, Unknown Native stone marker near M.M. Parker
RICHARDS, Dora Kate 1886 1961 Wife of James Rayford Richards
RICHARDS, James Rayford 1877 1939 Husband of Dora Kate Richards. Their children were Kathleen (Smith,) Jessie Mae (Smith) & William Andrew "Bill."
RICHARDS, William Andrew (Bill) 1923 1948 Son of James Rayford & Dora Kate Richards.
ROBERSON, Allie Jane Jan 05 1920 Jun 29 1922 Daughter of Lewis & Pearl Roberson
ROBERSON, Clarence E. Feb 15 1904 Feb 07 1928 Son of Lewis & Pearl Roberson.
ROBERSON, Henry Lee Apr 10 1912 Jun 13 1979 Son of Lewis & Pearl Roberson. He never married.
ROBERSON, Lewis Oct 05 1879 Apr 04 1922 Husband of L. Pearl Pugh Roberson. Their children included Teague Griffin, Samuel H., Clarence E., J.T. "Pappy," Carrie Lee (Gamble/Carter,) Sallie (Bagwell,) Estelle (Thompson,) Charlie, Mary Lewis, & Allie Jane.
ROBERSON, Pearl Nov 05 1881 May 28 1968 L. Pearl Pugh Roberson. Wife of Lewis Roberson
ROBERTS, Geo. T. Mar 20 1834 Aug 22 1915 Husband of Sarah A. Roberts
ROBERTS, Sarah A. Apr 14 1837 Nov 18 1927 Wife of George T. Roberts
SCOTT, Annie Lee Nov 27 1887 Nov 09 1912 Wife of W. B. Scott. Daughter of Green Reed & M. F. Parker
SCOTT, Debra Aug 11 1954 Aug 25 1954 The daughter of William Ellis Scott died of Spinal Meningitis. [Source: Deborah Watford]
SCOTT, J. Lunsford Jan 04 1860 Jan 28 1930 Husband of Sarah P. Scott. Their child was W. B. "Bud" Scott.
SCOTT, Mrs. J. L. Dec 05 1860 Feb 11 1936 Sarah P. Scott, wife of J. Lunsford Scott.
SCOTT, W. B. Jan 08 1886 Jan 04 1936 Husband of Annie Lee Parker Scott. He remarried Clara A. His children included Margurette (Searcy,) & William Ellis " Jack" Scott.
SCOTT, William Ellis Sep 20 1912 Feb 11 1998 Jack Scott. Son of W.B. "Bud" Scott. Grandson of J. Lunsford & Sarah P. Scott. He married Inez Whitehead and Johnie Mae Ethridge. His children included Jacqueline, Bobbie Sue, Dennis, Roger, Debra, Wayne, Gary, & Jim. PVT US NAVY WW II. [Source: Deborah Watford]
SINGLETON, Martha L. Jun 04 1837 Sep 18 1897 Mother of Mary & Oma
SINGLETON, Mary E. Nov 15 1860 Nov 22 1923 Daughter of F. G. & M. G. Singleton
SMITH, Annie R. Mar 05 1891 Oct 05 1966 Annie Robinson Smith. Wife of William Z. Smith
SMITH, Arthur E. Nov 30 1897 Oct 08 1950 Husband of Florence S. Smith. Their children were Clara B. & Jewel.
SMITH, Carrie H. Apr 26 1877 Aug 07 1923 Carrie Hardwick Smith. Wife of Cody E. Smith
SMITH, Cody E. 1870 1938 Son of "Uncle Billy" & Amma Nordan Smith. Husband of Carrie H. Smith. Their children included Bessie L. (Stokes,) Annie, Hattie C., Thomas H. & Henderson.)
SMITH, Comer Feb 29 1908 Aug 09 1975 William Comer Smith. Son of Dan & Lula Harp Smith. Husband of Jessie Mae Smith. Their children included Bobbie (Whatley,) Jimmie (Savelle,) & Janice (West.)
SMITH, Dan Oct 03 1874 Feb 06 1949 Son of Zion & Emmaline Smith. Husband of Lula Harp. Their children included Ola (Norton/Armstrong/McArdle), Vannie (Smith), Dosia (Hutto), Carrie (Smith), Susie (Herring), William Comer, Robert, & Alyce (Richards.)
