Location: About ľ mile north of Mt Pisgah Church on Dale CR 83. Take a left onto a dirt road. There is a house on the right. Be sure to tell these people that you are looking for the cemetery. Once you turn left from CR 83 towards the house there is a fence, turn right and follow the trail until it forks. Keep to the right and on the right among the trees you will see some headstones.

Surveyed December 26, 2002 by: Sammy Lee Carr

BALKCOM, Alaxander, b. April 14, 1888, d. November 2, 1890 [Son of Ivey and E.E.]
BALKCOM, Ivey, b. October 5, 1845, d. October 23, 1909
BALKCOM, James T., b. December 14, 1882, d. June 29, 1903 [Son of I. (Ivey and E.E.]
DEAL, Editha, b. June 29, 1838, d. September 17, 1910 or 1918 [Numbers hard to read on the headstone] [Wife of George]
DEAL, George, b. March 26, 1838, d. May 3, 1904 [Husband of Editha]
GRANTHAM, Doro L., b. December 12, 1885, d. January 16, 1910 [Daughter of J. A. and P. V. Howell]
HARRIS, William, b. February 16, 1888, d. November 30, 1898 [Son of W. T. and Josephine]
HOWELL, Hattie E., b. July 18, 1882, d. March 23, 1929
HOWELL, John A., b. August 5, 1845, d. April 30, 1927 [Husband of P. V. Howell]
HOWELL, P. V., b. September 26, 1852, d. November 14, 1927 [Wife of John A.]
JOHNSON, Lucinda, b. November 7, 1840, d. May 25, 1914
KIRKLAND, A. E., b. February 3, 1852, d. August 4, 1923 [Wife of G. M.]
KIRKLAND, Elizabeth, b. December 8, 1820, d. August 28, 1907
KIRKLAND, G. M., b. October 13, 1851, d. December 21, 1937 [Husband of A. E.]
KIRKLAND, William, b. December 5, 1873, d. September 5, 1894

Several Markers are broken and/or unreadable! In a few years this cemetery will be unknown as tree growth is taken over the area!

I have questions concerning the name of Ivey Balkcomís wife, E.E.! If anyone has any information, please let Sammy know!

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