Massey Cemetery
Franklin County, Alabama

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Massey Cemetery is located on Green Road, 2 miles north of highway 24,
west of Belgreen, Franklin County, Alabama. There are 52 unmarked gravesites.

Bolton, E. E. (Elizabeth Elvira Sparks), b.23 Apr 1827, d.20 Feb 1897, wife of H. Bolton, [GT]
Bolton, F. A., b.20 Aug 1870, d.15 Jan 1871, son of H. & E. E. Bolton, [GT]
Bolton, H. M., b.4 Feb 1859, d.16 Aug 1890, [GT]
Bolton, Henderson, b.5 Nov 1819, d.24 Mar 1905, [GT]
Bolton, Martha, b.5 Jun 1827, d.16 Dec 1904, [GT]
Bolton, W. H., b.19 Feb 1804, d.July 1842, [GT]
Bolton, W. W., b.27 Apr 1859, d.19 May 1894, [GT]
Daniel, Kenith, b.1839, d.31 Dec 1872, [GT]
Halcomb, infant, no dates, s/o Joe & Maggie Halcomb
Halcomb, Fannie Alma, no dates, d/o Henry & Georgia McKinney Halcomb
Hall, H. A., b.8 Jan 1869, d.7 Mar 1871, [GT]
Hall, J. H., b.11 Oct 1860, d.28 Jul 1861, [GT]
Hall, Julia A., b.25 Apr 1885, d.20 Mar 1897, [GT]
Jones, Infant, d/o Dave & Viola Jones
Lamar, John, b.13 Aug 1855, d.18 Jan 1873, [GT]
Langeley, Kathryn Massey, b. 1834, d. 1906, w/o David Langley
Massey, Elijah "Lige", b. 1780, d. 1855
Massey, Jimmy, b. 25 Mar 1819, d. 29 Jan 1904
Massey, Mrs Frankie, (no dates), [GT]
Massey, Sarah Jones, b. 9 Feb 1827, d. 1 Aug 1908, w/o Jimmy Massey
Massey, Thenie Bolton, b. 1785, d. 1870, w/o Lige Massey
McMurray, John Wesley, b.24 Dec 1856, d.28 Jan 1858, son of J.A. & J.B. McMurray, [GT]
Petree, David, b.17 Mar 1875, d.24 Dec 1932, [GT]
Petree, Edna, b.12 Sep 1875, d.24 May 1954, [GT]
Sumners, Ellen I., b.30 Dec 1828, d.20 Mar 1871, [GT]
Taylor, Bobby, b.1900, d.1900, [GT]
Taylor, Lucy, b.6 Feb 1881, d.8 Mar 1909, wife of S. A. Taylor, [GT]
Taylor, Mary E., b.1870, d.1900, [GT]

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