In 1909, some of the people who had mail boxes in Reaves were:

I.B. Pike Young's Chapel Church
R.P. Buxh E. Landford
W.M. Birdsong J.R. Sims
W.M. Ford A.L. Tillison
A.G. Rutledge M.M. Morris
M.N. Landers W.L. Stallings
G.J. Morris S.B. Taylor
A.M. Maxwell W.F. Sewell
R.J. McAlister N.L. Mickler
J.L. Harcrow D. Herring
L.N. Estes Mrs. Ford
Jeff Landers Ford School
J.H. Coley Jos. Patterson
Mrs. Morris J.W. Ford
Mrs. Coley Mrs. Garmony
J.H. Lankford R.D. Patterson
J.C. Torrence Doc Johnson
J.H. Jenkins N.W. Head
J.M. Spraggins R.S. Smith