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Union Grove Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery

Partial Listing

Surveyed May 2001 by Gayle and Ron Thomas

Location: This church and cemetery are located on County Road 57 about 2 miles south of Alabama Highway 95 below Abbeville.The cemetery is commonly called “New Union Cemetery” to differentiate it from the nearby Armstrong or “Old Union Cemetery.” It is maintained through efforts of members of the church, and contributions for its upkeep may be made to Union Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery, % Holt Stokes, 6485 County Road 53, Abbeville, Alabama 36310.

Name Birth Date Death Date Notes / Source
ARMSTRONG, Josephine Strickland Dec 29 1892 Apr 25 1956 Wife of Charlie Martin Armstrong.
ARNOLD, Curtis A. Jul 25 1872 Dec 20 1957 Husband of Mary Moring Arnold. Their children included George D., Curtis Wilburn,& Zelma A. Update: New Union Cemetery (officially Union Grove Freewill Baptist Cemetery) Curtis A. Arnold is my grandfather. The complete list of children is: Cathell Evitus Arnold, William Walter Arnold (my father), Pearla Gertrude Arnold Hix, George Dewey Arnold, Claude A. Arnold, Curtis Wilburn Arnold, Zelma A. Arnold [Source: Bill Arnold]
ARNOLD, E.E. Mar 17 1892 Sep 01 1971 E.E. Arnold- I sssume this is uncle Eathell. [Source: Bill Arnold]
ARNOLD, Mary Moring Apr 11 1875 Feb 25 1959 Wife of Curtis A. Arnold. Update: Mary Moring Arnold is my grandmother. Her full name was Mary Elizabeth and she was known as "Lizzie" as you show her as the mohter of Pearla Gertrude Hix (Aunt "Gerley". It is only in the last couple of generations has her maiden name been spelled and pronounced "Moring". In her generation and before the name was pronounced and spelled "Mourning" as you show in Culp-Kirkland Cemetery for her father, William James Gillespie Mourning. [Source: Bill Arnold]
BEARDEN, Ralph Aug 04 1953 Dec 17 1986
BODIFORD, Annie Lou 1912 1949 Annie Lou Donaldson Bodiford.Wife of Oneal Bodiford.Killed in an auto accident
BODIFORD, Arthur L. 1888 1961 Son of James L. & P. Susann Whitehead Bodiford.Husband of Zora Parker Bodiford.Their children are Maggie (Vickers/Rollins), Oneal, Jimmie Ree (Gamble/Mason), & Joan]
BODIFORD, Frances S. Nov 20 1923 Prepared plot.Widow of John W. Bodiford.Daughter of Charlie & Agnes Hutto Starling.]
BODIFORD,James A Jul 17 1917 Jul 26 1968 CPL ARMY AIR FORCE WW II]
BODIFORD, James I Oct 15 1908 May 14 1982 Jim Bodiford.Husband of Lucille Hatfield Bodiford.Son of "John A" & Claudia Hix Bodiford]
BODIFORD, Joan Jeanette Jun 25 1933 Oct 16 1990 Daughter of Arthur & Zora Parker Bodiford]
BODIFORD, John W. Nov 09 1919 Apr 02 1983 John William Bodiford.Son of "John A" & Claudia Hix Bodiford.Husband of Frances Starling Bodiford. Their children are Carole (White) & Cathy (Whiddon) CPL US ARMY WW II]
BODIFORD, Lucille Hatfield Oct 08 1910 Dec 12 1969 Wife of James I. (Jim) Bodiford. Daughter of Bernie & Ovie Hatfield.She and Jim had no children]
BODIFORD, Oneal 1910 1949 Husband of Annie Lou Donaldson Bodiford. Son of Arthur & Zora Parker Bodiford.Killed in an auto accident
BODIFORD, Zora Parker 1892 1969 Wife of Arthur L. Bodiford. Daughter of Green & Lou Willis Parker.
BRADLEY, George R. Jun 28 1897 Oct 29 1972 Son of Greeley & Susie Bradley.Husband of Mary F. Bradley. PVT US ARMY WW I ]
BRADLEY, James McArthur (Mack) May 19 1942 Jun 18 1986
BRADLEY, Josie Weems Nov 13 1899 Apr 17 1974 Daughter of Frank & Mattie Weems.Wife of Martin Alex Bradley, Sr.
