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Source: Linda Harrison

Location: Intersection of Dale Co. Rd. 73 and 14, just north of Dothan AL, and about 3 miles west of Headland, Henry County Alabama

Photo by Linda Harrison

Photo by Linda Harrison

NOTE: Silas POPE was born about 1789 in NC and it is said he died about 1860 in Headland, Henry Co. AL. He married Edney GRIFFIN, she was born about 1815 in NC, and it is said she died about 1904 in Headland. Their burial places are unknown. Silas at one time owned land that was located just west of Headland, and was right on the Dale/Henry Co. lines, and about 1-1/2 miles from Sylvan Grove. Several of their descendants are buried here in Sylvan Grove Cemetery. Family lineage compiled from other Pope researchers. Roberta Whiddon Childs

POPE Malvin b. September 26, 1898 - d. September 30, 1900 “In Heaven” (Son of Silas A. Pope, son of Arch Pope and Ellen McLendon, great grandson of Silas and Edney Griffin Pope)


POPE A. L. - b. July 27, 1871 - d. December 20 1904 [Andy L. is the son of Calvin and Mahala McLendon Pope]
POPE Minnie - b. August 19, 1977 - d. October 2, 1960 [Wife of Andy L. Pope, she was the daughter of Arch & Ellen McLendon]
POPE Grady - b. June 26, 1904 - d. July 31, 1949 [“Son” son of Andy L. and Minnie Pope]
POPE Rosie Lee - b. April 30, 1901 - d. May 26, 1998 [daughter of Andy L. and Minnie Pope]
POPE Lessie B. - b. February 14, 1900 — d. August 22, 1901 [“Daughter Of A. L and Minnie POPE”]

POPE W. B. 15 March 1858--1 June 1936 [William Beecham, son of Calvin and Mahala McLendon Pope]
POPE Susander “Wife of W. B” 22 April 1866--5 August 1888 [First wife of William Beecham Pope]
POPE Thomas J. “Son of W. B and S. C Pope” 4 November 1885--6 June 1887 [Son of William Beecham and Susander Pope]
POPE Jane “Wife of WB” 12 October 1856--18 June 1928 [Sarah Jane, second wife of William Beecham Pope]
POPE Isebell “Dau. Of W. B and S. J Pope” 5 August 1897--24 December 1898 [Daughter of William Beecham and Sarah Jane Pope]
POPE Riley G. “Son of W. B and S. J Pope” 26 March 1891--22 August 1891 [Son of William Beecham and Sarah Jane Pope]
POPE James T. “Son of Bryant and Nora POPE” 12 Oct 1902—18 Dec 1902 [to date exact lineage of Bryant and Nora are not known]
POPE “Mandy” L. “Dau. Of G. W and M. J POPE” 2 May 1879—12 Oct 1887 [Amanda L. “Mandy”, dau of George W. & Mary Jane Walls Pope, per: Virginia Smith]

POPE George W. “Father” 8 March 1855--7 March 1927 [Son of Silas and Edney Griffin Pope]
POPE Mary Jane “Mother” 20 July 1857 in Georgia --18 November 1932 [Mary Jane Walls, wife of George W. Pope]

POPE Arche 15 Aug 1840—8 April 1919 [Son of Silas and Edney]
POPE Ellen “Wife of Arch” 1841--22 January 1894

HUFF Anna Pope Corbin 6 November 1886--5 February 1975
POPE, J. E. 25 October 186--30 December 1904 [Jesse, son of Calvin and Mahala Pope]
POPE, Mahala 7October 1832--30 December 1917 [Mahala McLENDON, wife of Calivn, son of Silas and Edney Pope]
BYRD, Isham 31 Aug 1880 “Aged 75 abt. Years” [father of Robert L. Byrd h/o Margaret Pope, dau of Silas & Edney]
BYRD, Miriam G. “Wife of Isham Byrd” 20 Dec 1802—6 Nov 1889 [Miriam WINDHAM]
BYRD, Miss Ann 31 Oct 1835—17 Feb 1917
BYRD, Doshia A. 1 Jan 1842—8 Sep 1880

BYRD, Arrina [birth date unclear, died 27 Jun 1855]

BYRD, Pvt. Ira, Co H, 15 AL Inf, CSA 29 June 1839—16 Nov 1862 “Buried in VA”

STEVENSON Sara Pope 4 September 1863--18 October 1937

STEVENSON Samuel R. 15 January 1859--22 June 1932

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