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McRae Hill Family Cemetery

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The McRae Family Cemetery came into being in the early 1840's. The first person buried in the cemetery was Colonel Robert Irvin in 1843, who is the great grandfather of Martha McRae Hastings and the late Mary McRae Morris of Fort Gaines. The cemetery was the burial place of many members of the McRae family, their relatives, and their friends. The last person buried in the cemetery was Bennett McAllister, a World War II veteran. In 1956 he was buried next to his father, Harry McAllister, who died in 1951. During the period of time, the McRae family owned the land on which the cemetery was located every effort was made to keep up its maintenance. In recent years, the tract of land containing the cemetery was sold and is not being maintained by its current owner, Lindy Money. Mr. Money has expressed an interest in this historic landmark and is in agreement with the cemetery being brought to the attention of the Historic Chattahoochee Commission. It is our hope that this cemetery will be declared historically significant for we believe this will help insure its continued existence. The cemetery is currently in bad condition, but is still salvageable. Funds need to be raised to make possible the clearing, maintenance, and fencing of this property. Many of those buried in this cemetery are early settlers of Alabama and leading citizens of the lost town of Franklin, Alabama (the first settlement in what is now Henry County, Alabama).

Survey's by Peggy Grimsley Brown & Katie Bennett

Name Birth Date Death Date Notes / Source
BROWN, Mary A. Jul 18 1839 Jun 04 1889 Married Wiley Brown.
BROWN, R. O. Sep 27 1872 Jul 09 1909 Married June 5, 1895 to Eliza H. Gamble.
BOND, Mary Jane May 31 1844 Sep 29 1924 Our Mother & Grandmother.
CHITTY, Howell E. ca 1811 Oct 23 1868 Born Barnwell County South Carolina. Died Henry County Alabama. Son of Edward Chitty.
CHITTY, Edward ca 1779 after 1850 Born Virginia. Lived in Dale County Alabama. Father of Howell E. Chitty.
DEVEREAUX, Louisa F. May 27 1912 Our Beloved Sister
IRVIN, Colonel Robert 1783 1843 He was one of the first settlers of Alabama and founded the frontier village of Franklin, Alabama in 1811. According to Mr. Warren's "Henry, The Mother County", Colonel Irvin established a ferry across the Chattahoochee River and owned the Alabama landing site. Colonel Irvin sold lots to Anthony McCULLOCK, who built a store and dwelling near the river, starting Franklin. Robert married 1st June 9, 1825 in Henry County Alabama to Eliza Harvey, daughter of Representative Benjamin Harvey and 2nd March 5, 1833 in Henry County Alabama to Mary Hodges.
IRVIN, Mary 1801 1861 Mary Hodges married March 5, 1833 in Henry County Alabama to Colonel Robert Irvin. They had five daughters: Margaret Irvin; Lorrah Irvin; Sarah Irvin; Jane Irvin; and Elizabeth Irvin. Three of her daughters are also buried in this cemetery. Mr. Warren's "Henry, The Mother County" records that Mary Irvin was one of the largest slave owners in Henry County (49), according to the 1850 Census). This indicates that she was active as a large landowner after the death of her husband in 1843. Mary Hodges m. Robert Irwin.
LIDDELL, Reverend A. R. Apr 04 1829 1860 Andrew Rutherford Liddell, son of Moses Liddell and Mary Hardy and husband of Sarah Irvin Liddell. He was the first resident pastor of the Fort Gaines Presbyterian Church. According to old church records, the Fort Gaines Presbyterian Church was organized in 1847 and in 1858 Rev. Liddell came to serve the Fort Gaines Presbyterian Church and the Cuthbert Presbyterian Church jointly. Born in Gwinnett County GA.
LIDDELL, Willie Child's grave, no dates.