SMITH, Florence S. Jul 30 1901 Prepared plot. Widow of Arthur E. Smith
SMITH, Gene unknown unknown Buried beside Cody E. & Carrie Smith
SMITH, HARRISON Jul 1871 Mar 1931 W. Harrison Smith. He died Jan 9 1931 even though his cemetery marker says March. Son of Zion & Emmaline Smith. Harrison's first wife was Sally Barry. Their children were William Z., Arthur, Mary (Bodiford,) Canzady (Smith,) and R.V.Harrison's next wife was Josie Overstreet, and they had no children. His third wife was Fannie Shirley Smith Smith, and they had a son Oliver.
SMITH, Jessie Mae Apr 02 1909 Aug 31 1988 Jessie Mae Richards Smith. Daughter of James Rayford & Dora Kate Richards. Wife of Comer Smith
SMITH, Josie Overstreet unknown unknown Second wife of Harrison Smith. She died in July 1928.
SMITH, Kathleen Richards 1912 1982 Wife of Robert Smith. Daughter of James Rayford & Dora Kate Richards. Buried in the plot with her parents.
SMITH, Lalah Sep 14 1920 Prepared plot. Widow of William Horace Smith and now married to a Baxley in Barbour County. She is the daughter of R.C. and Addie Moring.
SMITH, Lula Harp Mar 05 1874 Nov 15 1941 Wife of Dan Smith. Daughter of William & Rebecca Jane Starling Harp
SMITH, Mathie James unknown unknown Unnamed markers lie on either side of his
SMITH, Minnie Kansas Sep 18 1886 Aug 25 1971 Daughter of James L. & P. Susann Whitehead Bodiford. Wife of (1) William Wyatt Smith and (2) R.L. Bodiford. Because R.L. Bodiford died shortly after their marriage, Minnie retook the name Smith.
SMITH, Myrtle M. May 01 1925 Prepared plot. Widow of Oliver W. Smith. She immigrated from Yugoslavia.
SMITH, Oliver W. Nov 03 1924 Apr 01 1966 Husband of Myrtle M. Smith. They had a son named Danny.
SMITH, Robert Feb 11 1911 May 24 1963 Son of Dan & Lula Harp Smith. He married Kathleen Richards
SMITH, Sally Barry 1870 ? First wife of Harrison Smith. Although her cemetery marker has only a question mark, she died in Oct of 1923.
SMITH, Thomas H. Aug 18 1920 Aug 27 1942 Son of Cody E. & Carrie Smith
SMITH, W. H. F. about 1856 Nov 30 1921 William H. F. Smith. He was a minister. Husband of Carrie Smith. Their children were William H., Cody N., Henry R., Annie, & Paul
SMITH, William Horace Jan 19 1911 Jan 28 1969 Son of William Wyatt & Minnie Bodiford Smith. Husband of Lalah Moring Smith Baxley
SMITH, William Wyatt Oct 13 1886 Jun 13 1921 Son of "Uncle Billy" & Amma Nordan Smith. First husband of Minnie Kansas Bodiford Smith. Their children were Horace, Willie Mae (Skeen), & Helen. Wyatt drowned in the Bloodsworth hole up the Abbie creek from Bodiford's mill.