BRADLEY, Martin Alex, Sr. Aug 04 1894 Jan 11 1957 Son of Frank & ____ Bradley.Husband of Josie Weems Bradley. Their children were Mary Lou, Ruth, & Tom
BRADLEY, Mary F. Aug 16 1897 May 29 1977 She was called "Lade."Wife of George R. Bradley. Her parents were Frank & Mattie Weems
BRASWELL, Lymon Dec 12 1915 Mar 11 1979 Husband of Mary L. Braswell.PFC US ARMY WW II KOREA
BRASWELL, Mary L. Nov 06 1918 Dec 09 1988 Wife of Lymon Braswell
CALVASINA, Emily Carol Jan 23 1977 Jan 23 1977 Infant daughter of Eugene & Jane McKnight Calvasina
CROWLEY, Baby Ann Aug 07 1933 Oct 29 1933 Barbara Ann Crowley.Daughter of Robert Lee & Ellen Harpe Crowley
CROWLEY, Bessie G. Apr 06 1892 Jun 19 1983 Wife of John Cleveland Crowley
CROWLEY, Ellen H. Sep 10 1906 Apr 18 1993 Ruth Ellen Harpe.Wife of Robert Lee Crowley. Daughter of Tommie and Sarah Elizabeth Smith Harpe
CROWLEY, Jim V. Jan 25 1900 Feb 25 1974 James Vann Crowley. Son of David Clopton Crowley and Addie Davis Crowley. Husband of Reba Starling Crowley. They had no children.
CROWLEY, John C. Nov 07 1885 Sep 20 1971 John Cleveland Crowley. Son of D. Clopton & Addie Crowley.Husband of Bessie G. Crowley. Their children were Nell (Scarborough) & John.
CROWLEY, John Francis Jan 28 1917 Jan 29 1917 Son of John C. & Bessie G. Crowley
CROWLEY, Rebab. Dec 07 1910 Prepared plot. Amanda Rebecca Starling Crowley. Daughter of Elbert and Lucy Whatley Starling. Widow of Jim V. Crowley. They had no children]
CROWLEY, Robert L Oct 22 1901 Jul 12 1977 Robert Lee Crowley. Son of David Clopton Crowley and Addie Davis Crowley. Husband of Ruth Ellen Harpe Crowley. Their children were Barbara Ann & Thomas Crowley
CULPEPPER, Charles Utley Apr 26 1935 Aug 27 1985 Son of Ennis & Edna Ruth Skeen Culpepper Hancock. Husband of Margaret E. Oatley Culpepper. T SGT USAF KOREA VIETNAM
CULPEPPER, Margaret E. Oatley Oct 26 1930 Prepared plot. Husband of Charles U. Culpepper
DENHAM, John Henry Sep 26 1880 Sep 01 1948 Husband of Vela M. Cureton Denham
DENHAM, Margie C. Apr 18 1876 Apr 15 1923 She was initially buried out of state & was moved to this cemetery in the 1990's
DENHAM, Vela M. Cureton Jan 25 1902 Mar 17 1964 Wife of John Henry Denham
ETHRIDGE, David Scott Feb 15 1936 Apr 13 1970 Son of Robert and Hollis Ethridge.He was killed when the lime truck he was driving overturned.SP 5 US ARMY
ETHRIDGE, Edith Ham Jun 10 1900 Jul 18 1975 Second wife of Leonard L. Ethridge, Sr. Their child was Leonard Jr. Edith's daughter is Ewellyne Tarter (Hardwick)
ETHRIDGE, Eva Cora Feb 04 1886 Apr 28 1975 Wife of Thomas L. Ethridge.Daughter of John Hamilton "Hamp" & Emma Norton Herring
ETHRIDGE, Hollis Oct 28 1911 Apr 27 2001 Wife of Robert Ethridge.Daughter of West and Clara Starling Herring]
ETHRIDGE, Imogene H. Aug 10 1915 Oct 26 2001 Known as “Jeannie”.Wife of J. Mack Ethridge]
ETHRIDGE, James Holt Feb 28 1925 Nov 10 1992 Son of Thomas L. & Cora Herring Ethridge.Husband of Dorothy Mims Ethridge. Their children are Gayle (Blankenship) & Glynn.S SGT US ARMY WW II
ETHRIDGE, John Mack Oct 09 1905 Aug 17 1999 Son of Thomas L. & Eva Cora Herring Ethridge. Husband of Imogene H. Ethridge. Their children are Eleanor (Armstrong) and Dwight
ETHRIDGE, Leonard L., Jr. Oct 12 1926 Jun 08 1948 Son of Leonard L. Sr. & Edith Ham Ethridge.He was killed in an auto accident
ETHRIDGE, Leonard L., Sr. Aug 28 1874 Aug 08 1957 Husband of (1) Clifford Rebeca Culpepper Ethridge, and (2)Edith Ham Ethridge. Children of L.L. & Clifford Rebeca are Carl Leslie, Robert H., Dutchie Lee (Herring,) James Wesley,& Nicey (Strickland.) Child of L.L. & Edith is Leonard L. Ethridge, Jr.
