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Abbeville City Cemetery

Partial Listing

Location: Behind the Baptist Church In Abbeville.

Name Birth Date Death Date Notes / Source
ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth Vann Apr 17 1875 Feb 10 1949 Daughter of William Calvin Huss Vann and Martha Kennedy. Granddaughter of Robert Kennedy and Martha Gamble. Elizabeth Married Thomas Whitfield Armstrong. Children are: 1. Mildred A. Armstrong married Charles Oliver Aust 2. William “Bill” Armstrong married Frances Mayes Radford
ARNOLD, Lucy May 27 1854 Oct 21 1907 Lucy married J. F. Arnold
ARNOLD, J. F. Sep 11 1849 Mar 08 1922 J. Fredrick Arnold Husband of Lucy Arnold
ARNOLD, Robert T. Jul 13 1888 Jan 11 1921
BARNARD, E. S. Jan 04 1825 Mar 31 1865 Elisha Smith Barnard was born in Guilford County North Carolina; the son of Frances Thrift and Eulihu Barnard. Elisha married Oct 15, 1848 to Olive Kelly, daughter of Alcey Kirkland and William Robert Kelly. Children of Olive and E. S. (called "Smith") are: Frances A. Barnard; John Barnard; Mary India Barnard; William Barnard; Martin Jesse Barnard; and George Smith Barnard. E. S. died as a result of illness contracted during Civil War. He served 1st as a Private with the 4th Battalion Alabama Cavalry (Love's) Company C and 2nd as a Corporal in Alabama Hardy's Company (Eufaula Minute Men). [Source: GgGranddaughter M S Barnard Trigg]
BARNETT, Wm. Thurrow Dec 17 1904 Jun 20 1949
BERRY, Rosa N. Feb 01 1907 May 17 1944 Daughter of Virginus Hill Berry
BERRY, Virginus Hill Jan 03 1868 Oct 03 1945
BESSIE, Freddie Mar 16 1886 Aug 25 1889
BETHUNE, Mamie Eleanor Nov 15 1868 Sep 30 1947 w/o Philip Alfred McDaniel 11-15-1868 - 9-30-1947. Daughter of Dr. William C. Bethune and Ellen Calaway Bethune. [Source: Cecile Hundley]
BETHUNE, Mary Ellen Calaway Sep 06 1848 Apr 11 1892 Wife of Dr William C. Bethune
BETHUNE, Pet Howerton 1875 1945 Daughter of Thos. J. Howerton & Mary Whatley Howerton. Grandaughter of James Howerton & Jane Chester Howerton of South Carolina and Henry County, Alabama.
BETHUNE, William 1835 1937
BETHUNE, William Calvin 1874 1927 Son of Dr. William C. Bethune and Ellen Calaway Bethune
BETHUNE, Dr William Calvin Sep 20 1833 Jun 04 1881 h/o Mary Eleanor Callaway Sep 6, 1848 - Apr 11, 1892. Son of John G. Bethune, born Oct 7, 1810, Greene County, GA. Died Clopton, Ala, Aug 18, 1884 and wife Patience, born Mar 27, 1811, died Jam 23, 1884 in Clopton, Dale County, Alabama. [Source: Cecile Hundley]
BLACKLIDGE, Catherine Caroline Feb 27 1862 Jan 19 1919 [Source: Roy "Cibabo" McClellan]
BLACKLIDGE, Edward Dec 02 1824 Mar 28 1913 Son of Margaret and James Blacklidge of Cumberland County North Carolina. [Source: Roy "Cibabo" McClellan]
BLACKLIDGE, Emily Florida Dec 06 1867 Feb 06 1947 [Source: Roy "Cibabo" McClellan]
BLACKLIDGE, Dr. John R. Oct 01 1855 Son of Edward and Nancy Caroline Forehand Blacklidge. Grandson of Edward and Margaret Blacklidge. [Source: Roy "Cibabo" McClellan]
BLACKLIDGE, Martha Jane Nov 04 1853 Jun 06 1855 infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Blacklidge. [Source: Roy "Cibabo" McClellan]
BLACKLIDGE, Mary Alice Skipper Wife of John. R. Blacklidge, M.D. She was daughter of Arthur M. and Elizabeth Gamble Skipper. Grandaughter of James and Nancy Gamble, early settlers of Henry County. Her children are: Kate married Joseph Benjamin Johnson; Nannie married Oid Berry (children - Alice and Rose Ellen); and Robert B1acklidge. [Source: Roy "Cibabo" McClellan]
BLACKLIDGE, Nancy Caroline Forehand Jan 20 1829 Jun 20 1910 Wife of Edward Blacklidge Native of Sumpter District South Carolina. Daughter of James Forehand and Sarah Jones 1790-1875. [Source: Roy "Cibabo" McClellan]
BLACKLIDGE, Nannie Julia Jan 31 1873 Wife of Charlie W. Bland. [Source: Roy "Cibabo" McClellan]
BLACKSHEAR, Bob Frank Feb 17 1910 Aug 18 1924 Robert Franklin Blackshear Jr, the son of Dr. R. F. Blackshear and Martha Vann Blackshear. Cause of death: osteomyelitis. Born and died in Headland, Henry County Alabama. [Source: Roy "Cibabo" McClellan]
BLACKSHEAR, Dr. R. F. Oct 28 1870 Apr 27 1930 Robert Franklin Blackshear born in Haleburg, Henry County Alabama and died in Headland, Henry County Alabama. He was the son of Moses Blackshear and Elizabeth Allen of Haleburg, Henry County Alabama. Robert married Jan 17, 1907 in Abbeville Henry County Alabama to Martha Vann. Robert was a member of the Baptist Church and a Dentist. Lived for a short while at Port Arthur, Texas, as a young man, before he began the practice of dentistry. He was a horse and buggy dentist before the automobile. He had a portable chair and carried it out to homes. [Source: Roy "Cibabo" McClellan]
BLACKSHEAR, Martha Vann Oct 05 1876 Dec 18 1957 Born in Abbeville, Henry County, Alabama. Died in Headland, Henry County Alabama. m: Jan 17, 1907 in Abbeville, Henry County, Alabama to R. F. Blackshear. Martha was the daughter of William Calvin Huss Vann and Martha Kennedy. Children are; 1. Samuel Cranford Blackshear Jan 13, 1908 in Headland Henry County Alabama; married Eloise Smith Montgomery; 2. Robert Franklin Blackshear, Jr. (1910 – 1924); 3. Martha Jule Blackshear b: Oct 12, 1914 in Headland, Henry County Alabama. [Source: Roy "Cibabo" McClellan]
BLAND, Avey S. Moring Jan 11 1844 Aug 07 1916 wife of John Bland
BLAND, Charlie W. Apr 05 1871 Oct 09 1946 Son of John and Avey Moring Bland. He married Nannie Julia Blacklidge, Daughter of Edward & Nancy C. Forehand Blacklidge. Their children: Lee Bland married Mildred Starling, Troy, Ala, Children: Alice, Betty, and Julia; Julia married Jack Fincher
BLAND, Infant, Charley Oct 02 1902 Oct 02 1903
BLAND, Infant Jun 01 1904 Daughter of R. C. & Willie E. Bland
BLAND, John May 02 1834 Jun 03 1910 Father of Zack, Robert, Charles and Dump BLAND
BLAND, John Franklin Feb 24 May 18 1922
BLAND, Robert C. Nov 09 1884 Jan 03 1940 Son of John and Avey Moring Bland. Children: Robert C. Bland; Louise married Earl Capps; Marie married Foy Davis; Salonie Bland
BLAND, Willie E. McClellan Aug 04 1876 Sep 09 1934 Wife of Robert C. Bland
BLAND, Willie Tiller Mar 30 1881 Dec 23 1927 Daughter of James Tiller
BLAND, Zachariah W. Feb 23 1877 Mar 23 1930 Son of John and Avey Moring Bland. One Daughter, Nellie Bland Married __
BOATWRIGHT, Rosalie Stinson Jul 16 1886 Nov 08 1935 Wife of K. A. Boatwright
BRADLEY, Lillie Gordon 1866 1928 Mary Lillie Gordon Lightfoot married in Henry County Alabama to Sterling Price Brad1ey. Lillie was the daughter of James Newell Lightfoot and Mary (Gordon) McAllister Lightfoot. Issue are: 1. Mary Bradley married William Holley; 2. William Bradley d in World War I, July 1918 in France; 3. Alex Bradley; 4. Topsie Bradley; 5. Willie Bradley married Samuel L. Wood.
BRADLEY, Lucy Sholar 1841 1919 Wife of William Edmund Bradley. Issue are: 1. William Caty Bradley, dy.: 2. Sterling Price Bradley (b 1863 – d. 1915). Lucy was the daughter of Bryant Sholar & Mary (“Polly” Kirkland) Sholar. Bryant Sholar and Polly Kirkland were married February 19, 1829, by Lewis Deal, J.P.
BRADLEY, Sterling Price 1863 1915 Sterling Price Bradley married Sep 21, 1886, Mary Lillie Lightfoot. Sterling was the son of Lucy Sholar & William Edmund Bradley. Grandson of Henry and Eliza (Danzey) Bradley and Grandson of Bryant and Polly (Kirkland) Sholar.
BRADLEY, William Edmund Dec 19 1838 Nov 23 1896 William E. Bradley married Feb 19, 1829 in Henry County Alabama to Lucy Sholar. William was the son of Henry Bradley (b. 1811 born Southampton, Hartford County, Connecticut – d. 1840 in Henry County Alabama) who married Jun 19, 1836 in Henry County, Alabama to Eliza Danzey (b 1817 in Henry County Alabama - d 1858 in Henry County Alabama).
BRADLEY, William Edmund 1897 1918 Great Grandson of Wm. & Eliza Danzey Bradley.
