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Penuel Cemetery
aka Grace-Mills Cemetery

Surveyed December 2002 by T Larry Smith and Ron Thomas

Location: This small cemetery is located between Hardwicksburg and Shorterville, where Pelham Road (County Road 36, also known as Sandy Bottom Road) meets the historic Newton-Franklin Road (County Road 65.) It is on the east side of the road, almost dead-center of section 34 in Township 7 N, Range 29 E.

The cemetery contains 9 marked graves, of which only one is named:

Thomas A. Penuel Co C22 Ala Inf CSA

The other eight graves are marked only by native stones, not one of which bears any inscription. The rather odd layout of the graves within the ruined rectangular fence is shown at the left.

The cemetery is in a dreadful state of disrepair. The original fence is almost gone, as is the more recent fence someone placed there only a few years ago. Fierce briars deny entrance except in the dead of winter. Its fortunate location in an open field is about all that has saved this cemetery from complete obliteration.

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