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Center Methodist Cemetery

Partial Listing

Location: Coming from Ozark Dale County on State Road 27 about 1/4 mile over in Henry County turn right on County Road 89. Go about 1/2 mile and it will be on the left. T 6N R 26E Section 23 .

Name Birth Date Death Date Notes / Source
ALEXANDER, C. B. Aug 13 1851 Jul 18 1882 “An honest man is the noblest work of God.” [Source: Amy Alderman]
ALEXANDER, Bessie Irene Sep 05 1900 Sep 05 1900 Daughter of J. W. & Ada Alexander; “Gone so soon” [Source: Amy Alderman]
ALEXANDER, E. J. Mar 07 1817 Nov 21 1899 [Wife of James Alexander; “Now she sweetly rests” [Source: Amy Alderman]
ALEXANDER, Eliza E. Nov 15 1840 Mar 24 1844 Daughter of E. J. & James Alexander. [Source: Amy Alderman]
ALEXANDER, James Jun 17 1812 Aug 28 1892 Mason symbol; “Gone but not forgotten” [Source: Amy Alderman]
ALEXANDER, James Irvin Oct 06 1842 Oct 18 1900 [Source: Amy Alderman]
ALEXANDER, Martha Ann Marilda Wiggins Feb 20 1837 Jan 02 1924 [Source: Amy Alderman]
ALEXANDER, Robert E. Oct 07 1845 Dec 24 1846 Son of E. J. & James Alexander. [Source: Amy Alderman]
ALEXANDER, Wesley G. Oct 29 1847 Sep 24 1852 Son of E. J. & James Alexander. [Source: Amy Alderman]
CURETON, James U. 1823 Apr 08 1897 [Source: Margie Wiggins Lawrence]
CURETON, Rebecca Wiggins Dec 10 1849 Dec 24 1930
DAVIS, Fannie BRANNON Dec 1872 Dec 1937 Wife of James Samuel DAVIS. [Source: Sue Webb]
DAVIS, James Samuel Sep 08 1865 May 18 1938 Son of William Jackson and Susan E. CANNINGTON DAVIS (see Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery). He came to Henry County about 1884 with his father William. Married Fannie BRANNON. Children: (1) Susie Davis married Olin ARMSTRONG; (2) Corine Davis married November 12, 1912 to Tom BRACKIN; (3) Eula Davis; (4) Lena Davis; (5) Sallie Maston Davis; (6) Ann Elizabeth Davis; (7) Johnny Bivis Davis; (8) Mattie Davis. [Source: Sue Webb]
McLAIN, Willis West Nov 23 1828 Oct 24 1895 [Source: Margie Wiggins Lawrence]
McLAIN, Susanna Wiggins Apr 26 1839 Nov 16 1916 [Source: Margie Wiggins Lawrence]
TILLER, Charlie Nov 01 1868 Feb 13 1890 “Farewell” [Source: Amy Alderman]
TILLER, Martha J. Sep 20 1857 Jan 07 1890 Wife of B. S. Tiller. “She died as she lived, trusting God”. [Source: Amy Alderman]
TILLER, Ollie Lee Jul 10 1891 Jul 04 1893 Daughter of B. S. & Mollie Tiller. [Source: Amy Alderman]
WIGGINS, Athanasius Abijah Jan 10 1847 Sep 28 1867 [Source: Margie Wiggins Lawrence]
WIGGINS, Abijah Elijah Feb 1803 Sep 25 1887 [Source: Margie Wiggins Lawrence]
WIGGINS, Elizabeth Adams Oct 10 1803 Sep 26 1894 [Source: Margie Wiggins Lawrence]
WARD, John Sr Born in the 1760's or 1770's and died in the late 1820's soon after moving to Dale County. Husband to Patsy Ward.
WARD, Patsy Died in the 1840's. They were living in Sumter County, South Carolina in 1800, probably in that area which is now part of Lee County. John and Patsy had at least 5 children: James Caswell ("Cash"), Theophilus, Johnathan C. and Amanda ("Mandy"). Wife of John Ward Sr.
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