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  • I am new to genealogy, where do I start?
    • Start at the GenBasics page. There you will find lessons, forms, databases, free programs, and many other things needed to begin your journey.

  • I am looking for information about a certain individual, will you find it for me?
    • I do not have time to do research for you. But we are blessed with many people volunteering to do look-ups. Please check the look-up page, and do a site search for the individual you are looking for.

  • How do I contact the County Coordinator for DeKalb County?
    • You will find my email on the contact page.  It is not a clickable link, you must type it into your email yourself. There is, however, a clickable link on the Home page.

  • Are there other means of communication with the CC or other users of the site?
    • There is a group at Yahoo for users to join or just post in if they choose. I am hoping the group will become more active in time. Posting any names that you are looking for may be better posted there than sent to me. Others can read them and perhaps you will make contact with family. There is a group link on the Home page and on the Contact page. I have also put up my messenger screen names.

  • What do you recommend that I do to try to make contact with others looking for the same surname?
    • First you should send me your surnames and your email and your name to put on the Surname page. And, as stated in answer 4, post them in the group.

  • How do I get copies of vital records?
    • Look on the Research Resources page to find the instructions, addresses and the price of the record. Most are snail mail addresses. Phone numbers are also listed.

  • The photos are so tiny. How do I find a big photo?
    • The small photos are 'thumbnails'. If the curser changes when you put it on the 'thumbnail', click and you will be taken to a full size photo. Remember, images take a while to load.

  • How do I contribute to the site, and what can I contribute?
    • Just send your data to me by email. You can use .txt, .rtf, .doc files. Photos in .jpg or .gif. I welcome anything of genealogical importance. A one name tree, mystery, brick wall, photos, obits, vitals, or any news material. Also data from cemeteries, census, and other sources are always welcome. Even if you have only 2 or 3 grave photos, that would be welcome. A virtual cemetery can be built from a photo here and one from there. Same with databases. If you have only data on one surname, perhaps another person will send in another name, and eventually the whole database would be complete. I will get it up usually within 2 days. If it is going to take longer, I will email you and tell you.

  • Do you have everything available on the site?
    • I put the information up as I have it. So all that I have is available onsite. Please keep checking back.

  • How do I go about adopting a county?

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