BUSH, Vedie Oct 14 1887 Sep 23 1909 Daughter of C. L. & W. D. Bush
CAPPS, Harvey Mar 01 1897 May 26 1897 son of J. T. & V. E. Capps
CAPPS, John Thomas Apr 04 1866 Mar 18 1945
CAPPS, Luther Jul 08 1899 Sep 30 1902 Son of J. T. & V. E. Capps
CARR, W. Y. Nov 18 1840 May 22 1924 Private, Company G, 15th Alabama Infantry Regiment. William Young Carr born Putnam County, Georgia - died Henry County, Alabama. The son of Miss Buckner and Daniel Carr. Enlisted Jul 1861 in Abbeville and continued until paroled at Appomattox, Virginia Apr 1865; served as a Teamster during the major portion of the war. Married 1. a Miss Snow 2. Malinda J. Searcy Creel, 1835-1897, widow of William Creel 3. Ada (Arie?) Stevens, 1873-1912. William buried City Cemetery at Abbeville. Malinda J. buried at Edwin Cemetery, Henry County. Wm elected Henry County Treasurer Aug 1896 and was still in office as late as 1904-5; also, responded to the 1921 Confederate Soldiers Census for Henry. Should be a great deal of family information there. Listed as William Youngat ADAH and W. Y. Carr at NARA.
CLARK, A. S. Jul 20 1849 Oct 17 1909 Son of William and Elizabeth Clarke of Clopton, Dale County, Alabama
CLARKE, Susan Caroline Sep 18 1851 Oct 10 1914 She was Susan Caroline Corbitt,
CLARKE, Jennie Mae No Dates No Dates
CLENDINEN, Carrie Stewart Oct 18 1932
CLENDINEN, James A. Jan 09 1825 Feb 12 1890
CLENDINEN, Rev. James Oct 06 1868 Apr 26 1941
CLENDINEN, Rosa J. Jul 01 1841 Jan 13 1895
CLENNEY, Augus Daniel Jun 12 1884 Mar 05 1948 h/o Josie JOHNSON Clenney. [Source: Jan Allison]
CLENNEY, Donald Homer Aug 14 1911 Jun 28 1973 [Source: Jan Allison]
CLENNY, James Jan 27 1887 Sep 12 1928
CLENNEY, Josie JOHNSON Feb 07 1894 Apr 04 1976 w/o Augus Daniel Clenney. [Source: Jan Allison]
CLENNEY, Laura Cleveland Sep 03 1931 Jun 06 1990 w/o Robert Lamar "Bub" Clenney. Still living Mar 2001. [Source: Jan Allison]
CORBITT, Florence Dec 03 1870 Jul 03 1947 Wife of Y. Robert Wood and daughter of __ Corbitt. One daughter Robbie Corbitt Wood married C. M. Patterson
CORBITT, Georgia L. 1865 1930 w/o James N. Corbitt. [Source: Jan Allison]
CORBITT, James Lewey Nov 23 1896 Mar 16 1976 h/o Susie PRICE Corbitt; s/o James N. & Georgia L. Corbitt. [Source: Jan Allison]
CORBITT, James N. 1868 1937 h/o Georgia L. Corbitt. [Source: Jan Allison]
CORBITT, Jesse A. 2nd Sgt. Co. B, 6 Alabama Infantry Regiment C.S.A. Surrendered at Appomattox. Buried at Abbeville City Cemetery, Henry County, Alabama. Gravestone marked 2 Sgt Co. B. 6th Alabama Infrantry C.S.A. No Dates. Jesse A. Corbitt was born about 1836 probably in Barbour County the son of Mary E. McKinnon (b 1803 in North Carolina) and Jesse W. Corbitt (b 1803 in South Carolina) Jesse was one time Sheriff of Henry County Alabama and a Lawyer in Abbeville, Henry County Alabama.
CORBITT, Sarah Jane Aug 07 1834 Dec 01 1912 wife of Daniel Corbitt
CORBITT, Susie PRICE Dec 25 1903 Aug 12 1976 h/o James Lewey Corbitt. [Source: Jan Allison]
COTTON, Mary J. Turner 1789 Oct 1863
CRAWFORD, Albert Nov 05 1906 Nov 08 1908
CRAWFORD, Albert W. Mar 15 1878 Jul 16 1930
CRAWFORD, Cody A. Aug 20 1885 Aug 19 1908
CRAWFORD, Elizabeth Stokes Dec 02 1860 Oct 10 1924 Elizabeth Kennedy, daughter of Robert Kennedy and Martha Gamble Kennedy. Married 1. Walter K. Stokes. Her children: Mamie Stokes married Wm. O. Searcy; Robert Kennedy Stokes married Hattie Mae Holley; Clarence Wilson Stokes married Mary Missouri Jones; Lottie Lee Stokes. [Source: Jan Allison]
CURRY, Matilda Ward Feb 16 1838 Jan 19 1911 Matilda Ward was sister of Christopher Ward and the daughter of Nancy J. Gamble. 2nd wife of Christopher Ward. Matilda married Nov 30, 1859 to Shemuel Seaton Curry.
CURRY, Shemuel Seaton May 31 1832 Aug 18 1862 Shemuel Seaton Curry was born Nov 5, 1832 in Sumter County, Georgia and died Aug 18, 1862 at home in Abbeville, Henry County Alabama while on furlough to recover from a wound received May 31, 1862 at Seven Pines Virginia while serving in Company A, 6th Alabama Infantry. He was the son of Ann Lassiter and James Curry of Henry County Alabama. He was married on Nov 30, 1859 to Matilda Ward born Feb 16, 1838, died Jan 19, 1911. Shemuel and Matilda had one child Annie Jefferson Curry.
DICKERSON, J. C. Mar 25 1871 Sep 20 1926
DANZEY, Ernest L. Sep 27 1879 Mar 03 1936
DANZEY, George A, Sep 20 1905 Oct 25 1940
DANZEY, George M. Sep 15 1862 Nov 13 1937
DANZEY, Lillie A. Apr 06 1879 Mar 08 1949
DOWLING No Dates No Dates Infant of T. B. and B. N. Dowling
DOSWELL, John I. Feb 18 1912 Jun 12 1948 Alabama P.F.C. Det. VA Facility
DOZIER, Richard May 09 1802 Mar 25 1860
ESPY, A. J. Apr 20 1849 Feb 18 1900 Wife of R. M. Espy (A. Jane Tyler was Daughter of Rev. J. Tyler.)
ESPY, Cindarella Phoebe Hutto Jul 06 1859 May 13 1928
ESPY, Eliza Gamble Brown Jan 03 1877 Apr 28 1922 Age 45 yrs. 3 mo. 25 days. She married 1. __ Brown. Children: Willie Mae Brown Married __ Whitehurst; Lois Brown married 1. F. W. Fish 2. __ C., Eufaula, Alabama. Eliza married 2. as 2nd wife of James Robert Lee Espy, No Issue.
ESPY, James Robert Lee Dec 08 1871 Sep 02 1925 Son of Thomas, Marion Espy and Frances R. Searcy Espy of Henry County, Alabama He married 1. Petrusia Sporman 2. Mrs. Eliza Gamble Brown of Abbevi11e, Alabama. No issue.
ESPY, J. B. Oct 02 1871 Jan 17 1927 James Buhrman Espy was son of Joseph S. and Sarah E. Dawkins Espy. A teacher, an agriculturist, Supt. of Education of Henry County, Alabama. Married Ella Ward, daughter of Christopher and Amanda P. “Nancy” Ward. One son Christopher Ward Espy who married Verda of Texas. They have two children: Elizabeth and Christopher Espy. They reside in Abbeville. Ala,
ESPY, J. S. Jan 18 1844 Nov 08 1929 Born in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Son of Robert Marion Espy of Lincoln County North County, Barbour and Henry County, Alabama and Elizabeth (Watts) Espy. Grandson of Samuel Espy (Rev, Soldier of North County) and his wife E1izabeth S. Espy. He lived many years in Lawrenceville Henry County Alabama. Where he married Sarah Elizabeth Dawkins, Daughter, of Robert Hardy Dawkins. By profession he was a schoolteacher. He received A.M. Degree from Emory Henry College Va. Spent most of his life in Abbevi1le, Ala. His children, James Buhrman married Ella Ward, Abbeville. Alabama, Walter W. married Pauline Clendinan, Abbeville, Alabama, A, Carl married 1. Teance Howerton 2. Lela Wright, Henry County, Alabama Their residence, Savannah, Georgia, Clara E. married Chas. H. Strickland; Lula V. married John W, Daniels, Americus, Georgia; Joseph Samuel married Miss A. J. Fenn, Cordele, Georgia; Daisy Mary married J. T. McArthur, Moultrie, Georgia, William. Joseph S. Espy was a Soldier of the Confederate States - Army.
ESPY, Pauline Virginia Oct 12 1875 Dec 06 1948 She Married Walter W. Espy. One Daughter She was Pauline Clendinen.
ESPY, Robert Marion Aug 29 1833 Apr 11 1920 Son of Robert Marion Espy and Elizabeth (Watt) Espy, gr. son of Samuel Espy (A Rev Sol, of N. C.) and wife, Elizabeth Sloan.
ESPY, Sarah E. Dawkins Aug 08 1852 May 07 1915 wife of J. S. Espy Daughter of Robert Hardy Dawkins
ESPY, Teance Aug 18 1879 Jan 06 1897 wife of A. C. Espy. Daughter of Thomas J. Howerton and Mary Whatley Howerton. One daughter Teance Espy who married Col. Paul W. Cole, St. Louis, Mo.
ESPY, Walter W. Aug 11 1873 Dec 20 1948
FAULK, Alfred W. May 24 1852 July 05 1906
FAULK, Alfred W. Oct 01 1920 Dec 02 1944 Gave his life in the performance of his duty. Citation of Honor U. S. Army Air Force, Corporal - (Son of Gordon and Elma Herndon Faulk.
FAULK, Elma Herndon Jan 06 1899 Apr 08 1942
FAULK, J. Gordon Sep 18 1890 Two daughters survive him; Ophelia Faulk who married James Robert Vann, Abbeville, A1a., and Rejina Faulk who married R. Y. Ball.
FAULK, Lucretia Herndon Sep 10 1860 Jun 16 1917
FISH, Frank W. Apr 07 1887 Feb 11 1943
FORDHAM, S. M. Dec 05 1805 Sep 26 1881 Inscription: The toils are past his work is done; And he is fully blest; He fought the fight the victory won; And enters into rest [Source: Vivian Curry]
FORDHAM, Mrs. Elizabeth Jan 20 1809 Aug 21 1883 Inscription: Her pains are healed her sorrows are past; Lifes armour laid aside; She reaps the great reward at last; In heaven to abide [Source: Vivian Curry]
FOREHAND, Sarah Jones 1790 1675 wife of James Forehand A native of Sumpter District, S. C. and mother of Nancy Caroline Forehand, wife of Edward Blacklidge.