SMITH, William Z. Sep 02 1894 Jul 26 1947 Son of Harrison & Sally Barry Smith. Husband of Annie Robinson Smith. Their children included Leon, Grace (Clenney,) & Lillie (Turner.) PVT 105 MG BN 27 DIV WW I. In the same plot, 3 unnamed graves lie north of him, and 5 unmarked graves lie west of him
SOUTHERLAND, Jane W. Jun 01 1865 Apr 24 1899 Daughter of Wesley H. & Jane W.C. Turner Bodiford. Wife of J. T. Southerland
STARLING, Agnes H. Mar 29 1901 Apr 17 1981 Wife of Charlie R. Starling. Daughter of T.M. "Bud" and Annie Whatley Hutto
STARLING, Charlie R. Jul 06 1892 Jun 30 1945 Son of John Henry & Amanda Elizabeth Money "Mud" Starling. Husband of Agnes Hutto Starling. Their children are Bob, Frances (Bodiford,) Jeanette (Trammell,) & Charlie Floyd. PFC US ARMY WW I
STARLING, J.S. about 1843 Mar 18 1888
STARLING, Martha Infant near Danial J. Melvin plot
STARLING, Robert H. (Bob) Jan 24 1921 Jan 18 1998 Son of Charlie R. & Agnes H. Starling. Husband of Ruth Virginia Starling. Their children are Collins, Ann (Cabesas,) David, Michael, & Chris. PFC ARMY AIR CORPS WW II
STARLING, Ruth Virginia Oct 30 1922 Jan 17 1979 Wife of Bob Starling. Daughter of John L. & Addie Culpepper
STOKES, Anna Mae Jul 17 1908 Oct 30 1909 Daughter of J.M. & Mary Stokes
STOKES, H.F. Oct 05 1846 Oct 31 1910 Henry Fryson Stokes. Husband of Martha Jane Mims Stokes. Their children are Mood, Harriette (McKeithan,) Robert C., Lee, Lilly (Oates,) John, Long, & Grady. (Private, Company "E" 60th Alabama Infantry Regiment CSA)
STOKES, John E. Jul 26 1910 Sep 22 1910 Son of D.L. & A.L. Stokes. There are 2 unnamed markers in the same plot
STOKES, Martha Jane Mims Jun 25 1848 Nov 15 1933 Wife of Henry Fryson Stokes
STOKES, Stephen Lawrence Nov 16 1915 Aug 26 1919 Son of J. Long & Linnie Jane Herring Stokes
TRAMMELL, Infant Aug 22 1958 Aug 22 1958 Daughter of Sammy & Jeanette Trammell
TRAMMELL, Infant Jul 13 1953 Jul 13 1953 Daughter of Sammy & Jeanette Trammell
TYE, W.H. Dec 17 1854 Sep 02 1935 William H. Tye. Husband of Martha T. "Mattie" Peterman Tye. His childen included William G. Willie H., Frederick, Ossie & Robert V
VICKERS, Infant Mar 16 1942 Mar 17 1942 Son of G.M. & Estelle H. Vickers. Grandson of West & Clara Herring
WHATLEY, J. H. May 17 1842 Feb 08 1908 John H. Whatley. Son of Michael B. & Parthenia Davis Whatley. Husband of Martha C. Adams Whatley. Their children were Rhoda, Michael, Joseph, Henry, Martha, John L., Annie D., Ella, & Allie Mae. John H. enlisted at Abbeville, Ala. on Jul 27 1861 as Private, Company G, 15th Alabama Regiment and continued until wounded and disabled at Cold Harbor, Va., on Jun 27 1862. His Confederate marker has been placed on a neighboring grave, making it appear that two John H. Whatleys are buried here. Dolly Sowell may be buried in the grave with the Confederate marker.(Private, Company "G" 15th Alabama Infantry Regiment CSA)
WHATLEY, Martha C. Aug 10 1847 Jun 26 1908 Martha Caroline Adams Whatley. Wife of John H. Whatley. Daughter of John W. & Allie Parker Adams
WHEELER, L.A. Jun 13 1861 Sep 08 1928 Husband of Mary Starling Wheeler. Their children were Edna (Vann,) Bryant, & Leslie. Their daughter Edna was delivered by Dr. James R. Vann, whom she later married.
WHEELER, Mary Starling Oct 03 1863 Feb 25 1956 Wife of L.A. Wheeler. Birth year is given as 1863 on the headstone, and 1856 on the slab
WHITEHEAD, Annie Alice Dec 10 1868 Dec 22 1898 Annie Alice Melvin Whitehead. Wife of J.B. Whitehead. She died only days after the death of her infant daughter. Buried in James M. Melvin area
WHITEHEAD, Infant Nov 12 1888 Nov 12 1888 Daughter of J.B. & Annie A. Whitehead. Buried with the family of James M. Melvin.
