This cemetery is also called "Old Lonesome Graveyard." It is located in northwestern Etowah County, Alabama.

Directions: From Dekalb County Road 221 go South 7 miles on DeKalb County Road 345 (Sand Valley Road). There will be a dirt drive on the right. The Cemetery is about 200 feet up the drive.

Leeth, P.F.: b. Dec.11, 1875 ~ d. Jan.23, 1899.
Unmarked Small Grave.
Unmarked Small Grave.
Unmarked Small Grave.
Unmarked Small Grave.
Unmarked Small Grave.
Badgett, James W.: b. July 17, 1883 ~ d. July 17, 1960.
Fannie B.: b. Nov.18, 189? d. Apr.27, 1925.
Badgett, Laura Irene: b. Mar.15, 1925 ~ d. Apr.12, 1925.
Badgett, James Forney: b. ~ d. 1909.
Burns, Amanda: b. April 13 [or 18], 1868 ~ d. July 19, 1891. Daughter of B.T. and Mary Leeth.
In memory of Infant: July 4, 1891. [This grave is set against that of Amanda Burns].
Unmarked Grave.
Unmarked Grave.
Leeth, Forney: b. Nov.17, 1881 ~ d. Aug.5, 1889.
Leeth, B.T.: b. Feb.7, 1832 ~ d. Apr.3, 1905. PVT Co.K, 3rd Conf. Cav. CSA.
Leeth, Mary: b. Mar.27, 1842 ~ d. Mar.27,1904.
Unmarked Grave
[Strawn], Annie: b. Oct.6, 1900 ~ d. July 26, 1903. Daughter of WS & ML Strawn.
Unmarked Grave.
Unmarked Grave.
Burns, Ernest J.: b. May 8, 1919 ~ d. Feb.10, 1986. U.S. Army WWII.
Josephine P.: b. Sept.9, 1919 ~ d. July 2, 1990.
Burns, Elvis: b. 1936 ~ d. 1968. [Youngest Son of Ras and Letti Burns]
Burns, Edgar: b. Dec.1913 ~ d. Sept.1914.
Burns, Rubi: b. Jan.1912 ~ d. Aug.1914.
Leeth, Sara: b. Apr.1915 ~ d. Nov.1915.
Leeth, Edna: b. Aug.1913 ~ d. Dec.1914.
Leeth, Fred: b. Jan.12, 1906 ~ d. Feb.10, 1908.
Burns, James: b. March 26, 1916 ~ d. July 11, 1992. [He is a brother to Ernest].
Burns, Letti: [No dates].[She is Ras Burns's wife].[Maiden name Summerford; D.O.B. July, 1892].
Burns, Ras: b. 1889 ~ d. 1968.
Unmarked Grave.
Thompson, Jim: b. Feb.14,1909 ~ d. Oct.5, 1997.
Presley, Sue: b. June 14, 1920 ~ d. March 6, 1977.
Thompson, .......[illegible first name and dates] At Rest.
Phillips, Jimmy: b. Aug.14, 1929 ~ d. Aug.11, 1990.
Westcott, Billy Jack: b. Apr.19, 1943 ~ d. Feb.14, 1998. PFC. US ARMY.

Note: One of the unmarked small graves is the little finger of Otway Leeth. The rest of Otway Leeth is buried at Whitesburg Cemetery in Aroony, Alabama.

Submitted to the USGenWeb Archives by Ross and Maria Summerford (April 1999)