FOSTER, Judge John Webb Located to Abbeville Alabama, to practice law in 1870. In 1871 he was married to Miss L. B., Petty, Daughter of B. F. and Katy Petty. Their children Lola, Emma and Kate. He was the son of John Arthur Foster who was born in Jasper County, Georgia on November 11, 1823 and died in Clayton Alabama in 1894, and Mary Webb who he married in December 1849. John Arthur Foster was the son of John L. S. Foster who was born in Columbia County, Georgia, in 1800 and died in Tuscaloosa in 1875; he married Susan Hollifield in 1821 in Jasper County., Georgia. Grandson of John and Elizabeth Savidge Foster of Georgia; great grandson of Arthurand Martha (Collier) Foster of Southampton Va., 1761 and of Lovelace and Elizabeth (Harris) Savidge of Columbia County, Georgia. John Foster was born in Southampton County VA. 1761; died Columbia County, Georgia 1821. Served as Sgt. In Capt. Austin Tabbs Co., 2nd Virginia Regiment Revolutionary War under Cols. Gregory Smith, and William Brent. He married Elizabeth Savidge (1769 - 1830) in March 1785. Another Rev. Soldier in this line was Lovelace or Love1ess Savidge who was a Chaplain and one of the fie1d Officers of the “Regiment of Refugees” of Richmond County Georgia References: Owens History of Ala, & Hist, Ala, Biog. McCall's Roster Rev, Sols, in Georgia, Pages 47 & 194.
FOSTER, Judge John Webb Oct 14 1850 Jun 23 1899 Born in Lowndes County, Miss., son of John Arthur and Mary (Webb) Foster; John Arthur Foster, born Nov 11, 1828 in Jasper County, Georgia, died Jan 1894 in Clayton, Alabama; grandson of John L. G. and Susan (Hollifield) Foster. John B. Foster was-born in Columbia County, Georgia in 1800, died in Tuscaloosa, Ala: in 1875; great Grandson of John and Elizabeth (Savidge) Foster of Georgia
FREEMAN, Robert H. May 16 1880 Dec 28 1935 He Married Sue
FREEMAN, Sterling C. 1881 1951 His mother, Mrs. Mandy Freeman; a brother W. M, Freeman and a sister, Mrs. J. W. Helms
FREEMAN, Will Jul 04 1918 May 26 1944
FULLER, Nannie Mae Kennedy Mar 19 1905 Sep 22 1948
FULLER, Dorothy Thurman 1884 1918 wife of William Fuller. Daughter of David Thurman and 1. wife __ Conoly of Barbour County, Alabama
GAMBLE, Glynn O. Oct 25 1925 Jun 04 1946 Alabama 2 Lt. Air Corps
GAMBLE, Jacob M. Oct 26 1836 Dec 24 1897 Son of James and Nancy Gamble.
GALLOWAY, James Harvey Oct 02 1871 Dec 31 1936 Shared tombstone with wife Mattie Dean Searcy Galloway of Abbeville, Alabama. Daughter of Charles Barkley Searcy and Elizabeth Orr Searcy
GALLOWAY, Mattie Searcy Dec 26 1877 Jun 27 1966 Shared tombstone with James Harvey Galloway
GILLESPIE, Dr. James 1825 Aug 16 1882
GISSENDANNER, Annie Belle Oct 19 1881 Mar 16 1897
GISSENDANNER Irwin, Co. D, 39, Alabama Infantry C.S.A
GLENN, Floyd Oct 24 1895 Sep 14 1920
GLENN, Simeon T. Sep 1871 Sep 1900
GLOVER, Elijah Coleman Sep 01 1872 Nov 22 1946 He married Godfrey. Their children Elijah Lester
GLOVER, Elijah Lester Jan 17 1900 Mar 08 1937 Son of E. C. Glover. He married Eva Mae Ard, daughter of Dr. Ard, Ozark, Ala, Children: Nancy Ard Glover married Dr. A, D. Riser Birmingham, Ala.
GLOVER, Emmett B. 1908 1944
GORDON, A. C. 1811 1889 General Alexander Curry Gordon married Evelyn T. Hudspeth. In 1817 he came to Henry County with his uncle, James Hughes, from Washington County Georgia. He and a half brother were abducted by the Indians when he was 11 yrs. old and carried to their towns on the Apalachicola where they were found five months later. Was an officer in War of 1836 and C.S.A., 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment.
GORDON, A. M. Dec 20 1834 Aug 24 1862 Angus McAllister (A. M. C. A.) Gordon the 2nd child of Evelyn Hudspeth & A. C. Gordon. He never married and military history unknown.
GORDON, Carolyn Bagby Nov 18 1839 Feb 16 1844 Henry County, Alabama (Caroline Bagby Gordon 4th Child of Evelyn T. Hudspeth & A. C. Gordon)
GORDON, Dan 1843 1907 5th Child of Evelyn T. Hudspeth & A. C. Gordon; Nov 4, 1843, near Abbeville, Alabama; Apr 20, 1907; Volunteered in Henry Guards, Company E of Hilliard's Legion, which later became part of 60th Alabama Regiment. He transferred (after Chickamauga) to 6th Alabama Cavalry; Company E. was Probate Judge of Henry County from 1880 to 1907. Never married
GORDON, Evelyn T. Nov 25 1813 Aug 01 188? Eveline T. Hudspeth was the wife of A. C. Gordon & daughter of Richard Hudspeth. Children are: 1. Mary Elizabeth Gordon Oct 28, 1832, Henry County, Alabama (Aberdeen Plantation); d. Nov 19, 1922, Henry County, Alabama Abbeville; 2. Angus McAllister (A. M. C. A.) Gordon; 3. Warren Putman Gordon; 4. Caroline Bagby Gordon; 5. Daniel A. J. Gordon
GORDON, Warren Putnam Nov 21 1836 Sep 07 1854 3rd Child of Eveline T. Hudspeth & A. C. Gordon
GRANBERRY, Ida Louise Feb 03 1880 Dec 06 1882
GRANBERRY, James Long Aug 18 1892 Dec 13 1901
GRICE, Benjamin Gary Sep 10 1865 Mar 22 1898 Son of J. R. L. & Sarah M. Grice
GRICE, J. R. L. May 12 1820 Oct 01 1904
GRIFFIN, J. A. (Rev.) Jan 16 1883 Apr 28 1947 h/o Leeola I. Griffin. [Source: Jan Allison]
GRIFFIN, Leeola I. Jul 15 1878 Mar 10 1970 w/o Rev. J. A. Griffin. [Source: Jan Allison]
GREEN, Elizabeth Aug 23 1829 Aug 25 1887 wife of Judge M. B. Green
HART, Mary B. Feb 20 1825 Mar 17 1892 wife of Stephen Hart
HART, Stephen 1778 Oct 14, 1888 age 110 yrs.
HAWLEY, N. L. Jun 06 1840 Jun 03 1900 Nathaniel L. Hawley married Martha Holley
HAWLEY, Martha L. May 14 1852 Mar 05 1924 Wife of N. L. Hawley. She was Martha L. Holley.
HAWLEY, Loyd Gerome Sep 18 1880 Dec 26 1918
HAYS, Charles Alex 1909 1911
HAYS, Margaret Elizabeth 1912 1913
HENDLEY, Mamie Dec 23 1877 Oct 07 1899 Wife of G. E. Hendley. Daughter of W. A. & Elsie McClendon
HERNDON, Eva Feb 14 1894 Jul 11 1939 wife of S. F. Herndon
HICKS, Joseph C. Dec 13 1885 Oct 29 1942 h/o Lillie M. Hicks. [Source: Jan Allison]
HICKS, Lillie M. Feb 11 1889 May 07 1974 w/o Joseph C. Hicks. [Source: Jan Allison]
HILL, Elizabeth F. 1835 1891
HILL, James R. 1833 1910
HINSON, Addie Orr Apr 22 1881 Oct 08 1863 wife of J. T. Hinson
HINSON, J. T. Oct 08 1879 Feb 28 1949
HOLLAND, Ellen V. Dec 28 1859 Jun 16 1939 [Source: Libby Matt]
HOLLAND, Emmeline Mar 07 1829 Jun 17 1893 Born in South Carolina. Married about 1845 in Henry County, Alabama to Thomas Holland. [Source: Libby Matt]
HOLLAND, Irene S. Oct 13 1890 Jul 09 1985 daughter of J. M. & Pearl Reynolds Soloman, wife of T. L. Holland
HOLLAND, Laura H. Sep 10 1866 Apr 14 1898 wife of Z. L. Holland. [Source: Libby Matt]
HOLLAND, Thomas Aug 08 1820 Dec 28 1897 Tomb broken. He married about 1845 to Emmeline Holland. [Source: Libby Matt]
HOLLAND, T. L. Nov 04 1888 Nov 24 1939 Husband of Irene S. Holland. [Source: Libby Matt]
HOLLAND, W. B. Mar 09 1858 Jul 10 1893
HOLLEY, Francis Marion May 22 1857 May 31 1921 Son of Nathaniel Holley and Martha (Hawley) Holley; h/o Lenora ESPY Holley; Children: Hattie Mae married R. K. Stokes; Ida married __; Ruby Holley married General Thomas Terry. [Source: Jan Allison]
HOLLEY, Leonora Espy Aug 25 1859 Feb 16 1943 Wife of Francis Marion Holley and daughter of William C. Espy and Harriet (Ray) Espy of Columbia, Ala. Grandaughter of Robert Marion Espy and Elizabeth Watts Espy. Great grandaughter of Samuel Espy and Elizabeth (Sloan) Espy of N. C. Samuel Espy was Rev. Sol. who fought valiantly at King's Mountain and other battles. [Source: Jan Allison]
HOLLEY, Mary Hudspeth Apr 19 1873 Aug 12 1944 Mary B. Hudspeth was the wife of Burl Holley. Mary is the daughter of Sarah E. McDaniel & Joel Abbott Hudspeth. [Source: Jan Allison]
HOLMES, Charles B. Feb 18 1875 Feb 23 1915
HOWERTON, Georgia Ann Malone Jul 27 1862 May 28 1944 Wife of T. Howerton
HOWERTON, Mike Holmes Nov 08 1899 Nov 06 1900
HOWERTON, Thomas J. Jun 16 1848 Aug 13 1929 Son of John Wesley Howerton and wife Jane (Chester) Howerton who came to Henry County, Alabama in 1821 with their parents from S.C.