WILLIAMS, Savana Mar 20 1852 Aug 15 1942 Jane Savana Tate Williams. Wife of Morgan Williams. She moved to the Union community as a widow. Her children were Addie (Culpepper,) Alice (Hancock,) Thomas Nathan, John Allen, & Katie (Brady).
WILLIAMS, T. N. Apr 20 1887 Nov 25 1937 Thomas Nathan Williams. Born in Baker Hill, Barbour Co., AL. Date of death on the cemetery marker is wrong: He died Mar 18 1941 in Columbus, GA. He was married to Annie Lee Starling and is buried beside his mother Savana Tate Williams. This family being researched by Cyn Williams Bowen
WILLIS, Charlotte 1833 Sep 17 1896 Wife of E.N. Willis
WILLIS, E. N. Unknown Unknown Private, Company "E" 6th Alabama Cavalry Regiment CSA
WILLIS, Elma Auga Aug 16 1892 Oct 04 1967 Wife of Thomas Tilden Willis
WILLIS, Hattie A. Mar 15 1872 Aug 29 1910 Wife of Thomas Tilden Willis
WILLIS, Thomas Tilden Mar 11 1877 Jun 20 1928 Husband of Hattie A. and Elma Auga Tilden
WRIGHT, Cherry Lee Sep 18 1916 May 31 1939 Son of Cleveland & Ella C. Wright. He was killed in an auto accident.
WRIGHT, Cleveland Mar 17 1884 Aug 05 1957 Son of Clayton Wright. Husband of Ella C. Wright. Their child is Cherry Lee Wright
WRIGHT, Ella C. Dec 05 1888 Dec 10 1968 Wife of Cleveland Wright.
WRIGHT, Maudie Dec 12 1905 Oct 26 1921 Wife of G.W. Wright. Buried in Murray plot
WYATT, Ethel unknown unknown Daughter of Horace Greeley & Mary Susan Bradley.
See Note>>> The following burials were identified by Mrs. Marvin Scott in a survey of this cemetery in the late 1950's, but there is no evidence of them now. But for Mrs. Scott’s survey, we would certainly have missed the grave of Little Kate Bodiford, whose headstone has vanished over the years. The only thing left marking her grave is a little foot marker with almost the illegible initials, K O B.
MIMS, W.E. Jan 1819 Dec 1902 Father of Martin, John, Mary, T.R, Dolph, & others
MIMS, W.L. Jan ?
ROBERTS, Oran J. Nov ? Dec 13, ?
SCOTT, J.M. Dec 20 1895 Feb 08 1936 There are 5 marked graves in the Scott plot, but no J.M.
SOWELL, Dolly Feb 08 1864 Jun 18 1909 There is an otherwise blank marker situated where Mrs. Scott's survey would have placed her. However, the Confederate marker of John H. Whatley has been erected at the head of this marker. His actual grave is marked by a marble monument two spaces away beside his wife Martha Adams.
See Note>>> The following graves are not marked, but have been identified by family members
HANCOCK, Robert Lee unknown unknown Son of Joseph Oree & Osa Lee Hendley Hancock. Unmarked grave just east of W.H. Hancock.
SMITH, Alonzo “Dock” Jan 07 1909 Nov 06 1943 Son of Eddie & Mary E. Elkins Smith. He married Carrie Smith, and their child was Elizabeth Louise (Money.). He later married Helen Harrell and their child was Clara Nell Smith. Dock is buried in an unmarked grave between the Comer Smith & Thomas A. Hutto plots. Dock was killed in an auto accident along with Ennis Culpepper.
SMITH, Carrie about 1907 about 1934 Daughter of Dan & Lula Harp Smith.First wife of Alonzo “Dock” Smith. She is buried in an unmarked grave between the Comer Smith & Thomas A. Hutto plots.
SMITH, William Jan 30 1840 1929 Uncle Billy Smith. Husband of Leoami Sarahann "Amma" Nordan Smith. Their children were Cody E., Daniel F., Carrie Belland William Wyatt. Local lore has it that Billy Smith moved to the Union community after taking a shotgun and yoke of oxen in trade for 40 acres of land at Poplar Head, which later became downtown Dothan, Alabama
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