LIDDELL, Sarah Irvin 1836 1870 Sarah H. IRVIN Liddell married October 4, 1859 in Henry County Alabama to Reverend A. R. Liddell and was the daughter of Colonel Robert Irvin and Sarah Irvin.
McALLISTER, General A. J. (Alexander James) Dec 25 1813 May 10 1873 Alexanderís birth is recorded in the McAllister Family Bible. He came to Alabama in 1823 with his father. According to Mrs. Scott's "History of Henry County", he was elected Major General in the Alabama Militia and served in the Indian War of 1836, as well as other Indian uprisings, and the Confederate States Army. He served in the Alabama Legislature in 1838, 1839, and 1841. In 1850 Census, was in the household of Mary Irwin (widow of Colonel Robert Irvin.
McALLISTER, Colonel A. (Angus) McAllister Jun 16 1821 (1811) Oct 09 1886 Angusí birth is recorded in the McAllister Family Bible. He came to Alabama from North Carolina with his family in 1823. He participated in the Indian War of 1836 as an officer. He served as State Senator in 1840, 1841, and 1842. His name is mentioned frequently in historical accounts of Henry County in the 1800's. K.S.H.T.W.S.S.T. (with Mason symbol)
McALLISTER, Bennett W. May 11 1915 Nov 11 1956 Geo. [TEC5 1896 ENGR AV BN WWII
McALLISTER Neal 1778 1847 Nealís birth and death is recorded in the McAllister Family Bible. He came to Alabama from Cumberland County, NC in 1823 with his brother, Alexander McAllister and his family. He never married. He is the uncle of General Alexander McAllister and Colonel Angus McAllister. He is also the uncle of T. H. McAllister and son of John McAllister. He was a landowner and served as postmaster of Franklin, Alabama in 1842. He is the great great uncle of Robbie McAllister Grimsley of Fort Gaines, Georgia.
McALLISTER, T. H. (Thomas Hunter) Dec 16 1829 1874 Thomasí birth is recorded in the McAllister Family Bible. He was a merchant in Franklin as well as the postmaster. He is the great uncle of Robbie McAllister Grimsley of Fort Gaines, Georgia. He and his four brothers came to Alabama in the 1840's from Cumberland County, North Carolina. They all became solid citizens of Henry County.
McALLISTER, Harry W. Mar 11 1886 Jul 01 1951
McALLISTER, J. F. Oct 07 1900 Dec 17 1926
McALLISTER, Reba Bennett Empty Space next to J. F. McAllister believed to be Reba Bennett McAllister. My father also says that his aunt, Harriet Rebecca "Reba or Rebie" Bennett (wife of Harry McAllister), is buried with Harry and Bennett, and that was why his father used to take him to the cemetery. There is only a space there---no slab---so I don't know where she's buried. If there is a slab there, it was not uncovered when I last visited. The Henry County Commission may have taken an inventory of the cemetery during restoration.
McRAE, Captain James 1820 1891 Born North Carolina. Died Alabama. He was a captain in the 66th Cavalry Regiment of the Confederate States Army. According to Mrs. Scott's "History of Henry County", he also participated in the Indian War of 1836. He is the grandfather of Martha McRae Hastings and the late Mary McRae Morris of Fort Gaines, Georgia. James married Margaret Irwin the daughter of Colonel Robert & Mary Irvin
McRAE, James 1862 1863
McRAE, James M. Jun 17 1877 Nov 26 1919
McRAE, John Hunter Nov 25 1874 Jun 09 1933
McRAE, Margaret A Irvin 1834 1903 Born and died Alabama. Married Captain McRae and was the daughter of Colonel Robert Irvin & Mary Hodges.
McRAE, Lizzie 1860 1864
McRAE, Robert Colin 1856 1857
McRAE, Thornwell Apr 24 1860 Mar 05 1934
TAYLOR, Mary 1855 1855
WILLIAMS, Wife of Joel Oct 02 1849 Aug 17 1887 Laura C. McAllister. Also her little daughter Rosa Belle aged 1 yr 10 months 7 days. L.C.W. on footstone. I looked for Joel's grave but didn't see one.
WILLIAMS Slab, no markings; next to Laura C. McAllister Williams.
UNKNOWN 2 unmarked child's graves
UNKNOWN 3 small unmarked graves
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