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Culpepper Cemetery

Partial Listing

Location: South side of Henry County Road 4 between Camp Springs Baptist Church on Henry County Road 53 and Henry County Road 55 between Granberry Crossroads and Balkum Crossroads.

Name Birth Date Death Date Notes / Source
CASSIDY (Cassity), Patrick Jun 16 1800 Nov 06 1837 [Source: Rebecca Scano]
CULPEPPER, Andrew [Source: Linda Johnson]
NORDAN, Thomas 1765 Apr 15 1832 [Source: Rebecca Scano]
Row One (South End)
CULPEPPER. William W. Private, Company “B” 37th Alabama Infantry Regiment CSA. [Source: Steve Elliott]
CULPEPPER, Joseph D. 1866 1959 [Source: Steve Elliott]
CULPEPPER, Henry Mar 11 1884 Feb 02 1904 Son of W.W. and Elizabeth Culpepper. [Source: Steve Elliott]
CULPEPPER, Willie Feb 25 1893 Feb 26 1893 Daughter of W.W. and Elizabeth Culpepper. [Source: Steve Elliott]
CULPEPPER, Chimeler Feb 21 1882 Jul 17 1887 That is correct spelling for Chimeler. Daughter of W. W. and Elizabeth Culpepper. [Source: Steve Elliott]
CULPEPPER, Rosie Feb 14 1900 Apr 23 1900 Daughter of W. W. and Elizabeth Culpepper. Henry County Marriage Book 1872-1877, page 257, William W. Culpepper married Elizabeth Harrol November 19, 1874. [Source: Steve Elliott]
CULPEPPER, Delitha Ann Edwards 1822 1904 New Granite Debossed Stone on concrete vault top. Henry County Marriage Record Book 1821-1868, page 91, James H. Culpepper married Delitha Ann Edwards on December 21, 1843. [Source: Steve Elliott]
CULPEPPER, James H. Private, Company “H” 11th Florida Infantry Regiment, CSA. Last grave on row one furthest north, nearest Henry County Road 4. [Source: Steve Elliott]
Back Row (South)
CULPEPPER, Annie B. May 20 1873 December 7, 1904 Wife of J. W. Culpepper. [Source: Steve Elliott]
UNMARKED Grave stone beside Annie B. Culpepper. Last grave on back row, one furthest north, nearest Henry County Road 4. [Source: Steve Elliott

I did not have time to use my "diving rods" to see if there were any more graves because there is a space kept clean that is the width of another row of graves in front of these. This little cemetery is kept "flat hoed" or in other words, it is free of any flora and stays that way with a chain link fence along side the road that runs into dense overgrowth on each side that makes it almost impossible to get in. I was fortunate, though I was unsteady in my gait. Sadly there is no marker for Elizabeth Harrol Culpepper unless the unmarked grave stone is for her. It could had had markings earlier that the wind and rain has erased. You will find Culpepper’s here, Camp Springs, Balkum, Old Shilo, Old Union, Union Grove, an possibly in Hebron Cemeteries. Steve Elliott.

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