Will of Riley Sparks

This file contributed by:Patricia Cooper

A photocopy of the will and supporting papers, as recorded in the
office of the probate Judge of Franklin Co AL, are filed in the
Florence Library.

(The State of Alabama Franklin County )
To the Hon W M WALTRIP Judge of said Court
Your petitioner William B SPARKS and Christopher C. SPARKS respectfully
represent unto your Honor that the late Riley SPARKS who was an inhabitant
of this County at the time of his death departed this life on the 29th day
of December 1892 leaving a last will and testament duly signed and published
by him and attested by Wm A ORMANS and B F ORMANS both of whom were at that
time of the execution of said will residents of said County In which said
will your petitioners are named as executors which said will is herein
produced to your Honor and propounded for probate and record in the Court
Your petitioners further state that said Riley SPARKS left surviving him
his wife Nancy SPARKS who resides at the old homestead in said County of
Franklin and the following named children and Grandchildren viz: W B SPARKS
and Christopher C. SPARKS these petitioners and Mary Jane MALONE daughter
of decedent Lemuel N. SPARKS Nancy V. Sparks all of whom are children of
decent and over twenty one years of age and reside in said County of
Franklin. Also children of Martha Ann McRIGHT deceased who was a daughter
of Decedent viz: Lula McRIGHT over twenty one years of age Lizzie McRIGHT
over 21 years of age and Charles McRIGHT Alonza McRIGHT Anna McRIGHT Nannie
McRIGHT Daniel McRIGHT Mattie McRIGHT all of whom are minors under the age
of 21 years All of the above named grandchildren are residing with their
father C J McRIGHT in Franklin County Alabama None of them are of unsound
mind and they are the only next of kin of Decedent Wherefore your petitioners
pray that a day be set for the hearing of this petition that due notice be
given to the widow and next of kin of the filing of this petitions as
required by law and that such other proceedings orders and decrees may be
made in the premises as may be required and proper to effect the due probate
and recording of said will according to the law that a Gardian Adlitem be
appointed for said minors as required by law in such cases and on the
hearing of this petition they pray that said paper writing preporting to be
the last will and testament of said Riley SPARKS herewith filed be probated
as his last will and recorded in your Honor office and they pray that
Letters of Executorship be granted and issued on these petitioners on the
estate of said Riley SPARKS upon their qualifying as such immediately upon
the probate of said will and pray for all necessary decrees to be made in
the premises and in duty bound they will ever pray.
Sworn to and subscribed before me) W. B. SPARKS
this the 24"day of January 1893) Christopher C. SPARKS
W M WALTRIP, Judge of Probate
Filed in Office of the Probate Judge of said County on this the 24" day of January
W M WALTRIP, Judge of Probate
The State of Alabama )
Franklin County ) Probate Court Special term Jan 24' 1893
To W N Redwine Esq Take notice that by an order of this Court this
day made and entered you were appointed to act as Guardian adlitem for
Charles McRIGHT Alozo McRIGHT Anna McRIGHT Nannie McRIGHT Daniel McRIGHT
and Mattie McRIGHT Minor heirs of Riley SPARKS deceased to represent and
protect their interest upon the hearing of the petition of W B & C C SPARKS
to probate the will of said Riley SPARKS whcih is set for hearing on
February 13th 1893.
Given under my hand this 24' day of January 1893. W M WALTRIP, Judge of Probate


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