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Culp-Kirkland Cemetery

Complete Listing

Location: The Culp-Kirkland Cemetery is located on County Road 57 between County Road 99 and County Road 53, about a mile or so south of the Oakey Grove Church. There are some graves unidentified due to the lack of headstones but there is an ongoing search underway to confirm all who are buried there.

Surveyed in 2007 and contributed by Barbara Bostick Sherrard.

Name Birth Date Death Date Notes / Source
Barnes, C. A. 1876 1912 Husband of Martha C. Barnes. Child: John S.
Barnes, John S. 20 Mar 1902 25 Sep 1902 Child of C. A. and Martha C. Barnes
Barnes, Martha C. 22 Mar 1880 29 Apr 1902 Wife of C. A. Barnes
Bostick, Katie Efurd 10 Aug 1871 Aug 1935 Wife of John Ezra Bostick. Child of Thomas C. and Elizabeth C. Herring Efurd.
Bostick, John Ezra 24 Jan 1873 17 Aug 1941 Husband of Katie Efurd. Child of James Sheppard and Martha Herring Bostick.
Bostick, Martha 02 May 1918 22 May 1920 Child of Icahbod H. and Nancy J. Graham Bostick
Bostick, Martha Ann Herring 30 Sep 1847 28 May 1928 Wife of James Sheppard Bostick. Child of West and Charity Herrring. Children : Beulah (Dickert), Claudia (Kirkland), John E., Mary C., William E., Eli W., James Samuel, Ichabod H., Nancy E., Vernon M., and Chapel (Chapie) (Culp)
Bostick, Mary Cornelia 07 Dec 1876 08 Aug 1888 Child of James Sheppard and Martha Herring Bostick.
Culp, Chapel F. (Chappie) 20 Aug 1886 05 Jan 1954 Wife of 1. George W. Whitehead, 2. Gordon T. Culp. Child of James Sheppard and Martha Herring Bostick. Child: Vanzey Lou Whitehead Roberts. Other children - see Gordon T. Culp
Culp Child no dates
Culp, Dossie Graham 16 Apr 1899 13 Jul 1930 Wife of Willie B. Culp. Child of Wilson G. & Nancy Skeen Graham.
Culp, Child no dates
Culp, Colo Eudene 20 Jan 1915 27 Apr 1916 Child of Willie B. & Dossie Graham Culp
Culp, Gordon Tune 20 Oct 1886 05 Jan 1954 Husband of Chapel Farre (Chappie) Bostick. Child of Smith & Rebecca Griggs Culp. Children: Wilton, Gordon, Jr., Robert, Janell (Carr), Floyd, Mary L. (Taylor)
Culp, Martha Rebecca Griggs 11 Feb 1848 31 Dec 1933 Wife of Smith Culp. Child of John W. & Sarah Debelle Ashford Griggs.
Culp, Roberta Lee 26 Oct 1873 20 Jun 1907 Child of Smith & Martha Rebecca Griggs Cuilp
Culp, Smith 24 Apr 1840 25 Jan 1914 Husband of Martha Rebecca Griggs Culp. Child of William A. & Cynthia Smith Culp; Children : Hosea, Gordon T., Willie, Ouida (Whitehead), Sallie (Kirkland), Edwin, Lottie (Hartley), and Roberta
Culp, Willie B. 04 Oct 1877 Husband of Dossie Graham; Child of Smith & Martha Rebecca Griggs Culp;, Children : Smith and Henry Benton
Cureton, Littleton H. 10 Oct 1910 12 Feb 1982 Child of James & Martha Cureton
Cureton, Rhodie 15 Jan 1897 16 May 1976 Child of James & Martha Cureton
Deal, Tildy Emma 15 Dec 1872 12 Oct 1878 Child of W. J. & Laney Deal
Deal, Laney Apr 1839 20 Dec 1922
Deal, W. J. 25 Aug 1844 07 Nov 1908 Wife of Laney; Child of George W. & Tabitha Deal. Child: Tildy Emma
Efurd, Emanuel J. 26 Oct 1858 22 Jun 1916 Husband of Mattie C. Griggs. Child of Thomas C. & Elizabeth Herring Efurd. Children: William, Thomas, Lorena, Maggie, Mable, Robert, Bertha, Clyde, and Dettis
Efurd, Mattie C. Griggs 24 May 1868 02 Jun 1936 Wife of Emanuel J. Efurd. Child of William Ashford & Sarah Margaret Culp Griggs.
Efurd, William E. 24 May 1868 22 May 1895 Child of Emanuel J. & Mattie Griggs Efurd
Griggs, Minnie Lee Kirkland 14 Dec 1869 10 Jan 1906 Wife of William A. Griggs. Child of William J. & Elizabeth Brown Kirkland Griggs.
Griggs, Sallie 26 Apr 1914 12 Nov 1919
Griggs, Sallie Kirkland 23 Nov 1882 16 Jun 1958 Child of William J. & Elizabeth Brown Kirkland.
Griggs, Willliam Alexander 16 Aug 1866 04 Jun 1946 Husband of (1) Minnie Lee Kirkland and (2) Sallie Kirkland. Child of William Ashford & Sarah Margaret Culp Griggs. Children (1) William W., Smith, Emanuel, James C., Guy, Alto L., and Olive V.; (2) Blanche and Nadine
Hartley, Carrie DeBelle 01 Oct 1898 07 Apr 1956 Child of E. Monroe & Lottie Culp Hartley
Hartley, E. Monroe 27 Jun 1870 09 Feb 1933 Husband of Lottie Culp. Child of Jim & Caroline Whiddon Hartley. Children: Smith, Carrie, Lottie ( Doswell), Reba (McCall), Mae (Morris), Lloyd, Lucious, and Estelle (Hill).
