Perry Bolton

Perry Bolton Cemetery
near Red Bay
Franklin County, Alabama

Surveyed by Gene & Brenda Thorn, 7 October 1997

Located west on highway 90 about 3 miles off of highway 247 north of
Red Bay, Franklin County, Alabama

Bolton, Bettie Irene, b.16 May 1927 d.12 Feb. 1930, d/o Myrtle Bonds & Lee Bolton
Bolton, Clara "Sookie" Massey, b.12 Jan. 1817 d.5 Jan. 1857, 1st wife of Perry Bolton,
d/o Elijah "Lige" & Thanie Bolton Massey
Bolton, Clarence, b.11 Aug. 1891 d.9 Jan. 1903, s/o Thomas & Bell Jarnigan Bolton
Bolton, Infant, b.22 Oct 1941, d.22 Oct 1941, s/o M. D. & Ida Bonds
Bolton, Kirtie A., b.6 Apr. 1906 d.14 Jun. 1907, d/o Ozella Strickland.& Henry Bolton
Bolton, Luther A., b.7 Dec. 1907 d.23 Feb. 1918, s/o M. B. & M. S. Bolton
Bolton, Manervy S. Thorn Bolton, 11 Jan. 1870 d.22 Mar. 1966, wife of Sylvester Bolton,
daughter of Perry Andrew & Clara Massey Bolton
Bolton, Muddel V., b.1905 d.before 1932, d/o Moad.Massey & Buddy Bolton
Bolton, Nancy Elvira Tackett, b.1846 d.17 Feb. 1879, wife of T. B. Bolton
Bolton, Perry, b.9 Dec 1809 in Wake County North Carolina d.after 1880
Bolton, Pvt. Willie M., b.16 Dec. 1892 d.14 Oct. 1918, s/o S. B. & M. S. Bolton, Pvt. Co. H. 166 Inf. WWI
Bolton, Sarah Jane, b.5 May 1831 d.?, 2nd.wife of Perry Bolton
Bolton, Sophrona Isabelle "Bell" Jarnigan, b.1858 d.June 1935, 2nd.wife of T. B. Bolton,
d/o William & Sarah Virginia Thompson Jarnigan
Bolton, Thomas B., b.27 Jul. 1844 d.after 1910, s/o Clara Massey & Perry Bolton
Bolton, Thomas Perry, b.9 Jun. 1872 d.22 Feb. 1960, s/o Nancy Tachett & Thomas Bolton, never married
Bolton, Twin, no dates, twin to Luther Bolton
Bolton/Bonds, b.25 Apr. 1936, d.19 Oct. 1937, Infant s/o Myrtle Bonds & Lee Bolton
Bolton/Bonds, b.25 Apr. 1936, d.25 Apr. 1936, Infant s/o Myrtle Bonds & Lee Bolton
Daniel, Malinda E. Bolton, b.30 Oct. 1842 d.22 Nov. 1902, wife of Kenney Daniel, d/o Clara Massey & Perry Bolton
Daniel, Riley O., b.29 Jul. 1894 d.22 Sep. 1895, s/o John & Laura Ann McMurray Daniel
Easter Bolton, no dates, d/o Thomas & Bell Jarnigan Bolton
Eaton, Infant, no date, child.of Robert Eaton
Jarnigan, Easter Bolton, b.15 Oct. 1838 d.after 1920, wife of William Jarnigan, d/o Perry Andrew & Clara Massey Bolton
Jarnigan, Infant, no dates c/o Joseph & Rose Lee Bolton Jarnigan
Jarnigan, Joseph "Jodie" R., b.15 Oct. 1865 d.1 Oct. 1952, s/o William Richard.& Sarah Virginia Thompson Jarnigan
Jarnigan, Malcum, b.5 Dec. 1914 d.13 Jan. 1915, s/o Vella Kuykendall and.Ellis Jarnigan
Jarnigan, Rose Lee Bolton, b.29 Jul. 1870 d.29 Dec. 1944, wife of Joseph Jarnigan
Jarnigan, William Richard, b.March 1828 d.5 Sep. 1900, Pvt. Co. 6, Moreland's Al. Cal. C.S.A.
McGee, Child, b.& d.about 1932, Infant of Walter
Thorn, Columbus, b.20 Mar. 1872 d.23 Jan. 1954, s/o E. Cageby & Lucy Gray Thorn
Thorn, Infant, no dates, wagon accident, child.of Cat Thorn
Thorn, Ozella Jewel, b.21 Nov. 1913 d.27 Aug. 1915, d/o C. M. & O.Z. Thorn

There are 7 unmarked graves in cemetery

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