ETHRIDGE, Marvin May 17 1908 May 03 1952 He was called "Bud."Son of Thomas L. & Eva Cora Ethridge. He was killed by lightning
ETHRIDGE, Mittie Ellen Dec 24 1911 Feb 03 1989 She was a Starling. Wife of Stout Ethridge
ETHRIDGE, Robert Jan 24 1910 Dec 03 1986 Rob "Slew" Ethridge. Son of Thomas L. & Eva Cora Herring Ethridge. Husband of Hollis Herring Ethridge. Their children are Robert Fay, Scott, & Steve]
ETHRIDGE, Stout Dec 22 1911 Jul 29 1972 Son of Thomas L. & Eva Cora Herring Ethridge. Husband of Mittie Ellen Starling Ethridge. Their children are Bobby Ray, Joyce (Hicks), Shirley (Walker), Kenneth& Michael
ETHRIDGE, Thomas L. Oct 27 1880 Oct 24 1948 Husband of Eva Cora Herring Ethridge. Their children include Mack, Marvin, Robert, Stout, Jewell (Lanton/ Farmer), Lloyd, Johnnie Mae (Scott), Quinn, Holt, Clyde (Hall), & Franklin
FOLDS, J.C. Aug 12 1915 Mar 31 1986 Husband of Mary Lou Bradley Folds.PVT US ARMY WW II
FOLDS, Mary Lou Bradley Feb 11 1921 May 10 1986 Daughter of Martin Alex, Sr. & Josie Weems Bradley. Wife of J.C. Folds
GAMBLE, Mary Lou Harpe Nov 17 1909 Mar 18 2001 Wife of Bill Gamble.Daughter of Tommie & Sarah Smith Harpe
GAMBLE, William Miles (Bill) Nov 29 1908 Aug 02 1990 Son of Jim and Lula Whatley Gamble. Grandson of Robert Gamble, first white child born in Henry County. Husband of Mary Lou Harpe Gamble. Their only child is Gayle (Thomas)
HAMILTON, Dorothy Laura Nov 26 1917 Prepared plot.Dorothy Stokes "Dot" Hamilton, widow of Emory Slaton Hamilton. Daughter of Lee & Annie Laura Scott Stokes
HAMILTON, Emory Slaton Aug 10 1913 Dec 25 1971 Husband of Dorothy Laura (Dot) Hamilton. Son ofHomer Hamilton & Carrie Herring Hamilton Merritt
HAMILTON, Timothy Slaton Nov 07 1966 Nov 07 1966 Infant son of Homer & J.O. Hamilton
HANCOCK, Edna Ruth Skeen Dec 13 1916 Jan 11 2000 Wife of Ennis Culpepper and 2nd wife of Jim Bill Hancock. Daughter of Otis & Monta McClenny Skeen
HANCOCK, Eva Pearl Jun 27 1891 Feb 01 1974 Wife of William F. Hancock
HANCOCK, Jim Bill Apr 19 1919 Jul 20 1980 Son of William F. & Eva Pearl Hancock.Second Husband of Edna Ruth Skeen
HANCOCK, Joseph Orea Aug 07 1894 May 28 1970 He was called"Oree." His parents were William Henry& Mary Jane Bailey Hancock. Husband of Osa Lee Hendley Hancock. Their children were Clyde, Russell, William, Nell Floyd (Bedsole,) Mary Lou (Beasley,) Ruby Lee (Mims) Earnestine (Harpe/Tapley) Maggie Rose (Carter,) Jesse Thomas, Elijah Wilford, & Peggy Ann (Culpepper)
HANCOCK, Osa Lee Hendley Feb 06 1904 Jun 16 1987 Daughter of Newton Sylvester & Annie Louise Farmer Hendley. Wife of Joseph Orea Hancock
HANCOCK, William F. Apr 27 1885 Mar 28 1983 Son of William Henry & Mary Jane Bailey Hancock. Husband of Eva Pearl Hancock. Their children were Averett, Jim Bill, Bertha (Cureton)
HANCOCK, William S. Jun 28 1921 Aug 16 1986 Willie Hancock.Son of Orea and Osa Hancock
HARTLEY, Lloyd Mar 12 1906 May 16 1974 Husband of Marie S. Hartley
HARTLEY, Marie S. Apr 17 1906 Apr 06 1979 Wife of Lloyd Hartley. Daughter of Lee & Annie Laura Scott Stokes
HERNDON, Clarence S. Sep 20 1918 May 25 1995 Son of Will & Lottie Barnette Herndon. Husband of Willie Vann Herring Herndon. Their children are Patty & David. Clarence was the founder of Herndon Oil Corporation.