HUDGINS, Ansel Hill Nov 08 1911 Oct 24 1983 h/o Emily SEARCY Hudgins. [Source: Jan Allison]
HUDGINS, Emily SEARCY Nov 02 1915 Dec 28 1993 w/o Ansel Hill Hudgins; d/o James Edwin & Ella ROLLINS Searcy. [Source: Jan Allison]
HUDSPETH, J. A. Oct 06 1821 Apr 15 1878 h/o Sarah E. Hudspeth. [Source: Jan Allison]
HUDSPETH, Mary J. Jan 22 1825 Jan 17 1891
HUDSPETH, Mary Anguish Apr 22 Jun 24 Daughter of Mary Ann & J. M. Hudspeth
HUDSPETH, Mary Ann Apr 27 1828 Sep 08 1860 Mary Ann was the 1st wife of John M. Hudspeth. Issue are: 1. William Edward Hudspeth (1851-1934) married. 1st Frances H. (1855 - 1885); married 2nd Dora Scott (1850-1928) 2. Richard T. Hudspeth (1854-1925) married 1st to Emma Roberts (1862-1889) married 2nd to Auga Peterson of Union Springs, Alabama(1868-1898). Possible third child Mary Anguish Hudspeth.
HUDSPETH, Richard Oct 01 1776 May 04 1852 Richard Hudspeth was born in Virginia, he married 1801 to Mary Abernathy Sims b 1781 in North Carolina. The first children of their family were born in North Carolina where his wife’s people lived. After married they lived a few years in Georgia, Wilkes County where the younger children were born where they along with their younger children before 1829. It is thought that Richard and Mary Hudspeth lived in Franklin before locating in Abbeville. She was living at the time of his death. This is the only Hudspeth family that came to Henry County, in the early part of the century. Issue are: 1. William L. Hudspeth b January 1, 1802. William L. Hudspeth b 1802 was a slave trader, never came to Alabama. He went to Tennessee and became very prosperous. The famous opera singer, Grace Moore, was his great grandaughter. 2. Warren Sims Hudspeth b September 4, 1805 in North Carolina has descendants in Dale County. 3. Elizabeth T. Hudspeth b October 20, 1807 married a Mr. Parks in Pike County. Descendants live in Troy, Banks, and Brundidge. 4. Louisa Ann Hudspeth b October 1, 1809, married Thomas Cargill in Eufaula, Alabama. Their daughter, Caledonia, married Reuben F. Kolb. 5. Evaline T. Hudspeth married Captain Alexander C. Gordon. 6. Richard Thomas Hudspeth was b February 2, 1816, d September 9, 1899 in Headland, Alabama. His grave is in Westside Cemetery. He married Mittie Culver of Lawrenceville, Henry County, Alabama. 7. John M. Hudspeth b January 13, 1918, d March 1891 married 1st Mary Ann (1828-1860). John married 2nd Selina Lingo, daughter of Richard Taliaferro Lingo and Lucinda (Humphries) Clements Lingo; grandaughter of Elijah Lingo and Mary Harden Lingo. This ancestry goes to military service of three revolutionary soldiers: Richard Taliaferro; Capt. John Talliaferro and Henry Hardin. 8. Mary A. Hudspeth b October 6, 1819. 9. Joel Abbott Hudspeth b October 27, 1821 in Wilkes County Georgia married June 29, 1869, Sarah E. McDaniel at the home of her brother, W. W. Mc­Daniel, at Spio near Texasville, Barbour County, Alabama.She was daughter of Phillip Alfred McDaniel, Sr. (d March 1888) and Jane Walker McDaniel (d 1888); buried Columbia, Alabama. She was one of their eleven children. 10. Susan A. C. Huds­peth b October 12, 1823 and married a Dr. White and moved to Texas. 11. Nancy J. Hudspeth b July 18, 1825. d. January 17, 1891. She was never married and made her home with her sister, Eveline Hudspeth, Mrs. A. C. Gordon, and died there.
HUDSPETH, Sarah E. Jan 22 1840 Oct 11 1902 w/o J. A. Hudspeth. [Source: Jan Allison]
HUTTO, Doney Nov 28 1867 Feb 04 1924
HUTTO, Emma C. Jul 28 1895 Oct 11 1946 Wife of Young Hutto. Daughter of __ Clark. Two Sons: Clyde Hutto Married Mary Brackin. No issue.
HUTTO, Girlie V. Sep 08 1888 May 10 1948 Daughter of ….Wells.
HUTTO, J. T. Sep 25 1846 Nov 07 1916
HUTTO, John Franklin Jun 13 1851 Jun 10 1928
HUTTO, Lyttlelon T. Oct 09 1880 Jul 12 1937
HUTTO, Nicey Sowell wife of T. J. Hutto
HUTTO, Judge Solomon Mar 19 1857 Dec 23 1921
HUTTO, Young Dec 25 1874 Jan 22 1926
JACKSON, Jefferson D. 1861 1938
JACKSON, Laura H. Jun 01 1869 Nov 01 1957 wife of Jefferson D. Jackson
JOHNS, Walden Edward Mar 22 1886 Feb 27 1929 Married Lena Capps, Daughter of John Capps and Tamsey (Johnson) Capps
JOHNSON, H. B. Aug 06 1876 Mar 02 1949
JOHNSON, John Middleton Dec 20 1847 Aug 08 1880 son of S. A. & J. G. Johnson
JOHNSON, John Robert Apr 23 1925 Aug 06 1935 son of B. Benjamin Johnson and Kate Blacklidge Johnson
JOHNSON, Joseph Benjamin May 09 1888 Dec 28 1940 He married Kate Blacklidge of Abbeville, Alabama, daughter of Dr. John R. Blacklidge and wife, Mary Alice Skipper. Grandaughter of Edward and Nancy Caroline Forehand Blacklidge. Granaughter of Arthur M. Skipper and wife Elizabeth Gamble. Great grandaughter of Edward Blacklidge and wife, Margaret. Great Grandaughter of James and Nancy Gamble. Great Great Grandaughter of A. M. Skipper and wife. Great Great Grandaughter of James and Sarah Jones Forehand of Sumpter Dist., S.C.
JOHNSON, Soleta May 24 1822 Jun 04 1887 wife of J. G. Johnson
JOHNSON, V. B. May 25 1875 Jan 09 1938
KELLAR, Eunice Byrd Apr 09 1899 Oct 14 1946 wife of C. C. Kellar
KENNEDY, Anna Belle Mar 02 1934 Mar 02 1934 daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Dan C. Kennedy
KENNEDY, Dan G. Oct 25 1901 Jul 1949
KENNEDY, Martha Gamble May 07 1829 Mar 30 1885 Wife of Robert Kennedy. Daughter of James and Nancy Gamble.
KENNEDY, Molly Phillips Dec 07 1860 Oct 18 1942 Wife of William Kennedy
KENNEDY, Robert Nov 11 1812 Sep 10 1883 Robert Kennedy and Martha Gamble were married Nov 11, 1832. Their children: Martha Kennedy married W. C. H. Vann; Mary Kennedy married Rev. Wm. J. Martin; William Kennedy; Elizabeth Kennedy married Wilson K. Stokes; John Kennedy married Mary Alice Skipper.
KENNEDY, William Nov 17 1856 Mar 11 1935 He was known as Smash Kennedy. Son of Robert & Martha Gamble Kennedy.
KLARPP, Laura Lindsay Nov 01 1893 Sep 27 1925 Wife of J. A. Klarpp. Daughter of Benjamin Lindsay and Mamie Jordan Lindsay. Grandaughter of William Warren Jordan and Wife Miss Terrell. Great Grandaughter of William Jordan Rev. Sol. of Va. & N.C. & wife Annie Medlock.
KIRKLAND, A. A. Jun 16 1842 Jul 24 1911
KIRKLAND, Annie Louise Dec 28 1906 Oct 08 1907
KIRKLAND, Charley E. Jul 25 1902 Dec 20 1902
KIRKLAND, E. Tildy Apr 24 1854 Feb 05 1927
KIRKLAND, George Carr Sep 30 1905 Sep 05 1906 son of H. K. & M. L. Kirkland
KIRKLAND, George Maxwell Jan 19 1901 Oct 03 1903
KIRKLAND, Hosea Jan 19 1874 Nov 29 1929
KIRKLAND, Martha Dec 06 1846 Mar 10 1917 wife of A. A. Kirkland
KIRKLAND, Martha L. Apr 24 1876 Dec 24 1912
KIRKLAND, Martin Wilton Aug 07 1871 Mar 07 1932
KIRKLAND, Oscar Jul 29 1882 May 18 1900
KIRKLAND, Sarah M. Jun 16 1850 Jul 04 1876 wife of Seymour Kirkland. She was daughter of James Blacklidge of Cumberland County, N.C. and wife Nancy Caroline Forehand of Sumpter Dist., S.C.. Grandaughter of James and Sarah (Jones) Forehand. Great grandaughter of William Jones, Sumpter Dist, S.C., a Rev. Soldier.
KIRKLAND, Z. T. Feb 11 1850 Feb 12 1929
LANEY, A. B. Sep 1839 Dec 1919 wife of Z. W, Laney. Ann B. Culver was daughter of L. D. & Melvina A. Culver of Hancock County, Georgia. Came to Lawrenceville, Henry County, Alabama in 1859.
LANEY, Charlie L. Jan 05 1863 Nov 12 1885 Age 22 yrs, 10 mo. 7 days. Son of Z. W. and A. B. Laney
LANEY, Emma A. Aug 07 1867 Feb 21 1883 Married Jul 26, 1882. Wife of C. L. Laney and daughter of Wm. J. and Emma A. Lee
LANEY, Z. W. Jan 29 1829 Jul 1906 Born in N.C. his parents, Evan Laney and Leah Seccrist, lived in N.C., Talbot County, Georgia, and Dale and Henry County, Alabama
LEE, William Joseph 1838 1910 He married Mary Eliza Martin Price, widow of Robert Curtis Price, Dec 7, 1875
LIGHTFOOT, James Aug 14 1839 Sep 18 1885 James Newell Lightfoot Colonel 6th Alabama Infantry. James married Mary Elizabeth Gordon, widow of John McAllister.