Hartley, Lottie Culp 24 Feb 1871 18 May 1935 Wife of E. Monroe Hartley; Child of Smith & Martha Rebecca Griggs Culp.
Herring, Emanuel 11 Nov 1842 31 Oct 1899 Husband of Sarah Samantha Blakey. Child of West & Charity Herring. Children: Sarah, Bartlett, Isadora, Amanda, Bryana, Homer, and Carrie.
Herring, Sarah Samantha Blakey 01 Aug 1843 31 Oct 1899 Wife of Emanuel Herring; Child of S. W. & Sarah Blakey.
Jackson, Mary S. 30 Jan 1864 08 Dec 1894 Wife of J. D. Jackson; Child of Francis M. & Alice Kirkland Merritt.
Kirkland, Armstead 20 Jul 1814 29 Apr 1880 Husband of (1) Mary Nancy Whiddon, (2) Julia Ann Wells; Child of William Ranson & Dicey Helton Kirkland; Children: William W., Georgia A. M. (Galloway), Martin, Missouri J. (Smith), John W., Jasper, Aris A., and Julia C. (Brackin)
Kirkland, Elizabeth Holland 10 Mar 1810 10 Mar 1888 Wife of Sanders Kirkland; Child of John & Mary Kirkland Holland.
Kirkland, James A. 25 Apr 1868 16 Feb 1951 Husband of Sallie DeBelle Culp; Child of William W. & Darcas Whiddon Kirkland; Children : William W., Edward M., and Eva C. (Mims)
Kirkland, Joseph C. 19 Feb 1872 13 Feb 1896 Child of W. J. & E. C. Kirkland
Kirkland, S. I. 18 Oct 1880 18 Sep 1905 Child of W. J. & E. C. Kirkland
Kirkland, Sallie DeBelle Culp 25 Dec 1868 14 Jul 1961 Wife of James Kirkland; Child of Smith & Martha Rebecca Griggs Culp.
Kirkland, Sanders 27 Feb 1801 14 Dec 18?? Husband of Elizabeth Holland; Child of Caleb & Sally Ransom Kirkland; Children : Isaac W., Elijah, William R., John S., Prudence E. (Davis), and Harriett C. (Fuller)
Kirkland, Sarah A. Feb 1807 26 Nov 1884 Wife of Willliam Turkett Kirkland; Child of Barick & Elizabeth William Snellgrove
Kirkland, William Turkett 13 Jul 1810 12 Nov 1903 Husband of Sarah Snellgrove; Child of Aaron Jr.& Catherine Turkett Kirkland; Children : William W., James J., Cicero, Pulaski, Mary A. E. (Weems), Clovis (Griggs), Malissa (Davis), and William J.
Merritt, Cleopratra Irene 20 Jun 1885 10 Feb 1888 Child of Francis M. & Minerva Kirkland Merritt
Mims, Bennie Everton 09 Apr 1911 20 Apr 1912 Child of Benjamin Franklin & Eva Kirkland Mims
Mims, Robbie 17 Feb 1909 05 Jun 1909 Child of Benjamin Franklin & Eva Kirkland Mims
Mims, Wilburn 12 Jul 1901 28 May 1904 Child of E. L. & R. Mims
Moring, (Unknown)
Moring, William J. G. 16 Dec 1847 07 Sep 1904
Moring, Littlebaby (Bell) Mar 1889 Mar 1889 Child of William J. G. & Mary Caroline W. Moring
Moring, Mary Etta 11 Nov 1900 10 Aug 1992
Moring, William 30 Jun 1882 05 Dec 1884 Child of W. A. & N. G. Moring
Roney, Thomas A. Jan 1861 1865
Skeen, Marie Julie (M. J.) Sep 1895 03 Aug. 1909 Child of William E. & Rosa Lenora Griggs Skeen
Skeen, Infant Son 09 Jun 1913 09 Jun 1909 Child of Otis & Monta O. McClenney Skeen
Skeen, Jesse 28 Apr 1900 21 Apr 1931 Child of William E. & Rosa Lenora Griggs Skeen
Skeen, Ralph 16 Apr 1909 15 Aug 1925 Child of William E. & Rosa Lenora Griggs Skeen
Skeen, Rosa Lenora Griggs 10 Jul 1870 01 Feb 1939 Wife of William E. Skeen; Child of William A. & Sarah M. Culp Griggs
Skeen, William Edmond 04 May 1870 21 May 1960 Husband of Rosa Lenora Griggs; Child of Zinamore E. & Aquilla Willis Skeen; Children : Charles O., Marie Julie, Willliam E., Leonar, Ralph O., Oscar L., Jessie L., Theodore, Eddie L., and Legon L.
Spann, Child Child of Henry & Sarah Spann
Spann, Sarah 1863 1936 Wife of Henry Spann
Whiddon, Dempsy 25 Dec 1882 Husband of Susan Barnes ; Child of William & Sarah Skinner Whiddon
Whiddon, Saludy 1832 1883 Wife of John Wesley Whiddon
Whitehead, 25 Dec 1833 12 Mar 1889 Child of Matthew & Mary Susan Holland Whitehead
Unknown adult Located near James & Sallie Kirkland
Unknown child Located near Robbie Mims
Unknown adult Located near Robbie Mims
Unmarked adult Near Rhodie & Littleton Cureton
Unknown 2 Unknown graves next to Joseph Kirkland
Unknown 2 Unknown graves next to S. I. Kirkland
Unknown Unknown grave next to Martha C. Barnes
Unknown Unknown grave next to C. A. Barnes
Unknown Unknown child next to Dempsey Whiddon
Unknown Unknown adult next to Katie Efurd Bostick