HERNDON, Willie Vann Herring Jan 10 1921 Jan 30 2000 Wife of Clarence S. Herndon. Daughter of Vann Herring & Susie Smith Herring
HERRING, Arrie Culpepper Mar 13 1875 Aug 07 1957 Wife of J. Holt Herring. Daughter of John & Caroline Eliza Bodiford Culpepper
HERRING, Infant Oct 16 1895 Oct 16 1895 Infant son of J. Holt & Arrie C. Herring
HERRING, J. Holt Jul 19 1875 Jul 03 1963 Son of Stephen & Caroline Elizabeth Turner Herring. Husband of Arrie Culpepper Herring. Their only child was Malinda Jane 'Linnie' Herring Stokes
HERRING, James R. (Pete) Dec 28 1922 Jan 30 1981 Husband of Euldine Williams Herring. Son of E. West & Clara Starling Herring. Their children are Mickey, Roger, Bodie, & Jeff
HIX, Earnest Earl Jan 18 1922 Sep 13 1987 Son of James I. & Pearla Gertrude Arnold Hix. CPL US ARMY WW II
HIX, James Eveytis Apr 01 1915 Dec 08 1937 Son of James I. & Pearla Gertrude Arnold Hix
HIX, James Irvin Aug 02 1893 Oct 21 1943 Son of Irvin & Nitus Hix. Husband of Pearla Gertrude Arnold Hix. He and his wife were killed below Haleburg in an accident in which a truck load of corn wrecked and burned, trapping them inside. They are buried in the same coffin.
HIX, Pearla Gertrude Apr 25 1898 Oct 21 1943 Wife of James Irvin Hix. Daughter of Curtis & Lizzie Moring Arnold
HOPKINS, James Theodore Jun 19 1921 Sep 06 1973 Husband of Vivian Stokes Hopkins. Their children are Leslie & Mark M SGT USAF WW II KOREA
HUDSPETH, J. Henry Apr 10 1882 unknown Husband of Ossie M. Hudspeth.They had no children.