LIGHTFOOT, Lawrence Gordon Apr 09 1868 Dec 29 1926 Lawrence Gordon Lightfoot was the 2nd of three children born to Mary Elizabeth Gordon and James Newell Lightfoot. Never Married
LIGHTFOOT, Mary Gordon Oct 28 1832 Nov 19 1922 Mary Elizabeth Gordon 1st Child of Evelyn T. Hudspeth & A. C. Gordon. Born Henry County, Alabama (Aberdeen Plantation); died Henry County, Alabama (Abbeville). Mary Gordon married 1st on Apr 23, 1854 in Henry County Alabama to John McAllister (1824-1850). They had one child, Mollie McAllister. Mary married 2nd Nov 4, 1862 in Henry County Alabama to James Newell Lightfoot (1839-1885). Issue are: 1. Mary Lilly Lightfoot (1866 -1928) married Sep 21, 1886 to Sterling Price Bradley (1836-1915); 2. Lawrence Gordon Lightfoot (1868-1926), never married. 3. Daisy Lightfoot (1865-1925) married Albert S. Steagall (1866 –1940).
LONG, Annie Jefferson Sep 04 1860 Dec 27 1905 Daughter of Shemuel Seaton Curry & Matilda Ward married Jul 6, 1882 in Henry County Alabama to Dr. James B. Long.
LONG, Daisy Lee Apr 05 1886 Jul 15 1893 Daughter of W. O. & Pet Long
LONG, Flora Jean 1926 1947
LONG, George Apr 26 1826 Mar 23 1869
LONG, Dr. James B. Mar 08 1857 Dec 24 1925 Husband to Annie Jefferson Curry. Dr. James B. Long in Pike County, Alabama the son of Mary Jane Oates and James B. Long. His father, James B. Long, enlisted in 15 Alabama Infantry, commanded by William C. Oates, his brother-in-law. He died in Richmond, Virginia in the army, of typhoid fever. He had a brother, William Oates Long. Sister, Pocahontas Long who married R. C. Granberry Sister, Mamie Long married David Thurman.
LONG, Loyd Nov 16 1882 Apr 18 1919 son of W. O. & Pet Long
LONG, Pet 1865 1945 Wife of William Oates Long. Daughter of Zack W. Laney and his Wife Ann B. (Cu1ver) Laney of Henry County
LONG, William Oates Nov 20 1859 1934 Son of James B. Long and Mary Jane Oates Long who was a sister of William Calvin Oates. He was a grandson of William and Sarah Sellers Oates. Great grandson of Stephen Oates and Elizabeth Shipp Oates. Great Great Grandson of James Oates who married a Miss Wyatt and of Ephriam Shipp and his wife, Ann Shipp of North Carolina.
MADDOX, William Clarence Sep 03 1883 Sep 04 1934 He married Ruth Vann, daughter of W. H. C. & Martha Kennedy Vann. Son of William Maddox
MAJORS, Harriet Rebecca Dec 05 1831 Apr 06 1902
MARTIN, Rev. A. L. Dec 25 1825 Jun 26 1901 Husband of Elizabeth Martin
MARTIN, Elizabeth May 04 1824 Oct 12 1893 wife of Rev, A, L. Martin
MARTIN, Henry H. Dec 01 1860 May 28 1909 Henry Harrison Martin
MARTIN, James H. Jul 04 1849 Sep 12 1884 eldest son of Dr. A. L. & E. N. Martin
MARTIN, Mary Kennedy Sep 30 1855 Mar 03 1934 wife of Rev. W. J. Martin
MARTIN, William Jackson Jan 28 1856 Sep 24 1935 Son of Rev. A. L. & Elizabeth Martin. His wife was daughter of Robert and Martha Gamble Kennedy.
MATHISON, J. Malcolm Mar 05 1874 Apr 22 1948 He married __ Wood daughter of James Carlton & Minerva Ennis Wood. Son of Geo. W. Mathison and Mahulda Weatherly Mathison. Grandson of Malcolm Mathison (1823 -1905) and Eliza Wright Mathison (1823-1905) who came from N.C. Malcolm Mathison born 1823 was a 1st Lt. in the Indian War and was a soldier of the 37 Alabama Infantry CSA.
MATHISON, Juanita Dec 06 1916 Jun 26 1945 Daughter of J. Malcolm Mathison and Wood Mathison
MARTINSON, Reuben A. Mar 03 1906 May 22 1949 He married Evelyn Ward, daughter of Mary and William Ward. Children: William and Mary Julia Martinson.
McALEVIN, Dr. B. G. Feb 29 1844 Jan 24 1934
McALLISTER, John Mar 1824 Nov 1850 John married Mary Gordon daughter of A. C. Gordon and Evelyn T. Hudspeth Gordon. Child: Mollie McAllister. After his death Mary Gordon McAllister married James Newell Lightfoot.
McDANIEL, Infant Jun 8 1887 P. A. & M. E. McDaniel
McDANIEL, Philip Alfred Sep 07 1857 Jan 11 1930 Philip Alfred McDaniel and Mamie E. Bethune were married in Abbeville, Alabama 26 Mar 1885 by Rev. A. L. Martin in presence of A. C. Gordon, Mrs. Missouri Reynolds
McCLENDON, J. T. Sep 10 1866 May 22 1898 Son of W. A, & Erie McClendon
MELVIN, Elizabeth Gamble Feb 04 1837 Mar 20 1923 wife of John Melvin
MELVIN, John Mar 27 1836 Dec 05 1906
MERRITT, Frances M. Sep 12 1835 Aug 13 1909 Francis M. Merritt is my great grandfather. The correct spelling of Francis is with an "i", not Frances with an "e". The correct birth year is 1836 as shown on my picture of his tombstone. It is the family belief that his second wife, Minerva Kirkland Merritt, is buried next to him. His first wife, Alice Kirkland Merritt, may also be next to him, or she may be in the Culp-Kirkland Cemetery. Perhaps another family member will have the answer to this. [Source: Bill Arnold]
MILLER, Mattie 1855 1936 Daughter of Mary L. and Thomas L. Miller
MORGAN, Martha E. Mar 31 1856 Jul 25 1913 Wife of Lee Morgan
MORING, Anala Aug 07 1882 Jun 18 1902
MORING, Carry Nov 30 1905 Dec 11 1928
MORING, John E. Dec 17 1886 Jul 15 1919
MORING, Eric 1902 1957
MORING, James Robert Sep 16 1890 Apr 28 1930
MORING, Jennie Feb 20 1873 Jun 25 1944
MORING, Pvt. Robert C. Oct 31 1915 Sep 30 1944 Hg. Co. 2nd Bn. 27 Inf
MORING, Sarah M. May 04 1861 Aug 02 1912 wife of T. B. Moring
MORRIS, Henry C. Apr 07 1940 Alabama Sgt. 341 Motor Truck Co.
NEWMAN, George Apr 26 1826 Mar 23 1869 Corporal, Company "B" 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment/ Lieutenant, Henry Mounted Rebels/ 1st Lieutenant, Company E, 6th Alabama Cavalry). Was born April 26, 1826 in Chesterfield County, South Carolina – died March 23, 1869 in Abbeville Henry County Alabama and buried City Cemetery, Abbeville, Henry County, Alabama. The son of Nancy and John Newman. George married November 19, 1857 by Rev. H. L. Tiller to Sarah A. Lee – b. June 21, 1842 in Alabama the daughter of Sarah A. Sloan and Needham Lee of near Louisville, Barbour County Alabama. Needham Lee was a very substantial landowner and farmer. George at the age of 18 years came to Alabama and settled in Abbeville, Henry County, Alabama. Soon after arriving in the county he became a clerk in a store and a few years later he went into the mercantile business for himself. Still later he began farming. Family History has: At the outbreak of the Civil War, George Newman entered the military company known as the Henry Grays as First Lieutenant and served until the surrender. After the war was ended, he resumed his farming, which vocation, he followed until his death. His wife, Sarah Lee Newman, passed away July 30, 1921. George Newman carried two 50-cent pieces in his pocket all through the war and when he came home after the war he gave the two pieces of money to his wife and told her to always keep them and she would never be broke. She kept them and a short time be­fore she passed away she told her daughter, Mrs. Mollie Martin, with whom she lived, to always keep the two coins. Mrs. Martin in turn gave them to her daughter, Eva Martin Carter and she still has them in her possession. She is planning to place them in the State Archives of History in memory of her grandfather, George Newman. Children: 1. Lenora Eveline “Miss Nora” Newman – b. September 4, 1858 in Henry County Alabama d. November 12, 1932 in Abbeville Henry County Alabama and buried at Abbeville City Cemetery. Married on December 7, 1875 to John Bird Ward. - b. August 31 1853 - d. June 13, 1941 - (Son of John James Ward and Martha (Davis) Ward. Gtandson of James and Malinda (Parish) Ward and of Joseph and Matilda (Wilcoxen) Ward all of Henry County, Alabama. 2. Mary Alabama “Miss Mollie” Newman – b. March 18, 1861 – d. September 13, 1929; married December 1885 to Henry Harrison Martin of Abbeville Henry County. Mary Alabama and Henry Martin were the parents of two children. 3. Robert Newman – b. January 28, 1864 – d. in Florida; Married March 1886 to Miss Emma E. Lee. To Robert Newman and his wife were born three girls and two boys. 4. Laura Newman – b. July 19, 1866 – d. February 3, 1942; married Tolbert L. Dowling of Louisville, Barbour County Alabama a native of Ozark, Alabama. 5. Georgia Newman – b. February 3, 1869 – d. July, 1870. Source: Family Bible of George Newman and Sarah A. Lee Newman, Owned by Mrs. Eva Martin Carter (Mrs. Frank) Abbeville, Alabama.
NEWMAN, Sarah A. Lee Jun 21 1842 Jul 30 1921 Wife of George Newman (1826-1869)
NICHOLS, George B. Feb 14 1896 May 30 1946 Georgia Wagr. 330 Infantry 83 Div. World War I
NICHOLS, Mary H. Sep 18 1878 Dec 23 1907 wife of Dr. L. S. Nichols. Daughter of Terry and Carolyn Gamble Terry.
NOBLES, Lucy Oct 05 1834 Sep 08 1884 w/o W. W. Nobles. Daughter of James Gamble and Nancy Gamble. [Source: Jan Allison]
NOBLES, Wesley Aug 27 1857 Sep 05 1905
NORDAN, Alma Sep 14 1897 Oct 30 1898 daughter of J. W. & A. J. Nordan
NORDAN, Amanda Dec 03 1864 May 26 1949 Wife of John W. Nordan and daughter of Christopher and Amanda P. Ward.
