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East Side Baptist Church Cemetery

Headland, Henry County AL
Partial Listing

Name Birth Date Death Date Notes / Source
DAVIS, Sallie L. Folsom Sep 26 1890 Jul 30 1943 Wife of B. Parker Davis. [Source: Sue Webb]
DAVIS, Annie E. Feb 08 1841 Jul 16 1928 Wife of John Davis. [Source: Sue Webb]
DAVIS, J. R. (Bob) Davis Jul 02 1872 Jul 07 1942 [Source: Sue Webb]
DAVIS, Dorinda White Jan 18 1875 Jun 01 1916 Wife of J. T. Davis. [Source: Sue Webb]
DAVIS, George Reeves Davis Sep 19 1898 Feb 19 1926 [Source: Sue Webb]
DAVIS, Marie E. Davis Nov 17 1919 May 19 1916 [Source: Sue Webb]
DAVIS, Audie V. Oct 30 1904 Jan 08 1905 [Source: Sue Webb]
DAVIS, James R. Sep 13 1909 Aug 22 1910 Son of J. H. and Gussie Davis. [Source: Sue Webb]
HALSTEAD, A. M. Nov 09 1847 Mar 02 1935 Private Company “B” 63rd Alabama Infantry Regiment. Alexander Martin Halstead was born in Henry County Alabama and died in Kinsey, Houston County, Alabama. Buried in Headland Baptist Church Cemetery. He married (1) March 1866 in Alabama to Adeline HOWELL. He married (2) January 31, 1911 to Pearl KIRKLAND. [Source: Joe Halstead, Tucker Georgia]
HERRING, Sarah J. TAYLOR Jan 08 1853 Aug 23 1948 Wife of William H. HERRING. [Source: Sue Webb]
HERRING, William H. Jun 21 1843 Jun 27 1934 Private, Company “G” 37th Alabama Infantry Regiment CSA. Born in New Hanover County, North Carolina. Son of J. B. and Martha Ann MOORE HERRING. He married Sarah J. TAYLOR on April 21, 1866. [Source: Sue Webb]
HODGES, Jordan H. 1840 1916 [Source: Greg Hodges, Richmond Virginia]
NOWELL, Elizabeth Ann Dec 01 1929 Feb 28 1930 Daughter of William Otho and Ruby STARLING NOWELL. [Source: Sue Webb]
NOWELL, Frank M. Jan 31 1909 Aug 22 1909 Son of William Arnold and Mary E. HERRING NOWELL. [Source: Sue Webb]
NOWELL, H. C. Jan 11 1906 Oct 08 1985 Son of William Arnold and Mary E. HERRING NOWELL. Married Corinne KEYES. One child: Rex NOWELL. [Source: Sue Webb]
NOWELL, J. C. Oct 15 1907 Apr 22 1908 Son of William Arnold and Mary E. HERRING NOWELL. [Source:
NOWELL, John Jefferson Dec 06 1856 Nov 10 1933 Son of Arnold and Martha WIGGINS NOWELL BROXTON. Married Salina Josephine LOCK January 19, 1883 Henry County Alabama. Children of John and Salina NOWELL: (1) Stephen William; (2) Nancy Camilla; (3) Robert Lee married Minnie P. ARNOLD; (4) Lennie Virginian married Joe GILSTRAP; (5) Walter Isaiah married Foy Irene CREEL; (6) John D married Katy ??. John’s father Arnold NOWELL was killed about 1864 while fighting for the CSA. Place of burial is unknown. John’s widowed mother married Willey Gideon BROXTON. Arnold was brother to Archibald Marion NOWELL (see Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery Henry Co.) John’s siblings were: (1) George Washington married (1) Queen Victoria DAVIS (2) Lena Nevada HUDSPETH; (2) Marion F. married (1) Martha (2) Martha Jane SHEPPARD; (3) Sarah; (4) William Arnold married Martha E. HERRING; (5) Mary E.; (6) Martha J.; (7) Sidney Morgan BROXTON (half brother) married (1) Annie V. MONEY (2) Donie CALLOWAY). [Source: Sue Webb]
NOWELL, Martha Elizabeth HERRING Apr 21 1868 Nov 24 1960 Daughter of William H. and Sarah TAYLOR HERRING. Wife of William Arnold NOWELL, Jr. [Source: Sue Webb]
NOWELL, Martin Calley Dec 29 1903 Mar 12 1964 Son of William Arnold and Martha E. HERRING NOWELL. Married Bertha ENDFINGER. [Source: Sue Webb]
NOWELL, Nancy Camilla Jun 14 1891 Oct 05 1893 Daughter of John Jefferson and Salina Josephine LOCK NOWELL. [Source: Sue Webb]
NOWELL, Salina Josephine LOCK May 04 1858 Jan 12 1939 Married John Jefferson NOWELL. [Source: Sue Webb]
NOWELL, William Arnold, Jr. May 02 1860 Sep 11 1922 Son of Arnold and Martha WIGGINS NOWELL BROXTON. Married Martha Elizabeth HERRING. Children of William and Martha: (1) Merial Norwell married B. NOLEN; (2) Lieto Gwinn Norwell married Davis WHITTEN; (3) William I. Norwell ; (4) William Otho Norwell married Ruby STARLING; (5) Ruby M. Norwell married Price BURDESHAW; (6) Roy Norwell married Bertha CRADDOCK; (7) Martin Calley Norwell married Bertha ENDFINGER; (8) J. C. Norwell ; (9) H. C. Norwell married Corinne KEYES; (10) Frank M. Norwell ; (11) Mary Louise Norwell. [Source: Sue Webb]
NOWELL, William Otho Jul 17 1895 Sep 23 1964 Son of William Arnold and Martha E. HERRING NOWELL. Married Ruby STARLING. Children of William and Ruby: (1) William Otis Norwell married Flora Nell RUFFIN; (2) Corinne Norwell married Shelley WOOD; (3) Anna Lois Norwell married Parham HAYNES; (4) Durwood Norwell married Maurine D. SHAZO; (5) Rotha Norwell (6) Wynelle Norwell married L. B. DOUGLAS; (7) Buford Norwell; (8) Larry Norwell married Bertha ENFINGER; (9) Elizabeth Ann Norwell. [Source: Sue Webb]
WOOD, Corinne NOWELL Sep 24 1908 Aug 14 1991 Daughter of William Otho and Ruby STARLING NOWELL. Married Shelley WOOD. [Source: Sue Webb]
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