HUDSPETH, Ossie M. Oct 22 1883 Jan 17 1962 Daughter of Moses & Lizz Hix Armstrong. Wife of J. Henry Hudspeth
HUTTO, Eva Mae Mar 03 1894 Dec 03 1975 Sister of Josie G. Jackson
JACKSON, Josie G. Jun 14 1903 Jan 14 1987 Josie Goff Jackson.Wife of Thomas A. “Sport” Jackson]
JACKSON, Thomas A. (Sport) Jun 16 1905 Nov 15 1994 Sport Jackson.Son of Tom & Martha Sumlar "Miss Goose" Jackson. Husband of Josie Goff Jackson. Their children are William, Clarence, & Audrey (Bradley)
JOHNSON, Jossie M. Feb 09 1919 Oct 16 1963 Wife of Lum W. Johnson
JOHNSON, Lee O. Nov 14 1901 Apr 15 1985 Husband of Willie T. 'Bill' Johnson. They had no children
JOHNSON, Lum W Feb 21 1913 Dec 10 1959 Husband of Jossie M. Johnson
JOHNSON, Willie T. Oct 27 1911 Feb 06 1987 Known as Bill Johnson. Nee Tyson. Wife of Lee O. Johnson. Sister of Mary E. (McKnight) & Jessie T. (McKnight)
KIRKLAND, Audrey Nell 1928 1931 Daughter of Eddie M. & Pearl Whitehead Kirkland
KIRKLAND, Eddie M. 1891 1977 Eddie Monroe Kirkland. Husband of Pearl Whitehead Kirkland. Their children are Elma Ruth (Morgan), Evelyn (Howard), Willie (Armstrong), & Audrey Nell
KIRKLAND, Hubert Ford Jun 05 1922 Oct 08 1998 Son of Silas & Linnie Crowley Kirkland. Husband of Mary Frances Wynn Kirkland
KIRKLAND, Infant Mar 18 1987 Mar 18 1987 Infant son of Gerald & Debbie Kirkland. Grandson of Hubert & Mary Kirkland
KIRKLAND, Linnie C. Oct 05 1895 Mar 19 1983 Linnie Crowley Kirkland.Wife of Silas W. Kirkland. Daughter of D. Clopton & Addie Davis Crowley
KIRKLAND, Mary Ann Folds Apr 13 1951 Oct 03 1991 Daughter of J.C. & Mary Lou Bradley Folds
KIRKLAND,Mary Frances Wynn Jan 27 1927 Prepared plot. Widow of Hubert Ford Kirkland
KIRKLAND, Pearl Whitehead 1893 1978 Daughter of William Jasper & Mary Eliza Skeen Whitehead. Wife of Eddie Monroe Kirkland.
KIRKLAND, Silas W. Nov 24 1891 Apr 02 1977 Husband of Linnie C. Kirkland. Their children were Lucy Floyd, Willard, Willene (Bishop), Hubert, Addie Mae (Thorpe), Elma Ruth (Money) & Betty (Allen)
KIRKLAND, Susie Mae Smith Daughter of Eddie & Mary Elkins Smith. Wife of William Sylvester Kirkland
KIRKLAND, William O. May 12 1888 Jan 18 1954 Buried in plot with Susie Mae Smith Kirkland & William Sylvester Kirkland
KIRKLAND, William Sylvester Husband of Susie Mae Smith Kirkland. Their children were Jack, Rudolph, Bodie, & Pearline (Jackson)
MASON, Sam. L. Dec 19 1902 Jul 27 1975 Husband of Susan Bodiford Mason.They had no children]
MASON, Susan B. Oct 15 1908 Aug 27 1975 Wife of Sam L. Mason. Daughter of "JohnA" & Claudia Hix Bodiford
MCKNIGHT, Daniel E. Mar 15 1933 Jun 09 1981 Son of O.C. & Jessie Tyson McKnight. STAFF SGT US ARMY WW II KOREA
MCKNIGHT, Emma Jean Sep 03 1928 Emma Jean Gray McKnight. Prepared plot. Widow of Roy F. McKnight]
MCKNIGHT, Jessie T. 1909 1986 Wife of Olen C. McKnight. Sister to Willie T. 'Bill' (Johnson) & Mary E. (McKnight)
MCKNIGHT, Mary E. Oct 03 1904 Oct 16 1992 Mary E. Tyson McKnight. Wife of Tull F. McKnight. Sister of Willie T. (Johnson) & Jessie T. (McKnight)
MCKNIGHT, Olen C. 1907 1956 Husband of Jessie T. McKnight. Their children are Roy, Dan, Sara (Barnes), & Joe
MCKNIGHT, Roy F. Apr 18 1927 Nov 30 1997 Husband of Emma Jean Gray McKnight. Their only child is Jane McKnight Calvasina. TEC 5US ARMY WW II.
