Blackburn Cemetery, Franklin, Alabama

NW1/4 SW1/4 S9 T6S R13W

Go east on Franklin 84 (south of Pleasant Grove), 1.5 miles then turn
east on dirt road about 1/2 mile it is located on north side of road.

This is the complete cemetery Written down by Gene & Brenda Thorn Aug. 1998

1 - 4. Unmarked

5. John O. B. Blackburn
Son of J L. & A.O.T. Blackburn
Born 29 Sept. 1871
Died 6 Dec. 1871

6. Infant son of J. L. & A.O.T. Blackburn
Born & Died 30 Aug. 1872

7. Albert U. G. Blackburn
Son of J. L. & A.O.T. Blackburn
Born 5 July 1880
Died 23 Oct. 1881

8. - 12. Unmarked

13. Laura Bell Taylor
Daughter of J. T. & M. P. Taylor
Died 11 Sept. 1880

14 - 20 Unmarked

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