NORDAN, Infant Jun 17 1911 Daughter of C. J. & S. B. Nordan
NORDAN, John W. May 22 1860 Aug 18 1898 Son of Lewis Nordan and Rhoda Elizabeth (Odom) Hardwick Nordan.
NORDAN, Robert Louis Oct 03 1916 Aug 11 1929
NORTON, Bernard Jan 10 1908 Apr 18 1909
NORTON, William E. Jul 04 1901 Sep 15 1933 Son of Ira E. and Sarah R. Norton
OATES, Alice D. Nov 01 1859 Oct 17 1897 Alice D. Harper 1st wife of James Edward Oates.
OATES, Ephriam Jan 27 1826 Apr 30 1911 Married Mary Ann Ward, daughter of James and Malinda Ward 2. Lucy Saunders. Children by (1) marriage: Malinda married Dr. Thos. Carey Solomon; Wyatt S. Gates married Martha Alice Reynolds, daughter of Chas. Jackson Reynolds who married Martha Jordan, no issue; Margaret Oates married Edgar Lindsay, son of Benjamin & Mary (Jordan) Lindsay. Child Viola married Homer Flowers; Malinda Oates “Bunch" married Dr. Walter Scott; Alice married Walter Hawkins; Ralph Lindsay married Mary __; Clyde N. married Seva Elima Knowles; Ruth married Miller Guillot; Nina married Glenn Hawkins; Helen married (1) John Stark (2) Fred Feldt; Collye married Quince Hollon; James Edward Oates married (1) Alice D. Harper (2) Mollie Johnson. Children of J. Edward Oates are John Harper Oates who married Lillie Mae Stokes (2) Ruth; children of J. Edward Oates and Mollie Johnson Oates, Merle Oates married __ Douglas, Mary Oates married John Stokes and James W. Oates. Children of Ephriam Oates and Lucy Saunders Oates: Ephriam Oates, William G. Oates, Lucy Oates and Lizzie Oates.
OATES, James E. Jan 04 1854 Mar 29 1918 Son of Ephriam Oates and Mary Ann Ward Oates. Grandson of Stephen & Elizabeth Shipp Oates and James and Malinda Ward. Great grandson of James Oates and wife Miss __ Wyatt of N.C. and Ephriam and Ann Shipp of N.C. James Edward Oates married 1. Alice D. Harper. Child, John Harper Oates who married 1. Lillie Mae Stokes, married 2. Ruth; He married 2. Mollie Johnson, daughter of __ Johnson. Child, Merle Oates, married Joseph Douglas, James W. Oates, a soldier of World War II.
OATES, James W. Nov 29 1905 Jul 30 1947 Alabama Pvt. 8 Service Command Unit, World War II.
OATES, Lucy Saunders Nov 19 1849 Sep 12 1938 2nd wife of Ephriam Oates
OATES, M. A. Reynolds Jan 01 1857 Sep 26 1926 Wife of Dr. W. S. Oates. Daughter of Charles Jackson Reynolds and wife Martha Jordan Reynolds. She gave money and buildings for the benefit of education.
OATES, Mary Ann Jun 24 1822 Nov 24 1882 Mary Ann Ward married Ephriam Oates, and daughter of Malinda Parrish. Her name is given in different accounts as Malinda, Miranda and Malissa. and James Ward born Nov 1, 1783 in S.C. & died Feb 28, 1860 in Abbeville, Henry County, Alabama. Mary Ann Ward was twin of John J Ward. See page 1725 Owens History of Alabama & Dist. of Alabama Bio.
OATES, Payton A Aug 28 1886 Jul 13 1887 son of E. & L. J. Oates
OATES, Sarah May 29 1895 Age 85 yrs. 1 mo. She was wife of William Oates who was the son of Stephen Oates and Elizabeth Shipp Oates of Sampson County, N.C. Sarah Oates, mother of Ex-Gov. William Calvin Oates was the daughter of Matthew Sellers. Sarah Sellers Cates and William Oates had one child, William Calvin Oates, who married Sarah Toney of "Roselands” near Eufaula. Child, William C. Oates, married Georgia Saffold of Montgomery. One child, Marion Oates, married __ Leiter, Washington, D.C.
OATES, Wyatt S. Jul 06 1852 Apr 12 1913 Son of Ephriam and Mary Ann Ward Oates. He married Martha Alice Reynolds, daughter of Charles Jackson and Martha Jordan Reynolds of Dale County Alabama. He was a physician and early settler of Headland, Henry County Alabama. He practiced medicine by traveling on horseback, as there were few roads and well-beaten trails. He amassed a fortune by his good business methods. No Issue
OLIVER, Frank p. Dec 23 1890 Oct 27 1900
ORR, James Feb 29 1853 Apr 20 1917 Buried next to Addie Orr Hinson
OWENS, Ann Elfrida Nov 06 1848 Mar 12 1856
OWENS, Frances Jane Sep 23 1823 Jan 31 1868 Frances Jane Stewart married Hastings E. Owens. Children: G. b. Owens, Ann Elfrida, James Whitman, Edwin H., Hellon R., Millard F., Thaddus b. Owens.
OWENS, G. B. Jul 17 1859 Mar 22 1938 Gus b. Owens the Son of H. E. & Frances Jane Owens.
G.B. Owens is also my great grandfather. While he was normally called Gus, my picture of his tombstone shows his name as Gustavius B. Owens and his death year as 1937 not 1938. [Source: Bill Arnold]
OWENS, Hasting Whitman Mar 26 1872 Mar 15 1933 Son of Hasting E. Owens and Mary E. Hagood Owens; gr. son of Whitman H. Owens.
OWENS, H. E. Sep 08 1817 Nov 18 1895 Hastings E. Owens was born in South Carolina, a son of Whitman H. Owens who lived in South Carolina, Alabama & Georgia. At one time H. E. Owens lived on Georgia side of Chattahoochee River opposite Gordon, Alabama.
H.E. Owens was my great great grandfather. His first name has been spelled variously as Hasting, Haisting, Hastings, and Haistings. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any official record of his first name, and it does not appear on his tombstone. The maiden name of his first wife, Frances Jane, has most recently been spelled Stuart in a descendant's application papers for membership in the Jamestown Society. I suspect this is the correct spelling. [Source: Bill Arnold]
OWENS, Infant Mar 05 1871 Mar 05 1871 Son of H. B. & M. E. Owens
OWENS, Infant Jan 10 1908 Jan 18 1908 Daughter of Hasting Whitman & Mary Vann Owens
OWENS, James Robert Aug 23 1904 Dec 24 1935 Son of Hasting W. Owens and Mary Vann Owens. Grandson of H. E. Owens and Mary E. Haygood Owens, gr. son of William Calvin Huss Vann and Martha (Kennedy) Vann. Great grandson of Robert and Martha (Gamble) Kennedy and of Whitman H. Owens of S. C., Georgia He married October 8, 1933, Agnes Scott. One child, Barbara Scott Owens, born June 28, 1935
OWENS, James Whitman Dec 23 1849 May 30 1850 Son of Frances Jane Stewart & Hastings E. Owens
OWENS, Mary C. Sep 26 1861 Sep 06 1940 Mary C. Skipper, daughter of Bryant Skipper and Wife of Gus b. Owens.
OWENS, Mary E. Sep 05 1839 Apr 08 1901 Wife of Hastings E. Owens. Mary E. Haygood was daughter of Appleton Haygood and his Wife. Mary Ramsey Lovelace of Clark County Georgia and Montgomery, Alabama.
OWENS, Mary Vann Mar 27 1873 Mar 11 1940 Daughter of William Calvin Huss Vann and Martha (Kennedy) Vann & wife of Hasting Whitman Owens
OWENS, Thaddeus Burnett May 20 1862 May 22 1868 Son of Frances Jane Stewart & Hastings E. Owens
PARKER, Cora Feb 22 1877 Apr 26 1903 Wife of W. B. Parker. She was an adopted daughter of W. J. G. & Martha (Wood) Skipper.
PARKER, Norman Foy Feb 02 Jul 20 1903 Son of W. B. & Cora Parker
PARKER, Martha Skipper Jul 22 1842 Mar 12 1923 Daughter of William Wood and wife, Jane (Cureton) Wood. She married 1. W. J. G. Skipper 2. W. B. Parker. No issue living.
PEACOCK, J. D. Aug 08 1873 Sep 17 1901
PEARCE, Anna A. Dec 07 1836 May 12 1907 Anna A. Yonge
PEARCE, Edmond A. May 05 1863 Mar 14 1935 Brother of Judge Henry A. Pearce, unmarried.
PEARCE, Henry A. Mar 01 1861 Oct 29 1934 Judge of the 20th Judicial Dist. of Ala, Henry Allen Pearce born near Milton, Santa Rosa Co, Fla. Son of Samuel A. & Anna A. (Yonge) Pearce. Grandson of Edmond A. and Eliza Pearce originally from Va., and of Henry A. & Mary Yonge of Geneva Alabama. Unmarried.
