JOHN P. RALLS - He is a citizen of this county. Born in Greensboro, Georgia, Ralls passed the earlier portion of his life there. He became a physician, and in 1850 came to this State, and settled in Cherokee county. His first public service was as a member of the constitutional convention of 1861 from Cherokee. A year later he was elected to the first congress of the Confederate States, defeating that hitherto invincible politician, Honorable W.R.W. Cobb of Jackson. He served out the two years, and was then beaten by Mr. Cobb for the place. He has not since been in public position, and now resides in Gadsden. Dr. Ralls is deservedly esteemed for many excellent traits of manhood, and is a useful and intelligent citizen.

Source: Alabama: Her history, resources, war record, and public men from 1540 to 1872, by W. Brewer.  Montgomery, Alabama: Barrett & Brown, 1872.