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Mouring Family Cemetery

Complete Listing

Pictures and Survey By Gayle and Ron Thomas April 2001

For Information Contact: Michael E. Moring

The Mouring Family Cemetery is located on a field road west of Alabama Hwy 95 south of Abbeville, approximately 1 ˝ miles north of County Road 57 and the old Union School. A chain link fence surrounds the thirteen marked graves in the cemetery.

Note that most of the names are spelled MOURING, while two are spelled MORING. Over the years, it has been most common to hear either name pronounced as if it were MOURNING. These people are related to the Mourings buried in the Culp-Kirkland Cemetery. The old “Mourning Place” is located between the “Turkey Bill Kirkland Place” (where the Culp-Kirkland Cemetery is located) and the Spann-Roney Cemetery.

UNKNOWN. To the north of Cordelia Mouring is a grave marked by only the base of a monument, about 12” square. Whatever may have atop the base is gone. A foot marker bearing the initials I. M. leans against the base. This foot marker probably belongs to Isaac Mouring, because it matches his headstone, and his stone has a broken footstone with the initials W B M leaning against it.

UNKNOWN. In the easternmost row, beside no other marked grave, is a blank slab.

UNKNOWN. To the north of P. V. Mouring in the easternmost row is a grave marked by a blank slab and a crumbling concrete marker that once had some kind of glass and steel frame, but which is now destroyed.

MOURING, Amanda E. – b. September 23, 1855 – d. May 5, 1914. “She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother and a friend to all.” [Wife of W. B. Mouring]

MOURING, Camilla – b. September 14, 1819 – d. July 22, 1886. “Her spirit smiles from that bright shore and softly whispers weep no more.” [Wife of Robert Mouring]

MOURING, Cordelia – b. September 28, 1863 – d. August 14, 1886. “She has gone to her home in heaven and all her afflictions are o’er.”

MOURING, Isaac – b. December 12, 1851 – d. May 30, 1866. “He is not dead but sleepeth.” [Son of Robert and C. Mouring]

MORING, Nettie Veleta – b. November 1, 1894 – d. November 5, 1897.

MOURING, P. V. [No other markings are on the otherwise plain concrete slab.]

MORING, Richard R. – b. September 15, 1860 – d. January 10, 1930.

MOURING, Robert – b. April 12, 1811 – d. February 17, 1894. “His words were kindness, his deed were love, his spirit humble, he rests above.”

MOURING, W. B. – b. October 4, 1855 – d. September 18, 1935. “Gone but not forgotten.”

MOURING, Willie B. – b. March 4, 1915 – d. May 1, 1915. “Darling we miss thee.” [Daughter of W. B. & C. B. Mouring]

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