MCKNIGHT, Tull F. Aug 25 1896 Mar 03 1966 Husband of Mary E. Tyson McKnight. Their children are George, Jeanette (Barnette), Charles, & Eugene 'Pete'
MELVIN, Charlie B. Nov 09 1889 Nov 10 1957 Son of Wiley & Martha Melvin, who are buried in the Old Union Cemetery. He never married. The Hattie J. Melvin buried beside Charlie B. is his sister. PVT HQ CO 90 INF WW I
MELVIN, Hattie J. Aug 23 1900 May 08 1982 Daughter of Wiley & Martha Melvin. She never married. Sister of Charlie B. Melvin
MELVIN, Leo W. Mar 14 1909 Jan 16 1991 Husband of Maybell Melvin
MELVIN, Maybell Jan 21 1913 Feb 14 1979 Wife of Leo W. Melvin
MIMS, John A. 1866 1941 Husband of Lucy Ethridge Mims. Their children are Neita (Whitehead) & Mary Lois (Beasley)
MIMS, Lucy C. 1880 1966 Lucy C. Ethridge Mims.Wife of John A. Mims
MIMS, Martin A. 1861 1951 Brother of John A. Mims. He was a trapper. He never married
MONEY, Loris H. Mar 09 1903 Jul 07 1977 Son of Bud & Otelia Culpepper Money. Husband of Ruthie L. Money
MONEY, O.T. Jul 05 1880 Feb 08 1972
MONEY, Ruthie L. Apr 03 1908 May 11 1954 Wife of Loris H. Money
MORING, Addie C. Dec 13 1894 Apr 15 1968 Addie C. Lee Moring. Wife of Robert Clarence Moring
MORING, C. Dwain Oct 02 1952 Feb 10 1991 Son of Richmond and Dorothy Moring
MORING, Clarence Richmond May 10 1924 May 04 2001 Son of Robert Clarence & Addie C. Lee Moring. His children are Linda (Floyd) & C. Dwain Moring
MORING, Robert Clarence Aug 13 1895 Sep 05 1979 Husband of Addie C. Lee Moring. Their children are Richmond, Lalah (Smith, Baxley), & Myrna Lee (Thomas.) PVT US ARMY WW I.
MORING, Sarah J. (Janie) Oct 18 1914 Dec 16 1985 Janie Stokes Moring. Wife of Dock Moring. Daughter of Lee & Annie Laura Scott Stokes
MORING, Wilson G. (Dock) Oct 20 1909 Aug 31 1985 Wilson Gillespie Moring.Husband of Janie Stokes Moring. Their children are Travis, Annie Ella (Tew), Ed & Stokes
MURRAY, T 5 Charles Matthew Oct 23 1907 Jan 12 1945 CO B 1896 ENGR AVN BN. There are 3 completely unmarked burials within a cement coping just north of him.
ROBERSON, James. T. Dec 10 1905 Jan 12 1978 Son of Lewis & Pearl Pugh Roberson. Husband of Minnie Melvin Roberson. Their daughters are Martha Rose & Ruby Carolyn
ROBERSON, Minnie Melvin Jun 06 1897 Oct 16 1948 Wife of James T. Roberson. Daughter of Wiley & Martha Melvin
ROBERSON, Nannie Rabacca Apr 04 1904 Mar 06 1993 Nannie Rabacca Graham Roberson. Wife of Teague G. Roberson
ROBERSON, Teague Griffin Feb 27 1901 Mar 04 1973 Son of Lewis & Pearl Roberson. Husband of Nannie Rabacca Graham Roberson. Their children include W. Pearl (Weaver,) Ossie Mae (Chambers,) O'Neal, & William
ROGERS, Charles E. Oct 07 1963 Jun 21 1987 Son of Mary Lucy Starling Rogers
ROLLINS, Burdette F. Oct 11 1928 Mar 09 1981 Husband of Maggie Bodiford Vickers Rollins. He died in a construction accident in Florida. SA US NAVY WW II
SAUNDERS, Elizabeth E Sep 10 1872 Mar 18 1956 Wife of Joe M. Saunders
SAUNDERS, Joe M. Jan 21 1867 Jun 21 1944 Husband of Elizabeth E. Saunders. Their children included William H."Boy", Pearl (Wood,) Ruth (Austin,)
SAUNDERS, William H. (Boy) Dec 09 1899 Jun 08 1963 Son of Joe M. & Elizabeth E. Saunders
SCOTT, Annie S. Mar 20 1905 Nov 29 1984 Wife of James M. Scott
SCOTT, James Austin Jun 19 1926 Oct 02 1993 CPL US ARMY WW II KOREA