PHILLIPS, Carrie O. Mar 10 1871 Jul 17 1921
PINKERTON, Virginia T. Feb 17 1910 Same plot as Alex & Kate Trawick
PINKERTON, Edward R. Jul 21 1907 Oct 13 1995 Same plot as Alex & Kate Trawick
REYNOLDS, Albert Sidney Aug 09 1897 Mar 01 1949 [Source: Libby Matt]
REYNOLDS, Carl Gordon Oct 29 1898 May 04 1919 [Source: Libby Matt]
REYNOLDS, Carrie Kirkland about 1877 Nov 24 1951 Age 74 - wife of Carl Reynolds and daughter of Z. T. and Malinda Majors Kirkland. Children: Emmie Reynolds married Dr. Adams 2. Dr. Salter Eufaula Fogarty; three sons, Robert Taylor Reynolds, Jack Reynolds and Carl Edward Reynolds. [Source: Libby Matt]
REYNOLDS, C. J. Dec 13 1844 Oct 07 1872 [Source: Libby Matt]
REYNOLDS, Henry B. Sep 17 1867 Jul 04 1886 [Source: Libby Matt]
REYNOLDS, Laura J. May 26 1842 Aug 08 1902 Laura Brainard wife of H. T. Reynolds. [Source: Libby Matt]
REYNOLDS, Missouri Sep 19 1848 Feb 24 1906 Daughter of Ben Rice, wife of R. J. Reynolds. [Source: Libby Matt]
REYNOLDS, R. J. Jun 02 1846 Jan 20 1911 Son of Charles Jackson Reynolds and Martha Jordan Reynolds of Dale County Alabama. [Source: Libby Matt]
REYNOLDS, Tamsey Johnson Jan 10 1872 Jun 06 1949 Wife of R. H. Reynolds. [Source: Libby Matt]
REYNOLDS, W. E. Jan 06 1899 Sep 08 1930 [Source: Libby Matt]
RICHARDSON, James Reeves Nov 15 1883 Nov 13 1946
RISH, Beulah Maxine Dec 20 1909 Apr 25 1911 daughter of John W, & Irene Rish
RISH, John Wesley Jul 24 1911 Aug 18 1912 Son of John W. & Irene Rish
ROBERTS, Elsie Lee Oct 26 1913 Dec 28 1916 daughter of E. L. & J. W. Roberts
ROBERTS, Jane Hudspeth Nov 20 1876 May 17 1943
ROBERTS, William Edgar Oct 31 1899 Oct 11 1927
ROLLIN, Talitha May 23 1859 Aug 03 1908
RYALS, Charlie Verna Feb 13 1903 Jul 04 1927 son of T. A. Ryals
RYALS, Sarah Jane Apr 06 1832 Apr 22 1911
RYALS, Thomas C. Jan 1861 Nov 10 1923
SAUNDERS, Infant Sep 06 1888 Sep 06 1888 Son of E. A. &. M. A. E. Saunders
SAUNDERS, Leo Sep 10 1870 Oct 12 1877 son of E. A. & M. A. B. Saunders
SAUNDERS, Will Jul 22 1878 Aug 18 1929
SEARCY, C. B. Aug 09 1848 May 01 1918 Born in Henry County, son of James & Delilah Searcy. The Searcy family is from North Carolina. Grandson of John Searcy of N.C. and Aaron Searcy of Milledgeville, Georgia. Married November 16, 1869 to Elizabeth Orr, daughter of James Orr and Jane Bush Orr of Barbour County, Alabama. Children: James Edwin married Ella Rollin; Wynona Mae married N. B. Crawford; Martha Dean married J. Harvey Galloway, William Orr; Annie Laura married James Saunders; Clara Lillie married Bertram Hays; Charlie Morris; Eloise Elizabeth married Charlie Arrington; Delilah Jane. [Source: Jan Allison]
SEARCY, Cora Creel Jul 23 1869 Dec 16 1927
SEARCY, Elizabeth Orr 1853 1916 w/o C. B. Searcy. [Source: Jan Allison]
SEARCY, Ella ROLLINS Jan 11 1876 Jan 26 1964 w/o James Edwin Searcy. [Source: Jan Allison]
SEARCY, Harvey Dowling Mar 27 1895 Feb 14 1962 s/o James Edwin & Ella ROLLINS Searcy. [Source: Jan Allison]
SEARCY, James Edwin Oct 03 1870 Aug 17 1935 He married Ella ROLLINS. Children: __ Searcy married Hudgins. [Source: Jan Allison]
SEARCY, Robert B. 1868 1951 Sons - Wade Searcy, John Searcy, Sam Searcy and Edgar Searcy and six daughters.
SEARCY, Robert B. Jr. Mar 11 1898 Jan 22 1918
SEARCY, Robert E.   Aug 04 1868
SHIRLEY, Joseph K. Dec 10 1886 Jun 11 1915
SHOLAR, Lucinda 1844 1918 Lucinda was the daughter of Bryant Sholar & Mary “Polly” Kirkland Sholar. Sister of Lucy Sholar Bradley who married Wm. E. Bradley and Martha Sholar Solomon who married William L. Solomon; and Susan Sholar who married 1. Stokes 2. Hezekiah Key
SKIPPER, A. B. Co. G, 15 Alabama Infantry Regiment C.S.A.
SKIPPER, A. M. Mar 11 1819 Mar 01 1897
SKIPPER, Elizabeth Jun 13 1830 Oct 23 1910 Daughter of James & Nancy Gamble. Wife of A. M. Skipper
SIMONTON, Henry B May 22 1877 Jan 24 1919
SKIPPER, Annie Lucy Oct 24 1882 Dec 11 1887 Daughter of W. J. G. & M. A. Skipper
SKIPPER, George Samuel Jun 02 1872 Aug 13 1873 son of W. J. G. & M. A. Skipper
SKIPPER, Infant Jun 26 1871 Jun 26 1871 Infant of W. J. G. & M. A. Skipper
SKIPPER, Joseph Warren Feb 28 1878 Jan 10 1880 son of W. J. G. & M. A. Skipper
SKIPPER, Lula M. Apr 13 1885 Aug 19 1944
SKIPPER, Maude Mar 04 1873 May 27 1874 Daughter of W. J. G. & M. A. Skipper
SKIPPER, Patrick Bryant Jun 23 1876 son of W. J. G. & M. A. Skipper
SKIPPER, Son Jul 21 1870 1871 Son of W. J. G. & M. A. Skipper
SKIPPER, William Henry Jun 24 1875 Jun 24 1875 son of W. J, G. & M. A. Skipper
SKIPPER, W. J. G. Sep 26 1850 Apr 02 1895
SMITH, Dorothy Mar 23 2001 Dorothy “Dot” CLENNEY Smith w/o Robert Alexander Smith III. [Source: Jan Allison]
SMITH, Robert Alexander III Nov 27 1920 Jan 04 1990 h/o Dorothy “Dot” CLENNEY Smith. [Source: Jan Allison]
SOLOMON, Infant Feb 26 1887 Son of J. M. & A. P. Solomon. [Source: Libby Matt]
SOLOMON, J. M. Apr 05 1861 Feb 26 1923 Son of William L. Solomon who died at Tupelo, Miss. in C.S.A. & Martha Sholar Solomon. [Source: Libby Matt]
SOLOMON, Pearl R. Feb 16 1871 Feb 04 1948 Daughter of Henry T. Reynolds and Laura J. Brainard Reynolds. Wife of J. M. Solomon. [Source: Libby Matt]
STEAGALL, Albert Sidney Apr 19 1866 Nov 28 1940 Son of Dr. William C. and Mary Jane Peacock Steagall of Dale County, Alabama. Grandson of Ivey F. and Sidney Purifoy Steagall of Georgia. Grandson of Alexander & Harriet Peacock of Dale County Alabama. Great grandson of Henry Bascom Steagall. Was a Rev. Soldier
STEAGALL, Albert Sidney Sep 03 1890 Infant son
STEAGALL, Daisy Lightfoot May 27 1865 Jul 18 1925
STEAGALL, Howard Nov 08 1897 Sep 29 1900 Son of W. I. and T. E. Steagall
STEAGALL, James Lightfoot Feb 05 1893 Jun 29 1915
STOKES, Benita Pearl Dec 07 1940 Dec 07 1940 d/o Hugh & Mamie Benelle Stokes. [Source: Jan Allison]
STOKES, Hattie Mae Sep 08 1883 Jan 23 1969 w/o Robert Kennedy Stokes. [Source: Jan Allison]
STOKES, Horace Bethune May 21 1893 Apr 22 1938 h/o ? m. 4/4/1938. Died 18 days after marriage. s/o Robert Edward & Ola Melissa BETHUNE Stokes. [Source: Jan Allison]
STOKES, Hugh Mar 08 1895 Nov 25 1965 w/o Mamie Benelle; m. Jun 8, 1938. s/o Robert Edward & Ola Melissa BETHUNE Stokes. [Source: Jan Allison]
STOKES, Ida Dora Mar 05 1868 Oct 04 1873 d/o James Wilson & Martha Ann Stokes. [Source: Jan Allison]
STOKES, James Aug 01 1862 Jan 26 1865 son of J. W. & M. A. Stokes
STOKES, Capt. James Wilson Dec 02 1828 Dec 22 1901 Married Dec 20, 1853 to Martha Ann Kennedy. [Source: Jan Allison]
STOKES, James Wiley Jan 22 1903 Jul 04 1903 s/o Robert Edward & Ola Melissa BETHUNE Stokes. [Source: Jan Allison]
STOKES, Lottie Lee May 12 1883 Dec 01 1902 [Source: Jan Allison]
STOKES, Mamie Benelle Hornsby Sep 29 1916 Jun 08 1938 married Jun 8, 1938 to Hugh Stokes. [Source: Jan Allison]
STOKES, Martha Ann Dec 07 1834 Jan 01 1894 Daughter of Robert Kennedy and wife Martha Gamble. w/o James Wilson Stokes. Married 12/20/1853.
STOKES, Mickie Lee Nov 06 1872 Feb 20 1891 Born Haw Ridge, Dale Co. AL. Died Abbeville, AL. d/o W. J. & E. A. Stokes. [Source: Jan Allison]
STOKES, Ola Malissa Jun 22 1871 Feb 27 1939 Married May 17, 1892 to Robert Edward Stokes. Ola Malissa Bethune was daughter of Dr. Wm. C. Bethune and Mary Calloway Bethune. Grandaughter of John and Patience Bethune. [Source: Jan Allison]
STOKES, Robert Edward Jul 27 1866 May 26 1939 Married May 17. 1892 to Ola Malissa Bethune. Son of Capt. Wilson Stokes. [Source: Jan Allison]
STOKES, Robert Edward, Jr. Oct 03 1897 May 28 1898 s/o Robert Edward & Ola Melissa BETHUNE Stokes. [Source: Jan Allison]
STOKES, Robert Kennedy Aug 09 1881 Oct 19 1974 h/o Hattie Mae Stokes. [Source: Jan Allison]
STOKES, Roy Dowling Apr 26 1875 Oct 13 1902 s/o James Wilson & Martha Ann Stokes. [Source: Jan Allison]
STOKES, Vickie Lee Nov 06 1872 Feb 20 1891
STOKES, Walter, K. Oct 31 1855 Dec 25 1889 h/o Elizabeth Stokes. [Source: Jan Allison]
STRICKLAND, C. H. Jul 26 1868 Mar 13 1935 He married Clara Espy. Daughter of Joseph S. & Sarah E. Dawkins Espy. No issue.
SUMMERFORD, Ewell S. Mar 31 1870 Mar 27 1947
SUMMERFORD, Marion Holley Sep 08 1901 Nov 13 1929
TALLEY, Andrew J. 1862 1949
TALLEY, Mary Aug 22 1858 Aug 20 1913
TALLY, Nancy W. J. Jun 26 1854 Aug 02 1854 Daughter of Jane and John Tally
TAYLOR, Irwin Oct 15 1900 Sep 15 1901 Infant son of C. S. & M. B.