Partial Listing

Location: On County Road 57 between County Road 99 and County Road 53. County Road 57 is about a mile or so south of Oakey Grove Church and is the first paved road to the left. The cemetery is less than a mile on County Road 57 and is on the left. Township 6N Range 28E Section 20 N1/2

Contributed by: Roberta Whiddon Childs before 2007

Name Birth Date Death Date Notes / Source
CULP, Culp Gordon T May 17 1881 Jan 15 1960 Stone shared with Chappie J Bostick Culp. [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
CULP, Chappie J Bostick Oct 20 1886 Jan 05 1954 Stone shared with Gordon Culp. [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
CULP, Roberta Lee Oct 26 1878 Jun 20 1937 [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
CULP, W. B. Culp Oct 04 1877 no date Stone shared with Dossie Graham Culp. [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
CULP, Dossie Graham Aug 06 1889 Jul 13 1930 Stone shared with W. B. Culp. [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
EFURD, Mattie C May 24 1868 Jun 27 1936 [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
GRIGGS, Minnie Lee Dec 14 1869 Jan 10 1906 1st wife of William A. Griggs and sister to the 2nd wife, Sallie. [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
GRIGGS, Sallie Nov 23 1882 Jan 16 1958 2nd wife William Griggs and sister to the first wife, Minnie Lee. [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
GRIGGS, William A. Aug 16 1866 Apr 1946 [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
HARTLEY, Monroe Jan 27 1870 Feb 09 1933 Shared stone with wife Lottie. [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
HARTLEY, Lottie Feb 24 1871 May 18 1937 Shared stone with husband Monroe. [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
KIRKLAND, Armstead Jul 20 1814 Apr 29 1880 Son of William Ramsom and Dicey Kirkland. He was married to Mary Nancy Whiddon and Julia Ann Wells
KIRKLAND, Elizabeth Mar 10 1810 Oct 08 1888 [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
KIRKLAND, James A. Apr 25 1868 Feb 16 1951 James A. was the son of William Wilson and Dorcas Ann Whiddon Kirkland
KIRKLAND, Joseph C Feb 19 1872 Feb 13 1896 Son of W. J. & E. C Kirkland. [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
KIRKLAND, Sallie D. B. Culp Dec 25 1868 Jul 14 1961 Married to James A. Kirkland.
KIRKLAND, Sanders Feb 27 1801 Dec 14 1872 [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
KIRKLAND, Sarah Feb 1807 Nov 26 1874 [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
KIRKLAND, W T Jul 18 1810 Nov 02 1903 [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
MOURNING, Mary Caroline Kirkland Nov 02 1850 Nov 04 1937 Daughter of William Wilson Kirkland and Dorcus Ann Whiddon. Married to William J. G. Mourning.
MOURNING, William J. G. Dec 16 1847 Sep 07 1904 Married to Mary Caroline Kirkland.
SKEEN, Rosa Lenora Jul 10 1870 Feb 01 1939 Shared stone with William Edmond Skeen. [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
SKEEN, William Edmond Skeen May 01 1870 May ? [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]
WHIDDON, Dempsey 1817 Dec 25 1882 Dempsey was the son of William and Sarah Whiddon. He was married to Susan Barnes.
WHIDDON, Saudy 1832 1853 She was the wife of John Wesley Whiddon son of William and Sarah Whiddon.
WHITEHEAD, Dec 25 1833 Mar 12 1889 Died in Henry County. Son of MATTHEW WHITEHEAD and MARY SUSAN HOLLAND.

There were more graves years ago but the farmers turned them up and many of The ones out there now are unable to be read. [Source: Millie Baker Wynn]

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