SCOTT, James M. Dec 20 1895 Feb 08 1936 Husband of Annie S. Scott
SCOTT, William Kenneth Mar 30 1930 Sep 17 1973
SKEEN, Bonnie Lee Aug 20 1896 Nov 19 1984 Bonnie Lee McClenny Skeen. Wife of Oscar Lee Skeen
SKEEN, Charles Otis 1890 1959 Husband of Monta McClenny Skeen
SKEEN, Claudie M. Oct 23 1925 Prepared plot.Wife of Ted T. Skeen
SKEEN, Infant Oct 23 1956 Oct 23 1956 Infant son of Ted T. & Claudie M. Skeen
SKEEN, Legon May 09 1913 Sep 05 1990 Husband of Willie M. Skeen
SKEEN, Monta McClenny 1894 1974 Wife of Charles Otis Skeen
SKEEN, Oscar Lee Feb 22 1893 Nov 24 1982 Husband of Bonnie Lee Skeen. Their children are Ruby, Fred, Mavis, Ted, & Nannie
SKEEN, Ted T. Mar 13 1925 Apr 11 1998 Son of Oscar & Bonnie McClenney Skeen. Husband of Claudie M. Skeen. S 1 US NAVY WW II]
SKEEN, Willie M. Mar 17 1915 Prepared plot. Daughter of Wyatt & Minnie Bodiford Smith. Wife of Legon Skeen
SMITH, Flossie Mae Sep 18 1913 Jun 11 1957 Wife of William Howard Smith
SMITH, Houston Garfield Dec 20 1897 Feb 13 1963 Husband of Vannie Smith Smith. He lies in an unnamed grave beside his son Orbie A. Smith
SMITH, Lucy Mae Jun 27 1919 Mar 17 1952 Wife of Ed Smith
SMITH, Maggie B. Aug 10 1906 Jul 20 1978 Maggie Bradley Smith. Daughter of Horace Greeley & Mary Susan Bradley. Wife of Thomas J. Smith
SMITH,Orbie A. unknown Apr 26 1963 Son of Houston G. and Vannie Smith. US ARMY WW II
SMITH, Thomas J. Sep 06 1901 Jul 05 1982 Husband of Maggie Bradley Smith. Their children were Willie Mae (Strickland,) Paul, Susie Mae (Carter,) Mildred, Barbara, Bonnie Carol, & Sarah.
SMITH, Vannie Mar 08 1900 Feb 16 1963 Daughter of Dan & Lula Harp Smith. Wife of Houston Garfield Smith. She lies in an unnamed grave beside her son Orbie A. Smith
SMITH, William Howard Mar 07 1908 Sep 29 1984 Husband of Flossie Mae Smith
STARLING, Brock Tanner Jul 16 1979 Sep 09 1989 Son of Floyd & Virginia Starling. He was killed in a 4-wheeler accident
STARLING, Daneas Dec 29 1949 Jan 06 1950 Child of Mack & Vera W. Starling
STARLING, Henry Lester Apr 09 1894 Jul 25 1981 Husband of Mary Wyatt Starling. Their children were Jack, Mary Lucy (Strickland, Stuckey) & LeRoy Colonel, Sr.
STARLING, Howard R. Feb 28 1948 Mar 21 1948 Son of Mack & Vera W. Starling
STARLING, J.T. Jan 07 1905 Jan 11 1978 Husband of Roxie J. Starling
STARLING, Jewel Aug 05 1927 Jan 30 1992 Wife of William Frink Starling
STARLING, Legon Dec 18 1899 Apr 23 1948
STARLING, Mary Wyatt Sep 27 1901 Dec 04 1980 Wife of Henry Lester Starling. Daughter of C.Y. & Mary Jones Wyatt
STARLING, Rev. E.G. (Mack) Nov 07 1918 Nov 27 1988 Husband of Vera W. Starling
STARLING, Roxie J. Nov 20 1904 Jun 18 1974 Wife of J.T. Starling
STARLING, Sandra E. Jul 11 1961 Aug 25 1981 Daughter of Jack & Doris Starling. She died in an auto accident
STARLING, Vera W. Feb 05 1922 Feb 18 1998 Wife of Rev. E.G. Mack Starling
STARLING, William Frink Nov 30 1925 Oct 05 1984 Husband of Jewel Starling. Son of J.T. & Roxie Starling
STOKES, Bessie L. Jan 16 1902 Apr 13 1983 Bessie L. Smith Stokes. Wife of Henry Grady Stokes. Daughter of Cody & Carrie Hardwick Smith
STOKES, Grace Evelyn Jul 06 1906 Jul 23 1976 Unmarried daughter of Robert Calvin & Lucy Roberts Stokes
STOKES, Henry Grady Aug 10 1892 Apr 15 1980 Husband of Bessie L. Smith Stokes. Son of Henry Fryson & Martha Jane Mims Stokes