TEAGUE, Walter Adair Jun 18 1853 Aug 1858 son of L. L. and Mary Teague
TEAGUE, John Leland Jan 27 1855 Aug 23 1855 Infant son of L. L. & Mary Teague
TERRY, Carolyn Gamble May 29 1847 Jul 01 1927
TERRY, G. W. Nov 27 1838 Jun 03 1924
TERRY, Pauline Aug 24 1859 Mar 29 1935 wife of G. W, Terry
THORNTON, Mary Caroline Feb 25 1852 Apr 28 1916 wife of N. M. Thornton
THORNTON, Dr. N. M. Jun 08 1837 Apr 17 1908
THURMAN, Mamie Long Nov 11 1862 Sep 01 1922
THURMAN, David Cates 1889 1913
TRAWICK, Alex Dec 05 1873 Oct 11 1947 Son of Thomas A, and Caroline Virginia Kirkland Trawick, He married Kate Ross of Macon, Georgia. [Source: Jan Allison]
TRAWICK, Carrie V. 1844 1926 Daughter of Isaac Kirkland, an early pioneer of Henry County, Alabama and the first merchant of Abbeville, Alabama
TRAWICK, Kate Ross Nov 02 1884 Oct 19 1966 wife of Alex Trawick. [Source: Jan Allison]
TRAWICK, James F. Sr. Oct 18 1918 Feb 29 1996 s/o Alex & Kate ROSS Trawick. [Source: Jan Allison]
TRAWICK, Thomas A. 1844 1926 Born Feb 2, 1844, son of George N. and Nancy Calloway Trawick, natives of South Carolina. They came to Henry County, Alabama in 1829. Was a member of Company A 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment C.S.A. Received five wounds during war, however he served until the War was over. He was married Feb 15, 1866 to Carrie V. Kirkland whose father, Isaac Kirkland, was an early pioneer of Henry County and the first merchant of Abbeville, Alabama. Children: Daniel G. Trawick; Lula Lee Trawick who married F. W. Laney. Jr.; George A. Trawick; William A. Trawick; John T. Trawick
TRAWICK, W. A. Jun 09 1878 Feb 06 1905
TRIMBLE, Lucille WRIGHT Jan 22 1916 Aug 05 1978 w/o Malvin F. Trimble; d/o Eldridge Dowling & Lucy Jane OATES Wright. [Source: Jan Allison]
TRIMBLE, Malvin F. Nov 20 1910 Jan 20 1972 Malvin married Lucille WRIGHT Trimble. [Source: Jan Allison]
VICKERS, Dr. William Charles Jan 13 1882 Jun 06 1936 He married Rose Hawley. Children: Charles, Austin.
WARD, Miss Amanda 1876 Oct 02 1950
WARD, Audrey Galloway Jun 05 1902 Sep 20 1950
WARD, Annie Nov 30 1891 Apr 03 1900 daughter of J. R. & E. E. Ward
WARD, Christopher Nov 02 1835 Oct 30 1891 He married Nancy J. Gamble Jul 23, 1860. His children are: John A. Ward; Lula Ward; Mary M. Ward; Amanda J. Ward; Annie Belle Ward; Joseph R. Ward; Edward C. Ward; Ella C. Ward; William J. Ward.
WARD, E. C. Apr 16 1875 Oct 27 1915
WARD, Elias, J. J. Sep 20 1847 Jan 16 1869 son of. John J. and Melissa Ward
WARD, George N. Nov 04 1878 Nov 14 1902 Son of John B. & L. E. Ward. Son of John Bird and Lenora Evelyn Newman Ward married December 29, 1901. Mary Frances Daughter of John Franklin and Elenor Gross Craft. He was grandson of John James and Martha Davis Ward, Great grandson of James and Melissa Parish Ward and of Joseph and Matilda Wilcoxen Ward of Henry County. The Ward and Wilcoxen families came from South Carolina to Henry County Alabama.
WARD, Infant Aug 09 Aug 20 1889 Infant son of J. B. & L. E. Ward
WARD, James J. James and wife Malinda Nancy are buried in Stokes Cemetery Church. One of the early settlers of Henry County was James Ward who was born South Carolina Nov 1, 1783 and died in Abbeville, Ala, Feb 28, 1860. He married Miranda (or Malinda) Parish, “Nancy". She was born 1784, died Sep 6, 1851. Their children: Mariah married James McKissack, Eliza married Wesley Peebles, His son Wesley Peebles in Clopton Cemetery. Nov 4, 1856 May 30, 1941. William married __ Owens; James Jackson Ward married Eliza Oates; Elias J. J. Ward, born Jan 31, 1844, died Oct 9, 1864; Permelia married W. J. Galloway; John J. married Martha Davis. He was born Jun 24 1822, died May 10, 1871 Town to Mary Ann
WARD, James W. Sep 15 1859 Feb 01 1895 Son of John James & Martha (Davis) Ward, son of J. J. & Martha Ward
WARD, John Apr 22 1899 Jun 04 1900 son of E. C. & B. W. Porter
WARD, John Bird Aug 31 1853 Jun 13 1941 Son of John James Ward and Martha Davis Ward. Grandson of James and Malinda Parish Ward and of Joseph and Matilda Wilcoxen Ward all of Henry County, Alabama. Married Leonora Evelin Newman. Daughter of George and Sarah Lee Newman. George Newman came from S.C. to Henry County, Ala. Children: Leonora Bird married Emmett C. Porter, son of Wm. J. Porter and Julia (Christian) Porter of Cedar Springs, Georgia, and Columbia, Ala. For more of Christian family see Julia Christian Porter (Eastside Cemetery, Headland, Ala); John James Ward married Alice Howell
WARD, John J. Jun 24 1822 May 10 1871 John James Ward Married Martha Davis, He was Son of James J. Ward & Wife Malinda (Parish) Ward, and twin Brother of Mary Ann Ward Wife of Ephriam Oates
WARD, Lawrence Aug 22 1887 Sep 12 1888 son of J. B & L. E. Ward
WARD, Leonora Newman Sep 04 1858 Nov 12 1932
WARD, Martha Mar 19 1828 May 26 1884 wife of John J. Ward
WARD, Mary Nov 01 1840 May 12 1908 wife of W. G. Ward
WARD, Mary Mar 1808 Jan 1899 Mother of Matilda (Ward) Curry & Christopher Ward.
WARD, Mary M. May 05 1861 Aug 16 1873 daughter of J. J. & Martha Ward
WARD, Nancy J. Feb 02 1841 Jun 07 1910 Wife of Christopher Ward. She was daughter of William Irwin and Elizabeth "Polly" Gamble
WARD, Ruby Aug 22 1882 Jul 19 1883 Daughter of J. B. & L. E. Ward
WARD, Warren Jan 28 1891 Oct 15 1895 Son of John B. & L. E. Ward
WARD, William G. Co. E, 60 Alabama Infantry C.S.A.
WEEMS, Mary A. E. Oct 24 1838 Mar 28 1882 Mary married William I. Weems and was daughter of William. T. Kirkland and Sara (Snellgrove) Kirkland. No issue. [Source: Jan Allison]
WEEMS, William I. Nov 08 1834 Feb 25 1889 Son of Moses Weems and brother of Francis Marion Weems. He married 1. Mary A. E. Kirkland 2. Johnnie Skipper. Children, Ina and Bill. [Source: Jan Allison]
WESTMORELAND, Eliza Dec 12 1841 Sep 20 1900 One survey shows birth date as Dec 10, 1841. Stone broken. Daughter of Bennit W. & Mary Ann Holland
WRIGHT, Eldridge Dowling Dec 13 1878 Mar 07 1926 Eldridge married Lucy Jane OATES Wright and was the son of W. S. WRIGHT & Mary Ann FARMER. [Source: Jan Allison]
WRIGHT, J. C. Aug 12 1875 Dec 13 1909 J. C. Wright is the son of Mary Ann FARMER and W. S. Wright. [Source: Jan Allison]
WRIGHT, Lucy Jane Dec 15 1890 1985 Lucy Jane OATES married Eldridge Dowling Wright. [Source: Jan Allison]
WRIGHT, Mary Ann Jul 03 1856 Dec 03 1919 Mary Ann FARMER married W. S. Wright. [Source: Jan Allison]
WOOD, Besse H. Mar 04 1893 Feb 05 1944 Besse Hudspeth 1st wife of Nichols Woods was daughter of Richard Hudspeth and Auga Peterson. Grandaughter of John Hudspeth. Great grandaughter of Richard Hudspeth. Her children are: Richard Hudspeth Wood and Lonie Crawford Wood who married Ralph Killebrew
WOOD, Emma Sep 10 1872 Jun 01 1911
WOOD, William Fred Sep 10 1902 Jun 09 1944
WOOD, William J. Sep 15 1862 Nov 16 1932
WOOD, Willie Bradley Jul 27 1894 Aug 30 1923 Willie Bradley was the wife of Samuel L. Wood. Daughter of Sterling P. Bradley and Lillie Gordon Bradley. Grandaughter of Wm. E. & Lucy Sholar Bradley and great grandaughter of Bryant Sholar and Polly Kirkland Sholar. Great grandaughter of Wm. Bradley and Eliza Danzey Bradley. One daughter, Lillie Gordon Wood married William Brady Owens, Troy, Alabama. children: William B. Owens, Jr., Sam Woods Owens.
WOOD, Young Robert Jan 24 1861 Aug 12 1947
VANN, Dan Oct 19 1890 Aug 18 1937 Soldier of World War I
VANN, Martha Kennedy Aug 27 1853 Jan 27 1925 Daughter, of Robert Kennedy and Martha Gamble Kennedy. Wife of W. C. H. Vann. Their children: Elizabeth, Martha, Ruth, Kathleen, Dr. James R., Dan, Mary and Coot.
VANN, William Calvin Huss May 4 1845 Sep 21 1918 Son of William Wesley Vann and Ruth Kennedy Vann. Married Martha Kennedy May 14, 1868
VANN, Dr. J. R. 1871 1937 Son of W. C. H. Vann and wife. Martha Kennedy Vann; grandson of William Wesley Vann and Ruth Kennedy Vann and of Robert Gamble and Martha Gamble Kennedy. He married Edna Wheeler, Children: James Robert Vann & Nelle Vann who married Robert Rogers.
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