ROBERT NORMAN KITTRELL, M. D., son of Dr. William Jones and Elizabeth Martha (Came) Kittrell, natives, respectively, of the States of North and South Carolina, was born in Camden, Wilcox County, Ala.

The senior Dr. Kittrell was a graduate of the University of North Carolina, and from the Alabama Medical College, Mobile. He died at Camden in 1863, leaving eight children. His eldest son, Benjamin F., now a physician at Black Hawk, Miss., served as a surgeon in a Mississippi regiment during the late war ; one of his daughters, Sarah B.. is now the wife of Dr. Anson West; William P. died at Talladega ; Mary N. (Mrs. E. E. Craig, of Dallas, Texas) ; Bryant J., merchant in Gadsden and a leading citizen, died in 1881 ; Laura W., wife of Dr. W. G. Stone, of West Station, Miss., and Alice H., married Dr. M. C. Marshall, of Little Rock, Ark. Mrs. Marshall is not living.

The Kittrell family came from England, and the ('awes originally from Ireland. The subject of this sketch was reared at Camden, Ala., there acquired the elements of an education, and in 1882 graduated from the University of Mississippi. From 1873 to 1878 he had clerked in a mercantile establishment at Black hawk, that State, and, after graduating, taught one year in the Female Synodical Institute at Talladega.  From Talladega he returned to Mississippi and taught a term at Meridian. In the summer of 1884, at Black Hawk, he took up the study of medicine, and in 1S86 graduated from Vanderbilt University as an M. D., taking the first honors of his class.

After graduating he remained one year on duty at the city hospital in Nashville, and in March, 1887, returned to Black Hawk, and married Miss Cora Meek, the accomplished daughter of Dr. R. D. Meek, of that place. Immediately after marriage he came to Gadsden and settled down. He is at this writing in the enjoyment of a first-class and lucrative practice.

Source: McCalley, Henry, Northern Alabama : historical and biographical.  Birmingham, AL: Smith & De Land, 1888, pp. 835.