STOKES, J. Long Feb 24 1890 Dec 31 1947 He was the first person buried in the new Union Cemetery. He was initially buried beneath a large oak behind the church, then was moved to the new cemetery. Son of Henry Fryson & Martha Jane Mims Stokes. Husband of Melinda Jane Herring Stokes. Their children are Vivian (Hopkins), Holt, Zeke, & Stephen
STOKES, James Roberts Aug 08 1908 1955 Son of Robert Calvin and Lucy Roberts Stokes. Memorial marker. He is buried in Phoenix, AZ
STOKES, Lucy Roberts Jun 10 1878 Feb 16 1968 Wife of Robert Calvin Stokes
STOKES, Melinda Jane Herring Feb 11 1898 Dec 29 1982 Wife of J. Long Stokes. Daughter of J. Holt & Arrie Culpepper Herring. Author of The Bend of the Abbie, a personal history of the Union community of Henry County
STOKES, Robert Calvin Nov 14 1875 Feb 09 1966 Son of Henry Fryson & Martha Jane Mims Stokes. Husband of Lucy Roberts Stokes. Their children are Grace Evelyn (never married) & James Roberts Stokes
STRICKLAND, Charles Hawley Feb 15 1919 Feb 03 1961 First Husband of Lucy Starling Strickland
STRICKLAND, Lucy Starling Sep 21 1922 Lucy B. Starling Strickland Stuckey. Daughter of Lester & Mary Wyatt Starling. Widow of Charles Hawley Strickland. Prepared plot
STUCKEY, William B. Apr 13 1923 Prepared plot. 2nd Husband of Lucy Starling Strickland Stuckey
THOMAS, Gayle Gamble Feb 21 1946 Prepared plot.Daughter of Bill & Mary Lou Gamble. Great-granddaughter of Robert Gamble, first white child born in Henry County. Wife of Ronald Lee Thomas
THOMAS, Ronald Lee Jul 08 1947 Prepared plot. Son of Raimon G. & Helen Lee Thomas. Husband of Gayle Gamble Thomas. Their only child is Caitlin
VICKERS, Charlotte Oct 10 1952 Oct 22 1952 Daughter of Otis & Maggie Bodiford Vickers. Granddaughter of Arthur & Zora Bodiford
WEAVER, W. Pearl Sep 22 1927 Mar 08 1995 Daughter of Teague and Nannie Rabaca Graham Roberson
WELCHER, Edward Dan Jan 30 1938 Sep 18 1997 Son of Frank & Pearl Welcher
WELCHER, Julian F. (Frank) Nov 17 1918 Jun 13 1990 Julian Francis Welcher. Long-time sheriff of Henry County. Son of Willie Pearl Welcher. Husband of Mattie Pearl Welcher. Their children were Dan, Evelyn, Mary, Betty, & Joe.
WELCHER, Mary Jean Apr 18 1946 May 01 1946 Daughter of J. Frank and Mattie Pearl Welcher
WELCHER, Mattie Pearl Mar 27 1922 Mar 01 1988 Wife ofJ. Frank Welcher
WELCHER, Myrtle Earlene Dec 26 1919 Prepared plot. Widow of Walter Edward Welcher. Daughter of James I. & Pearla Gertrude Arnold Hix
WELCHER, Walter Edward Mar 14 1914 Jul 13 1997 Husband of Myrtle Earlene Hix Welcher. Son of Willie Pearl Welcher. CPL US ARMY AIR CORPS WW II
WELCHER, Willie Pearl Oct 25 1885 Dec 15 1948 Mother of long-time Henry County Sheriff J. Frank Welcher. Moved to the Union community from Edison, GA, after her husband died in 1924. Her children are Walter, Woodrow, Frank, & Joe Willie
WILLIAMS, Robert Hugh Jan 18 1925 Apr 15 1996 TEC 5 US ARMY WW II
WILLIAMS, Unnamed Four unnamed slabs within a Williams coping lie beside the Oscar & Bonnie Skeen plot.

There are 6 other unknown graves in this cemetery:
1 in the Strickland plot beside Thomas J. & Maggie Smith
1 between the Emory Slaton and Robert Ethridge plots
2 in the Orbie Smith plot
1 infant in the Earnest Earl Hix plot
1 beside James A. Bodiford and O.T. Money

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