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Books and References

Listed are books about the county.  Any that are available for purchase will be noted.  Availability and pricing is subject to change so verify with the seller before ordering a book.  Any corrections, deletions or additions to the list is appreciated.  Just email me.

Henry County Books

  • "Balkum Baptist Church Records"
    Vols 1 Thru 7; 1200 Pages by T. Larry Smith 1996
  • "Martin Van Buren Capp's Family"
    450 Pages; by T. Larry Smith 1996
  • "Census of Confederate Veterans Residing in Southeast Alabama in 1907"
    by Homer Jones, Pioneer Publishing Company
  • Henry County Alabama Ancestral Homesteads
    Ancestral Homestead books, one for each county in Alabama. The books are compiled from original U.S. land records as supplied by the General Land Office.
  • "Henry County, Alabama Records, 1820-1830-1840-1850-1855 Census"
    352 pages; by Helon Cutler $35.00
  • "Henry County, Alabama Records, 1821-1901 Marriage Records"
    416 pages; by Helon Cutler $50.00
  • "Henry County Cemetery Listings"
    by Jeffery L. Palmer 1998
  • "Henry County Cemetery Records"
    by Mrs. Marvin Scott Tuscaloosa, Ala., Willo Pub., 1964
  • "Henry County Siftings - VOL. I"
    by T. Larry Smith, 1998
  • "Henry County Siftings - VOL. II"
    by T. Larry Smith, 1999
  • "Henry County Siftings - VOL. III"
    by T. Larry Smith, 2000
  • "Henry County Siftings - VOL. IV"
    by T. Larry Smith, 2004 $25.00
  • "Henry County Siftings - VOL. V"
    by T. Larry Smith, 2005
  • "Henry County Siftings - VOL. VI"
    by T. Larry Smith, 2005
  • "Henry County Siftings - VOL. VII"
    by T. Larry Smith, 2005
  • "Henry - The Mother County"
    by Warren. Abbeville, Ala.; Henry County Historical Society, 1981
  • "Henry's Heritage: History of Henry County, Alabama"
    by Warren. Abbeville, Ala.; Henry County Historical Society, 1978
  • "Henry's Heritage: Vol. 1-5"
    by Warren. Volumes are available from Abbeville Christian Academy. They only have volumes 1 thru 4 left. They are $15 per volume with $8 charge for shipping. They can be ordered from: PO Box 9, Abbeville, Al 36310; Attn: Patty; Telephone: 334-585-5100
  • "Historical Southern Families"
    by Benjamin Holtzclaw
  • "History of Henry County, Alabama"
    by Scott. Pensacola Fla., 1961
  • "History of Tumbletom"
    by T. Larry Smith 2005
  • Houston County: The First 100 Years
    is Landmark Park. Call 334-794-3452.
  • "Kirkland Family Roots
    by J R Peacock 1330 11th Street, Clermont, FL 34711-2815, Phone: 352-394-3909 Contact the author for availability and pricing.
  • "Marriage and Deaths from Barbour and Henry County Alabama Newspapers, 1846-1890"
    by Helen S. Foley; Greenville, S.C.: Southern Historical Press, 1999. Hard Cover $35.00
  • "New Zion Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery Records"
    by T. Larry Smith 2004
  • "Some Henry County Black History"
    by T. Larry Smith 2005
  • "The Bend in the Abbie"
    by Linnie Stokes  The Family of Mrs. Linnie Stokes has offered to allow the Henry County Historical Group to reprint her book Bend Of The Abbie, a personal sketch of the Union Community. If enough people are interested in purchasing it they will reprint this rare book.  If you would like a copy email HCHG
  • "The Descendants of George Washington Smith and Nancy Shirley"
    by Dan Franklin George Washington Smith and Nancy Shirley are listed in the 1860 and 1870 censuses of Henry County, Alabama. They moved to southeast Texas in the late 1870s. The book is 371 pages, including index. The cost of the book is $40 including postage. The book can be ordered by contacting Dan Franklin. CH (LTC) Dan Franklin, 1983 Oakwell Farms Pkwy #2510, San Antonio, TX 78218
  • The Heritage Book of Henry County
    is available from the Abbeville Memorial Library. Contact Linda Floyd at 334-585-2818.
  • The Heritage Book of Houston County
    is available. Contact Ceya Minder at 334-794-7480.
  • "Trails Grown Dim"
    By Helen Owens Rollins

Alabama Books

"Hand-book of Alabama" a complete index to the state, with map Birmingham, Ala.: Roberts & Son, printers and binders, 1892, 567 pgs.

Several different bibliographic works cite published local historical and genealogical titles. Elizabeth Shown Mills' bibliographic essay in Genealogical Research: Methods and Sources (see Census Records) presents an excellent introduction to genealogical research in Alabama. In particular, her selective bibliography cites the essential scholarly studies on Alabama history as well as the previously mentioned citations to colonial and territorial enumerations.

Marilyn Davis Barefield's Researching in Alabama: A Genealogical Guide (Easley, S.C.: Southern Historical Press, 1988) is a useful instructional tool that includes brief descriptions of the holdings of the state's major genealogical libraries, statements on the formation of counties, and essays on Alabama land office records and military records. The guide contains an excellent series of maps illustrating the development of the state, extensive bibliographies of published genealogical and historical works for each county, and unpublished WPA manuscripts. No periodical sources are cited.

The WPA project, "Index to Alabama Biography: An Index to Biographical Sketches of Individual Alabamians in State, Local, and to Some Extent National Collections" (Birmingham, Ala.: WPA Project sponsored by the Birmingham Public Library, 1956), will assist the researcher looking for prominent persons in Alabama in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The project indexed over 100 biographical and historical titles. Some of the titles included follow:

  • DuBose, Joel C. Notable Men of Alabama. 2 vols. Atlanta, Ga.: Southern Historical Association, 1904.
  • Memorial Record of Alabama. 2 vols. Madison, Wis.: Brant & Fuller, 1893.
  • Moore, Albert Burton. History of Alabama and Her People. 3 vols. Chicago, Ill.: American Historical Society, 1927.
  • OwOwen, Thomas McAdory. History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography. 4 vols. Chicago, Ill.: S. J. Clark, 1921.
  • Saunders, James Edwards. Early Settlers of Alabama. New Orleans, La.: L. Graham & Sons, 1899.

The index is available in the Tutwiler Collection of the Birmingham Public Library

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