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Cemetery Records

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Cemetery Name Map Latitude Longitude Elev (ft)
Abbeville City Cemetery Skipperville 313427N 0853005W 256
Adoniram Cemetery Haleburg 312946N 0850930W 318
The Armstrong Cemetery (see Old Union)
Balkum Baptist Cemetery Haleburg 312455.72N 851339.56W  
Balkum Baptist Cemetery (AA) Haleburg 312410N 0851113W 351
Bethlehem Cemetery Headland 312126N 0851720W 381
Blackwoods Cemetery Echo 312313N 0852428W 341
Old Blackwoods Cemetery Echo 312309N 0852402W 322
Camp Springs Cemetery Haleburg 312242N 0850933W 289
Center Cemetery Newville 312804N 0851943W 417
Old Center Cemetery Echo 312900N 0852437W 413
Chester Chapel Cemetery Fort Gaines NW 314309N 0851045W 410
Concord Baptist Cemetery
County Line Cemetery ~ photo Lawrenceville 314210N 0851635W 535
Culp-Kirkland Cemetery 312855.88N 851505.32W
Culpepper Cemetery Haleburg 312242N 0851139W 282
Cummings Family Cemetery (AA)
Danzey Cemetery ~ photo Abbeville West 313551N 0851727W 472
East Side Cemetery Headland 312108N 0852010W 381
Ebenezer Cemetery Abbeville East 313646N 0851049W 469
Edwin Cemetery Texasville 313959N 0852233W 400
Fellowship Baptist Church Cemetery (Formally Roeville) Abbeville West 313014N 0852021W 410
Gardens of Memory Cemetery Haleburg 312309N 0851412W 351
Granberry Cemetery Haleburg 312309N 0851412W 351
Haleburg Cemetery Haleburg 312433N 0850820W 348
Hebron Cemetery ~ photo Sigma 312129N 0851254W 302
Hickory Grove Cemetery Abbeville East 313442N 0851322W 420
Hutto Cemetery
Judson Cemetery Fort Gaines NW 313906N 0851037W 459
Old Judson Cemetery Fort Gaines NW 314104N 0850825W 230
Kinsey Baptist/Methodist Cemetery
Kirklands Cemetery Echo 312424N 0852441W 374
Lawrenceville Cemetery Lawrenceville 313921N 0851611W 528
Liberty Cemetery Fort Gaines NW 314135N 0850934W 269
Liberty Cemetery Fort Gaines NW 314052N 0851209W 449
Little Rocky Mount Church Cemetery (AA)
Lynn Cemetery ~ photo
McRae Hill Family Cemetery
Mouring Family Cemetery ~ photo
Mount Enon Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Texasville 313959N 0852233W 400
Mount Olive Cemetery Fort Gaines NW 314402N 0851020W 299
Mount Sinai Cemetery Newville 312503N 0852228W 371
Mount Zion Cemetery ~ photo Lawrenceville 314108N 0851835W 361
Mount Zion Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery ~ photo Lawrenceville 313854N 0851516W 499
New Prospect Free Will Baptist Cemetery Texasville 314028N 0852438W 505
Newville Cemetery ~ photo Newville 312522N 0852015W 394
Newville Baptist Church Cemetery, Listed by Row Newville 312522N 0852015W 394
Oakey Grove Cemetery ~ photo Newville 312921N 0851534W 397
Pellum Family Cemetery
Penuel Cemetery ~ photo
Pilgrims Rest Cemetery Sigma 311834N 0851232W 282
Pilgrims Rest Cemetery Haleburg 312422N 0851025W 361
Piney Grove Cemetery Headland 312226N 0852100W 325
Pleasant Grove Cemetery ~ photo Abbeville West 313343N 0852034W 348
Pleasant Hill Free Will Baptist Cemetery
Pleasant Plains Baptist Cemetery 311815.87N 851329.01W
Old Pleasant Plains Cemetery Sigma 311902N 0851446W 256
Price Family Cemetery
Roeville Cemetery (see Fellowship) Abbeville West 313014N 0852021W 410
Saint Johns Cemetery Echo 312917N 0852259W 354
Saint Peters Cemetery Abbeville East 313412N 0851429W 384
Sardis Cemetery Sigma 312101N 0851418W 315
Shilo Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
Shorterville Cemetery ~ photo Fort Gaines 313344N 0850626W 410
Spann-Roney Cemetery
Springhill Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery (AA)
Starling-Fleming Cemetery ~ photo
Tolbert Cemetery Newville 312552N 0851650W 292
Union Grove Freewill Baptist Church (New Union) Cemetery ~ photo Abbeville East 313110N 0851129W 407
Old Union Cemetery (Formally The Armstrong Cemetery) ~ photo
Union Springs Cemetery Newville 312725N 0852059W 413
Vickers Family Cemetery ~ photo
Walnut Grove Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
West Side Cemetery Headland 312057N 0852055W 404
Whitehead Family Cemetery
Old Wiggins Cemetery Echo 312901N 0852313W 361
Williams Family Cemetery
Wright Cemetery
Zion Cemetery Newville 312400N 0851545W 361
Old Zion Cemetery Abbeville East 313314N 0851049W 430

Old Henry Cemeteries now in Different Counties
Cemetery Name Present County Map Latitude Longitude Elev (ft)
Ashford City Cemetery Houston
Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery Houston
Bluff Springs Baptist Church Cemetery Houston
Cedar Grove Baptist Church Cemetery Dale
Christian Home Baptist Church Cemetery ~ photo Geneva
Corinth Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery Dale
County Line Cemetery ~ photo Barbour
Daleville City Cemetery Dale
Old Daleville Cemetery Dale
Dothan City Cemetery Houston
Ft Rucker Cemeteries Dale
Hardy Family Cemetery Houston
Hurricane Cemetery Geneva
Immanuel Church Cemetery Geneva
Lee Family Cemetery Dale
Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery Dale
Madrid City Cemetery Houston
Memory Hill Cemetery Houston
Midland City Cemetery Dale
Mount Ararat Baptist Church Cemetery Houston
Mount Carmel Methodist Church Cemetery Dale
Mount Enon Baptist Church Cemetery Dale
Mount Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery Dale
Old Mount Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery Dale
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery Dale
New Hope Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery Dale
Newton Cemetery Dale
Pond Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery ~ photo Barbour
Ramah Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Houston
Selma Baptist Church Cemetery Houston
Strickland Cemetery Dale
Sylvan Grove United Methodist Cemetery ~ photo Dale
Smyrna Baptist Church Cemetery Houston
Webb City Cemetery Houston
Windham Cemetery Dale
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