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Group One consists of 171 cemeteries surveyed by the John W. Harris Chapter 2437 United Daughter of the Confederacy in 1975. Linda H. Underwood transcribed the records into a computer database in 2000. The tombstone readings of all 19,004 individuals in the first group are indexed by Cemetery. Deborah Barnett, director of the Russellville Public Library, graciously provided the computer database for inclusion in the Franklin County AlGenWeb pages.

Tombstones indexed by Cemetery – starting with J

Jones #1
Jones #2

NWl/4 NE1/4 S16 T6S R15W
Follow Jay Center road to the intersection with Freedom Hills road. Turn left (south) and continue about 100 yards. Turn right (west) and go 0.25 miles. Turn right (north) onto a gravel road. The cemetery is at the end of this road.

JamesBurtonLula   dau. of Loyd & Daisye
JamesFooteNormanLeroyFeb. 15, 1925Feb. 14, 1925son of C.E.
JamesFooteSuphieAileneNov. 8, 1917July 21, 1918dau. of C.E. & N.E.
JamesJamesCynthiaRichardsonMay 4, 184118-May-15 
JamesJamesElias Feb. 4, 1836Jan. 24, 1917 
JamesJamesMahieM.Jan. 6, 186825-Jun-25wife of W.A.
JamesJamesW.A.Oct. 27, 1860Sept. 24, 1923 
JamesJonesLauraRaymaJan. 3, 1899Sept. 9, 1914dau. of T.E.& J.B.
JamesKingThomasNathanNov. 13, 1930Nov. 13, 1930son of J.M.
JamesKingLutherPaulFeb. 15, 1930Feb. 15, 1930son of J.M.
JamesRichardsonDanielRayma  uncle
JamesTaylorHazelVernalJan. 21, 1921Jan. 21, 1921dau. of L.A.
JamesTaylorOdasLeeAug. 25, 1918Aug. 25, 1918son of M.L.
SEI/4 SW1/4 S6 T6S R12W
This cemetery is located in the city limits of Russellville. From U.S. 43 go east on Highway 24 for 0.2 miles. Turn right (south) on Highway 243. Continue 0.5 miles. The cemetery is located 0.1 miles off the road on the right (west) side.

Jones #1ClarkeEvelinaEw.June 24, 1836May 14, 1874wife of Dr. John K.- mother of
Jones #1Clarkeinfant Sept. 1, 1893Sept. 22, 1893dau. of W.H. & J.D.
Jones #1ClarkeWilliamE.Feb. 20, 1891Feb. 28, 1891son of J.K. & L.J.
Jones #1JonesAnnie Oct. 20, 185715-May-34dau. of Wm.S.& H.H.
Jones #1JonesB.H., Jr.Feb. 15, 1887May 29, 1890son of B.H. & C.C.
Jones #1JonesBenHarrisApr. 13, 1853Sept. 15, 1908son of Wm.S.& H.H.
Jones #1JonesHarrietH.June 22, 1825June 11, 1889wife of Wm. S.
Jones #1Jonesinfant(twin)Dec. 24, 1890Dec. 24, 1890son of B.H. & C.C.
Jones #1Jonesinfant(twin)Dec. 24, 1890Dec. 26, 1890son of B.H. & C.C.
Jones #1Jonesinfant Jan. 13, 1890Jan. 13, 1890 
Jones #1JonesJohnCoffeeMar. 3, 1845Sept. 25, 1868son of Wm.S.& H.H. doctor
Jones #1JonesJohnWyettDec. 20, 185510-Jul-37 
Jones #1JonesWilliamS.July 13, 182313-Jun-14doctor
Jones #1JonesWillieRebeccaAug. 1, 1864Jan. 21, 1869dau. of Wm.S.& H.H.
Jones #1SaleClareVan Horn(Amherst Co., VA)Aug. 9, 1826consort of Samuel Sale, mrd, in VA
Jones #1WatkinsAmelia A.H.May 16, 1825Jan. 4, 1897 
Jones #1WatkinsHarryW.May 1, 1849Aug. 4, 1863 
Jones #1WatkinsHattieG.Feb. 19, 1851June 1, 1870 
Jones #1WatkinsRichardS.Nov. 26, 1815Dec. 5, 1881 
Jones #1WatkinsWarker July 25, 1847Feb. 17, 1849 
NE1/4 NE1/4 S1 T6S R13W
In Frankfort, turn northwest from Franklin 41 onto Franklin 49. Go 1.3 miles. The cemetery is in Colbert County on the left (west) side of the road.

Jones #2GatesElizabeth JonesWombleMar. 28, 1872Feb. 5, 1940wife of J.S. dau
Jones #2JonesJ.H.Nov. 12, 1896Nov. 16, 1896dau. of J.H.
Jones #2JonesJamesSidneyNov. 9, 1865Jan. 10, 1905Mason
Jones #2JonesL.G.Feb. 4, 1836June 4, 1894wife of S.A.
Jones #2JonesMabelG.May 21, 1897Jan. 22, 1898dau. of J.H.
Jones #2JonesS.A.Oct. 8, 1834Oct. 26, 1895Mason
NE1/4 NE1/4 S11 T6S R12W
From the intersection of Waterloo road and Franklin 73, travel northwest 0.5 miles on Waterloo road. The cemetery is on the right (east) side of the road.

JonesboroFretwellAbraham Sept. 5, 1888Aug. 1, 1966 
JonesboroFretwellElsieM.Feb. 7, 1906 wife of Abraham
JonesboroFretwellMargieDeloise193?Mar. 19, 197541 years old
JonesboroHillJohn 1894  
JonesboroHoldenCliftonL.Aug. 29, 1892Oct. 27, 1960 
JonesboroHoldenMaryR.June 23, 1892Apr. 15, 1966wife of Clifton L.
JonesboroJamesDonaldRayApr. 7, 1958Jan. 20, 1974 
JonesboroMcNattRebaNell193?Nov. 25, 197433 years old